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It is said that change is perfect time to enjoy for a holiday and so why not change your long locks in favor of something more chic such as the pixie cut or cut? We are aware that cutting off even a single inch of your hair is terrifying however, we can assure you that a short cut is stylish and manageable. The shorter hairstyle is perfect for women with thicker hair. be aware that longer your hair gets, the more attention will be paid to your face. Therefore, before you decide on your style take note of the characteristics you’d prefer to emphasize. For inspiration for your new hairstyle We’ve compiled some of the most stylish short hairstyles suitable for thick hair.

Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair

Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

If you’re naturally blonde or bottle blonde platinum pixies are an extremely dramatic style. The advantage of having hair that is thick when you go platinum, is your hair can be healthy, and when it is paired in a haircut that is pixie you’ll appear striking and striking.

Platinum Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut for Thick Curly Hair

Pixie cuts are the perfect way to manage your curly hair. Not only does it keep your curls in check and beautiful, but it will look stunning as well. The pixie cut ensures that your curls will fall in the natural direction they fall and not scattered all around the place. Keep the sides trimmed with the curls centered towards the front, falling to one side , or collected at the top.

Curly Pixie Cut

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Short Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

We all know that cutting your hair short can be a challenge if you have hair that is thick The key to getting this look right is layering. A pixie cut with a choppy texture is a less sassy style that is more suitable for the volume of your locks.


Asymmetric Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

The asymmetrical pixie is yet another shorter style that allows you to keep a amount of length. Its being an layered cut, it works well with thick hair. The overall cut is shorter and is best when styled using a deep side part, with long length at one end and volume on the top.

Asymmetrical Pixie

Pixie Cut for Thick Wavy Hair

The thick wavy hair looks great using pixie cuts without the need to layer. This simple to style look will make you feel incredible. Soft waves paired with the modern cut are effortless chic, cool and elegant. Let your waves sway across your forehead, starting at the top.

Wavy Pixie

Long Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

If you’re worried about becoming too short Why not opt for the long pixie cut? This is a blend of an bob and a short pixie. This style gives you the most desirable of both. Short hair has a stunning style, and the feminine look of thick and long hair. The hair that is longer at the front will aid in framing your face and highlight your face.

Long Pixie For Thick Hair

Front Fringed Pixie for Thick Hair

A jagged refrigerator is another interesting way to add some edge to the cute cut pixie. A wavy fringe that is feathered can also be a perfect fit in thick hair and make a an amazing backdrop for your facial features. Keep the top and sides clean and your fringe short.


Undercut Pixie for Thick Hair

If you’re looking to get more edgy then why not try an undercut? This stunning style is perfect for hair with thick layers because it prevents the shorter hair from getting caught up. It’s practical, beautiful and fun. As with the asymmetrical pixie it’s best styled with an extended side part by pushing hair towards the opposite side of the shaved region.

Undercut Pixie

Side Fringed Pixie for Thick Hair.

If you’re more of a rounder face but you would like to sport a lovely Pixie cut, try an all-over cut that has a broad front fringe. The fringe that is straight in one direction will assist in minimizing roundness. consider Jennifer Lawrence.

Side Fringed Pixie Jlaw

Half Shaved Pixie for Thick Hair

Shaved hairstyles make thick hair more manageable. The layers that are shaved prevent hair from becoming tangled with the top layer creating a slimmer and more smooth style. It’s also super stylish when hair at the top is spiked or flicked over to the opposite side. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try using a purple dye on the hair’s root.

Half Shaved Pixie

Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Layered Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Layers that are uneven and wavy provide the classic haircut with a modern and modern look. In addition, layers work for thick, short hair as well. This type of hairstyle is ideal with simple styling. Let the layers speak for themselves.

Layered Bob

Short Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Short bobs are more popular at the moment and it’s easy to understand the reason. They’re timeless, modern stylish, and trendy, but they are easy to wear and will never go out of fashion. Short hair is often given the wrong rap because it lacks choices for styling However, the short bob is able to be styled with textured hair straight and sleek and tied back into a short pony, braided or put into the top knot.


Choppy Bob for Thick Hair

The soft layers will give an organic texture, meaning that this chubby bob is going to fit elegantly in your long hair. This style can be worn with short or long bobs and is equally beautiful straight or wavy. We are in love with it when you add soft bangs that highlight the facial features.

Choppy Bob For Thick Hair

Undercut Bob for Thick Hair

A bob cut undercut means that you can rock chick hair and still have the length as well as volume. Cut it with a long side parting to show the undercut, with an upwards slope with hair falling downwards, and falling down naturally to the sides.

Undercut Bob For Thick Hair

Blunt Bob for Thick Hair

Cuts that are blunt tend to make your hair look more thick, therefore you might want to thin your hair out. But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear the blunt cut, however. With the slightest amount of loss of hair, it will look perfect and will need minimal styling in order to achieve the relaxed, casual style.

Blunt Bob For Thick Hair

Textured Bob for Thick Hair

Making texture is easy when you have thick hair. It looks stunning when paired with hairstyles like a hair bob. Simply sprinkle the volume-enhancing powder or a texturising spray to the roots of your hair and to throw it by using your hands. It looks great in straight or wavy hair however, we like a loose texture beach wave.


Concave Bob for thick hair

Concave bobs reduce the time needed to style since they’re already cut into a style that is ready to wear. The long on the front and shorter at the back look works similar to layers of thick hair. This cut looks great when worn straight to prolong your face, or with loose curls to add volume.

Concave Bob For Thick Hair

The Faux Bob of Thick Hair

If you’re not willing to go for the chop, consider rocking a chic faux bob. This look is much simpler to create than you think. Simply braid two sections of the underlayer of your hair, then secure them with pins. Make sure that the braids aren’t visible from the front. Then, you can roll your hair in a wave and move it towards your neck’s nape. With bobby pins, attach the braided area. Take some strands from the front and in the back and voila! you’ve got a fake bob.


Long Bobs for Thick Hair

Long Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Longer , layered bobs are likely the most flattering and flattering hairstyles for everyone. This is why it’s been the fashion of choice for famous people models, influencers, models, and pretty much everyone else for the past couple of years. The layers allow natural movement and let your hair’s thick locks to sit comfortably over your face.


Long Angled Bob for Thick Hair

Different lengths are perfect for hair with thick layers, they minimize tangles and provide soft looks. But straight bobs can be stunning for ladies who have thick hair. They look the best on women with round or full-faced faces. Women with thin faces can still wear this look, particularly with a more length.

Long Angled Bob

Slicked Back Long Bob for Thick Hair

The celebrities like Gigi Hadid, and even Rosie H. Whiteley are frequently seen wearing slicked back hairstyles. Hair that is thick and with an more length means that you won’t have to fret about it being too tight or slicked on your head. It will instead be full and full, appearing glamorous and ready for the red carpet.


Long Bob featuring a Front Fringe for Thick Hair

Blunt front hairstyles have been basically invented for women who have long hair. They’re fun and beautiful but sophisticated and edgy simultaneously as is the long hair bob. Make sure your fringe is blunt and fashion all of the hair in the way you want sleek and straight messy and wavy or with big , bouncy curls.

Long Bob With Front Fringe For Thick Hair

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