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23 Awesome Summer Cocktails for a Crowd

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Are you planning a barbecue, party or other special occasion? You should look into the summer drinks. We’ve compiled an array of recipes that are fruity and innovative methods to prepare your drink, and more. Each suggestion will amaze people at the table and ensure their thirsty. Explore the gallery to get motivated to create your own unforgettable event this summer.


An easy way to serve drinks to lots of people is using these unique drink dispensers. There are a variety on hand to give an assortment of cocktails for guests. Every person will be able to serve themselves with a tasty drink. You can make inexpensive batches of drinks to keep the taps stocked.

Cocktails on Tap for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


If you’re looking for an easy method of serving drinks that look great, consider the fruity pitcher. This kind of jug can be found at any place and all you need to do is add your preferred drink and some fruits. It’s an inexpensive and quick way to offer your guests refreshing drinks.

Summer Cocktail Pitcher for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd

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One of the best drinks to serve your guests is a fruity punch. You can make your favorite summer cocktails in large portions and then pour it into bowls for guests to serve themselves. You can make your drink extra special with edible flowers and fruits such as this. It is also possible to have beautiful cups surrounding the bowl.

Cocktail Punch Bowl Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Make any event have the tropical feel with drinks made of watermelon. The good thing about watermelon cocktails is that they are delicious and are also a great choice for as a glass! Serve your drink inside a watermelon for an elegant fishbowl cocktail which can be shared… and not. This is a refreshing drink idea for the summer.

Watermelon Fishbowl Cocktail for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


If you’re looking to add some elegance to your event, why not serve elegant margaritas such as this. The glass, decorations and the fruit makes it appear cool and fashionable. For this cocktail, you’ll need 2 1 oz Tequila 1 oz Lime juice, and 1 ounce Cointreau. Mix it all up then serve it and you’re ready to go. This classic is great for the summer months.

Classy Margarita for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


If you’re planning an outdoor celebration or BBQ consider serving your drinks in mason jars. Jars can provide your drinks with an old-fashioned look, which is ideal for outdoor events. You can serve any cocktail in these. The idea is inexpensive and easy, yet looks beautiful. You can buy a lot of these to accommodate a large number of guests or reuse some. Drinks are available on tap in dispensers to ensure guests have plenty of drinks in the container all night.

Cocktails in Mason Jars for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Another unique way to serve drinks for guests is to use pineapples! The inside of the fruit to make cocktails that are fruity, and then serve your drink inside the remainder of the pineapple. This is a simple and beautiful idea. It is possible to make many cocktails in advance and place your drinks in a tray similar to this.

Pineapple Cocktails for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Cocktails are great to enjoy on the summer days We have come up with an option to make your drink even more delicious. Create ice lollies! They are refreshing and you can make them using any drink. You can make plenty of ice-cold drinks to serve many people. We love this ideaas it’s a great way to serve refreshing drinks.

Cocktail Ice Lollies for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Then, we’ll introduce an exotic punch that is simple to prepare and that everyone in the party will be delighted with. The recipes for this drink vary, so you can mix in your own ingredients to make your own recipe. For cocktails that are summer-themed such as these, you’ll need 1 small pineapple, 1/2 apple, two passion fruits half cup dark rum the juice of 750 milliliters 1 Liter of mango and apple juice and 1/4 tablespoon of lime juice. Rum is a great option to drink as an alcohol-free drink. Serve it in a bowl or glass, jars, glasses, or even pineapples.

Bottled Boozy Punch for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Our next selection is ideal for summer celebrations! The drink can be served as a bucket, with tiny shot glass. There are several ways to serve bucket cocktails to a large number of guests. You can give your guests an empty bucket with straws that act as an ice fishbowl, or you can put a bucket at every table with shot glasses to fill up like a the unique punch bowls. We like this idea!

Bucket Cocktail and Shots for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


If you are planning to prepare drinks in advance, you could make cocktails using a tray such as this. There are mixed glasses that can be used with different cocktails. It is possible to set several of them available for guests to pick up or during the event, guests are able to choose their preferred drink from the tray.

Tray of Cocktails for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Our next recipe is another recipe from the tropical cuisine that is sure to go down a storm with your guests. To make a rum punch, you’ll need two cups of juice from pineapple 2 glasses of juice from orange, 1 Cup of Triple Sec 2 cups of rum and 1 cup of the grenadine. It’s simple to make , simply mix all the ingredients together in a pitcher , then serve. This is a great option for those who want easy drinks that you can make quickly.

Tropical Rum Punch for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Pitchers are a great way for serving drinks. Each guest is able to drink as much as they want. You can choose a basic pitcher or choose something more flamboyant like this. This margarita pitcher comes with an unusual design and matching glasses. For pink margaritas, like they are made, you need the traditional ingredients, but with a little grenadine added.

Margarita Pitcher for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


A trend that’s recently been gaining popularity in bar and home parties include teapot-based cocktails. The idea is straightforward to make, simply add your favorite cocktail into a cute teapot, and serve it in teacups. This kind of thing could be a great idea for an event. It is possible to have several teapots that have different cocktails inside. Teapots also make it easy for many guests to for them to enjoy themselves.

Teapot Cocktails for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Another stunning punch bowl concept. This refreshing blue cocktail is topped off by edible floral arrangements and Ice. A blue Hawaiian will look great in a bowl such as this. For making Blue Hawaiians, you will require 1-cup of juice from pineapple, half Cup of Blue Curacao 1 cup of Rum 1/2 cup of coconut cream along with 4 cups frozen ice. Flowers are edible and are available for buy online.

Tropical Floral Punch Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


If tropical flavors, colors and decor aren’t your style, then you can consider a basic drink pitcher like this. It’s a basic glass pitcher that comes with matching glasses. The cocktail is lighter in hue. It creates a sophisticated and sophisticated look. You can make prosecco cocktails or perhaps some fizzes with rosemary and grapefruit to recreate the style. You can find those recipes in our post on fruity summer cocktails.

Simple Summer Pitcher for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Cocktails to be shared is a fantastic idea for when you’re anticipating a large number of guests. Simply fill up a large container, bowl or pitcher and sprinkle some straws. Make them available at every table, and guests will be able to have drinks in their table. Be sure to make sure you have enough pitchers!

Cocktail to Share for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Cocktails made of white wine are great to serve at a summer celebration. They are refreshing, affordable and easy to prepare. To make these cocktails, you’ll need one glass of white wine three oranges for juice as well as the juice of one lemon, and chopped fruit. Watermelon, strawberries, apples and even watermelon are a good option.

White Wine Cocktail for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


The next one we’ve picked will look stunning at any event. The pink cocktails as well as lemons in the pitcher seem perfect for summer. To make a cocktail similar to this, make the vodka-based strawberry lemonade. You’ll need 1 lb of strawberries, 1 teaspoon sugar, 3 cups of water 1 cup vodka, along with 3/4 cup lemon juice. Simply juice your strawberries, add the other ingredients and you’re ready to go.

Fruity Cocktail Pitcher for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Another fantastic fishbowl idea that’s perfect for gatherings. Add fruity cocktails to the bowls and then add cool straws. These are a great and unique method to serve drinks. You can make non-alcoholic versions for children and non-drinkers.

Multi Fishbowl Cocktails for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


We’ll follow up with an iced tea drink that is refreshing that is ideal for the summer BBQ or for a gathering. For making it, you’ll require one bottle white rum seven TBSP Marrakesh Mint Tea 3 1/2 TBS mango Habanero Sugar 4 TBS of Agave Nectar 64 oz limeade, or lemonade 1qt plain water, and 10-12 mint sprigs fresh. Serve it in jars to create an authentic summer drink.

Mint Ice Tea Mojito Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


If you’re expecting a lot of guests, you might want to have a lot of pitchers in display such as this. There are many cocktails you can serve for each guest. They can choose their own drink and then serve their own drinks. This can be a fantastic idea for decoration as well as a method to ensure that your guests’ glasses are full.

Multi Cocktail Pitchers for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd


Our final recommendation is another method to serve drinks made of pineapple. This is a lovely cocktail that’s decorated with flowers, an umbrella, and fruits. Simple details like this can surprise everyone and will inspire everyone to try your cocktails. You can serve any cocktail as this.

Decorated Pineapple Cocktails for Summer Cocktails for a Crowd

We hope you’ve been motivated to design and serve your unique summer cocktail.

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