20 Hottest Bob Hairstyle for 2022

Bob is what is fashionable today in short hair. These days it seems like women are either sporting glamorous bobs or stunning pixies. However, despite the fact that the square is so “in fashion”, there are many variations of this look, and not all of them are flattering. Like everyone else, you need to weed out the rotten to find the gold. Lucky for you, I did the job for you. I’m here to bring you some of the hottest beans from this past year. Choose your favorite and go to the salon!

1. Framed and Soft: Short Bob Haircut

Framed and Soft/via

Framed images are always flattering because they accentuate your facial features. Try it and see what you think.

2. Wild Curls: Messy Bob

Wild Curls/via

A curly bob is just as beautiful as a straight one. This look is elegant and playful.

3. Avanti Guard Chop: Bob Haircut with Blunt Bangs for Women

Avanti Guard Chop/via

Some looks are ahead of their time, this is one of them. Both blunt and razor-like, this cutting edge looks very unique.

4. Gorgeous Parts: Cute Long Bob

Gorgeous Parts/via

Change your bean by simply flipping your part. This will add volume and amazing texture.

5. Sleek Side Bangs: Blonde A-line Bob Haircut

Sleek Side Bangs/via

Charlize Theron is a class emblem and this look proves it. Her sleek hair paired with side bangs is a stunning combination.

6. Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

Shaggy Bob/via

Be British and get shaggy! It’s hot, it’s chic, and it’s easy as pie.

7. Rounded A Line

Rounded A Line/via

A Line haircut is now at the peak of popularity. Soften yours by framing your hair around your head.

8. Elegant Waves: Ombre Long Bob Hair Style

Elegant Waves/via

Kate Mara always looks great. This beautiful wavy style is completely casual and formal. Great match!

9. Blunt Cut

Blunt Cut/via

Feeling brave? Get a blunt cut. Nothing says confidence like hard edges.

10. Silky Smooth: Easy, Straight Bob Hairstyle

Silky Smooth/via

January Jones shows off a stunning silky smooth look that is undeniably a classic.


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