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20 Amazing Partial Balayage Hairstyle Ideas

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Partial balayage refers to a hair coloring method where highlights are placed in particular areas. It’s a painting technique which creates a more soft and more natural look to hair. Change the color of your hair is an art. Certain shades can be achieved in the first session, including copper, chocolate and caramel. If you’re going for a lighter color like blonde or Ash, it’ll require longer than one session. Salon director in New Zealand, Cas Roycroft offers her perspective on this fashion. “This is the ideal time to invest in quality products for hair care to get your hair ready for Balayage. They must provide your hair with moisture and protein,” says Roycroft. A partial balayage is minimally-maintained, however certain shades require a lot of maintenance. This includes shades that are bright or ashy, such as copper, red or and grey. Roycroft’s recommendation is to use hydrating and tinted products and shampoos. She says “Our hair needs to be hydrated and hydration, particularly after having coloring treatments. The use of an oil or serum is also a great way to replenish the natural oils taken out of your hair because of bleaching.” If you’re struggling to keep your hair’s colour, head to the salon you trust and request the toning treatment. “It’ll be an easy process that will give you a soothing wash and a fresh, healthy tone that you want,” Roycroft adds. This gallery of images will motivate you to change your hair’s color. Find the best methods to achieve partial balayage here!

Bronde Partial Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

#1: Bronde Partial Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

A bronde partial balayage appears gorgeous when paired with dark hair and, thankfully, it’s not too difficult to maintain. The stark contrast between these two colors adds a lot of depth and is an original take on the bronde.

Deep Purple Hair with Partial Balayage

#2: Deep Purple Hair

Highlights from balayage can be used in partial ways to create the appearance of a night sky in dark purple hair. The carefully placed pieces of brightness in this style add a pop of color because of the purple overlay the top. The women with this hair color can prolong the longevity of their style at home by adding an ombre purple shampoo in their routine.

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Ash Brown Partial Balayage Ombre

#3: Ash Brown Balayage Ombre

A ash brown balayage is a natural approach to hair painting. Hair painting is the ideal alternative for women who prefer more natural hair colors.

Rose Gold Partial Balayage

#4: Rose Gold Balayage

Women who love red hair are advised to try a rose-gold Balyage. This new take on “traditional red” is particularly gorgeous for women with thicker hair, but it can be stunning on anyone’s skin shade.

Warm Honey Partial Balayage

#5: Warm Honey Balayage

A honey balayage that is warm and warm is an ideal option to add some warmth to your locks. Hair that is dark can find this method can make a significant impact on their overall appearance. If you choose to opt for this style It is recommended to be careful not to go too light on highlights as the colors will appear streaky and not appear as blended.

Soft Ash Brown Partial Balayage on Black Hair

#6: Soft Ash Brown Balayage on Black Hair

A partial balayage of black hair is achievable using a light ash brown balance! There is a common belief that there’s nothing you can make with black hair that doesn’t involve creating an “skunk” effect however, that’s not the situation. A delicate, subtle partial balayage could create an abundance interesting in this typically single-dimensional shade.

Golden Brown Highlights and Partial Balayage

#7: Golden Brown Highlights

Gold highlights make a stunning popular backyard hair colour that is gorgeous on every woman. Anyone who wants to experiment with the balayage hair style must ease into the new trend. Consider a golden brown shade first before you go too light.

Subtle Auburn Partial Balayage

#8: Subtle Auburn Balayage

The subtle shade of auburn an auburn-colored balayage that is a perfect match for darker hair tones. People with dark hair who are looking to experiment with the partial balayage style will realize warm tones and auburn are the ideal combination for their natural hair color.

Natural Partial Balayage with Chocolate Brown Shade

9: Balayage Natural Chocolate Brown Shade

Another color that complements dark shades can be a natural balance that is chocolate brown. By keeping the balayage light and close to the original color, stylists can make a shade that appears sun-kissed or “born by it.”

Blonde Face-Framing Highlights and Partial Balayage

#10: Blonde Face-Framing Highlights

Highlights that frame your face with blonde can transform dark blonde locks. By using a balayage that is partially blonde such a way can bring light (and eyeballs) to your most attractive features , including your beautiful face!

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