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33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

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The bob is the most popular choice in short hairstyles, enhancing your face with style and versatility. We’re showcasing the top bob haircuts this season, from messy and layered to clean and sleek.

A bob haircut is always elegant and trendy, perfect for both thick and thin hair. This angular, short-to-medium cut typically reaches the jaw or chin with curved ends and often includes bangs.

Bob haircuts come in various lengths and can feature colors and fun elements, looking gorgeous in any shade. The diverse world of bobs offers a style for every woman. Based on your style, hair type, and facial features, you can find a bob that quickly becomes your favorite.

Bob hairstyles are a fashion staple, with options for every age and style. Explore the most popular bob variations, from elegant to funky, and find the perfect one for you!

33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

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Long brunette bob with rose gold and copper highlights

Ombred long bob hairstyle for women

Straight hair looks stunning when worn in long and brunette bob hairstyles that date back to in the Swinging 60’s. Hairstyles that are smooth look great on hair that is medium or thick with a touch of shaping towards the ends. The layers of graduated lengths on the front add visual interest to the front and contemporary, warm highlights in rose gold and copper-blonde enhance the movement perfectly. The smooth long bob is a chic option for the fashionable woman. If you’re looking to change your long hairstyle for an updated look it’s easy by opting for this long bob style that will increase the length of your face.

Hairstyles with choppy, cute long bobs with fades from white to golden blonde


Medium blonde shades are among the most flattering blonde to people over 25. The subtle blend of gold into lighter blonde hues on the front makes this an appealing hair shade that can be suited to a broad spectrum of skin tones. These ends feature a stunning combination of textured and blunt-cut tips, and strands are arranged to create an interesting movement in the sides.

Simple, trendy and easy Bob hairstyle for summer

32 Hottest Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Should Not Miss This Year

Hairstyles for women with wavy balayage, lobs and women

Balayage wavy lob hairstyle that is paired with brunette and bronze babylights and balayage from Lynsey Great in Matthew Michael’s Portfolio salon. Photo by @mmseportfolio

26 Hottest Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Should Not Miss This Year

Balayage haircut to lengthen shoulder hair


I love these warm coppery tones.

Long brunette bob with a rounded end

33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

The 60’s retro is the most popular fashion style for this season. This simple-to-style, shoulder-skimming bob is the perfect method to give your long hair a revamp and ensure that you’re at ease from head to toe! Long bob haircuts are best for the hair’s thickness and strength. this one features some layers cut at the ends, so that it can be curled to the side or stylishly flicked-out!

Choppy medium-bob haircuts on gold-blonde hair

33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

This choppy medium-length bob is one of the modern and youthful bob styles that anybody can rock, so if you’re seeking short hairstyles suitable for women, try this one. It’s cut just above chin length and with asymmetrical split on the other side, your stylist can customize the form to flatters your face perfectly! There’s no age restriction either and no matter what age, you can rock stylish casual twists in your long hair. Medium-blonde is among the most attractive blonde shades as well!

Medium-short A-line bob that has fringe and highlighted tips

33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

The chin-length brunette bob designed to be shaped from the back, and then progressively longer strands that are placed on each side of the chin. It’s got a large straight-across fringe covering the brows as in the 60’s bobs. It’s gradually fading at the ends. The hair is thick and is layered with longer side strands. Modern twists can be observed in the highlights on the longer layer that are gently brushed out to create more volume.

Smooth blue medium-length bob that is medium-thick hair

Back view of bob cut

Hair color suggestions for a short bob hairstyles The view from the back of this sleek bob shows that it has enough naturally sized volume that it gives shape and body but not too much that it flares out into the unflattering triangle form. The blue-on-brunette bob haircut is lightly layered on the tips, to help encourage hair to curl under and remain in its place. The funky blue hue is divided into a modern Ombri, moving from darker hair roots and lighter ends to make a sleek bob which is full of modern style and confidence!

A glamorous blonde party bob that has Black and Plum balayage

33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

There’s no need for excessively long hair to make you look a really glamorous sexy like this stylish and fashionable short bob hairstyle shows! It’s an ideal cut for medium-to-thick hair because it requires a sufficient body for the full, rounded look from nape to crown. Layering cut in slices takes the weight out of strong, thick hair. The ends are perfectly wrapped around the nape to hug and frame the face. Then add the gorgeous plum streaks , black accents as well as a long straight-across fringe and you’ll have a truly impressive short bob!

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