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24 Best Ways to Get Long Layers for Women With Thick Hair

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Long hair layers give it body and depth without sacrificing lengths. If you’re looking to create natural hair texture on your hair, you must give this style to try! The benefit of a long-layered cut is that it doesn’t require any hairstyles. “It’s ideal for women who don’t have the time to air dry, blow-dry or curl a lot,” says Rohit, hair stylist from India. Knowing your hair’s texture is crucial when considering long hair layers. Cuts can make hair appear frizzy and unruly. Rohit recommends using a high quality leave-in conditioner to reduce frizz. Ask your hairdresser for advice prior to applying layers of long hair. Be upfront about the amount of time you’re willing and able to devote while preparing your hair. Request styling tips and recommendations for products in addition. Here’s a beautiful photo gallery featuring fashionable ways to style long layers of thick hair. Take a look today!

Wispy Layers for Extra Long Thick Hair

#1: Wispy Layers for Extra Long Hair

Create a flattering look through adding wispy layers your long hair. Long hair can quickly become heavy and look plain and flat. However, when you add lots of wispy layers, it is possible to get greater volume, movement and bounce your hair. One of the most appealing aspects with layers is they give an individual look for hair both when down as well as when it is up in a ponytail , or an updo.

External and Internal Layers for Thick Hair

#2: External and Internal Layers

If your hair appears dull, lifeless and heavy Ask your stylist to add layers, curtains or long, face-framing bangs as well as some texturizing. This will help your hair to appear more healthy, full and vibrant.

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Very Long Thick Hair with Blonde Balayage

#3. Super long Thick Hair with Blonde Balayage

Make a statement with long and hair that is thick and paired with blonde balayage. If you’re blessed with thick hair display it. Long layers can prevent hair that is heavy from hanging and give your hair volume and shape. If you’re in need, put out some weight in the areas with heavy weight to stop it from becoming heavy to move easily. Making a face frame can cut down the length and soften the look.

Long, Thick Layers with Beach Waves

#4: Long, thick layers with Beach Waves

Look at long, thick layers with waves of beach sand if you’re seeking a sexy look. The stylist can cut layers to make the layers appear less noticeable. The sliding haircut is created with the blade of scissors, without closing them to create the best-blended cut. Make sure that they’re done in the last 2 inches of hair. You can try curling the beach waves using hair sprays on each section before you start and then let them cool. Blow them through to create soft waves, or use your fingers for a more curly finish.

Subtle Layers on Long Blonde Thick Hair

#5: Subtle Layers on Long Blonde Hair

There’s nothing more gorgeous than the subtle layers of long, blonde hair. If you’re in search of more lift, then opting to add layers as well as highlights can help you get there. Dry your hair with products that provide ease of use and control like Olaplex #9 hair serum and a large round hairbrush. Long hair layers can be curled in a forward direction or reversed, or some of both to create an effervescent finish.

Thick Side-Parted Hair with Long Wavy Layers

#6: Side-Parted hair with Long Wavy Layers

Side-parted hair that has long wavy layers is a trend that’s sleek and fashionable. Long hair can appear simple, but adding layers throughout along the sides and on top of your head makes the whole look more attractive. This is the ideal beachy hairstyle.

Long Layered Hair with Money Piece for Round Faces with Thick Hair

#7 Seventh Layered Hair with Money Piece to Round Faces

Long , layered hair that has an earring for faces with round faces is a timeless trend at the moment. Money pieces are a great complement for women of any shape, but is particularly suitable for round faces because it assists in make the face appear more elongated. The addition of layers to the length of a haircut can add the appearance of texture and motion.

Thick Middle Part Long Hair with Choppy Ends and Layers

#8: The Middle Part Long Hair with Choppy Ends

Middle-part hair that is long and the choppy ends is never out of fashion. It’s a classic style that is a perfect fit for a variety of women’s styles. The beachy, texturized curls of the hair complete long hairstyles because they reduce the volume of the hair.

Thick Cascading Layers on Long Hair

#9: Cascading Layers on Long Hair

Long hair with a cascading layer are gorgeous and sexually attractive. Be aware that in order to get the bounce and waves you’ll require a lot of time focusing on your hairstyle. Apply a body-building shampoo with a particular focus on the ends. Then blow it out using a medium-sized round brush. Be careful not to strip the body completely from the hair. A barrel brush made of steel will get hotter and provide more body. It is then possible to place it using hot rollers or curl it using the 3/4-inch iron. The curls will cool and then slowly show through. Long hair layers can yield great results when you make a bit of effort when styling.

Thick Shaggy Layers with Curtain Bangs for Long Hair

#10 Thick Shaggy layers with Curtain Bangs

Layers of thick shaggy hair with curtain bangs make a stunning fashion for women looking for the most dramatic changes. Layered cuts are great when you have hair that is thick and requires more lightness. A blended elevation is essential to create the perfect face-frame layers that blend with the bangs of your curtain in your long locks.

Straight Long Haircut with Flipped Ends for Thick Hair

#11: Straight Long Haircut with flipped Ends

Try straight long hair with flipped ends to realize it’s not too difficult to get stunning long hair. Hairstyles that are suitable for long, thick hair will take some the time needed to create, however with this style it’s all about the ends. Your stylist should cut your hair using some layers at the lower part of the. Blot-dry using a large, round metal barrel. You may get enough flutter by doing this but if not you can simply curl the ends and then back. Spray your hair lightly with a spray, and you’re done.

Soft Layers and a Fringe on Long Frizzy Hair

#12: Soft Layers and a Fringe on Frizzy Hair

If you’re suffering from frizzy hair Try hair with soft layers and a fringe during your next appointment at the salon. Blended layering gives you a smooth shape which is easier to blow-dry than hair that is one length. You’ll need put on a smoothing cream prior to you blow-dry , and make use of a medium round brush to create waves. In the event that your hair gets extremely frizzy, a 1″ curling iron is also required. Be aware that thick, long hair can look trendy with a bit of frizz to add the texture.

Long Multi-Layered Haircut for Thick Haired Women

#13: Long Multi-Layered Haircut

Consider a long, multi-layered cut for long hair that needs something more. A shorter length around the crown and face bring more beauty and a touch of softness. Layering your hair will create more volume and waves. Try spraying each part with a light spray prior to you curl it with a 1 inch curling tool. After that, gently stroke through. Give your hair that long the treatment it deserves and you’ll not regret it.

Long Blended Layers for Thick Straight Hair

#14: Long Blended Layers for Straight Hair

The long-layered layers can make a good option to wear for hair with straight ends. Layers can enhance the beauty of long hair and can create movementso that your hair isn’t just hanging. Long layers on straight , thick hair must be cut at 90 degrees to ensure length. using a blending shear may be applied on the ends for more hidden layers. Dry with a big round brush, and take pleasure in an attractive shape.

Long Layers with Messy Waves for Women Over 40 with Thick Hair

#15 Long Layers with Messy waves for women over 40

Women over 40 add a bit of glamour to their look with long hair as well as messy curls. Long layers of thick wavy hair can make it more manageable and lighter. If you’d like to add more volume, consult your stylist to ensure your layers aren’t long enough in the crown region. Remember that to get fuller and more smooth waves, the shape needs to be curled using an iron. This it will take time to attain. If you’re prepared to do the work take the plunge.

Long Thick Brunette Hair with Bangs and Layers

#16: Thick Brunette Hair with Bangs and Layers

Layers of bangs and layers on brunette hair can be a real beauty. Brunette hair is reflective of light and shines. Request your stylist to create the curtain-shaped hairstyle, cut near an inch above the nasal bridge and lengthening at the corners. You can add a few layers of long shoulder length to get the perfect hairstyle which complements any facial shape. Long , layered haircuts that are suitable for hair that is thick should be styled every eight weeks in order to prevent split ends.

Thick Long Soft Shag with Face-Framing Layers

#17: Soft Shag Face-Framing Layers

Select a shag that is soft and has faces-framing layers of long hair and you’ll be happy. Layering shorter and longer pieces of hair around the face adds an illusion of movement and a sense of motion and is very fashionable. Face-framing is ideal for more round faces and creates a gentleness. Try curling these pieces in reverse to get the latest fashion. Make your long hair style more attractive and show everyone how gorgeous you are.

Low-Maintenance Textured Layers for Long Coarse Hair

#18: Low-Maintenance Textured Layers for Coarse Hair

If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain hairstyle, consider the textured layers that are suitable to style coarse hair. Long layers can add motion to the hair’s texture and makes it easier to manage. Ask your stylist to add some point cuts into the ends for a more supple feel. Add some texture putty and allow it to dry to create a smooth, twirled look. Long-layered hairstyles that are suitable for thick hair needn’t be difficult If you’ve got the right cut.

Long Choppy Layers with Waves for Thicker Hair

#19: Chunky Layers and Waves

Create wave-like layers and a few choppy waves to your hair for a the most gorgeous and attractive shape. Request your stylist to include layers on the crown. You can also leave the weight at the bottom to keep length, but also add body. It takes some effort to blow-dry and curl, but the results are worth the effort. Try blowing out with an oil such as Olaplex #6 or a large round brush to smooth. Then apply a light hairspray prior to curling each section into a loose curl that will stay put.

Long Haircut with Heavy Layers for Square Faces with Thick Hair

20: Long Haircut with Heavy Layers to create Square Faces

For those with a square shape to your face you can try a thick, long, multi-layered hairstyle. The layers should be under the jawline, for an ideal facial accent. It gives a softness to your jaw. Long hair that is heavy layered provides body to your hairstyle When you style it, you will achieve length and fullness. Make sure to use a hair styling cream that has a light touch for keeping it easily brushable.

Long Jagged Layers for Women Over 50 with Thick Hair

#21: Long Jagged Layers for Women Over 50

Women older than 50, add a bit of glamour to your long hair by adding long layer of jagged hair. You’ll want to keep your layers on the longer side in order to keep an even weight distribution at the base of your hair. Cutting the layers with a point will give your long, curly hair more dimension. Dry wavy hair by blow-drying it with diffusers for messy results. Straight-haired women can try curling their hair with a wand while leave 2 inches of the ends straight for a particularly sharp look.

Thick Straight Layered Cut with Long Bangs

22: Straight Layered Cut with Long Bangs

Try a straight, layered cut with long hair to add some color to your dull hair. Have your stylist cut a triangular section of bang that extends to the jaw and blends towards the bottom of the side. A big long bang could be cut either in the middle or to the side to allow for more the flexibility. You can blow out your gorgeous long hair with a big round metal barrel brush and smoothing cream to get the most effective results. You’ll be able take a while between cuts, roughly every 6-8 weeks. it.

Tousled Layers with a Face Frame for Long Thick Hair

#23: All Layers are Combined with an e-Face Frame

Try a tousled layer using a face frame as a new look. Layers that are messy work well for natural hair with wavy curls and are easy to achieve using the help of a curl booster. Long layers lift the weight off the curls, giving your hair more movement and increase the wave. Dry it out with a blow-dryer or blow-dry to achieve a beachy style. Straight haired women can get this look by curling their hair with an iron that is 3/4 or 1 inch and then twirling the hair with your hands. Cute haircuts for long , thick hair can greatly enhance your look.

Long Feathered Layers on Thick Hair

#24: Long Feathered Layers on Thick Hair

When your hair grows long and you’re looking for an innovative style, consider long feathered layers that are long hair. A modern face-framing style adds an element of style and interest to hair with long lengths. Ask your stylist to include an arc beginning from the chin, and then moving towards the lower part of the head. This style for thick long hair is a simple cut that is simple to grow out. A good blowout is crucial for this style Make sure you have a round brush and polishing cream.

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