Short auburn hair is any hairstyle that has a pixie or bob cut in a bright reddish-brown colors. It’s a trending hair style that adds a sense of style and boldness for those who choose to wear it. A hairstylist in Florida Erin Stoner commends the benefit of having hair that is short and reddish. “The hairstyle and color is perfect for women who like warm hair, and prefer a contemporary fashion,” she notes. A shorter length cut is flexible. You can go from an unpretentious pixie crop or an elegant, live-in hair cut. Bangs and layers can be a wonderful addition to ensure that your cut is flattering to the shape of your face and adds the right features, too. Stoner suggests that hair with a shorter length needs effort when styling. Buy and apply salon-quality hair products to make the most of the full potential of your cut. “Pixies and bobs” can be simple to style, but they still require something to add texture. My personal favorite is Kevin. Murphy’s DOO.OVER Dry Powder Finishing Hairspray,” Stoner says. For maintenance, schedule your next visit to the salon 8 to 10 weeks before. Request a hair cut that is dry to get the hair back in shape, as well as a semi-permanent gloss to brighten the tone of auburn. This is the signal to change your haircut and color. Take a look at these inspirational photos of the hottest short auburn hairstyles you can take on right now!

Medium to Short Auburn Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

1. Medium Auburn Bob, with Highlights from Face-Framing

You can consider an auburn medium bob with highlights that frame your face if you are looking for an attractive natural-looking color that has a some brightness on the front. The diversity of red hues highlights the dimension and texture! The color looks stunning when styled either curly or straight.

Short Wavy Hair with an Auburn Chestnut Hue

# 2: Short hair with a wavy texture and an Auburn-Chestnut hue

You can try short wavy hair that has an auburn-colored chestnut shade if you’re looking the hair back to life! This style is versatile and looks gorgeous with curls or a sleek. Your guests will be amazed by this stunning color!

Soft Auburn Tone on Short-Length Hair

#3: Soft Auburn Tone on Short-Length Hair

Use a light auburn tone on hair that is short If you’re looking for contrast in your hair. Dark roots as well as the auburn hair color will give you the look you’re looking for! The various shades of color will help your hair to stand out.

Short Auburn Undercut Bob with Caramel Highlights

#4: Short Auburn Bob. Bob and Caramel Highlights

You can try a short auburn bob that has caramel highlights when you’re trying to spice up your existing style. Short auburn hair with highlights adds dimension and fullness.

Very Short Layered Crop with Auburn Cinnamon Highlights

#5 5: Super Small Crop with Layers Crop featuring Cinnamon Highlights

Try a short, hairstyle with highlights that are cinnamon for a way to add some spice to your hair. Short auburn hair is perfect for every season. Hot hair colors are in fashion!

Vintage Short Auburn Bob Style with Bangs

#6 Vintage Auburn Bob Style with Bangs

Think about a classic auburn bob hairstyle with bangs if you’re looking for an elegant and chic style. The short auburn hairstyles are ideal for women who are over 40 and have fair skin tone.

Natural Auburn Hair with Waves for Short Hair

7. Natural Auburn Hair with Waves

Auburn with natural waves can be a gorgeous color that you’ll enjoy. For those who are always on the move make sure to apply an oil spray for shine to let the gorgeous shade shine!

Dark Auburn on a Short A-Line Bob

#8: Dark Auburn on an A-Line Bob

Dark auburn with an a-line haircut is elegant and chic! The short dark auburn hairstyle is so gorgeous that heads will be turning to admire your hair!

Short Auburn Hair with Copper Highlights

#9: Hair is Short Auburn Hair with copper highlights. Highlights

Think about short auburn hair that has copper highlights to add some dimension for your hair! Short auburn hair with bangs is chic and fun to wear. Hairstyle with a few waves and let the new hue shine!

Auburn Pixie Cut with a Fringe for Short Hair

#10 Auburn Pixie The cut is adorned with an elongated fringe

Opt for an auburn-colored pixie cut and fringe if you’re looking to change things up. Hair that is short and brown with auburn highlights can add instant movement and volume. Apply some texture spray, and have amusement with the new hairstyle!

Short Angled Cut with Auburn Highlights

#11: A Short Angled Cut with Auburn Highlights

A cut that is short and angled featuring auburn highlights can certainly turn heads! A balayage in auburn that is applied to short hair will highlight this stunning rich shade. Hairstyle with waves to let the volume show through.

Short Graduated Bob with a Honey Auburn Color

#12 Graduated Bob with an Honey Auburn Color

A bob cut with a graduated honey auburn shade is a warm and soft color you’ll be able to be able to enjoy! The warm hair color in this short cut will work perfectly.

Coppery Auburn Lob Hairstyle for Shorter Hair

#13: Coppery Auburn Lob Hairstyle

A lob haircut with a coppery hue is a beautiful style women are aching for. Bring your hair ideas with your stylist, and give it a go to change your style!

Short Curly Hair with Auburn Balayage Highlights

14. Curly Long Hair, and Auburn Balayage Highlights

Hair that is curly and has auburn balayage highlights if like a national look for your hair. The curly, short auburn hair goes beautifully with warm skin tones. Make your curls more tidier with a mouse, and let the length be seen!

Auburn Brown on a Short Textured Bob

#15: Auburn Brown on a Textured Bob

Try auburn hair with the bob with a texture to get a warm low-maintenance shade. The reddish-brown hues will create an appearance of fullness as well as colour. This style is ideal for anyone who is low maintenance!

Auburn Highlights on a Short Bob Cut

#16: Auburn Highlights on a Short Bob Cut

Auburn highlights in a bob that is short can be a great method to refresh your hairstyle in case you want to change your hairstyle. Auburn highlights are natural and warm. It will be a low-maintenance shade that is easy to maintain!

Copper Red Tone on Short Straight Hair

#17: Copper Red Tone on Short Straight Hair

Try a copper-red tone for shorter straight hair if you’re looking for a gorgeous, natural hue. This auburn short cut hair color is a great low-maintenance hair color that grows out perfectly!

Light Auburn Shade with a Tousled Short Bob Style

#18: A Light Auburn Shade that has a tousled Bob Style

Look into a shorter light auburn shade that has an elongated bob If you are looking for a stunning multi-faceted hairstyle. The short, light auburn hairstyle pairs beautifully with cooler colors for eyes. The hue makes your eyes sparkle, so don’t be uneasy about trying auburn hair dye for blondes or brunettes! Auburn matches both nicely.

Short Auburn Bob with Blonde Highlights

19: Short Auburn Bob, with Blonde Highlights

Think about a short auburn bob with blonde highlights for adding some depth for your hair. Short auburn hair with blonde highlights will look great with any complexion. It’s an amazing combination of colors!


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