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26 Eye-Catching Blonde Pixie Cut Ideas to Show Your Stylist

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The well-loved blonde cut is an edgy multi-faceted cut that shouts fun glamorous, flirty, and flirty. It adds volume and density to fine hair, and takes away the bulk and weight of hair that is thick. Pixie cuts can be a great way to complete the look for any event, whether formal or casual. Merideth Pedack who is a hair stylist who hails from Bellingham, WA, identifies the benefits of the blonde pixie cut. “They can be used in a variety of ways, emphasize the facial features and bone structure and provide a lot of visual appeal, and they are always stylish,” she says. When it comes to maintaining and styling Pixie cuts require minimal maintenance, yet easy styling. Short haircuts, just like Pixies, should be cut more often in order to keep their shape, as per Pedack. The styling process is quick and simple when you have a short length is being worked. Use the power of products for texturing that include wax, cream or clay. “They give styling support and hold that is touchable and also provide some definition to show the specifics of the haircut” she adds. Expect to see the natural shades of your hair as the predominant color when you have the pixie cut. To maintain the blonde hue of your pixie cut anticipate some variation in the application of color and frequency. It is recommended to arrange an appointment with your stylist prior to undergoing the cut. Pedack recommends women choose a hairstylist who is skilled at cutting hair that is short. They’ll design details that fit your face shape, style and lifestyle. These fashionable pictures of blonde cut pixies will inspire you to join the trend of pixies. These photos will inspire you to feel enthralled by the cut you have chosen.

Light Blonde Pixie for Short Haired Women

1. Light Blonde Pixie with Bangs

women with an edgy blonde pixie that has bangs can enjoy themselves. A short blonde pixie style can be a fun approach to balance the heart-shaped face. A long fringe that is side-swept with a slight gradation in length at the back brings together to soften the angles, accentuating the cheekbones as well as the eyes and creating harmony in the face. Blond shades that are ashy and bright make a stunning combination when combined with a shadow root , giving the color a glimmer. Make sure you inquire with your stylist what shampoos are best to use to keep the color from changing between appointments.

Short Layered Blonde Pixie

#2: Short Layered Blonde Pixie

A short-layered blonde pixie can be an edgy but feminine cut that is ideal for women who want an edgy haircut. Short blonde pixies are made up of many layers that add volume, texture, and volume. To cut the hair look, ask your hairstylist for an abrasive cut using soft layers.

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Short Undercut Pixie with Blonde Highlights

#3: Short, Undercut Pixie , with Blonde Highlights

A pixie cut short and with blonde highlights can bring out the rockstar energy. Short hairstyles are fun, flirty, sexy and daring. Even though a short cut reduces the amount of time you spend styling it, it does require regular appointments to keep that particular cut maintained. Your stylist might suggest maintaining your highlighted pixie cut maintained every three weeks, and adding your blonde every other time to every 3rd visit.

Dirty Blonde Pixie Cut

#4: Dirty Blonde Pixie Cut

If you’re considering going shorter, think about the dirty blonde pixie cut. The pixie cut that is short and blonde will make thin hair appear more fuller because the darker root lets the blonde pop in the spotlight, giving the depth of the color. Blot dry hair towards the crown. Use an oil to thicken it for fine hair to add a little of bounce. Add a little shaping wax to keep hair in their place.

Short Pixie with Blonde Balayage

#5: Pixie Short, with Blonde Balayage

Choose a pixie cut short with blonde balayage to get an easy, easy-to-wear style. This is a great style for women with a medium texture. The cut should be kept shorter at the nape will allow greater focus on the face, as hair falls in a soft way on the eyebrow. Short hairstyles are versatile and is suitable for wear throughout the year.

Short Pixie for Women Over 50

#6: Short Pixie for Women Over 50

You might want to consider a shorter pixie for women who are over 50 years old if you’re willing to trim some length. It’s ideal for the evert kind of hair when blow-dried with the use of a small round brush. Hair colors that are lighter blonde are an option to create a more youthful appearance since light hair may blur out a rough line of demarcation, especially when it covers gray hair. Complete this look with a little pomade and a light hairspray.

Champagne Blonde Pixie

#7: Champagne Blonde Pixie

The champagne blonde hairstyle that has an undercut looks super chic. There are many ways to style short pixie hairstyles. The hair can be messy and sharp to sleek and subdued. Don’t be afraid to play on your own hair. Make use of a blow-dry treatment and a shine spray to give your hair the perfect polished look.

Low-Maintenance Pixie with Blonde Ombre

#8: Low-Maintenance pixie with Blonde Ombre

A low-maintenance, low-maintenance pixie with blonde ombres is the perfect combination of sophistication and elegance. Short hairstyles will require more trips to the salon, since appointments should be scheduled around 4 to 5 weeks apart, so that the hairstyle is maintained. Blonde ombres are an excellent choice with short hair as it needs less care and can extend appointments at the salon.

Short Curly Pixie for Curly Girls

#9: Short Curly Pixie for Curly Girls

A curly pixie that is short with curly locks is a great alternative for women who are looking to get having a huge chop. It removes all dead ends and provides you with fresh and new locks to fashion. A pixie cut short with blonde hair gives an appealing and youthful glow. It’s ideal for an oval or round face shape.

Trendy Pixie Cut for Short Hair

#10: Trendy Pixie Cut for Short Hair

A stylish pixie cut to short hair with many layers of choppy hair. A short and blonde pixie will usually be longer in front and shorter in the back to offer a greater variety of styles. The added texture and grit can be extremely beneficial to achieve the trendy look that the choppy pixie gives.

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