Are you blessed with hair that is naturally thick? You’re one of the most beautiful hair kinds. You’ll never have to struggle with limp, flat hair, or fret about how to make your hair look more full. Lucky! But, having thick hair isn’t always easy. Hair that is long and thick is difficult to style and will require a multitude of products to get it to be brushable! This is where short hairstyles designed for thick hair are available. They’re elegant, fashionable and much more easy to maintain! Additionally, with options that fit all facial shapes and hair kinds, you’ll be spoiled with options. Hairy ladies tend to look for haircuts that work well at getting rid of the excess thickness and in making the hair appear and feel lighter. It’s good to know that you can accomplish both of these outcomes by cutting your hair in a bob. Along with creating thick hair with the sexy volume and lightness Bob haircuts are fashionable and let you show the stunning volume of your hair from the ideal perspective. Let’s take a look at a stunning collection of bob haircuts that are suitable for hair with thick. Hair that is thick and beautiful to see. It’s a method that appears healthy and full. Additionally, since it has plenty of volume, hair that is thick can be able to hold a style (and the perfect haircut) unlike any other! This is why we’re going to showcase some of the styles and haircuts for bobs that are perfect for hair with thick layers. No matter if you’ve never tried an bob before, or are searching for ideas on how to improve your current bob are using, you’ll be impressed by at least some of the options we’ve included below. The latest long, medium or short styles suitable for thick hair are out! You’ll love the new highlights colors that will be used for Bob haircuts. For hair that is thick the layered Bobs are the best option since they create easy hairstyles that keep your tough hair in check and appearing its best.

23 Fabulous Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Ash-blonde inverted bob with thick hair

Ash shades are the latest trend for both short and long hairstyles that are suitable for hair with thicker hair! Here’s a great illustration of how to dress in a 60’s authentic inverted hairstyle. Hair that is thick and lightened increases its volume, and it can be cut using vertically sliced layers which remove the bulk at the ends. The back is slender and gracefully moves down to smudge the collar bone, and the side parted creates an extended length of fringe (bangs). Ash-blonde highlights enhance the stunning form and the casual style keep the look casual, yet well-groomed!

short bob hairstyles for thick hair

View from the side of the hairstyle, a balayage, that is gaining popularity.

22 Fabulous Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Here are some more long bob hairstyles to pick from.

Copper-red bob haircuts that work well for long hair

It’s a stylish copper-red shade that can be used to warm an otherwise pale complexion. It can also add the luster to long bob haircuts. For hair with thicker layers, a stack-layered back is an excellent option to create a chic curve and neat line over the nape. I love the long strands that are on the opposite side in front. They give modern spins on long and medium bob styles for SS2023! It is suitable for oval, heart or round-faced faces.

short angled red bob haircut for thick hair

Simple bob hairstyles featuring elegant honey dip dyes on medium-brown hair

Dip-dye was originally an easy hippy-style for longer hair. However, it it has become a trendy method to dress up basic hairstyles for bobs that are layered. Hair that is thick will look stunning when bob haircuts are long, without being bushy If stylists cut inverted layers towards the end. This technique of tip-texturising thins and creates a shape for the ends of thick hair, resulting in it falling with a pleasing curve in the direction of the inwards. Instead of adding strid blonde highlights to hair that is a little wavy This honey-blonde shade flatters all skin shades and age groups! For oval faces, simply include a central parting and a hint of back-combing (teasing) on the crown to finish this stylish, casual medium length hairstyle suitable for long hair!

dark to blonde ombre bob hairstyle for thick hair

Low-key bob hairstyles that are layered for hair that is thick and has blonde highlights

It’s very simple to change the appearance of your daytime Bob hairstyles suitable for hair that is thick like you see below. Layered bob hairstyles that are suitable for hair with thick layers can be styled in a smooth, lightly wavy, and have a twirled look. The blonde highlights in this hairstyle is harmonious with the lighter-brown/mousey shade and gets lighter at the tips and in the strands that frame the face. The ends appear thin and light. From the side or center of the parting the blonde strands reflect light on faces in a pleasing manner!

Popular ombre bob haircut for thick hair

Long-inverted bob transformation from slender to stylish

There comes a point at which we realize that it’s time to cut off our hair, which is long and shaped however, selecting a new hairstyle can be a daunting moment! It’s simpler to make today as you can continue to wear your hair long but appear younger by putting on the trendy inverted hairstyle. The hair with thicker layers is simpler to manage by using shoulder-length slices and thinned-out tips of the newest long, layered hairstyles. This bob that is inverted on thick hair showcases an icy cocoa base that is overlaid with twisted medium-blonde curls. The addition of waves to the sides of the hair is a good option to increase the width of an unruly face and soften angular shapes. By separating the centre the style is suitable for oval faces , but is easily adjustable to fit heart-shaped or square faces.

Easy daily wavy bob cut for shoulder length hair

Chin-length bob hairstyle inverted for round or heart-shaped faces

If you have a heart-shaped or a round face The most effective layers of bob hairstyles can be the straight chin-length bob that is inverted. Hair that is thick is cut with sharp tips to create a choppy modern look that is available in a variety of short and medium length haircuts for hair that is thick. A side-parting or off-centre cut the curvature of a curvy and round face, and hides the edges of a wide forehead. It is easy to reduce your appearance with a chin that is pointed by using dense, choppy layers either side. A variety of chin-length, versatile hairstyles that have thick hair are able to be curled and pin to create glamorous evening hairstyles!

Lucy Hale short bob haircut for thick hair

Lavender-grey hairstyles for hair with thick layers

Platinum-blonde is not as popular for summer and spring hairstyles. However, silver-grey and ash-blonde shades are adding a striking fashionable, trendy look to hairstyles with medium lengths. Hair that is thick has natural volume, and you can style it with simple bob styles and also add a bold color to make your look more striking. Short bob haircuts with chin lengths that are suitable for hair with thick layers include mimicking Kelly Osborne’s love for delicate, lavender-grey shades. Look at how this adorable pastel shade highlights the model’s beautiful, brown eyes and brightens her light skin tone!

Short Blue Steel Bob haircut for thick hair

Hairstyles with messy medium lengths are perfect for long hair and leather jackets

This picture of an inverted, messy bob on thick hair illustrates how well it fits with the latest trends in leather clothes. The hair is long and falls below the chin is one of the most beautiful medium length hairstyles for hair that is thick to create an oval shape, heart-shaped or square face. The hair is cut into various loose layers that soften the lines and give a more rounded jawline and increase width to reduce the appearance of a chin that is pointed. This is among the easiest styles for bobs for hair that is thick to control, as the hair’s finish is gently waved and is easily swept!

Short shaggy bob haircut for thick hair

Gorgeous blonde bob hair styles for thick hair that have rough finish

Here’s one of our top new blonde shades that are perfect for spring and summer hairstyles! It’s a stylish medium-short cut that has two highlighting that sparkles as pure gold. It also has the ability to reflect flattering light on your skin and remove years from your face! This bob cut is also one of the newest cutting techniques for medium length hairstyles suitable for thick hair. The final 2 or 3 inches are slenderly cut out, then hairstyled into curly, defined hair strands. This creates a beautiful, rough and uneven look that is accentuated by the way the ends are pulled out, gives 3D depth of color on the most beautiful layered bob hairstyle with thick hair!

short messy bob haircut for thick hair

Long-layered bob hairstyles with layers for hair with thick layers and highlights of ash blonde

If you’re not quite willing to shed all length in your locks, refresh your appearance by adding long, layered hairstyles. For hair with thick, sharp tips draped over shoulders give a totally new style, with lots of vibrant motion instead of the long, pointed rats’ tails! The focus is on healthy, twisting motion in the latest multi-layered hairstyles for bobs. If you have thick hair that has a natural curl, you could easily alter the look using just a few minutes with the curling wand. The most notable aspect of many hairstyles for short and long bobs for thick hair is the shade you select to emphasize the texture, shape , and motion. Double highlighting with ash-blonde shades is sure to be the next major fashion for 2023!

Long Bob (Lob) with Highlights and Lowlights

Boho hairstyles for short bobs. long hair that is thick enough to fit square faces

The cool, ash-colored shades aren’t suitable for all skin tones , of course, so don’t jump into anything yet. There’s still plenty of copper and gold highlights in the most recent Bob hairstyles! Medium-long bob hairstyles that are suitable for thick hair that end between the chin and collarbone, are beautiful with a perfectly harmonised medium-blonde ombre. This hairstyle features light honey-blonde, twisted waves which are moving off from your face. This is a great way to cover up a prominent jawline while softening any angle. This bob haircut for square faces is characterized by an off-center parted hairline that cleverly hides the square line of hair by creating an adorable oval frame!

Ashley-Greene long wavy bob cut

Long bob party-style hairstyle in warm brown and adorable caramel hairstyles.

Warm-brown remains a popular shade that will be popular for a long time to come, because it does an excellent job of warming pale skin tones! But, unlike the other styles for layered bobs with thick hair, there’s a brand new twist. This striking special event style is a strong balayage streaks that are medium blonde. Look at how they focus attention on the bouncy waves of this asymmetrical, inverted hairstyle. The thick hair that’s shaped in an oversized bob is much more modern and attractive than straight, slender hairstyles! This is among our favorites due to its pure beautiful, eye-catching beauty!

Wavy Bob Hairstyle with Sombre Highlights

Long choppy bob layered with twin tinted white-gold twists

For Nordic people, the adorable new shades of ash-blonde are the ideal update for any of the long, wavy bob styles. Hair that is loose and thick and with a distinct shape that creates an attractive, youthful appearance while highlighting stylish modernity. This is an adorable shaggy bob that has the centre-parting for the perfect oval shape of your face, however you can change the parting to create the perfect look on the heart, round or square-shaped face. (This style isn’t recommended for people with thin or long facial forms, as they should be longer and wider at both sides.)

Long bob of bronde with the ombre of wheaty-blonde on dark-blonde base

If you’d like a stronger accent on your dark blonde hair, consider this trendy grainy blonde look! The most popular long, bob hairstyles that are suitable for thick hair are more blunt at the ends instead of tapered ends. This makes hair with a lot of volume appear more vibrant and swishythan the long tapered styles that left hair laying still. This is among the hairstyles with a long bob that is suitable for an oval shape, round, or heart-shaped face. The long side-parting lets you to cover the whole forehead, while the wavy motion between the chin increases the an extra dimension.

Balayage blonde ombré long bob

Sexy long bob profile image with cool blonde highlights and the teased volume around the crown

If you include a bit of teasing (back-combing) on the crown, you’ll get an extremely sexually attractive Brigitte Bardot look also! This is among the longest, long hairstyles suitable for thick hair. It’s also ideal for a face with an oval shape and for lengthening the round face. The deep side-partings mean you can add some height by creating a long wave over the forehead. A long fringe (bangs) placed across the face diagonally can break up the symmetry. smaller layers that are placed at the cheek level reduce the curly cheeks as well. Dark blonde hair is accentuated with two cool-blonde highlights placed on the face. The messy, casual twists and waves, creates these fashionable and casual long hairstyles for thick hair an extremely trendy look for 2023.

Long blunt wavy textured bob with Balayage highlights and lowlights

Long purple bob with thick hair, with a slight curls for faces with heart shapes

Deep violet-purple is a different short medium, long and short hairstyles that we’ll see more of during the spring and summer months. It’s a good choice for basic styles like this long bob hairstyle for hair that is thick with a few natural-looking curls and twists. The waves are well-placed so that the attention stays on the face while the ends are added texture so that the edges remain neat and airy. If you prefer a hairstyle that is almost effortless to maintain It’s difficult to beat an easy long bob hairstyle. If you have thick hair it’s not necessary to worry about aspects and a regular trimming will keep your hair in good shape! It is suitable for oval and heart-shaped faces.

Red bob cut with soft waves

Shaggy long bob hairstyles for hair with thick curls that is in wavy, straight and curly

A center-parting style looks fantastic for those who has an oval face. this long bob hairstyle suitable for thick hair shows three different styles for this popular haircut. In the first place, the cut is characterized by plenty of vertical, straight movement. It is made from layers of long-sliced slices, and also some form and texture on the edges. Textured tips tame the ends, giving the bob haircuts that are ideal for thick hair a stylish shaggy look. The brown base is highlighted by two blonde shades with the cool gold shade giving the appearance of a white-gold blonde shade that is concentrated on the front.

Shaggy ombre bob cut

Extremely asymmetric long bob party hairstyle with black hair and gorgeous blonde top layer

My personal favorites for interesting short and medium bob styles that are suitable for hair that is thick are ones that have stark symmetry and striking contrasts of color. There aren’t many styles that can rival the striking visual impact that an inverted bob can bring, with Asymmetrical sides such as these hairstyles for medium lengths. Hair that is thick doesn’t have to be curled in order to create beautiful volume and forms. This stunning straight bob on black hair features the deep side-parting, as well as stunning swathes of blonde hair draped on the other side of the face. Black with two blonde highlights on huge hair is a stunning look for any event or wedding hairstyles!

23 Fabulous Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Blonde-white beach wavy hair that is about chin-length to oval face, thin or square.

What happens when you have a short hairstyle, like a stacked back bob develops? The bob short hair styles for thick hair generally develop gracefully into gorgeous medium length hairstyles, meaning you won’t need to deal with an awkward period when your hair expands. This white-blonde summery shade has a 3-dimensional appeal thanks to the slightly darker roots as well as the golden-toned highlight that sits in the nape of your neck. Hair waves each side provide the width which makes this inverted bob with thick hair a great style to balance the appearance of a face that is thin. It also suits square and oval faces as these side-waves can relax a pronounced jawline.

Angled Piecey Bob Haircut with soft curls

Dark blonde warm up waving bob, topped with caramel and copper two highlights

For many years dark blonde hair was only ever highlighted by cool blonde highlights, which made a lot of women appear to have gray hair and white skin! But, dirty blonde usually appears better with strawberry-blonde highlights like caramel and copper. The look of your skin is determined by your shade, and if you are pale and cool skin tone, you’ll have a better look with warmer highlights. Long-layered bob hairstyles suitable for thick hair offer more style and shape than hair that is long and has straight sections! Therefore, why not rid yourself of those split ends and appear more elegant, by wearing this sexy and warm inverted hairstyle. Hair that is thick with a centre-parting and hair’s wings are flatter oval-shaped faces, however you can change the style of the parting to match a heart small or thin face. Glam, casual waves with two warm highlights is an easy-care haircut ideal for work, parties and weddings!

Easy everyday hairstyle for shoulder length hair - the ombre bob with waves

Long bob of the same length with honey and amber highlights and big loose waves

This is a classic medium-long bob style for thick hair with an additional volume on the ends. This is an excellent hairstyle for faces with a heart shape, since it perfectly balances a broad forehead and a pointed chin. This style has the ends cut roughly in the same length throughout however, there are a few shorter lengths cut off to drape around the face , softening the lines. Hair that is light brown gets lots of sexy appeal thanks to honey and amber balayage highlight that beautifully highlights the curly, defined waves that are swathed over the head!

Highlighted bob cut for thick hair

Medium bob hairstyle featuring a fresh waves and double highlights on a mousey brown base

The variation of the wave is a huge hairstyle development in recent times thanks to the latest heated tongs that offer a variety of options for waving. For Bob hairstyles, we’ll soon be seeing and wearing a different wave design! The hairstyle shown below illustrates that the 2nd line are placed above the tips making an open crimped bottom line. This is a fantastic new method to highlight the angled lines that is an upside-down bob!

Side view of wavy bob cut for thick hair

Hairstyles that are short chic and chic for thick hair. It has cool blonde highlights and a warm brown bases

The newest, shorter Bob hairstyles that are suitable for thick hair consist of stunning bobs inverted. The hair that is thick can be stacked towards the back, creating this amazing exaggerated angle that is swoops down to meet the neck’s base on both sides. This image shows how the shorter hairstyles are fashioned for thick hair, by utilizing a more precise angle as well as cool blonde highlights on the cocoa-brown base. It is suitable for long and round facial shapes.

Side view of graduated bob cut for girls

The new haircuts for thick hair offer a wide range of styles, and totally new highlights color options. Pick from funky purples and mauves, to adorable silver-grey, white-gold and lavender, and chic ash-blonde or Ash-brown (bronde) highlight. One of the best tips is to determine the tone of your skin in daylight prior to deciding on the color you want to try. Ash-blonde is a color that can deplete the cool skin tone and is a good idea to consult an expert in color to find highlights that are truly suited to your skin tone!


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