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23 Fabulous Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles for Thick Hair

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Do you have naturally thick hair? You’re lucky! Thick hair doesn’t go limp or flat and always looks full. However, it can be tough to style and manage long, thick hair. This is where short hairstyles for thick hair come in—they’re stylish, trendy, and easier to maintain. Plus, there are options for all face shapes and hair types.

Short hairstyles, like bobs, are great for reducing bulk and making thick hair feel lighter. Bobs also give thick hair a chic volume and highlight its natural fullness. Let’s explore some stunning bob haircuts perfect for thick hair.

Thick hair holds styles and cuts beautifully, making it ideal for bobs. Whether you’re new to bobs or looking to update your current style, you’ll find inspiration here. From long to medium to short bobs, there are plenty of trendy options. Layered bobs, in particular, help manage thick hair and keep it looking its best. Check out the latest bob styles and highlights for thick hair!

23 Fabulous Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Ash-blonde inverted bob with thick hair

Ash shades are the latest trend for both short and long hairstyles that are suitable for hair with thicker hair! Here’s a great illustration of how to dress in a 60’s authentic inverted hairstyle. Hair that is thick and lightened increases its volume, and it can be cut using vertically sliced layers which remove the bulk at the ends. The back is slender and gracefully moves down to smudge the collar bone, and the side parted creates an extended length of fringe (bangs). Ash-blonde highlights enhance the stunning form and the casual style keep the look casual, yet well-groomed!

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short bob hairstyles for thick hair

View from the side of the hairstyle, a balayage, that is gaining popularity.

22 Fabulous Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Here are some more long bob hairstyles to pick from.

Copper-red bob haircuts that work well for long hair

It’s a stylish copper-red shade that can be used to warm an otherwise pale complexion. It can also add the luster to long bob haircuts. For hair with thicker layers, a stack-layered back is an excellent option to create a chic curve and neat line over the nape. I love the long strands that are on the opposite side in front. They give modern spins on long and medium bob styles for SS2024! It is suitable for oval, heart or round-faced faces.

short angled red bob haircut for thick hair

Simple bob hairstyles featuring elegant honey dip dyes on medium-brown hair

Dip-dye was originally an easy hippy-style for longer hair. However, it it has become a trendy method to dress up basic hairstyles for bobs that are layered. Hair that is thick will look stunning when bob haircuts are long, without being bushy If stylists cut inverted layers towards the end. This technique of tip-texturising thins and creates a shape for the ends of thick hair, resulting in it falling with a pleasing curve in the direction of the inwards. Instead of adding strid blonde highlights to hair that is a little wavy This honey-blonde shade flatters all skin shades and age groups! For oval faces, simply include a central parting and a hint of back-combing (teasing) on the crown to finish this stylish, casual medium length hairstyle suitable for long hair!

dark to blonde ombre bob hairstyle for thick hair

Low-key bob hairstyles that are layered for hair that is thick and has blonde highlights

It’s very simple to change the appearance of your daytime Bob hairstyles suitable for hair that is thick like you see below. Layered bob hairstyles that are suitable for hair with thick layers can be styled in a smooth, lightly wavy, and have a twirled look. The blonde highlights in this hairstyle is harmonious with the lighter-brown/mousey shade and gets lighter at the tips and in the strands that frame the face. The ends appear thin and light. From the side or center of the parting the blonde strands reflect light on faces in a pleasing manner!

Popular ombre bob haircut for thick hair

Long-inverted bob transformation from slender to stylish

There comes a point at which we realize that it’s time to cut off our hair, which is long and shaped however, selecting a new hairstyle can be a daunting moment! It’s simpler to make today as you can continue to wear your hair long but appear younger by putting on the trendy inverted hairstyle. The hair with thicker layers is simpler to manage by using shoulder-length slices and thinned-out tips of the newest long, layered hairstyles. This bob that is inverted on thick hair showcases an icy cocoa base that is overlaid with twisted medium-blonde curls. The addition of waves to the sides of the hair is a good option to increase the width of an unruly face and soften angular shapes. By separating the centre the style is suitable for oval faces , but is easily adjustable to fit heart-shaped or square faces.

Easy daily wavy bob cut for shoulder length hair

Chin-length bob hairstyle inverted for round or heart-shaped faces

If you have a heart-shaped or a round face The most effective layers of bob hairstyles can be the straight chin-length bob that is inverted. Hair that is thick is cut with sharp tips to create a choppy modern look that is available in a variety of short and medium length haircuts for hair that is thick. A side-parting or off-centre cut the curvature of a curvy and round face, and hides the edges of a wide forehead. It is easy to reduce your appearance with a chin that is pointed by using dense, choppy layers either side. A variety of chin-length, versatile hairstyles that have thick hair are able to be curled and pin to create glamorous evening hairstyles!

Lucy Hale short bob haircut for thick hair

Lavender-grey hairstyles for hair with thick layers

Platinum-blonde is not as popular for summer and spring hairstyles. However, silver-grey and ash-blonde shades are adding a striking fashionable, trendy look to hairstyles with medium lengths. Hair that is thick has natural volume, and you can style it with simple bob styles and also add a bold color to make your look more striking. Short bob haircuts with chin lengths that are suitable for hair with thick layers include mimicking Kelly Osborne’s love for delicate, lavender-grey shades. Look at how this adorable pastel shade highlights the model’s beautiful, brown eyes and brightens her light skin tone!

Short Blue Steel Bob haircut for thick hair

Hairstyles with messy medium lengths are perfect for long hair and leather jackets

This picture of an inverted, messy bob on thick hair illustrates how well it fits with the latest trends in leather clothes. The hair is long and falls below the chin is one of the most beautiful medium length hairstyles for hair that is thick to create an oval shape, heart-shaped or square face. The hair is cut into various loose layers that soften the lines and give a more rounded jawline and increase width to reduce the appearance of a chin that is pointed. This is among the easiest styles for bobs for hair that is thick to control, as the hair’s finish is gently waved and is easily swept!

Short shaggy bob haircut for thick hair

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