20 Amazing Short Hairstyles With Bangs

Not all of us can draw out the center or side part as elegantly as others. Bangs are an important style statement that look amazing on those who get it right. This trendy look looks especially good on short hair, adding incredible volume and texture to a look that might not work out otherwise. So what are you waiting for? Head out there and cut your hair into one of these amazing new looks.

1. Sweeping Side Bangs

Sweeping Side Bang Sweeping Side Bang/via

Nothing says intensity like sidekicks like this!

2. Razor Cut Bangs

Razor Cut Bangs Razor Cut Bangs/via

Rough and edgy, these razor-cut bangs definitely look chic.

3. Blunt Cut

Blunt Cut Blunt Cut/via

A more defiant look, blunt bangs are definitely not for everyone.

4. Thin Side Bangs

Thin Side Bangs Thin Side Bangs/via

Instead of helping you add volume, your bangs can also help you get rid of volume, as shown in this haircut.

5. Long Bangs

Long Bangs Long Bangs/via

These long bangs are great with a sense of mystery.

6. Thick Half Bangs

Thick Half Bangs Thick Half Bangs/via

For a less intense version of blunt bangs, try this look.

7. Sexy Side Bangs

Sexy Side Bangs Sexy Side Bangs/via

But our girl shows us that side bangs are a great choice too.

8. Wavy Bangs

Wavy Bangs Wavy Bangs/via

Stop straightening your bangs for that radical surfer look.

9. Perfect Side BangsPerfect Side Bangs Perfect Side Bangs/via

Perfection at its core, Emma Stone shows off the typical side bangs.

10. Subtle Bangs

Subtle Bangs Subtle Bangs/via

Bangs don’t always have to be “on your face” so to speak. This subtle look proves that they are elegant in a simple way.


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