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28 Stunning Short Red Hair Color Ideas to Consider in 2024

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Life is too short to have boring hair. Why not liven your short hair with a stunning red shade? Famous redheads with chopped hair are Rihanna, Emma Stone, and Scarlett Johansson, and these hairstyles are always a hit when they walk red carpets! In contrast to the traditional brunette or brown shade shorter red hair is fiery and a perfect match for every skin tone. Choose hair that’s red and cut to showcase your coolness. Red comes in a variety of shades available. The strawberry and ginger reds are perfect for fair, cool skin tones with bright red, while vibrant reds and bright auburn go best with deep dark to medium skin tones. Professional Corrective Colorist Carli Ebbert of The Juju Hair Lounge shows how hairstyles like bobs and pixies can be Instagram-worthy when infused with red tones! In terms of maintenance, it’s well-known that red dyes can be demanding in terms of products and routine maintenance. However, having it in your cut hair will definitely make it simpler! “The Balayage technique is an option to put red hair without a lot of dedication,” says Ebbert. Prior to you go to your next salon appointment take a look out our current gallery of the most popular short red hair color options!

Short Red Hairstyles Tips

Red Cinnamon Spice Funky Pixie

#1: Cinnamon Spice Funky Pixie

You can try a funky pixie to make an unexpected shift. More warm tones such as reds and coppers are ideal for women with a warmer complexions. Discuss with your stylist and determine which tones will most flatter you.

Short Fluffy Hair with Bangs

#2: Short, Fluffy hair with Bangs

Short Brick Red French Bob

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#3: Brick Red French Bob

A red French hairstyle is an elegant fashion and classic style. It is cut with choppy layers to give added texture or hidden layers to create a more elegant style. Style using an angled brush for a modern look or a round brush for create more volume and texture. Complete the look with a cream or texture spray.

Short Red Blunt Cut with Orange Bangs

#4: Short red Blunt Cut, with Orange Bangs

Try a blunt red short haircut with orange hair to get an exciting and bold style. Ideal for hair with short lengths Orange bangs provide warmth around the face and red provides a vibrant gorgeous shade overall. Have your stylist texture your bob.

fiery red short hair with bangs for women with heart shaped faces

#5 Fiery Red short hair with bangs women with heart-shaped faces

Nothing says hotter than the solid red hue on longer pixie cuts. This is a adorable short haircut with bangs, which is great for older and younger women alike because of its easy style.

super sleek jaw-length copper bob

#6: Super Sleek Jaw-Length Copper Bob

If you’re looking to make a statement make sure you try a stunning jaw-length copper hairstyle. This gorgeous copper looks stunning against green and hazel eyes. This short bob is sure to draw lots of focus to your face. The texture in this length is essential to allow hair movement.

bright red short hairstyle for women

#7: Bright Red Short Hair

A bright red short bob is stunning with a trendy hairstyle that is real. If you’re washing your hair, consider to use the Alterna Caviar line – color shampoo and conditioner. The combination of red and coral is ideal for women with larger personality. Red requires maintenance hair color like this however, with the right regimen of shampoo and hair care you can re-gloss it every 5 to seven weeks.

Red asymmetrical bob with undercut

#8 8: #8: Red Asymmetrical Bob with an Undercut

Red asymmetrical bobs and cut-offs are ideal for women with long hair, and have not afraid. Red hair is always a standout from the rest and is cuts that are symmetrical. Some people don’t have the patience or time, and also doesn’t want to keep cuts or red hair. Therefore, combining all three characteristics into one style is certainly a bold declaration. This can help to give the appearance of less hair by using the lower cut and the longer side.

Short red hair for girls

#9: Short Red Hair for Girls

Red, short hair for girls is an adorable hairstyle. The bobs that are short require frequent trimming and red hues require regular appointments to maintain the sparkle, but they’re well worth the effort! Utilizing a copper or red-pigmented shampoo at home is helpful for maintenance. It can also help keep the color vivid between appointments.

short dark red hair with highlights

#10: C with Highlights

If you’re looking for a new way to style your hair, try the plum and red shade! Hairstyles for straight women can style this pixie hairstyle without much effort and with little hairstyles.

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