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23 Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2023

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Dark blonde hair is the most dark color of blonde. The shades that are dark in blonde vary from a deep golden hue to a cool shade of dark ash that is a versatile hair color suitable for any season and for a wide range of skin tones. The lighter blonde shade is great for summer and spring, while cool and neutral shades are great for winter and autumn. If you’re a woman who wants to switch hair colors and are looking for blonde hues dark, a darker shade will be an easier transition since there’s more to play with when it comes to different highlights and the combination of darker shades. Before you go to the salon for your next appointment, take a look at these photos of the season’s most popular hairstyles of dark blonde hair shades for your ideas!

Low-Maintenance Dark Honey Blonde Highlights

#1: Low-Maintenance Dark Honey Blonde Highlights

Try dark honey blonde highlights that can be used in any season. The sun-kissed shade is low maintenance and provides a stunning simple look for the base color.

Dark Blonde with Light Blonde Money Piece Highlights

# 2: Dark Blonde with Light Blonde Money Piece Highlights

Dark blonde with light blonde highlights of the money piece is the trend that is sweeping the runways this season. This money-piece is an excellent method for defining your facial features and add the brightness. This particular style is customizable to match any shade you require. It is a low-maintenance design, and is accompanied by a gentle grow-out. The money piece is included in a panel design or, the case in this instance the balayage/highlighted look.

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Feathered Layers for Blonde Hair with Highlights

3. Feminine Dark Bronde With Blonde Highlights

A dark bronde that has blonde highlights is a great choice if you’re looking for a touch of warmth in your hair. Dark bronde hair colors are mixed with lighter brown and dark blonde shades. To emphasize the dark blonde hair’s dimensions, you must make use of a root lift and an leave-in conditioner or styling cream. A dark bronde is the ideal combination of natural dark hair and being blonde. A combination of foilayage as well as painting techniques are employed to give a bold shade. When you do the root smudge using the toner (deeper at the roots of your crown, and gradually lightening toward the front) it’s very low maintenance. For maintenance, you’ll need to color your hair every 4 months, and trimming and toning once every 2 months. If you have thick hair, it can help create this appearance. However, the cut, color and style can provide medium-fine hair with the appearance of fullness and volume due to the contrast of shades.

Dimensional Dark Roots with Ash Blonde Hair Color

4. Dimensional Dark Roots with Ash Blonde

Choose a dark-colored hairstyle with ash blonde, which is the appearance of a hair that is low maintenance If you’re a brunette. This is a great option for people who don’t require frequent gloss treatments between four and eight times a week. For these dark blonde roots consult your stylist about dark shadow roots and an dark, ashy blonde level 8.

Sweet Honey Blonde with Dark Blonde Roots

5: Sweet Honey Blonde with Dark Blonde Roots

If you’re looking for honey blonde hair with dark blonde roots, it’s a simple and low-maintenance hairstyle for those with olive or the skin tones of tan. The maintenance can range from 4-6 months depending on whether the appointment is for a highlight or Balayage.

Impressive Deep Strawberry Blonde Hue

#6: Impressive Deep Strawberry Blonde Hue

A rich strawberry blonde shade is always vibrant and seasonal. This color is ideal when you’re natural redhead that has begun to gray and want to keep your red hue vibrant. To get this hair color Your hair stylist will use the deep copper shade to cover any grays that may be at the roots. You can also add some balayage highlights to the ends and middles of your hair to increase the brightness of the color.

Smokey mushroom blonde hair

#7: Smokey Mushroom Blonde

A dark, smoky blonde is the perfect choice for a cool tone to your brunette tones down. It is perfect for darkening your hair after having been blonde for the entire summer long. For women who are blessed with naturally dark hair, you’ll need to take off the bleach, and then tone. Particularly, this color will bring out a grayer tone that has a smokey color that is complemented by the hint of brown.

Natural-Looking Dark Sandy Blonde Hair Color

#8: Natural-Looking Dark Sandy Blonde

This dark blonde balayage color is extremely dimensional. The naturalness of this dark blonde shade will give you beautiful endurance. You ought to be able to stay for six to twelve months without touch-up. It is recommended to use violet shampoo as it’s crucial to get rid of the mineral build-up and get rid of brassy hues, while keeping an energizing, clean blonde.

Trendy Dark Bronde

#9: Trendy Dark Bronde

If you’re in search of hair color suggestions A natural dark blonde tone that blends with blonde and brunette will always be a good choice.

Dark Buttery Blonde Hair with Dark Lowlights

#10 Dark Buttery Blonde with Lowlights

These multi-dimensional dark blonde locks contain a mix of cool and warm tones. It is recommended to apply Wella Freelights along with Wella Permanent hair color for highlights that are dark blonde and the blonde lowlights. The stylist should tone your hair with Redken Shades Eq to ensure the most shine and durability. This color style mixing cool and warm blonde tones can be used if you have mild skin tone and eye color.

Gorgeous Dark to Platinum Blonde Hair

#11: Gorgeous Dark to Platinum Blonde

This dark blonde shade to light platinum creates an amazing color! For the best way to showcase the dark blonde hair color it is recommended to wear shoulder-length or length straight hair.

Flirty Dark Blonde with Dark Rose Gold Highlights

#12: Flirty Blonde with Dark Highlights of Rose Gold

A gorgeous dark blonde hue with rose gold is referred to as the pink champagne hair color. If you want to fight the messy blonde hair it’s best to give using the Kenra professional color shampoo, conditioner, along with spray serum.

Subtle Darker Warm Blonde

#13: Subtle Darker Warm Blonde

A more warm hue is creamy and delicate dimensions, similar to golden yellow blonde giving you an ethereal color. Natural light brown base provides an ideal canvas for the dark blonde seamless blend. Your stylist should apply toners in order to keep this dark blonde hair color looking clean. It is recommended to use the purple shampoo each wash to prevent the occurrence of undesirable brassy hues in your dark blonde hair. Be sure to use dry shampoo between shampoos, to help keep your fresh blonde hair looking neat and gorgeous!

Effortless Dark Natural Blonde

#14: Effortless Dark Natural Blonde

Natural dark blonde hair shade isn’t crowded and needs little effort from the person wearing it. Maintaining this dark to medium blonde shade is easy because of the slight variations in the level.

Iridescent Dark Balayage Blonde Hair Color

#15: Iridescent Dark Balayage Blonde

This dark balayage blonde shade can be described as an iridescent dark blonde hair color. By creating shadows on the corners of brownish blonde hair your face appears more oval. Balayage on lengthy dark hair can stir up softness and depth. The balayage also gives your final result more depth and light.

Stunning Dark Golden Blonde

#16: Stunning Dark Golden Blonde

The dark, golden hair shade is a result of sunsets on the beach. If you’re seeking hair inspiration , try something more subtle and subtle, like dark blonde, with highlights of brown and golden blonde hair. Enjoy your natural light or tan skin color, feel comfortable with yourself and customize your blonde and dark hair to fit your style.

Flattering Dark Ashy Blonde Hair Color

#17: Flattering Dark Ashy Blonde

A smoky dark blonde can create the most attractive hair color. isn’t too dark or too light, but enough to give a fresh look to your haircut. It is recommended to plan at least 3-4 hours in the salon to get this blonde balayage. The smoothness of the tone provides hair a smooth, seamless growth. One of the things I love about the dark, ashy blonde hairstyle is that it’s simple to maintain at home over up to a month.

Beautiful Natural Ash + Dark Caramel Blonde

#18: Beautiful Ash + Dark Caramel Blonde

Try an ash-colored dark blonde to create a striking contrast between highlights and base. It is recommended to maintain dark blonde shades within that same family of colors to get the most natural appearance, and also easy maintenance. The dishwater blonde hairstyle is perfect for those who are wanting to look more blonde, but don’t wish to cause excessive damages to hair. Blonde with dark hues are usually low maintenance and simple to maintain.

Multi-Dimensional Dark to light brown ombré

#19: Cool Light Brown and Deep Blonde

Use light brown and dark blonde tones to create an attractive hair color that has some lighter Balayage. This dark blonde hue can be used for any skin tone and eye color including brown eyes. It could be darker however it gives you the cool toned dishwater blonde without washing the color out.

Textured Short Hair with Dark Blonde Highlights

#20 Textured Short Hair Dark Blonde Highlights

Mix your short hair by adding dark highlights while you are working with your fine-density locks. This neck-length, short haircut with dark blonde highlights can give your hair extra volume. You can achieve the bronde shade by adding the dark blonde highlights to the brown locks of yours. Its dimension as well as the broken ends give added dimension the hair.

Charming Dark Blonde Ombre Hair Color with Beach Waves

21: Charming Dark Blonde Ombre with Beach Waves

A dark blonde ombre makes a shiny, dimensional hair trend. It’s a good choice when you’re trying to improve the natural blonde hue of your hair. The best part is that it doesn’t require any major change. For highlighting the lighter hair strands and add some sparkle, spice your blonde locks with a few beach waves.

Wearable Brown to Dark Caramel Blonde Ombre

#22: Popular Dark Blonde Lob

This is dark blonde hair that has been amplified with sleek waves. The cut and the style blend perfectly to give a gorgeous dimension. This style is perfect even if you don’t have much time to visit the salon, but need to look great! To maintain its shine it is essential to apply the correct products. A moisturizing shampoo that is well-maintained and conditioner, such as Sebastian Drench products are the best. When you style your hair, the result will look stunning throughout the day if you apply the beach spray too.


#23: Wearable Brown to Dark Caramel Blonde Ombre

A light brown to dark blonde ombre blends effortlessly from the roots to ends , creating extremely fashionable. It is recommended to apply a blue-colored toning shampoo at least once per week, in addition to a great hair color-safe shampoo and conditioner to help make the blonde hue last. This blonde shade is ideal for those who are a natural brunette with a dark shade and would like for your hair to be lighter, but don’t want to keep visiting the salon to get the dark hair highlights once every six weeks.

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