In the world of short hairstyles, none is more popular than the hairstyle bob. A great bob cut can enhance your face! So, we’re here to show you the top bob haircuts you can wear this season! The messy, layered clean, elegant and sleek styles are only a few haircuts for bobs to look at. While it isn’t as long however, it makes up with fashion. It’s a fresh and striking hairstyle. A bob haircut will always be an elegant and fashionable hairstyle for women. Its versatility provides it with an advantage over other styles. If you’re in search of something that is simple, trendy and stylish the bob haircut is among your top choices. The ever-popular style will require your hair to be long and thick. Don’t fret having hair that is thin There are many methods to get the bob cut. Bob haircut, also called a bob (also known as a cut bob), is an angular, short-medium length cut which requires cutting the hair straight towards the jaw or chin, and then curving the ends. The original version is usually with the bang (fringe). Bob hairstyles can be versatile and stunning all the way around. The haircut can completely change your appearance and look. Bob hair cuts come in a variety of lengths and sizes. It could be medium-length up to super-short. Also, you could incorporate other features from colors to fun elements. Bob haircuts are been proven to be gorgeous regardless of the shade. To be honest with you, reality the world of Bob is so vast and diverse that there’s a style for all women. As this haircut gives the user a wide range of options it’s impossible to say that you’ll not find the perfect concept for you. Based on your style preferences as well as your hair type and the features of your face, you can pick a haircut that can quickly become your preferred style. Bob hairstyles are popular, and a fashion staple! My selection of the top styles for bob hair offers something for everyone’s type of age and style. If you’re looking for fantastic hairstyles and highlights that range from elegant, funky and sexy to choppy elegant, and shaggy, check out the article! Let’s take an overview of the most well-known variations of bob hairstyles.

33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

Long brunette bob with rose gold and copper highlights

Ombred long bob hairstyle for women

Straight hair looks stunning when worn in long and brunette bob hairstyles that date back to in the Swinging 60’s. Hairstyles that are smooth look great on hair that is medium or thick with a touch of shaping towards the ends. The layers of graduated lengths on the front add visual interest to the front and contemporary, warm highlights in rose gold and copper-blonde enhance the movement perfectly. The smooth long bob is a chic option for the fashionable woman. If you’re looking to change your long hairstyle for an updated look it’s easy by opting for this long bob style that will increase the length of your face.

Hairstyles with choppy, cute long bobs with fades from white to golden blonde


Medium blonde shades are among the most flattering blonde to people over 25. The subtle blend of gold into lighter blonde hues on the front makes this an appealing hair shade that can be suited to a broad spectrum of skin tones. These ends feature a stunning combination of textured and blunt-cut tips, and strands are arranged to create an interesting movement in the sides.

Simple, trendy and easy Bob hairstyle for summer

32 Hottest Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Should Not Miss This Year

Hairstyles for women with wavy balayage, lobs and women

Balayage wavy lob hairstyle that is paired with brunette and bronze babylights and balayage from Lynsey Great in Matthew Michael’s Portfolio salon. Photo by @mmseportfolio

26 Hottest Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Should Not Miss This Year

Balayage haircut to lengthen shoulder hair


I love these warm coppery tones.

Long brunette bob with a rounded end

33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

The 60’s retro is the most popular fashion style for this season. This simple-to-style, shoulder-skimming bob is the perfect method to give your long hair a revamp and ensure that you’re at ease from head to toe! Long bob haircuts are best for the hair’s thickness and strength. this one features some layers cut at the ends, so that it can be curled to the side or stylishly flicked-out!

Choppy medium-bob haircuts on gold-blonde hair

33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

This choppy medium-length bob is one of the modern and youthful bob styles that anybody can rock, so if you’re seeking short hairstyles suitable for women, try this one. It’s cut just above chin length and with asymmetrical split on the other side, your stylist can customize the form to flatters your face perfectly! There’s no age restriction either and no matter what age, you can rock stylish casual twists in your long hair. Medium-blonde is among the most attractive blonde shades as well!

Medium-short A-line bob that has fringe and highlighted tips

33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

The chin-length brunette bob designed to be shaped from the back, and then progressively longer strands that are placed on each side of the chin. It’s got a large straight-across fringe covering the brows as in the 60’s bobs. It’s gradually fading at the ends. The hair is thick and is layered with longer side strands. Modern twists can be observed in the highlights on the longer layer that are gently brushed out to create more volume.

Smooth blue medium-length bob that is medium-thick hair

Back view of bob cut

Hair color suggestions for a short bob hairstyles The view from the back of this sleek bob shows that it has enough naturally sized volume that it gives shape and body but not too much that it flares out into the unflattering triangle form. The blue-on-brunette bob haircut is lightly layered on the tips, to help encourage hair to curl under and remain in its place. The funky blue hue is divided into a modern Ombri, moving from darker hair roots and lighter ends to make a sleek bob which is full of modern style and confidence!

A glamorous blonde party bob that has Black and Plum balayage

33 Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss

There’s no need for excessively long hair to make you look a really glamorous sexy like this stylish and fashionable short bob hairstyle shows! It’s an ideal cut for medium-to-thick hair because it requires a sufficient body for the full, rounded look from nape to crown. Layering cut in slices takes the weight out of strong, thick hair. The ends are perfectly wrapped around the nape to hug and frame the face. Then add the gorgeous plum streaks , black accents as well as a long straight-across fringe and you’ll have a truly impressive short bob!

Rebel blonde long bob with chocolate roots

Short dark red to blonde ombre bob hairstyle

Hair color suggestions that work for shoulders: This looks more stylish than full-on rock-chick blonde , and makes for a gorgeous long bob with lots of ‘attitude’ to match the model’s tattoo on her sleeve. This long, choppy hairstyle is made up of a few layers, creating this amazing breeze-swept forward motion and the textured, chopped-end. Instead of stark contrasts in colour the sophisticated long bob hairstyle reveals the warm chocolate ‘grown-out’ roots’ that melt into light golden blonde defined strands. is a feminine and attractive hairstyle!

Stacked-back bob haircut with highlights of white-gold

Inverted Bob With Highlights

This elegant cut is a fashionable high-fashion bob style that is gorgeous on medium to thick hair kinds. The hair’s density allows stylists to create a stacked-back which will automatically puff-up the area that is below the crown for an appealing roundness. This is in contrast to the geometrics that is sharply angled on the sides. With tapered tips on the chin creates a youthful design that can be equally admired by tattooed teenagers and women aged ‘a certain’ (with or without tattoos)!

Medium-length windswept shaggy hair

Side View of Short Shaggy Bob Haircut

A messy, unruly hairstyle is great to wear with trendy leather-look clothes. It’s a true, ‘too cool to touch’ bob cut that is simple but has some smart cutting. The back’s shorter length is tapered to textured tips, just a few inches higher than the chin level. The delicate hair, the messy texture and the waves showcase the stunning dark coppery-blonde color. This trendy medium-length bob is perfect for thick medium-textured hair (and fine hair, so long as it’s relatively thick).

A-line bob that is warm-blonde with long fringe

Stacked Bob For Round Faces

The easy to clean and style is a classic 60’s look that was favored by chic and fashionable Mod ladies of the time. The A-line bob style is perfect for medium-to-heavy hair texture with natural volume. the layers stacked at the back form a natural bouffant look beneath the crown. The sharply-angled sides sweep downwards into the jawline to frame it and then brush the collar bone. The cute medium-length bob is long and has straight, smooth edges making it the perfect background to a gorgeous gold blonde highlights!

Classy long blonde blunt-cut bob hairstyle

Long Bob Hairstyles

The classic asymmetric hairstyle is a very stylish and elegant style that will never go out of fashion for women with healthy, thick fair hair. The hair is cut bluntly at the ends to give it an extra layer of thickness. It is also exactly the same length across the entire head with the exception for a slight shaping in the front for natural curvature towards the back. The long bob is split in the center to create a more flattering frame for oval-shaped heads or with asymmetric side-parting. By tucking one side casually backwards to show the ear, with the other tucked in with the form of a curtain that peeks out with this classic blonde-bombshell hairstyle, with red lipstick, will create a very flirty style!

Pink faded shaggy hairstyle

short pink bob haircut

A casual style that can be worn by pairing faded denim with an elegant dress for an event, this shaggy pink bob hairstyle is a cute and flirty new style. It’s the next step to an elegant platinum blonde wavy hairstyle that you’d like to change to spring/summer. It’s a gorgeous style for women who are young and have trendy nose rings and also for older ladies too! It’s possible to get this look on fine or medium-textured hair, since it’s bleaching and choppy cuts, and defined twisty waves give volume and thickness hair. This is also one of the hairstyles for bob that works with any face shape, since the chin-length hairstyle looks great for all types of faces and the style can be altered to enhance your appearance!

A wavy ombre bob cut with the centre cut for oval faces

If you have an oval face with a rounded face, the middle parted medium-length haircut is sure to flatter your face! If you’re naturally wavy hair, this haircut is an ideal hairstyle to rock as it’s easy to wear! The parting emphasizes the gorgeous shape of your face. the waves frame your face to emphasize your lips and eyes. The elegance comes from the gorgeously judged ombre color that is a transition through dark brunette roots to a wheaty-blonde, and then shining white-gold tips. It is also a fantastic haircut for people who has a pointed or narrow chin. The extra volume that is at the chin level balances the thin lower part of your face!

Sea-green colour in long black bob hairstyles

Kylie Jenner bob cut

Goth and black hair styles are a great way to refresh your look for the Spring/Summer time with a fresh shade, like the deep, sea-green. The messy medium-length bob is made of long layers and has sharply textured tips that make the ends curve upwards. With a vibrant color, this bob should be kept clean and styled to appear casual and windswept. If you’re a round-faced person and a center-parting style, it is the ideal method to showcase your face features. But, if you have an oval or round face shape, the face parting can be adjusted to create an equally attractive appearance. A bob that has ample volume in the side can also be a great way to give width to the thin appearance of your face. This type of bob is appropriate for straight hair that is coarse and coarse with lots in natural volume.

Shaggy reverse-angled bob with caramel-blonde ombre

Ashley Benson ombre bob cut

If you’re not wanting to reduce your hair’s length, but the long curtains the opposite the side don’t look flattering to you, try an angled bob with a reverse such as this! The front is cut into a just-below-chin-length bob, which flatters almost all faces, but is then graduated down to a longer length at the centre back. The clever shaggy bob is adorned with sharp tapered tips that give the edges an appearance lighter and airy. The caramel-blonde ombre highlights the windswept look and highlights dark roots to add an edgy informal look.

Dark-blonde to wheaty blond ombre on medium bob hair that is lightly waved

short ombre bob haircut 2016

The long bob is a ideal choice for fine and medium hair, since the layers are long enough to allow the hair with a light texture to be hung in silky sections with distinct waves. The gorgeous motion of the hair is enhanced by the gorgeous dark-blonde to white-blonde ombrethat gives the appearance of sunlight shining through the lower lengths. It’s an easy haircut that is perfect for people who have a hectic life. It’s made with layers that are long and softly hair tips that are textured. The highlights and waves give a beautiful the look of this beautiful as well as feminine. Do you like this hair color ? Find out other latest and popular hair color ideas here.

Long bob for long straight hair, with caramel balayage dark blonde

Short dark to blonde ombre hair

Straight and long hair is among those hair styles that look amazing in this elegantly long bob cut. The hair’s coarse texture is the best way to create the most beautiful hairstyles. This bob has been cut to create the back a little shorter and an angle towards the front. Hair tips are meticulously smoothed to allow hair to lay in a beautiful inwards curvature towards the ends. There are there’s no ‘bushy ends’ take care of. The sophisticated look is due to the silky smoothness of the finish, which is the caramel balayage, dip-dye and caramel in the shorter lengths. The slightly brushed-back strands provide a ‘carefree movements for a fun casual look! Find more ombre hairstyles on

White-gold and honey long shaggy long bobs for hair with thick layers

Side view of soft wavy bob cut

The shaggy blonde bob hairstyle has become one of the most fashionable looks for those with fair hair naturally or strong, thick hair. The shaggy cut relies on the body of the hair to add volume around the head. It’s an easy look that requires only minimal styling. This cut is cut in long layers, with tapering tips that create a wispy look on the ends of the hair that just touches the collar bone. On a mousy-blonde base, the two highlights of white and medium gold provide a lot of beautiful depth and color dimension in the windswept look!

Medium-sized, wavy hair on dark-blonde with white gold highlights

short blonde balayage

This is a stylish and adorable medium-length shaggy hairstyle. The bob is tailored to the round face shape with a deep, side-parting that creates an arc across the face. It is positioned to cover one eye for the most sexy way. It can be a great option on medium to fine hair. The soft waves give it body and texture. This shaggy bob-cut features long layers with softly-textured tips, which encourage an inward curvature and prevent hair with a loose, bushy finish, when your hair is thick.

Long, smooth and angled bob that is straight hair, with cool blonde highlights

Side View of long Inverted Bob Hairstyle

It’s a fantastic haircut for a bob that will refresh the look of a straight long hairstyle. It’s a great way to make a sleek, elegant impression. It’s possible to get this style for fine or medium hair (as much as there is plenty of hair) and it’s an excellent method to showcase your beautiful, healthy hair. Hair is cut into an angled bob, which stretches downwards from a shorter back, and then to longer tips on both sides on the side of neck. If you choose a plain background, it is possible to take advantage of the highlights and this style is a densely applied cool blonde highlights on brunette bases. Hairstyle with a bouffant chignon and long layers with delicately textured tips will be a natural part of an inward curvature.

View from the front of long, smooth hairstyle with sharp tips side parted

A-line bob haircut long bob straight lob

With a bob that is strong like this is simple to style, without the need for many complicated “equipment” and costly hair products. This long bob can add an extra dimension and style to simple long hair. The side parting makes an attractive diagonal sweep across the forehead, which is an excellent method to break the shape in a round facial or minimize a forehead that is broad. The flat sides can conceal the cheek width with sharply smooth tips, as well as an incline that is steep from the back, help to counteract the curvature of a round face!

Long cool-blonde ombr that has dark blonde hair and defined waves

textured long bob hairstyle with blonde balayage

This easy long bob hairstyle suitable for medium- to fine-textured hair shows how to brighten long dark blonde hair in a beautiful way. Hair is cut to the same length around and features lovely texture tips that create soft and fluffy wispy ends that finish off the white-blonde Ombri. The defined waves on the sides are among the most effective methods to add volume to hair that is fine. The bleaching process also helps to strengthen individual hair lengths. The tousled style highlights the casual elegance of this simple-style, adorable long hairstyle!

Straight, simple and straight in long wheat-blonde-bob hairstyles

straight a-A-line bob hairstyle - lob

The straight long bob is completely straight and has a minimal feel to it, and the cool wheat blonde creates a cool impression. The shape is an angled back that is shorter and steeply curled toward longer sections to either side. Hair falls down towards the chest area and is suitable for medium-length hair with some natural volume. The hair is cut into long lengths, with hair tips that are textured to create a rough look. This is a fashion that is suitable for women with dry or normal-looking scalps because this smooth bob can look very oily. It can be worn with a central parting for a face with an oval shape or a side-parting for different facial forms. This is a stylish style that draws attention to your face’s natural beauty and works best when paired with natural makeup. There are many additional lob hairstyles at

A choppy chin-length bob that is shaggy cut and glossy blonde highlights

Side view of chic textured bob cut

Hairstyles for women with short hair How did you know that just from a medium-length bob cut it could be possible to achieve an elegant, windswept style! The bob is cut into sections of the same length around the outline. They are with a sharply textured finish at the ends to give the appearance of a windswept, shaggy finish. It’s simple to style and the length of the chin happens to be a good fit for most face shapes that is stylish and attractive! For medium-to-thick textured hair that seems to possess the ability to think on its own the shaggy bob can be an excellent choice!

Warm-chocolate bob with copper-blonde highlights, waves of curls

layered medium ombre hairstyle for women

If your complexion is pale, it is more appealing with a warm hair shade, this chocolatey long hairstyle for bobs is one of the hottest styles for spring ! It’s a romantic look featuring beautifully judged gold, copper-blonde balayage highlights. Cute hairstyles, and half-barrel curls. While it’s shown wearing casual denim in a casual way hair, this stunning bob haircut is ideal for any event – from a Christmas or birthday celebration to a wedding. Ideal for medium and fine-textured hair with a touch of naturally bouncy, the wavy-hued haircut is cut at an incline that is steep from the back and a long sides!

Pretty Bob haircut for hair with a short length

bob hairstyles

Bob Haircuts

The result is an array of hairstyles and colors that will keep you in total confusion for a few hours , if not more! The best method to tackle changing your bob is to select 3 or 4 photos of your most loved designs and shades for your stylist to display who will help you decide about your face’s shape and appropriate shades to complement your skin tone! Do you like these hairstyles for bobs? Here are some other famous bob hairstyles to pick from.


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