20 Balayage Straight Hair Color Ideas You Have to See in 2022

Balayage on straight hair is a method of painting freehand which blends two colors to create a natural-looking shade. Balayage blending works best on straighter, clean hair. Instead of highlighting colors into the hair the balayage blends colors along all lengths. Straight hair is given a more defined look. It’s all in the skills of your stylist, since applying balayage to straight hair is about showing smooth transitions between one tone and the next. If done properly the result is an astonishing color combo which makes your hair appear flawlessly soft and smooth. The main reason this hairstyle is a must-have is the low-maintenance! There’s no need to fret about a bald spot! Balyage is a natural way to work with your roots, and look professional even when your hair does expand. You’ve seen this style on famous faces Selena Gomez, Beyonce, and Jessica Alba as they parade the stunning highlighted straight locks at red carpets! It’s chance to shine in the spotlight! If you’re looking for a way to add an explosion of color to your straight hair, you’re in the right spot. This is a list that has been updated of the most fashionable straight hair balayage styles!

Waist-Length Straight Hair with Balayage

1: Straight Waist, Straight Hair with Balayage

Balayage is a way to create a look on straight length hair, waist-length hair shows more motion than shorter hair. To keep long hair from looking weighty, use a balayage in order to create an illusion of movement and brightness in the hair.

balayage medium length straight hair

#2: Medium-Length Balayage

Look at this beautiful two-toned curtain that is draped beautifully on your head. It’s a stunning sight!

Straight Dark Brown Balayage

#3: Straight Dark Brown

If you have this type of hairstyle, it’s possible that you may be the subject of commercials for shampoo!

bronde balayage on straight hair

#4: Bronde Balayage

If you are looking for natural, easy-to-wear hair color, consider an ombre bronde. It is extremely pleasing for all skin tones and requires minimal maintenance for the majority of women. Going blonde is good for your hair’s integrity and your wallet.

Golden Blonde

#5: Golden Blonde

A balayage made of milky caramel hasn’t looked so hot!

Caramel balayage straight hair

#6: Caramel Balayage

The mix of brown and blonde shades gives the look of depth that straight hairs require.

Brown to blonde Balayage on Straight Hair

#7: Brown to Blonde Balayage Ombre

The trick is finding all those different brown and blonde shades and making it appear like they’re all one shade. There’s professionals to assist you.

Ash Blonde Balayage on Straight Hair

#8: Ash Blonde

The balayage straight hair design will ensure the healthy growth of your hair. The cutaway of the milk from the coffee-colored roots is something to be admired.

Blonde Balayage Highlights on Straight Hair

#9: Blonde Balayage Highlights

It requires the right combination of coloring techniques and colors to create a stunning masterpiece such as this. It’s a good thing that you can talk to your stylist about this, and leave with a flawless appearance.

Rose Gold Balayage on Straight Hair

#10: Rose Gold

A trend that’s new and certain to be a hit! Make a subtle sweep of pink muted on your hair to bring that most beautiful hairstyle to life.

Light Brown Balayage on Straight Hair

#11: Light Brown Balayage

It’s an ordinary dye job , but the balayage process makes it amazing and unique.

Balayage straight short black hair

#12: Short Black Hair

The classic hairstyle that will never let women down. Try the reliable black hair and see what you could achieve with this flexible hairstyle.

Straight hair with champagne blonde balayage

#13: Champagne Blonde

The bottle is open, and let’s celebrate this stunning hair shade! The perfect proportion of brown and blonde to give this look a lively look.

Honey blonde balayage on short straight hair

#14: Honey Blonde on Short Hair

There’s plenty happening with this color cut, but the color and cut are a perfect match creating a beautiful effect.

Brown Balayage

#15: Brown Balayage

Smooth transitions between the brown and black colors of the hair. The cut and length brings out the blend of shades.

Balayage dark straight hair

#16: Straight Dark Hair

Dark shades like brown, black and burgundy can be beautifully blended to create small flashes of each color each when the light hits your locks.

Balayage on Asian Hair

#17: Balayage on Asian Hair

This style is a combination of blue and teal accents on Asian hair. Teal is a very sought-after color. It seems that everyone has a shade that they are a fan of and this vibrant but tranquil teal and blue hue will definitely reflect your soul’s color. The thing I love about this design is the contrast it brings. If you’re a naturally quiet and introverted individual You can still feel comfortable in this hue that is certainly more noticeable and visible. The intensity of the color will disappear. If you don’t wish to visit the salon each 3 months to replenish the color, you’ll require an in-direct dye, either at Sally’s Beauty or at your local drugstore like. London Drugs/Shoppers for a refresh of your own shade. Certain brands that carry such colors include Punky Colors, Pulp Riot, Joico Intensity or Splat.

Ash Brown

#18: Ash Brown

What would you say about this style? This particular balayage required some time and effort to create. The first step was to lighten the hair using a complete head of foils as the client had already had a dark balayage initially. The client was looking for a lighter appearance. A natural of level 5 was applied to the roots of the hair. It was then mixed with 10.1 to create the Ash blonde. After blow drying the hair straight I then finished the look using a hair straightener and trimming both ends of my hair for a complete appearance. Do you have any advice for those thinking about it? This is a subtle highlight technique that’s not as dramatic as changing the color of your hair It doesn’t matter if you have blonde, brown or even red hair. Also, if you’re searching to highlight your hair with as easy to maintain as you can , the balayage technique is perfect for you. When the highlights are fading they will appear completely natural. Remember that balayage needs to be lightened which means that you’ll require bleaching your hair. The darker your starting color the greater effort it will require to get your desired style. Like any other dyeing job, there are a few ways you can keep your color. One of the most effective ways to do this is to choose a good quality product which are sulfate-free. It is also essential to shower in cool water as hot water may strip your hair of essential oils, leaving your hair dry. This could be the most important factor to do for hair that has balayage. You’ll be required to clean it every week with purple shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for blondes with ash. Whatever shade your hair is it’s a great way to keep your ashy toner in your hair.

Long Dark Red Balayage

#19: Long Dark Red Balayage

What would you say about this style? This style has the intensity of a wine with a touch of sour. The goal was to create many dimensions, yet with a strong color. She simply wants a classy appearance and feel in her locks. There’s a frame for her face she loves her face shape . It is stunning with plenty of curls. Layers were essential as well. My favorite thing about this look is the color we got with the Aveda color. Many people believe that Aveda is difficult to use to create intense looks, however it is possible! Are you able to offer any tips for anyone who is considering this? Be sure that your hair is able to be able to handle the lightening without building up to be intense. Apply a variety of trims and treatments for protein for keeping it new overall. I advise all the most passionate hair color enthusiasts to avoid over-washing to keep the color vibrant. Always enjoy your hair!

Black Balayage

#20: Black Balayage

What is the best way to describe this style? It’s a deep, multi-dimensional brunette balayage that is along a hair. My favorite part is the subtlety. It definitely has different tones and levels, although there’s not any contrast. It’s still awe-inspiring. The greatest thing about it is that it works with the long bob well, however I would say it’s an excellent choice to any length. Do you have any advice for those who is considering this? It’s all about the hair they have at first. The client I interviewed had dark, long hair and was petite and has an oval face. She’s very low maintenance (I’d like to mention that I used a semi-permanent black shade as the lowlight I painted. ) This was a simple decision for her! In addition she’s letting it grow slightly now which makes it an easy, longer hairstyle. The style is easy and cute throughout the process. In terms of styling I applied a blow-out cream along her ends as well as a root lifter to her roots as well as the Denman brush for blow-dry. Then, I sprayed the hair with a hot spray and slightly straightened the ends with the lowest temperatures. However it was possible to get through with just the blowout.


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