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30 Red Brown Hair Color Ideas

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The reddish brown hair color is a combination of brown and red tones. It is possible to achieve it through mixing various shades from bright red wine and copper to auburn with a golden hue and deep brown according to the color you’re looking for. Take a look at these fashionable shades to find the red-brown hair color ideas that you find most inspiring and then add them to your gallery to show off to your colorist. Red brown hair colors offer an incredible amount of dimension and appears to radiate from the inside with a fiery heat that is balanced by the earthy brown. These warm, nutty hues range from the lighter copper chestnut browns along with medium and dark auburn hues up to mahogany and deep burgundy shades. This color guide is packed with information on the aspects of reddish brown and color options, from color suggestions that include the latest shades to advice on how to pick the ideal red-brown shade for your skin! The most sought-after red-brown hair colors present include different shades of coppery browns, chestnut auburn, russet-red-brown, maroon, burgundy, and mahogany. These shades range from deep browns that have subtle red undertones, to bold reds that are balanced by a touch of dark or earthy. Shades of lighter red with a copper or golden undertone (like golden copper or chestnut brown) have an ethereal, warm look which looks stunning on any person that has warm, warm undertones. When your tone is golden or peachy take a look at these red brown shades. Red browns with deeper hues that have violet red or a dark auburn undertone have neutral cool and warm tones. They’re appropriate for those who have neutral undertones. Look at these red brown hair color suggestions!

#1: Deep Burgundy Wavy Locks

Are you looking to play with red-brown shades and achieve the gorgeous reddish-brown hair shade? What about this gorgeous Burgundy shade? Red highlights of wine with a dark background always seem stunning and luscious particularly when you combine the color with curly extra long locks.

Vibrant Red Brown Hair Balayage

#2: Light Auburn Red Hair

Of the various auburn tones that you can experiment the auburn red tones with your hair colorist. this color deserves the most focus. It is among the best and most natural looking red hair tones that radiates a clean yet romantic look that makes your appearance more appealing and feminine.

Middle Length Red Brown Hairstyle

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#3: Warm Red Brown Hair

The deep auburn red hue works well with the skin tone of pale and deep! The next time you visit the hair salon, display this warm reddish shade to your stylist to give it a go. You can add wavy strands with a slight wavy look and feathered ends to add more movement and texture your hair.

Reddish Brown Color

4. Chocolate Curls with Red Highlights

Dark brown with red highlights that are dark is an all about dimension and life especially for curly hair! The brown and red shades look amazing on light complexions and look great on blue-eyed beauties.

Dark Red Brown Hue on Naturally Curly Hair

#5: Medium-Length Dark Red Haircut

Dark red hair is a great match for the majority of skin tones, but it is particularly appealing to people with lighter skin tones. Combine this shade with a short choppy cut and face-framing bangs for a look that comes with a fashionable hairstyle that is full of volume.

Messy Deep Red Lob

#6: Chocolate and Merlot Shades

Are you contemplating purchasing a red-brown Balayage? This chocolate-merlot shade is an interesting idea however, make sure it is a good match for your skin. In addition, no matter what shade you choose make sure you use an emollient Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain your hair shining and bright.

Shiny Redding Brown Balayage

#7: Dimensional Red Brown Lob

Check out these stunningly vibrant and glowing red tones! Auburn with orange-red highlights are stunning in this coarse hair bob. The dark hair roots create an amazing texture and depth which is exactly what ladies who have thin hair require.

Red Brown and Light Copper Highlights

#8: Hot Reddish Brown Shade

The dark brunette hairstyle looks gorgeous on women who have dark brown eyes with olive skin tone. Highlights with warm undertones could add dimension to your hair colour. Create soft waves with curling irons, and then apply sprays to help make this stunning style last for longer.

Warm Brown Highlights on Naturally Dark Hair

#9: Brown Hair with red and copper Highlights

These red highlights in copper are sure to add sparkle, depth, and depth. Furthermore, it does fantastic work on hair that is thick and makes it appear more soft and textured. With these beautiful shades, your hair will appear stunning!

Red and Copper Hairstyle Idea

#10: Brown Hair with highlights of golden red.

A few streaks of golden red on the natural brunette hair of yours can create an amazing contrast. This is among the most sought-after hair coloring choices for those who follow fashions, therefore if would like to explore something new try it! Explore various light brown and reddish tones to create stunning shades like this.

Brown Hair with Red Brown and Strawbery Blonde Highlights

#11: Rich Mahogany

If you’re tied to working in a workplace, you’re probably not permitted to sport vibrant natural hair colors. But that does not mean that you have to stay with your current shade and stop experimenting with your hair color. Apply mahogany-colored tones to your brown locks to give your hair a more attractive look.

One Process Mahogany Hair Color

#12: Low Maintenance Golden Brown Highlights

Golden tones are likely to be the most popular shades in the case of hair of red and brown particularly when we’re talking about balayage or highlights. Mixing lighter and darker brown tones can add the lightness of your long curly hair, which is ideal for people suffering from hair thickness that is excessive.

Medium Brown Hair with Low Maintenance Balayage

#13: Dark Red Brown Hair Color

Darker shades of red-brown are always elegant and classy especially when paired with a neat curl. This gorgeous hue is suitable for every type of skin and complexions, and will show in various ways, based on the tone of your skin.

Red Brown Hair Color and Body Waves

#14: Cherry Red Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

A mix of cherry and red tones, and brown create a bright hair colors. These colors can enhance your appearance and enhance your hairstyle. The darker hairstyles highlight the gorgeous red shade that highlights the texture of the hair.

Red Balayage on Dark Brown Locks

#15: Natural Red and Brown Blend

If you love natural-looking feminine looks, this beautiful red hair will grab your interest. The secret to creating this look is to choose the perfect haircut. Request your hairstylist to do this wonderful layering technique that will create a slight wavy look and emphasize your beautiful hair.

Brown Hair with Redding Undertones

#16: Copper Balayage for Wavy Hair

There is no need to create an elaborate dye application to change your hairstyle or add some spice to your natural hair shade. Request your stylist to play with your hair’s color with balayage or highlight techniques to give your hair an ethereal, sun-kissed look.

Auburn Hair Color Idea for Fall

#17: Auburn Highlights on Brown Hair

A warm brownish red is the primary symbol for the fall season. It is a great choice if you wish to increase the form of your hair and also its size. Hair will appear healthier and more radiant thanks to this seamless color.

Thick Long Hair with Round Layers and Natural Brown Balayage

#18: Dark Red Brown Hair Dye

With its artistic blend of highlights in reddish brown the soft balayage was designed to make heads turn. You could also put on some braids of burgundy to add a touch of a violet shade.

Long Straight Hair with Blend of Burgundy and Reddish Brown Shades

#19: Dark Copper Brown Curls

Dark copper is a great match for brown hair colors. Together with natural curls it makes a striking appearance which is sure to draw attention from everyone. It is also an extremely natural hues of the red hair and is a fantastic option for those who favor gentle and warm shades.

Thick Wavy Reddish Brown Hair

#20: Red-Brown hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights and lowlights are probably the best method to experiment with and improve your hair’s natural color, especially if you are using the rich golden brown and auburn shades. Highlight your brownish red hair with cool beach waves for more fashion points.

Red Brown Highlights and Lowlights

#21: Short Vibrant Ginger Haircut

Are you looking to make changes? Begin at the hair! This striking bold look will definitely inspire you to do your own creative experiments with color and cuts. If you want to go for a sleek, short hairstyle A bright shades of ginger or red are the best choice!

Short Ginger Red Hair

#22: Warm Copper Red Balayage

Certain hairstyles speak about themselves, like this beautiful wavy hairstyle that has an intense copper shade. Utilize the balayage method to add amazing texture and movement to your locks , and add radiant shine to your hair. Talk to a colorist about different shades of red and pick the one that complements your hair the best.

Brownish Red Hair Color with Soft Copper Streaks

#23: Gorgeous Chestnut Hair Color

This is a great illustration of mixing various hues of the brown. In addition to being stunning, it’s also low-maintenance. With this style, you’ll be able to forget about going to the salon as it will develop effortlessly to create a beautiful dark reddish brown ombre.

Warm Brown Hair Color for Brunettes

#24: Long Pumpkin Spice Waves

The pumpkin-brown shade is the perfect choice for those who have copper-like or light brown strands , and fair skin. It can enhance your natural beauty and draw admiring glances. You can also make feathered ends that instantly give texture and volume your locks.

Medium Copper Brown Hair Color

#25: Brown Wavy Locks with Copper Touches

Are you looking to bring brightness to those dark curls? Add soft copper highlights for an elegant red-brown Balayage. The best part is you are able to wear this look on medium or long length hair.

Dark Brown Hair with Auburn Highlights

#26: Copper Hair and Curtain Bangs

The combination of green and red eyes is always stylish and attractive If you’re looking to make yourself stand out this could be a good alternative. Use curls and bangs on the curtain to frame your face and highlight the eyes.

Light Copper Hair with Warmer Shade for Face Framing

#27: Black to Red Ombre

A classic brown-to-ginger color melting is never out of fashion If you’re looking to achieve a transitional hue, this could be the one you’ll require! This ombre lets you return to maintain your natural hair color , while also exploring something fresh and exciting.

Natural Black Hair with Red Balayage

#28: Dark Base and Reddish Brown Highlights

If you’re in search of an easy style to duplicate, look into this stylish hairstyle in red-brown. Auburn highlights can add some zing to your curly hair, while highlighting the hair’s texture. With this exciting mixture of shades and shades, you’ll sparkle brightly at every event or occasion!

Darkest Shade of Brown with Red Brown Highlights

#29: Auburn Curls and Brunette Roots

Curls attract a lot of attention, but when you add red hues your hair appears even more polished, creating an impact on all around. The reddish-brown color also gives every curl a sparkle and adds the warmth to your face.

Tight Curls Colored Red Brown

#30: Delicate Red Brown Balayage

The brownish red hair color combined with dark roots results in a fashionable and stylish long hairstyle. This is a fantastic option for women who aren’t a fan of bright red tones. Also the shade is low maintenance, meaning you’re free to style it every three or four times per year.

Low Maintenance Wine Red Brown Hair

Here’s all the most fashionable hair colors in red and brown all at a glance! Make use of them to figure out the style you’d like to try and be awed by your new shade.

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