Short layered haircuts are totally in at the moment. With summer just months away, you might be thinking of trading in your longer locks for a simpler style to survive those torrid summer months.

From sexy long layered haircuts to mid-length hairstyles to funky short haircuts with layers, the sky’s the limit! And with explosion of color trends, you can really go wild. Try a colorful ombre, playful balayage or subtle highlights to add some flair to your layered hair cut.

Whether you want a longer style or a shorter hairdo for summer, there are plenty of adorable layered haircuts out there.

Short Blonde Bob With Layers

Short Blonde Bob With Layers #blondebob #shortbob #layeredbob

Very often sticking up to the class is a great idea however when there is a chance to upgrade it – you should not waste it! Piecy layers added to classical short bob is quite a perfect example!

Long Layered Pixie Haircut

Source: bescene via Instagram

Long Layered Pixie Haircut #pixiecut #rosegoldpixie

There is rarely such a thing as too much volume when you opt or the properly chosen cut. Yet, if you want to make quite an impression with your hairstyle anywhere you go – opt for cotton candy hair dye!

Short Layered Bob Haircut With Side Bangs

Source: courtgannhair via Instagram

Short Layered Bob Haircut With Side Bangs #purplepixie #layeredpixie

Side bangs are there for you if there are angles to add to your face. What is more, you should never be afraid of experimenting with colors especially nowadays. The mixture of teal and purple looks simple breath-taking!

Long Bang Layered Pixie Haircut

Source: ang_i_e_ via Instagram

Long Bang Layered Pixie Haircut #wavypixie #blondepixie

Pixie cuts are not limited in ways you can style your hair that is for sure. If you feel like adding some curls to your mane today – go for it girl!

Short Inverted Layered Bob Cut

Source: styled_by_carolynn via Instagram

Short Inverted Layered Bob Cut #invertedbob #brownbob

Inverted bobs are popular no matter what century it is outside and there is no wonder why. There is barely anything that would look as gorgeous as this messy layered inverted bob cut!

Bright Blue And Purple Layered Bob

Source: hairgod_zito via Instagram

Bright Blue And Purple Layered Bob #bluehair #bluebob

If there is a statement to make – go for it. However you have to be sure that no matter the brightness this layered bib looks extremely gentle and feminine not to mention stylish!

Layered, Tousled Bob

Layered, Tousled Bob

This look is extremely flattering for those with fine hair. The longer side bangs that are set slightly higher will help add height and volume. Some blonde overtones will add depth to the look.

Long Layered Pixie

Source: Savinamarieb via Instagram

Long Layered Pixie

This adorable pixie has enough length in the front to give you some fun styling options. The shorter layers at the crown give it some added height, and the neck length will help elongate your neck.

Layered, Curly Bob

Layered, Curly Bob
This look is perfect for girls with natural curls. The tousled style is fun and playful. Additional length at the face will add volume and depth.

Short & Sassy

Source: Presleypoe via Instagram

Short and Sassy

This playful cut has a ton of volume and will add a lot of height, as well. Opt for a deep rich color to add years to your look.

Far Out Shag

Meucabelocurto via Instagram

Far Out Shag

This shaggy, short style with its pink highlights is totally adorable. The shaggy bangs will draw attention to your eyes. Add a few random alternating curls to perfect this sweet style.

Totally Grunge Girl

Source: Katiezimbalisalon via Instagram

Totally Grunge Girl

With its stacked-back and longer front, this fun style harkens back to the 90s. If you want to make it look modern, keep the bangs extra long and dye them deep dark blue.


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