They say change is a good as a holiday, so why not retire your long locks for something a little chicer, like a pixie cut or a bob? We know the thought of cutting even an inch off your hair can be terrifying, but we can assure you a short style is sophisticated and easy to manage. Short hair suits women with thicker hair, keep in mind, the shorter your hair, the more attention is on your face. So before choosing your style, think about what features you may like to accentuate. To inspire your new hairdo, we have put together a list of the coolest short hairstyles for thick hair

Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair

Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Whether or not you are a natural or bottle blonde, the platinum pixie is a super dramatic look. The benefit of having thick locks when going platinum is that your hair will still be healthy, and paired with a pixie cut, you will look striking and fierce.

Platinum Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut for Thick Curly Hair

A pixie cut is a great way to tame your curly mane. Not only will it keep your curls under control, but it looks stunning too. The pixie cut means your curls will sit effortlessly where they naturally fall, without being all over the place. Keep the sides cropped with the curls concentrated at the front, either falling to one side or gathered on top.

Curly Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

We know that going short can be extra tricky when you have thick hair, but the key to nailing this look is layers. A choppy pixie cut is a softer style which will be more suited to your voluminous locks.

Asymmetric Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

The asymmetric pixie is another short style which allows you to maintain a little bit of length. The fact that it is a layered cut means it also works great with thick hair. The overall style is short and it works best when styled with a deep side part with length on one side and volume at the top.

Asymmetrical Pixie

Pixie Cut for Thick Wavy Hair

Thick wavy hair works with pixie cuts, without needing to add layers. This easy to style look will have you feeling amazing. Soft waves combined with the contemporary cut is effortless, cool and all around chic. Let your waves sweep in one direction falling over your forehead from the top.

Wavy Pixie

Long Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

If you’re worried about going too short too quickly, why not go for a long pixie cut? This style is a combination of a bob and a short pixie. This gives you the best of both worlds. You get short hair’s dramatic flair and the feminine appeal of long and thick hair. The longer hair at the front will also help frame your face and accentuate your features.

Long Pixie For Thick Hair

Front Fringed Pixie for Thick Hair

A jagged fridge is another fun way to edge up the cutesy pixie cut. A wispy feathered front fringe will also sit perfectly in thick hair and create a stunning frame for your face. Keep the sides and top neat and the fringe choppy.

Front Fringe Pixie

Undercut Pixie for Thick Hair

If you’re looking to be a little edgier, why not rock an undercut? This super dramatic style works great with thick hair as it keeps the short strands from becoming tangled. It is practical, pretty and punky. Like the asymmetric pixie, it works best styled with a deep side part, with hair pushed to the opposite side of the shaved area.

Undercut Pixie

Side Fringed Pixie for Thick Hair.

If you have more of a round face but still want to rock a pretty pixie style try a short allover cut with a sweeping front fringe. Having your fringe angled in one direction will help to offset roundness, think Jennifer Lawrence.

Side Fringed Pixie Jlaw

Half Shaved Pixie for Thick Hair

Shaved styles make thick hair so much easier to manage. The shaved layers prevent the hair from tangling with top layer creating a sleeker and smoother style. It also looks uber cool when the hair on the top is spiked up or flicked to one side. If you’re feeling extra rebellious, try a purple dye on the roots of your hair.

Half Shaved Pixie

Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Layered Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Wispy uneven layers provide the standard bob with an edgy and modern upgrade. Again, layers work particularly well in short, thick hair too. This style works best with minimal styling, let the layers speak for themselves.

Layered Bob

Short Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

Short bobs could not be more on trend right now, and it’s easy to see why. They are classic, modern, edgy, yet simple and never go out of style. Short hair gets a bad rap for not having many styling options, but the short bob can be worn with textured waves, straight and sleek, pulled back into a short pony, braided and even thrown into a top knot.


Choppy Bob for Thick Hair

The soft layers will create a natural texture meaning the choppy bob will sit gorgeously in your thick hair. This style works with long or short bobs and looks equally as stunning wavy or straight. We love it with soft bangs to frame the face.

Choppy Bob For Thick Hair

Undercut Bob for Thick Hair

An undercut bob means you can still have rock chick hair while maintaining some length and volume. Style with a deep side part to reveal the undercut with volume at the top with hair cascading downwards and falling naturally at the sides.

Undercut Bob For Thick Hair

Blunt Bob for Thick Hair

Blunt cuts tend to make hair look thicker so you may want to have your hair thinned out. That doesn’t mean you can’t still rock a blunt bob though. In fact, with a little thinning, your hair will sit perfectly and should require minimal styling to get this laid-back, off-duty model look.

Blunt Bob For Thick Hair

Textured Bob for Thick Hair

Creating texture is so easy with thick hair and looks effortlessly gorgeous when paired with a bob. Just add some volumising powder or texturising spray in your roots and work it throw with your hands. This looks fab in straight or wavy hair, but we love a lose textured beach wave.

Textured Bob For Thick Hair

Concave Bob for Thick hair

Concave bobs minimise styling time, as they are already cut into a ready-to-wear look. The long at the front and short at the back style works similarly to layers in thick hair. This cut works when worn straight to elongate your face or with loose curls for added volume.

Concave Bob For Thick Hair

The Faux Bob of Thick Hair

If you are not ready to commit to the chop, try rocking a sleek faux bob. This style is much easier to achieve than you might think. Merely braid two small sections from the underlayer of your hair and pin them in place. Make sure the braids aren’t visible at the front. Wave your hair and roll it upwards towards the nape of your neck. Using bobby pins, secure this layer to the braided section. Pull out a few strands at the front and around the back and voila, you have a faux bob.

Faux Bob For Thick Hair

Long Bobs for Thick Hair

Long Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Longer layered bobs are probably the most universally flattering hairstyles. This is obviously why it has been the style of choice for celebrities, influencers, models and just about everyone for the last few years. The layers create natural movement and help your thick locks sit softly around your face.


Long Angled Bob for Thick Hair

Varying lengths are ideal for thick hair, they minimise tangles and create softer looks. That being said angled bobs are still very striking styles for women with thick hair. They are the most flattering on women with round and full faces. But women with thinner faces can still rock this style, especially with a little bit of extra length.

Long Angled Bob

Slicked Back Long Bob for Thick Hair

The likes of Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are often seen rocking slicked-back bobs. Having thick hair with a little extra length means you don’t have to worry about the style looking too slicked or stuck to your head. Rather it will sit voluminous and full, looking red carpet ready.


Long Bob with Front Fringe for Thick Hair

Blunt front fringes have been practically invented for girls with thick hair. They are fun and pretty yet edgy and sophisticated all at the same time, just like the long bob. Keep your fringe blunt and style the rest of your hair however you like, sleek and straight, messy and wavy, or with big bouncy curls.

Long Bob With Front Fringe For Thick Hair


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