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16 Short Hair with Long Bangs To Consider in 2024

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Short hair with long bangs is a popular women’s hairstyle that can be cut anywhere between the neck and ear to the neck and completed with fringe. It’s a modern hairstyle that is easy, lavish and flirty. There’s nothing more gorgeous than these short and flirty haircuts that are below. Celebrities who were wearing long fringes include Vanessa Hudgens, Gemma Arterton, Karlie Kloss, and Rihanna They’re encouraging all fans to take part in the trend of the fringe! Whichever short style you prefer that includes pixie hairstyles to bobs, and everything in between There’s always a suitable hairstyle for you. Consult your hairdresser about your face’s shape and bone structure, then use these characteristics. Short haircuts featuring long bangs don’t just give you a new hairstyle They also help reduce the size and shape of your face for a more attractive overall look! Take a look at the inspiring suggestions of Rae Thweatt who is a professional stylist from Virginia. She is a fan of the idea of adding long bangs to her clients hair, regardless of the type of hair or density and taking advantage of the way long hair draws the attention to their eyes as well as other facial characteristics. To create a romantic and soft style that looks adorable with any season, look for your next hair salon’s inspiration below. Here are the top haircuts for short hair that have long bangs.

very short hair with very long bangs

#1 A Very Short, Curly Hairstyle with very long bangs

Make sure you have a stylish hairstyle to reflect your character. The very short hairstyle with bangs is cut with texture to create an unruly appearance. A fade with a razor is ideal for your sides to finish the appearance.

Short hair with very long bangs

#2: Short hair cut with very long bangs

This is one of my top examples of what hairstyles for short hair with long fringes can accomplish. A different perspective on having longer hair than the real chin length haircut is a fascinating sight! You can wear your short locks in layers and style them in a chic way to make the most of the face-shaping capabilities. Check out the top short hairstyles with bangs.

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short hair with long side swept bangs

3: Pixie Crop with long Side Swept Bangs

Short hair with long side bangs that taper towards the nape to create fullness around the crown. The longer fringe of the short cut was added to give it flexibility and fun. The length and the airiness of the long fringe permit this cut to become a lot of different. If you are thinking about super short hair that has long bangs, consult with your stylist for the specifics. Its fringe and sideburns, and neckline. Short hair requires more salon appointments to keep it looking good Consider your tolerance to maintenance.

short layered hair with long side bangs

#4: Short Layered hair with long, side-swept bangs

Short hair and long bangs is an excellent method to wear short-layered hair, but still sport long hair strands. These side-swept bangs define the face, while the short cut adds the appearance of a rugged cut.

short grey hair with long bangs

#5 #5: The Short Grey Hair with Long Fringe

Short hairstyles that have long bangs like this look are simply stunning! Bangs layered over shorter grey hair are beautiful, while the silver locks sparkle at regardless of the time of day.

Short Cut with Long Bangs for Fine Hair

#6: Short cut with Long Bangs to create Fine Hair

A French hairstyle is ideal for fine hair that is short with bangs that are curtain-like. They are even more stunning on hair that is very dark brown. Texture and beachy waves are a great combination to show off the natural waves in your hair. Sharp cuts and shags are among the top options for short hairstyles that incorporate longer bangs as well as fine hair.

Short Pixie Cut with Super Long Fringe

#7 A Short Pixie Cut that has Super Long Fringe

A short pixie with a long, slender fringe is an excellent method to wear shorter hair but still feel like you’re wearing some length. If you opt for a shorter pixie styled using long bangs, the long fringe can be worn either side and provides you with a the appearance of a mysterious style. It is also able to be curled or worn straight. It works for any hair type.

16 Short Hair with Long Bangs To Consider in 2024

#8: Long Bangs for Those Over 50 and with short hair

This short cut is layered, textured and ready for a party! The long bangs on short hair will make women who are over 50 look youthful and radiant.

short curly hair with long bangs

9. Short Curly Hair and Long Curly Bangs

Curly, short hair that has long bangs acts as an incredible accessory. Bangs can add body to the hair’s volume. It’s an amazing method of cutting and styling your curly, short hair.

short hair in the back with long bangs

#10 Short Hair at the back, with long side bangs

Short hair with long side bangs in the nape are a striking contrast. A cut like this gives the appearance of volume, and is a fashion that allows you to experiment with shorter hair while having long hair strands.

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