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28 Trendy Bob Haircuts For Stylish Look

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Bob haircuts are back and if you’re planning to be a part of this gorgeous hairstyle it is a must to check out these stunning haircuts. Bob haircuts are definitely one of the most timeless and glamorous styles that won’t go out of style. No matter if you have thin hair, straight hair curly hair, or fine hair, you’ll be awed by these stunning new haircuts for bobs! Take a look at our stunning collection of 30 stunning and amazing bob haircuts below.

28 Hottest And Trendy Bob Haircuts For Stylish Look

Alyson Hannigan Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

The length of the bob is cut to fit below the jawline, with bars of slice layers inserted across the edges to give it a the shape. The middle part allows this hairstyle for a face with a round shape and is ideal for people with medium to fine hair.


Brooklyn Decker Medium Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Brooklyn Decker has a fantastic Bob for spring and summer. The mid-neck length weave features thin edges and delicate waves throughout giving it a cool , beachy look. Brooklyn is a well-developed out periphery , which it matches with a deep side piece for a stylish look. Her loose waves provide this weave with an indication of urban fashion in the meantime.


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Vanessa Martinez Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

This dark-colored bob is a pass waved cover that shows the length limited to be sliced down to fit beneath the jaw line to give a simple and smooth appearance and feel.


Tia Mowry Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

The bob is a haircut that is never out of fashion. Tia wears her trademark weave cut that has been working wonders for her. It’s the ideal hairstyle to show off her oval face shape as well as stunning facial features, and give her the look of timeless elegance.


Tamera Mowry Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

The hair is brushed smooth and flaunts the maximum cut length. thin layers that slice across the sides to create an define the jawline. The blasts are chopped barbed and smoothed to define the top part of the face. It gives the overall look a flawless finish.


Spencer Grammer Medium Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Large free waves are created on the back and sides of these locks that give the overall style an easy and delicate style and look. This style of low-whine is easily re-created by yourself using the appropriate tools and a small item to manage hair that has fallen off.


Rose Byrne Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

This stunning bob is blow-waved smooth from root to tip in order to create a smooth appearance and feel. One side is hidden behind the ear without noticing the opposite side to define the jawline.


Rita Ora Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

The head-transforming hairdo has been cut through the closures using the limit trim blasts. Then, the blasts are smoothed to define the top in the facial structure. The longer pieces are pulled down to be layered over the short bangs, which complete the look beautifully.


Reese Witherspoon Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

The idea of low-fuss is the main thought for this look. The length is cut to fit under the jawline and then blow-waved to define the face to create a smooth simple and easy appearance and feel. This is a great hairstyle for people with fine to medium hair.


Rebecca Romijn Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle

The light blonde hair is cut to a certain length and left in to give this effortless style width and volume, creating a stunning style that can offset a disappointed appearance. This simple haircut is perfect for people with fine to medium hair. It requires regular trimmings to prevent split closures.


Patricia Arquette Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

The edges of this bob have been spiked and cut to give a striking look and feel through the sides and the back. The top is split in the last minute and then it is smoothed, making this an exceptional chance to enhance an eerie appearance.


Nicole Kidman Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

Nicole was seen with her typical red locks swung beautifully at the annual 87th Academy Awards. The top was separated in a last-minute thought by turning the closures under to give a dramatic finish. The hairstyle can be worn either behind or in front of the ear. It is an essential items for shine and hold.


Nicky Whelan Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

Its back style is trimmed into the scruff, while the length is cut in limit and then trimmed down to the jawline to create an angled wrap-up. The top layer is then it is then blow-waved on the other side to create an amazing wrap-up. This look is great for people with fine to medium hair.


Medium Straight Formal Bob Hairstyle

Long manes with a lot of finished hair can add volume to your hair. When combined with highlights this style can do wonders to enhance your appearance. Select fiery ash blonde with highlights of purple to create a stunning effect.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

This stunning bob is cut to be placed at the jawline and then blown-waved to smooth the top and turn the ends under for the perfect appearance and feel. After the blasts have been exhausted, they are pushed back, and removed to minimize the facial features and completes the overall style beautifully.


Maggie Rose Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

The light blonde hair is perfectly blown-waved and split from the sides, allowing the top part of the hair to be clear over the face and compliment the face. This medium length cut can be great to define an oval face and is great for any occasion.


Krysta Rodriguez Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

This wavy, darker and slender bob can be perfectly blown-waved in order to smooth it as the closures are turned under to draw out the jaw-line. The rough trim is trimmed to define the top of the face. It then ends the hairstyle in a stunning way.


Kelly Osbourne Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

The medium length hairstyle is sharply carved through the layers and finishes to give a perfect appearance and feel. The blasts are limit cut and smoothed out to define the most prominent point of the face. Then, it creates a stunning look.


Kellie Pickler Short Wavy Bob Hairstyle

The loose waves appear throughout this light blonde hairstyle creating a ricochet effect and the right amount of development to match a dark look. This elegant ‘do is not difficult to recreate with hair curlers or hot rollers, and is perfect for any special occasion.


Kellie Pickler Medium Curly Bob Hairstyle

Well-defined hairstyles have been added on the back and sides of this blonde hairstyle to give the overall style lots of bob and a shape that is suitable to complement a sloppy style.


Julie Ann Emery Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

The brunette bob is blown-waved beautifully, tucking the ends beneath the jawline to create a the most natural and relaxed appearance and feel. Smoothing the blasts to highlight the highest point of the face. It enhances the overall look.


Julianne Hough Bob Hair

Julianne Hough Bob Hair

Joelle Carter Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

This bob with highlights is blow-waved to allow the edges to be positioned under, and then split by a second thought, by flicking one side out in order to achieve this gorgeous hairstyle that will enhance a brooding appearance. This hairstyle can be easily achieved with a blow-ave, and is perfect for people who have hair that is medium to fine.


Jenna Elfman Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

The blonde hairstyle is trimmed with barbed layers along the sides and fronts and has been swept back, with a subtle length and volume. This simple but smooth look is a dream for people with medium or fine hair, and needs a tiny amount of grip and shine.


Helene Yorke Short Straight Bob Hairstyle

This stunning bob style is cut so that it sits on the jawline, followed by blow-waves to create an elegant and simple appearance and feel. The blasts are then exhausted to define the top of the face. It then ends the hairstyle in a flawless manner.


Ciara Short Straight Bob Hairstyle

The bob’s short length is blow-waved smooth to turn the ends to frame the jawline, making the perfect hairstyle for a long face. It is an easy haircut to keep in mind.


Carrie Keagan Short Straight Bob Hairstyle

This concave bob has been blow-waved gorgeously, with the ends and layers layered beneath to frame your face. one side is secured to the back giving it an asymmetric appearance. This style is ideal to impress at any occasion.


Carrie Keagan Medium Straight Bob Hairstyles

This gorgeous curved bob cut to fit at the scruff along the back, while the sides and front are calculated down. It is then blow-waved to give a silky wrap. This fabulous ‘do is perfect for defining the face, and is perfect for those with fine or medium hair.


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