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25 Hottest Short Stacked Bob Haircuts to Try This Year

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A stacked, short hairstyle for women that is cutting shorter at an angle and shorter in length, which makes the front longer, and the back shorter and more rounded by layers. A haircut that is stacked allows the hair to add volume even though it’s cut very short, by making the angles appear more dramatic! Take a look at fashion icons Victoria Beckham, Jenny McCarthy, Evan Rachel Wood, and Halle Berry and how they created a sleek hairstyle that was stacked, making it timeless! The best part is that their chic stackable bobs are now easily copied with a variety of styles. Expert in color and haircut Daisy Villa from San Diego, California wows her clients with her ability to bring the most beautiful version of their hair short regardless of the hair type like straight, curly and wavy. The outcomes are never boring and adorable! Based on your face’s shape, desired length and hair’s density, your hairdresser may add highlights, bangs or an A-line an undercut that suits your style. Make this your ideal hairstyle option that’s sure to please regardless of your age or character. It’s true stacking bobs are great short hairstyles for women older than 60! If you’re in need of a stylish short haircut look no further than this list of the most popular short, stacked bobs!

Brunette Short Stacked Bob for Thicker Hair

#1: Brunette Stack for Thicker Hair

Consider a brunette stack to get more thicker hair for the perfect shape. Through the use of the texture of the hair with thickness the bob will look great with length all around the face. It gets shorter at the back. Upkeep may require regular trims.

Blonde High Stacked Short Bob

#2: Blonde High Stacked Short Bob

A short, high-stacked bob is a timeless look. The stacked bob works for thin or thick hair and is a moderate to simple styling. Its “stacking” at the back of the head is then layered to create natural volume. The layering in front is longer, creating a smooth and edgy look on the face.

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Feathered stacked bob with piece-y layers

3: Feathered Stacked Bob with Piece-y Layers

A stacked feathered bob with feathers has graduation in the nape and a lot of layered pieces throughout. A cut like this needs some attention. A six or five week cut should be enough.

stacked bob with a nice back view

4. Stacked Bob With a Great Back View

A sleek, shorter, sleek bob that looks stylish on the front and the back is a great one to try! Straighten your hair and then combing it inwards for an rounded appearance.

short stacked bob for thick hair

#5: Short Stacked Bob For Thick Hair

Make your bob more attractive by adding an amber-colored warm hue. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can create curly curls with wavy ends to add more visual interest in your stacked hairstyles.

Long stacked bob for older women

#6: Stacked Bob for Older women with short hair

A stacked bob for women who have short hair is an excellent option for women suffering from thinning hair. Add layers of soft texture and softness to add volume. For styling, mix Aveda Smooth Infusion onto boar bristles while blow drying for a smooth, clean appearance.

Wedge stacked bob for women over 70

#7: Wedge Stacked Bob for Women Over 70

A wedge bob stacked for women who are over 70 is the perfect way to create an elongated style for hair with fine. If you’re looking to go striking, adding a hint of lilac coloring makes it even more enjoyable!

Silver stacked bob for women over 60

#8: Silver Stacked Bob for Women Over 60

A silver-colored bob that is stacked for women over 60 is ideal. The long layers and the short undercut allow for simple styling and easy maintenance.

inverted stacked bob for thin hair

#9: Inverted Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

An ear-length bob that has layers is fun when you play with many stacks of hair that are guaranteed to add volume to your hair. The longer hair in the front provides a flattering effect to the short-stacked hairstyle made for thin hair. It is certain to match your hairstyle and the color.

stacked bob for women with fine hair

#10: Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

A simple and sleek long bob with a stacked design that can allow those with thick hair to get the perfect volume and shape for everyday hairstyles! Short hairstyles that women over 60 with fine hair includes haircuts like pixies and bobs. Related: See some more bobs that women who are over 60 and have fine hair.

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