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20 Insanely Popular Layered Bob Hairstyles for Women to Try in 2023

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Fashionable Layered Bobs Hairstyles for Women

The process of creating a layered bob by 2023 can be a challenge. But, the end result usually exceeds any expectations. It is possible to experiment with bobs with long-layered ones and progress to the shortest stack alternatives. Selecting the best bob is contingent on the hair’s length and facial type. Longer bobs work well for round and oval faces and shorter ones work well for triangular and oblong faces. Stacked bobs are the best option for thick hair, while longer layers can be suited to fine locks. Check out the bobs we’ve selected to aid you in your look. Take a look at the way each one will appear with your hair style and face. You’ll be able to discover the one that is right for your personal style.

1. Short-layered bobs for fine hair

layered bob hairstyles for women 1

This style is ideal for hair with fine texture. The layers aren’t evident, but they do create some volume, which makes the hairstyle appear more full. Side-swept bangs can be an excellent addition to any bob, particularly if hair is thin as they can add even more volume.

2. Highlights

layered bob hairstyles for women

Highlights can be a great way to make any style appear more vibrant. This is especially applicable to hairstyles with highlights. A well-chosen color will give the bob’s appearance and make it appear distinct. It’s maintenance-free!

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3. Texture sloppy

layered bob hairstyles for women 3-min

The layered bob with bangs looks fantastic on women with all hair types. It’ll add volume you want for your thin hair, and will add fashion to hair that is thick. The wispy and elongated bangs, as well as the highlights make this hairstyle truly unique. If you choose to wear this style, prepare to spend some time how to style it.

4. Long and windy

women layered bob hairstyles

Long bobs look great on brunette haired women. Windblown or messy styles are great for girls who are younger. But, it can be suitable for older women too, provided that hairstyles are more neatly.

5. Textured and angle-ed

nice layered bob hair for girl

Asymmetry is the way to go! Therefore, if you opt for a look that is textured try an arched hairstyle. The layers are cut in a chaotic fashion to create an edgy look that is a great way to add some flair to your style. There is no need to be careful when brushing in this case.

6. Short and stacked

layered bob hairstyles for women 6-min

Stacked hairstyles look great regardless of the length. This layered bob is unique because of the strands of hair that are angled along the sides and a cap-like layer on the top. It is a bit difficult to maintain neat. If you’re willing to go for it, you’ll appear stunning.

7. Medium Layered Bob

layered bob hairstyles for women 7-min

Medium bobs are great to wear with straight hair. Consider this style with layered blunt ends. If this hairstyle is too easy for you try adding some highlights. This style is easy to maintain and virtually none hair products.

8. Sexy auburn Bob

short layered bob hairstyle for women

In case your hair’s dark, go for this gorgeous auburn bob cut to turn heads. The slack ends give this cut lots of fashion and layers at the back add an upper volume. The only thing you need to do is to brush your hair on a daily.

9. Volume on top

layered bob hairstyles for women 9-min

This mixture of medium and short bobs is made by creating layers on top of the head, and then leaving straight strands of hair down the neck. This style is ideal for females who have oval or oblong face shapes. Keep your hair tidy, otherwise the volume at the top will be diminished and the mixture will become messy.

10. Round Bob with wispy bangs

women layered bob brown hairstyles

This layered bob style is perfect for women who have a the triangular, oval, and square face shapes. The stacked look at the back gives a nice volume and the strands in front encircle the face. Hairy, wavy bangs are an excellent accessory to this style, but it could look attractive with a blunt fringe too.

11. Simple and cute

layered bob hairstyles for women 12-min

The hairstyle may appear simple and cute however there’s many more things to it. The long, wispy hairstyle draws the eye. Hair is cut medium-length in the front, and the back is shorter and put on top. It is possible to tuck it behind the ears to appear cute or hang it over your face to create an edgier look.

12. Creative bangs

layered bob hairstyles for women 13-min

This is a different bob which could have been simple on the front, but because of the hair. The top layer is placed against the direction of hair growth to create a unique appearance for side-swept bangs. The back layer is slightly stacked to give the illusion of volume.

13. Waves

layered bob hairstyles for women 14-min

A neat bob is difficult to get when it comes to waves. Whatever number of layers you make hair waves will do all they can to cover their appearance. Therefore, it is possible to opt for frontal strands that are cut bluntly and layer them back to increase more volume.

14. Long and an angled

layered bob hairstyles for women 16-min

This style is ideal for women who have triangular and round faces. It visually increases the length of the face, and creates the perfect stylish appearance. Layers help in creating a neat and tidy look. The wavy bangs help to make the haircut appear complete.

15. Long-layered hair

long layered bob hair you like

This style is perfect for women with hair that is fine. It is evident that the length is achieved by separating random strands in front and back. The layers give this look bulk on top, and define the angular strands at the bottom.

16. Layers with asymmetry

layered bob black hairstyle

Asymmetry is extremely fashion-forward, so making different size layers on the sides of your bob will make it appear stunning. You can side sweep your bangs towards the longer side, to highlight the Asymmetry. Make use of conditioner to keep your hair look neat and sleek.

17. Undercut

layered bob hairstyles for women 19-min

This layering bob for women is extremely imaginative. It is possible to create an undercut hidden from view or a noticeable one on one side. The hidden cut will be completely protected by layers however, the obvious one will remain open.

18. Criss cross

layered bob hairstyles for women 20-min

Do you want to change up your basic hairstyle? Try criss-crossing hair strands. It is as easy as applying a few strands of hair against the hair growth , and then attaching them using hair gel. This hairstyle is fantastic to highlight the full bluntness of bangs.

19. Fine and short

best layered bob haircut

Layered bob haircuts are great option for women with hair that is fine. If your hair is damaged and you don’t wish the dye process, then this style is ideal for you. Keep your hair as natural as you can and make it a long bob that’s stacked. You can add a few asymmetrical, thin strands on the front of your head to create an attractive appearance. This style is ideal for ladies with triangular faces.

20. Windblown bangs

layered bob hairstyles for women 22-min

The windblown hairstyles can make any hairstyle look and sexy. If you’re bored of your hair and are ready to change things up, you can experiment with your bangs. The bangs can be changed is the most effective method to make a fresh and better hairstyle.

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