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25 Simple Easy Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

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Hairstyles for everyday and layered cut hairstyles that flatter round faces

Haircuts for short hair: This is an additional short, long pixie hairstyles which demonstrates why simple short hairstyles for round faces are trendy this season! It has lots of volume-boosting layering over the top, to avoid the plastered-to-the-head look that fine hair can fall into. It also creates a beautiful natural, natural-looking texture. The sunlight-lit (or salon-lightened) hair strands create a lovely design of strands with pointed ends over the hair that is slightly darker beneath!

25 Simple Easy Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

All-over platinum blonde pixie long sides and a long front

The most flattering haircuts for round faces stay clear of the frills and curls that highlight the lines and the symmetry. Particularly, avoid wearing curly edges that increase the width of your cheeks. This pixie cut appears like a curved short bob in the front but features an textured and layered back, with a rough outline that extends above the nape. The Inverted triangle outline of the fringe, which shows your forehead is an excellent design element to break up the round face. The long, smooth sides that end with sharp, shaggy ends provide length and make the width even at the jawbone perfectly. It’s a simple daily hairstyle alternative to wear in the morning however it’s a stunning modern cut and color!

Cute Long Pixie Haircuts with Layers

Short and easy bowl-cut hairstyles that are perfect for chic Pixies

This is a fantastic side-view of a fantastic everyday hairstyle that is based on the cut to create its gorgeous curvaceous shape! It’s perfect for hair with medium or fine thickness It’s a bowl-cut with layers that extend from the crown, forming curly, smooth strands that have plenty of movement around the head. In the event that your hair’s thin then add Schwarzkopf Got2Be’s volumizing product for lasting volume, or add the body boost and color you desire by bleaching highlights. Short, easy hairstyles for face shapes with round faces typically feature asymmetrical deep side-parting This swept-across neutral-blonde fringe is very soft and silky.

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Cute simple easy daily pixie cut with layers

Straight black pixie with a an all-over finish and a long fringe

A oval face can be a good thing to have, in fact but it does not necessarily mean you have a fatty face. It’s a sign that you have a relatively well-balanced face, and all you need is to tweak it just a little small amount to create the ideal ‘oval’ face shape! A thick, hefty fringe – either straight-across or the diagonal style of a side-swept swept is the best way to adjust the proportions of the round face. Simple hairstyles for short hair that are based on this concept show how to cut a pixie for thick hair, with layers of sliced making a strong, face-flattering lines across a round face.

Short Pixie Cut For Round Face

Hairstyles can be cut off for smooth, sleek Pixie cuts that flatter face shapes that are round.

If you’re blessed with naturally curly hair with have a round face, then it is possible to look better by wearing some of these straight, simple short hairstyles. Curls are a great way to highlight the symmetry and curves of the round face, which is why geometric shapes and straight lines are a good idea. This easy-to-use, pixie haircut for medium-thick hair is put over the top of the hair to give it an appearance and volume. It’s all you need is a small amount of styling product before blow-drying it in straight, textured hair comb. The back is a beautiful curve that runs down to the shaped-in nape, and the short, sharp side-points that prevent unwanted wideness at the cheek level (and draw attention up away from the prominent nose)!

25 Simple Easy Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

Cute hairstyles that ‘go from long to short’ transform round faces

This is a highly successful transformation which raises the attention to a point that is just above the forehead, which makes the lower part of the face as well as the neck and chin appear more slimmer. Since this pixie cut is a few inches longer than that long, floppy bob wore prior to the change she was left with a modern simple short hairstyles that have a the strong, diagonally curved fringe that flatters a round-face. Cut the hair into a length that falls off just below the cheekbones decreases the “width” and the adorable wispy tips highlight the lips’ well-shaped shape. The overall look of the cut frames the forehead and eyes rather than focusing on the model’s double the chin, making her appear larger than she really is!

25 Simple Easy Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

Front focus of blonde fringed on mousey-brown Pixie cut

Another fantastic way to bring the main point one of the most effective haircuts that are short for round face is by putting an intense blonde tint with a thick side-swept fringe! This can really alter your appearance, and because of the intensity in the streaks that are blonde that are graduated to a small amount in the center of the head you’ll have an amazing contrast of color on the shorter lengths! Additionally, it’s a great short hairstyles option to which you can apply the temporary blue, purple, pink or red tint to create an elegant party style, too!

Side View of short pixie cut for fine hair

Hairstyle with a jewelled headband and an extra-long fringe

This beautiful party hairstyle is just one of the many hairstyles that round faces can create with a long Pixie cut. In this particular version the face’s round shape is broken up by an angled line that forms a lengthy, smooth, pale blonde fringe. Notice how it taper into a curvature on the sides to draw your eyes inwards toward the jaw, reducing the impression of width on the lower portion of the face. When you are wearing a’special occasion or everyday hairstyles for face shapes that are round it is recommended to aim for an extra volume or a fashionable hairstyle on the top of your head. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reuse your old diamond bracelets however, if you don’t have any this headband made of diamonds is the perfect hair accessory!

Michelle Williams Short Hair with Headband for Round Faces

A messy pixie style for red carpet occasions

The round face is very uniform, which is one of the reasons the most recent asymmetrical pixie cuts have become very popular as hairstyles for parties and everyday use. messy hair (without curly hair) is an excellent method to add powerful straight lines that can balance the curly face. This simple short haircut has finely textured layers that break down the curvature of the hairline in front, ample forehead lengthening display, and messy, straight hair strands on the sides to minimize the curvature of a rounded cheek! An ideal short hairstyle for thin hair.

Emma Watson Short Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Color-flash top focus is on pixie for a round face

To draw attention to the upper portion of a face that is round, give a surprising pop of color flowing fringe. The model is dark-blonde in hair which has a cool tone therefore it is able to be amplified up by cool pastel colors like aqua-blue. If you pick an accent color that is in line or is in contrast with the eyes of yours, then you can highlight these hairstyles even more by incorporating the most trendy pixie hairstyles!

20 Simple Easy Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

25 Simple Easy Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

25 Simple Easy Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

Even though women with an oval face are not in the majority often, short, everyday hairstyles pictures show models with oval faces. It can be difficult to determine the best short hairstyles that flatter round faces! My advice for the best method to keep short hairstyles in balance for round faces is as follows: Volume on top along with a strong fringe and sleek, flat sides. Check back often for frequently updated posts on cute everyday hairstyles that will suit your face shape – click here!

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