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18 Chic Layered Long Pixie Cut Ideas You Can Totally Pull Off

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A long, layered cut pixie style features short, layers in the back, with longer layers in the front. It’s a sexy strong hairstyle that attracts the attention of others. It’s the ideal choice for sophisticated and confident women of all ages! Beverley Bates works as an artist ambassador, teacher and owner of a salon in Warwickshire, UK. She demonstrates that the options of styling the pixie are endless. Do you want a bolder look but with softness? Bates suggests a thicker layers bob that has a graduation or an undercut. “By the day, it could wear it in its natural style. For special occasions, it could be styled using a delicate quiff, a texture or unfinished curls,” she adds. The key to getting a stylish long-layered pixie cut is selecting the best stylist. Bates says, “Go to a stylist who is skilled at creating an appealing short cut–and will consult with you as well.” The modern cut can be worn with any hair type and texture, provided it’s in poor, frizzy state. Bates suggests using products of La Biosthetique Paris for a healthy, youthful scalp as well as edgy textures. Choose the haircut to give you a stunning look every day. Here are some pictures of the most fashionable long pixie cuts that you should test!

Brunette Long Pixie Bob with Layers

1: Brunette Bob with Layers. Bob with Layers

A brunette pixie with layers is a gorgeous medium to short cut which can frame and highlight the face. By layering the pixie bob, you will create more body and movement and make the cut easy to manage. Pixie bobs require regular styling to appear sexy However, the process of styling is usually simple and quick.

Feathered Pixie Cut with Layers

#2 Feathered Pixie Cut Using Layers

A pixie that is feathered and cut in layers of hair is super chic. A lixie cut with feathers is a soft feminine cut that looks great on middle-aged women and older women. Feathered layers are a great complement to medium-wavy texture. It is easy to clean and leave, or apply a small volume spray in the base to give body to the hair for a quick blow dry.

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Extra Long Blonde Pixie with a Side Bang and Layers

#3: Long Blonde Extra Long Pixie with A Side Bang

Layered Pixie Bob

#4: Layered Pixie Bob

Try a layered pixie If you’re looking for an easy-to-style cut that offers a variety of hairstyle options. A long pixie hairstyle is somewhere in between neck and ear it’s a great haircut for transitions if you’re not yet ready to transition to a short cut. Discuss with your stylist the possibility of an icy highlight session in beige to make your latest crop truly stand out!

Layered Pixie with Heavy Bangs

5: Layered Pixie with Heavy Bangs

Layer a pixie and add long bangs for a trendy wear and wash style. Long pixie styles with layers and a full fringe conceal wide heart-shaped faces, as well as reduce oval-shaped faces. Be sure to keep it on top of regular trims to maintain your pixie’s shape.

Tapered Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

#6: Tapered Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

The tapered cut to the finer hair type is a great cut that adds the appearance of a tresses that is limp. A close cropping of the back while leaving length around the sides, with texture across the top is an innovative option for an extended pixie cut to suit fine hair. Spray Living Proof’s full root lift on damp hair, then blow dry to achieve maximum volume.

Side-Swept Pixie Cut with Layers

#7: Side-Swept Cut using Layers

You can try a side-swept long pixie with layers for an elegant yet stylish haircut. Layered pixie cuts for the short hairstyle is extremely adaptable and looks stunning on women of all different ages. Add a touch of elegance to your hairstyle by adding gorgeous champagne blonde.

Pixie with Razored Crown Layers

#8: Pixie with Razored Crown Layers

You might consider a pixie cut with cut-off crown layers if you are a little thin with hair in need of an boost. Layered long pixie hairstyles for fine hair look incredibly chic, with sideburns that are wavy and a swoopy, short fringe. This crop that is short and razored flatters women who are over 50.

Angled Pixie with a Side Part

#9 Pixie with an Angle with an A-Side Part

If you’re considering making changes to your look, think about an angled pixie that has an additional side piece. The short-layered pixie is pure perfection. Softly tousled layers, complemented by an asymmetrical part on the side highlight cheekbones and draw attention to your eyes. Add a chic long pixie by adding a creamy hue of platinum blonde.

Wavy Pixie Hair with Layers

#10 10: Wavy Pixie Hair with Layers

You can consider wavy pixie hair in layers if you’ve got textured hair. They are extremely versatile and look amazing for women from all age groups and forms. Naturally curly hair can be air-dried using sea salt spray or accentuated with some loose curling iron hairstyles.

Shaggy Pixie Cut with Curtain Bangs

11: Shaggy Pixie Cut with Curtain Bangs

A shaggy pixie with bangs on the side is a quick and easy hand-crafted hairstyle that gives a lot of movement. It works for straight, wavy and curly hairstyles. Include a subtle face-framing in the low-maintenance long pixie cut to give it a thorough layering wash.

Textured Pixie Cut with Choppy Layers

#12 Textured Pixie Cut Choppy Layers

Try the textured pixie cut that has chunky layers if you’re looking to increase volume in fine hair. The cheek-skimming layers that are angled on a long , choppy cut pixie for shorter hair can frame the face and emphasize cheekbones. Include a warm hazelnut shade by adding a few baby light bulbs to soften your skin and highlight the texture.

Pixie with Stacked Layers for Thick Hair

#13: Pixie with Stacked Layers for thick hair

Are you afraid to cut yourself short due to the large volume of locks? Don’t worry, because the pixie cut with layers to accommodate hair that is thick is the ideal cut. It is not just a shorter crop an excellent way to lessen styling time however, a layered length pixie cut to fit thick hair is great for weight reduction. Blow-dry using Kevin Murphy Ever. Smooth, and finish with Bedroom. Hair dry with a texturizing product.

Long Layered Pixie for Thin Hair

#14: Long Layered Pixie for Thin Hair

Choose a long-layered style for hair with thin layers to add motion and add volume to your hair. Long pixie cuts to thin hair is usually placed at or below the ear and has a jawbone-grazing fringe. Ask your stylist to determine if a platinum blonde color will complement the skin color.

Straight Long Pixie with Wispy Layers

#15: Straight Long Pixie with Wispy Layers

A straight cut pixie with wispy layers is a great cut for women looking to add movement to the straightness of their hair. Blended layering can add an even round look to the sideburns and sides of your cut. Request your stylist to smooth the edges and sideburns to create the appearance of wisps.

Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

#16: Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Try the pixie cut that has long bangs to cut down on weight and highlight your most attractive features. A close cut around the sides and the back of the neck can help to reduce any excess weight which makes styling effortless. Add side-parting to an asymmetrical pixie cut in order to increase the volume of your fringe.

Pixie Crop with Side-Swept Bangs

17. Pixie Cut-out with Bangs Side-Swept

Think about a pixie crop that has side-swept bangs when you’re willing to leap to the realm of shorter hair. A long pixie style with bangs lets you maintain length at the front, and will look stunning when viewed from an oval face. You can add some peach highlights to add some flair to the shorter style.

Tousled Layers on a Pixie

#18: Tousled Layers on a Pixie

You can consider a long pixie style with a few layers. If you’re a fan of an interesting hairstyle and prefer the modern twist on the classic lixie style, messy pixie cuts could be the perfect solution. Request your stylist to cut texture-rich layers, perhaps cutting using a blade or scissors to create the texture. If you have a bit of hair on the side, you’ll be required to cut it every 4 to 6 weeks, unless you are comfortable with a short Pixie hair mullet.

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