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20 Bright Red Hairstyles

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Nowadays, it seems everyone is playing ever more with colors. From purple and green to pink and blue there’s no limit or limitations with regards to your locks. But, none of them is as vibrant as red. The bright red hair color has made quite an impact in recent months and the flames keep growing bigger and more intense. If you’re blessed by beautiful bright red hair , either natural or dyed, you must definitely shout about it. Red hair is not just extremely stylish, but extremely versatile at the simultaneously. Red hair can be incorporated into an assortment of amazing hairstyles and each of them will be as stunning as the previous. The bright red color of hair is an intense and warm hue of red dye applied to hair, in the form of highlights, ombres or dip-dye or a full-on , solid hue. Beware: this isn’t for the faint of heart! The fiery red tones are regaining popularity this season, as evident on the faces of famous divas Christina Hendricks, Chloe Dykstra as well as Jennifer Morrison. The boundaries have been dismantled in regards to how radiant you can look with your hair and everyone is joining the trend! Tennessee hair stylist Josh Boynton showcases his hottest ruby hair styles and various colors of red via his Instagram feed and there’s just one word to describe it: it’s simply stunning. From the mermaid-like waves to straight and sleek long bobs and waist-lengths. The vibrant reds demonstrate that you’ll never get too bright with red! Take a look at these 20 photos to see the endless possibilities of red.

Modern Bright Red Hair Color Ideas

In this article , we’re not discussing traditional red shades such as auburn, muted copper mahogany, tawny russet, and so on. Contemporary vibrant red hairstyles are more vibrant and mind-blowing!

#1: Pink-Red and Yellow Highlights

Are you looking for beautiful color options? This is a suggestion: Don’t limit your choices to one color. You can create a unique red look by adding some bright, chunky yellow highlights.

yellow highlights for pink red hair

#2: Mohawk on Pink Red Hair

Nothing is more stylish than a mohawk with a short, shaved-up cut or perhaps this pink-red mohawk that has been shaved up! Cut the hair on both sides of your head , and make the central section long to give you some flexibility in styling. Add a red-colored pink hair color to the longer section and you’ll become an all-out punk.

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Women's Short Red Mohawk

#3: Crimson Red Hair

Even the most striking style, such like this crimson red hairstyle, can look elegant when styled and adorned properly. Try a braided, thick crown, topped with an exquisite hairband. You’ll look like a glam woman.

Braided Crimson Updo

Who said curly hair can’t be super-short? Control your curls by cutting it into an angular cut before applying some vibrant shading to bring them to life. Hair dyed in red that is short appears feminine and sexy So be prepared to receive compliments!

short crimson cut

#5: Black and Bright Red Hair

Bring that vibrant red hair out there by putting it in the front. Make a vibrant crimson strip that stretches across the head in long, powerful bangs. Hair that is bright and black appears stunning, doesn’t it?

Black Pixie Bob With Red Highlights In Bangs

#6: Rainbow Neon Red Hair

The pastel, cotton-candy hair might be hot right this moment, but don’t dismiss hair with bright rainbow-colored locks! You can make a impression by making your red hair part of a multi-colored art piece. This style is great for ladies who have long hair because there is more “space” to incorporate all the colors you’d like to blend. Go nuts!

Rainbow Ombre Hair

#7: Ravishing Orangey Red Hair

The red hair color is not a universal one. There are many shades and styles you can take. For instance, you can try the red-orange hairstyle as shown in this image that is made using an the technique of ombre. It is bold at first, but ends in a washed, almost white shade. The trick to achieve this is to make sure that you have a color shift that is smooth and well-blended.

Black To Orange Ombre

#8: Red Hair, Two Ways

There are numerous ways to maximize the red hair ombre. A straight and narrow path will show every aspect of the color change (especially when done correctly). Wearing loose and curly can give more dimension and help create a dramatic color contrast. Take a look at both!

Hot Pink Ombre Hair

#9: Bright Red Bob Hairstyle

Make the most of your natural red locks with the most fashionable haircut for women around the world. You can complement the hue with a sleek long hairstyle … also also add some waves that look like beach while you’re enjoying it. To make this bright red bob, simply curl your hair inwards away from the face, using the flat iron, leaving the ends untroubled. After that, you can fluff it then spray it with hairspray and you’ll be going.

red wavy bob

#10: Multi-Colored Braided Waves

If you’re wearing a look that has more than two vibrant hair colors braided hairstyles are the most effective option since they weave the shades together as tapestries. Make a long, thick pancake braid across the sides of your head, and then tug at it to create a more full-looking.

Red Hair With Blue And Orange Highlights

#11: Long Flaming Locks

Get some enjoyment from vivid red hair color by combining it in two ways. Consider a two-toned hairstyle that begins with a deep burgundy , and is finished with a bright orange shade.

Burgundy To Red Ombre

#12: Shiny Bright Red Ombre

If you’re not ready to decide to go all-in on a red hair, start with small steps and give a bright red, scarlet ombre a spin before. The appeal of this style is that it gives you the bold, bright color without the commitment of a long time since you can extend the style without upkeep.

Scarlet Ombre Hair

#13: Flashes of Bright Red Highlights

The dark hair of yours will stand out more than ever when paired with bright, red highlights. The red stripes will serve as a striking contrast, making a statement regardless of the way you style your hair!

Two-Tone Black And Red Hair

#14: Red and Yellow Braided Hair

Mix the bright red hair dye with vibrant shades such as yellow and orange with the tortoise-shell method. The process spreads color throughout the hair in a controlled manner and occasionally creating a mosaic. When neon yellow and red hair colors are styled into braids and the result is magical.

neon red hair

#15: Punk Dark Bright Red Hair

You can take your pixie that is short and layered step up by dyeing it a dark , vibrant dark red. If you take care of it properly the color will maintain its shine and vibrancy and you’ll turn heads wherever you travel.

Long Red Pixie Hairstyle

#16: Red Hair With Shaved Side

If the vibrant red hair color doesn’t strike the right chord take it to the next level and match your hair’s red color with a shaving your sides. Pick a cool, razored style and your hair will be completely outrageous and punk!

Women's Long Hairstyle With Side Undershave

#17: Loose and Lovely Locks

If you’re looking to teach the public a tutorial on how to create the bright red hair you want and look great simply add an ombre with three shades and easy, soft curls. The red-to-orange-to-yellow color transition will look amazing when waved, making you the envy of everyone around.

Curly Red And Orange Ombre Lob

#18: Double-Trouble Braids

Are you looking for hairstyles that will give long, bright red hair that you will never forget? Divide the hair down the middle, and dye one side in a vivid scarlett, and the other an intense black or navy blue. The results are stunning to not even begin to describe it And no one would ever claim that you are insecure about your hair.

Half Red Half Black Hair

#19: Curly Bright Red and Purple Hair

Explore the possibilities and give your hair red an extra pop of color. You can try a dramatic ‘do that is vibrant purple and red hair. These red roots change into rainbow-colored pieces in purple, blue and yellow.

Red And Purple Hair

#20: Fiery Fuchsia

The bright red hair of the past has just become brighter because of the power of braids. Try a slick fishtail braid that shows the red hair and any highlights you add to the braid.

Scarlet To Pink Ombre

After you’ve experienced the stunning effects that result from color hair in red, it’s the perfect time to create one of these awesome haircuts that you can make your own. Get out the coloring agent and get your hair a fiery transformation.

Bonus: How to Get Bright Red Hair

How To Get Bright Red Hair

The first step to do is weigh the pros and cons of having a vibrant red hair. Sure, you’ll look stunning, you’ll get numerous compliments every day, and you will have stunning Instagram pictures. If your natural color is away from light blonde, you’ll need the bleaching process. Are you ready to do this? If so, then read more. The best method to create glowing red hair when your base color is brown is to apply the colorant and the determiner. It is not necessary bleach hair before coloring it red. These two processes can be performed simultaneously! How to make your hair bright read, without the need for pre-bleaching

  1. To begin, select the correct color of red. If your skin is light choose lighter or bright dyes. The deep auburn and chestnut hues work well with dark skin tones. Medium skin tones require moderate auburn or copper shades. Purchase a multi-level lift hair dye.
  2. Choose the type of developer you’ll need: 10 20, 30, or even 40 Volume. For hair with dark shades, you’ll need 40 Volume developer. For light shades , 10 with a little lift or 20 Volume which lifts just 1-2 levels.
  3. Mixer bowl, applicator brush the measuring cup and gloves. and a large toothed comb.
  4. Combine your hair dye with developer (according to the directions, generally it’s 2-2.4 Fl. oz. of developer for one container of hair color).
  5. Cut your locks into sections and leave the lower section in place.
  6. Apply hair dye starting in the lower part of your hair.
  7. Take about 30 minutes (check the directions) Wash the dye.
  8. Make sure you make sure to apply rinse off conditioner.

Important note: it is better to keep your hair for a couple of weeks if just dyed your hair dark as you might see red roots just. Another aspect you’ll notice when you have vibrant red hair color is that it will fade quickly. This is a shame, but as it’s true that red hair can be a challenge to keep up. It is essential to take care of your hair even more to deep condition them, and make sure you check in with your hair colorist on a regular basis to assess their condition.

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