24 Hottest Long Wavy Bob Haircuts Anyone Can Pull Off

A long wavy hairstyle is an attractive hairstyle for women. It is cut to shoulder length and hairstyled with waves. If you’re looking to bring your confidence and showcase femininity, there’s an simpler and more elegant option than wearing a chic Wavy lob hairstyle! The most famous fashionistas Camila Mendes Kaitlyn Dever Hailey Baldwin as well as Alicia Vikander all took the hairstyle of wavy lobs as their signature styles There’s no doubt about this! Modern, relaxed hairstyle that’s all-in one, a waving bob can mix layered hair adding volume and perfect movement to fine hair and accentuate beautifully-done balayage and reduce the size of almost every facial shape. In addition, you’ll be amazed by how many options you’ll have with just one hairstyle. Do you like it stacked and angled? With an A-line, or with a slender fringe? Every morning you’ll be looking forward to seeing the mirror and see the gorgeous locks! Ilona Warner, a Indiana-based hair stylist, shows us how she creates her easy-hair style with clean cut and natural-looking curls. The wavy hairstyle is one of hairstyles that are most sought-after not only because they’re gorgeous, but also because the soft medium-length hairstyles let you take a few minutes off your daily routine. It’s the ultimate wake-up-like-this-look! ideas? A new collection with romantic and easy curls is coming straight up! Make your own long wavy bob hairstyle by clicking here!

Soft Blonde Wavy Lob with Beach Waves

#1: Soft Blonde Beach Waves

Bring some sunshine to your day with beautiful waves of beach! An all-around flattering style and the beach waves that are blonde are best when you stay clear of getting them too brassy. Be sure to use an in-shower conditioner or purple shampoo frequently to combat undesirable yellow tones.

Buttery Blonde Lob with Waves

2. Buttery Blonde with waves

You can try a smooth blonde lob with waves to get the beachy style. The easy-going medium length style is adaptable and is suitable for many different hair types. For delicate hair, layers provide body and movement. If you have thick hair, take out the weight to make it lighter. The loose waves created by curling irons create the cut an unruly, relaxed style.

Blonde Wavy Lob with Dark Roots

3: Blonde Lob with Wavy Lob With Dark Roots

A blonde lob with dark hair makes it extremely stylish and can be customized to fit facial shape as well as hair style. Blondes with darker hair can help maintain a more natural look when your natural hair color is in line with the additional color.

outstanding naturally wavy bob hairstyle

#4: Outstanding Naturally Wavy Hair

What’s the best way to show off your natural hair waves? Utilize big barreled curls rollers as well as tie the hair after showering, and you’ll get this long bob that looks great on curly hair.

wavy long bob for thin hair

#5: Wonderful for Thin Hair

Ideal for hair with thin curls This long bob that is ideal for curly hair is sure to please the crowd. With a more light-hearted look it provides an elongating effect to the whole appearance and makes you appear adorable and charming.

long blonde wavy bob

#6: Outstanding Wavy Blonde Bob

If you think that being blonde means wearing a monochromatic shade If so, then you’re getting some fun! Blondes can be fun, with a variety of shades to pick from. By wearing this long, bob that has waves, you can showcase your various “blondes” and all in one style!

long wavy bob for black hair

#7: Fabulous Bob for Black Hair

This long, wavy cut for hair with black is made using the frontal sew-in wig is curled from middle hair all the way to the tips for more class. The volume created by curly hair adds a touch of elegance to the look even more.

long wavy bob for african american

#8: Lovely for an African American

Black girls need some big curls! Make sure they catch your attention with this long , wavy hairstyle that will draw attention to that beautiful face!

long wavy inverted bob

#9: Flawless Inverted Bob

The looser curls can be styled in the front using this hairstyle that is a wavy, inverted hairstyle. Relax your nape by using shorter , but more full, layers of locks.

long wavy angled bob

#10: The Perfect Angled Bob

The angled cut of the long wavy bob gives it volume and the texture the soft waves create. The caramel highlights of this mocha hair are prominent on the front page to make your look glamorous thanks to the waves which make shine even more.

long wavy bob sew in

#11: A Remarkable Sew-In Bob

A day without a dull moment is with a new hairstyle! The curly style of your sew-in hairstyle is simple to wear, and can do wonderful things to enhance your look. Simple and stylish in every way it will never go out of fashion.

long wavy bob with fringe

#12 Gorgeous Wave Lob with Fringe

Long wavy bobs are able to be styled in a variety of styles. The choice of a soft wavy appearance with a light fringe provides an extremely delicate appearance. This style is popular among teens in the teen years.

Amazing Blunt Bob

#13: Amazing Blunt Bob

The thin, wavy hair strands in this long bob cut are reminiscent of a wet, morning hairstyle that says “I don’t care about it, I’m cool with the messy hairstyle of a bedhead.” Its texture has become the main feature of this look, with the sharp cut providing an equalizer to the messy look of the look.

long layered bob for thick wavy hair

#14: Perfect for Thick Wavy Hair

The thick hair that can be used as a canvas to display beautiful waves is the perfect setting to appear stunningly stunning! The highlights are evident by the texture of this long hair cut in a wavy style.

Long Wavy Bob Weave

#15: Chic Long Wavy Bob Weave

The symbol of femininity and fluidity Long waves such as these are the most recognizable Bob weave. Since it’s an already-made style it is possible to experiment with this style at any time.

long wavy asymmetrical bob

#16: Beach Ready Asymmetrical Bob

This is a long asymmetrical , wavy bop (or lob) and is suitable to women who want some edge yet still looking natural and natural. Make sure you know that adding texture makes this style distinctive. Crimps, beach waves or curls, whatever you like, you can include. The use of Hair Resort Spray and Touchable by Kevin Murphy is how we achieved this live-in texture, all the but still looking fresh and healthy.

long wavy bob with bangs

#17″Soft Wavy” Bob with Bangs

Opt for a beautiful style with bangs. In this instance the blunt edges were created all around, as opposed to the inverted plan. Your stylist should complete the look with soft, smooth, long layers that will add depth to the cut, and to remove the weight in the length. The greatest thing about this cut is its flexibility. There are a myriad of ways to create, layer and create this style. Make sure to finish this look with smooth waves and a spray of texture to create a more natural appearance. Lobs are cuts that can be customized to any type of hair size, thickness, or individual style. Particularly, with the blunted edge which makes fine hair appear more full and thick hair appear more tame by changing the kinds of texture and layering used. The look can be worn straight or swept up with waves. The best product to achieve this look is Amika’s Plus-Size Mousse in addition to Bumble andBumble’s Glow Thermal Protection Spray for blow-drying the hair out. Together, they make an extremely effective pair to protect your hair from hot sun and also add the perfect volume.For finalizing products consider Amika’s Undone Matte Texture Spray as well as Fluxus LightWeight Hairspray for curling your hair. This will keep it looking textured and well-maintained throughout the day. If you’re looking for a smooth blowout make use of one drops of Bumble along with Bumble’s Professional Hairdresser’s oil and rub through the mid-shafts as well as the ends of your hair, keeping your hair looking smooth and polished.

Long Wavy Graduated Bob

#18: An Eye-Catching Graduated Bob

You can think about a graduated bob with a longer angled front, and hairy on the rear. It’s a more sophisticated look that demands someone who is responsible for their hair and wears it regularly. The look can be achieved with thick or thin hair however it may not be as dramatic when you have thin hair. The long wavy hairstyle requires styling with more products as well as different ways of texturing. This style is perfect for women who prefer shorter hair, but are unhappy when it rests at the back of their necks. Cut the lower layers more, while keeping some length on the front and top.

long wavy a line bob

#19: Fantastic A-Line Bob

This look features soft Textural waves that are perfect to wear for everyday or for a night out! A great product to create this style can be Eleven Australia Haircare and followed by Eleven Australia Flat Iron. Apply Miracle Hair Treatment to prep the hair. Then, follow it up with Eleven Sea Salt Spray, which adds some texture and movement to the hair. Blot dry the hair using an average-sized round brush. Separate the hair and curl it using iron. After you’ve finished curling your hair, go back in and straighten it out to give a more natural look. Make use of a wide-tooth comb sweep the curls away. Then, you can use Eleven Australia Dry Shampoo to create texture. You can also shine the hair with Eleven Australia Smooth and Shine Serum to finish using Eleven Australia Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray.

long wavy bob with brunette hair color

#20: Stunning Long Wavy Bob on Brunette Hair

It’s a beach-waved Bob, and the most appealing feature is the fantastic swing it has when you use this length! A 1/14 inch curling tool is the ideal size to utilize. Apply a texturizing powder to give the body as well as a distinct separation from the waves.

long layered bob wavy hair

#21: Layered Bob

Take a look at the contrast between the dark, dark base and shining blonde pieces, especially when styled with these loose waves. The blonde really stands out. This is a great look for women who are unable to go to salon often. With this wavy hairstyle, you’ll be able to have the look but none of the hassle. It’s easy to believe that you did your hair, although it may be a couple of months ago. It’s simple to make some waves and move. The most popular products to use include Redken 350, Babyliss 1” curling iron, Kenra Dry Texture Spray as well as Kenra 25 hairspray. These products are great for all hair types and provide texture, protection and hold.

long wavy bob with side bangs

22: Trendy Wavy Lob with Side Bangs

This style is a contemporary messy shag. It’s feminine, soft and sexually attractive. The motion creates a live-in and relaxed look while looking modern and stylish. This style is perfect for hair with wavy or smooth texture and provide the appearance of a messy and textured appearance. If you’re a straight person make use of 1 1/4 curling iron and create beach waves that create a look with more body and texture. Customers must appreciate a little bit of hair on the face. A big fluffy sexy fringe is an essential part of shags. For long wavy bobs that have texture, use dry shampoos and products for texture such as Dry Me from EIMI Wella styling as well as the Texture Touch as well as Wella EIMI. The first step is to blow out the hair to increase volume, create waves that are wavy in opposing directions to create fun texture and then apply dry shampoo to shape, hold and even more texture.

long wavy bob with side part

#23: Fantastic Side Parted Lob

A blunt cut is among popular bob cuts thanks to its super-texturized, blunt natural wavy appearance. It’s versatile and simple to style, making it suitable for any head. If your hair is flat, you can make use with a texturizing spray, such as Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort ($30). Spray the spray through dry or damp hair for unfinished texture, or concentrate on the roots to increase more volume.

long bob wavy hair round face

#24: A Gorgeous Bob for a Round Face

The mixture of baby light and balayage were used to create this stunning shade. If you’re a true love for red hair, go for copper glowing hair! It’s striking and dimensional and the color selection is a perfect match for the haircut. This curly, textured haircut was cut using razors, and the razor creates movement and texture the hair, while also eliminating the bulk. The best part of it all is the messy unfinished but finished look. It’s as if she “woke up with this.” It’s beautifully brushed with subtle pieces of hair which make the hairstyle sparkle. This cut is ideal for hair with medium or fine texture. The perfect California beach babe look, but it’s also sultry enough to make a great night out! For this style, use an 1 as well as a 1/4-inch curling iron. Alternate each section with curls that are curled away and towards the face while keeping the ends in straight lines to create the perfect curl. Once the curls are cool and cooled, gently comb and comb hair through using the fingers, or with a comb that has a wide tooth. This look is all about texture. In this instance the more you have, the better! The final touch is to apply your preferred dry texturizing spray to increase the illusion of volume and bring that look to life. Here Kevin Murphy’s “Bedroom.hair.” was used. It’s a delicious scent and gives an easy, lightweight hold that will spice up your hairstyle. Also, it’s great for revitalising your curls after third or even second-day hair!


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