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30 Best Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas (Pictures for 2024)

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Hair with strawberry blonde is blend of light red hues and warm blonde shades. The shades of strawberry blonde range from light, medium as well as dark. The red-blonde shade is typically best with fair skin and lighter eyes. The most well-known method to achieve this hair look is to buy blonde strawberry hair that has highlights, ombres, or the balayage. Are you unsure whether to be blonde or redhead? If so, these strawberry blonde hair colors are the answer! Some of the biggest stars of the day who sport this stunning reddish-yellow hue are Amy Adams, Rachel McAdams, Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone as well as Blake Likely. For a natural looking strawberry blondehair color “leave some of your original color at your hair’s roots, and then mix it with some gold” adds Tiffanie Richards who is a seasoned blonde hair colorist at N.Y.C. L.A. hair colorist Toyomi Ishikura she says, “once you get your new strawberry shade, you’ll need to apply a new color every 6-8 months.” The most suitable color for your skin for strawberry blonde color is and warm, according to Jackie Summers of Matrix.com. Before you schedule your next hair appointment go through these images of the most sought-after colors of hair that is strawberry blonde.

Long Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

#1: Hair Long Hair With Strawberry Blonde Highlights

The strawberry blonde highlights that are affixed to long hair are an amazing method of adding soft movement to a blonde hairstyle. Contrary to many other shades the strawberry blonde shade is a perfect match for all skin tones. This gorgeous mix of copper, honey and blonde is always a good option for a shimmery beachy, sun-kissed style!

Muted Strawberry Blonde with a Root Smudge

# 2: Muted Strawberry Blonde with an underlying Smudge

You can consider a subtle strawberry blonde that has a root smudge to get a subtle hair color shift from platinum blonde. The muted strawberry blonde color is a mix of cool and warm tones. A root smudge can make your hair look less like it’s been ripped out over the next couple of weeks, creating an appealing mix. If you’d like to preserve your hair’s longevity color, buy dry shampoo and not wash it more often than 2 times a week.

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Luscious Strawberry Blonde Waves

#3: Luscious Strawberry Waves

Exchange your dull-looking locks for gorgeous strawberry curls. A combination of gold and red hues can give you that perfect strawberry hue. Remember to condition your hair every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain your shiny shine. Do not use hot water when washing so that the soft strawberry hues don’t disappear so fast.

Strawberry Blonde Pixie with Bangs

4. Strawberry Blonde Pixie , with Bangs

A strawberry blonde hairdo is the ideal style for women looking to add some color but not way too much. The soft and subtle the strawberry tones add warm skin tone while a pixie can make an impressive fashion statement.

Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair

#5: Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair

Hair that is dirty and strawberry blonde can be a less diluted form of strawberry blonde. This lovely warm blend of blonde and red pleasing to all skin tones. It is important to note that this strawberry blonde diluted is extremely high maintenance since diluted hair colors fade quickly.

Natural Strawberry Blonde with Sun-Kissed Highlights

#6: Sun-Kissed Strawberry Blonde Hue

A strawberry blonde shade that is sun-kissed has a more orange tone however it has a golden luster. Colors like this can create a look that resembles an natural redhead in that strawberry blonde shade spectrum. It’s got depth and dimension which are both great when paired when paired with loose curly hair.

Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair

#7: Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair

The dark, strawberry-colored hairstyle is a fantastic option to intensify warm tones without getting too dark in the hair’s color. Dark strawberry blonde hair is an ideal mid-tone color woman who doesn’t wish to appear too light or too dark. The warm shades of strawberry blonde highlight the warm tones of your skin.

Strawberry Hair with Highlights

#8: Strawberry Hair with Highlights

Highlights in strawberry hair create an incredibly versatile and buildable dimension that can be easily adjusted to suit cool or warm skin tones. Most of the time highlights on strawberry hair have a warm golden blonde. However, they can be toned down to more neutral or beige shade to lessen the overall warmth of the shade.

Long Strawberry Blonde Hair

#9: Long Strawberry Blonde Hair

Hair with long, strawberry-colored hair can be a classic warmer-toned blonde with some red reflections on it. The color strawberry blonde is one that is best suited to warm skin tones , but can also be utilized to neutralize cool skin tones too.

Strawberry Peach Blonde Highlights with Dark Roots

#10: Delicious Dark Strawberry Blonde Locks

Gorgeous brunette locks that are dark and dark look best when they have a high density. The softness provides eliminates the illusion of the thickness. Add some texture and waves to your hair and they are ideal to style hair in this way. They can increase the length and dimension.

Strawberry blonde ombre hair color

#11: Delightful Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Here’s a beautiful Strawberry blonde, ombre hair that’s waiting to provide a chic and flirty style! The short hair has the soft and fresh style that young ladies are awestruck to wear. To give the color more dimension it is possible to use a wavy hairstyle. be beneficial. Hairstyles with this kind of texture must apply hairspray to ensure it has an appearance that lasts for a day.

Strawberry peachy blonde hair

#12: Strawberry Peachy Blonde

Peachy blonde strawberry is the favorite hair color this spring. If you’re consulting with a hairdresser ask for strawberry blonde highlights throughout with brighter ends at the bottom. It’s an excellent alternative to a full-on blonde and bleach. It also makes an easy grow out, which means shorter time spent at the salon.

Strawberry blonde highlights on light blonde hair

#13: Strawberry Blonde Highlights on Light Blonde Hair

The addition of strawberry lowlights to lighter blonde locks is an excellent method to add color to create a beachy blonde highlight. It adds the appearance of contrast and draws attention at the beautiful locks and dirt blonde roots.

Strawberry blonde hair with blonde highlights

14. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Highlights of the Blonde

Request the strawberry blonde color with highlights of blonde to add warm tones against a light skin tone. The babylights of copper light against the blonde tone create a an effect of multi-tonal that only works if you’re an already blonde. Request your stylist to apply an all-over gloss color to give you the gorgeous strawberry tone.

Strawberry blonde curly hair

#15: Strawberry Blonde Curly Hair

A curly strawberry blonde hair is just one aspect. By adding multi-tonal hair colors, you can elevate your look to a new level. Working with two or three different shades in highlights can be extremely creative. It gives dimension and depth to curls.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye for Blondes

#16: Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye for Blondes

Strawberry blonde hair color for brunettes adds the tresses with a radiant glow and warmth ideal for summer. The honey undertones produce an elegant and trendy look. The thing that makes this look more striking is the waves which emphasize the depth. The depth at the root will make the colors pop even more!

Sweet Strawberry Reddish Blonde

#17: Sweet Strawberry Reddish Blonde

A lovely strawberry reddish blonde is a great match for light and neutral tones of skin best. It’s guaranteed to make blue eyes sparkle! The thing that women need to know is that it’s very high maintenance. It fades fast in sunlight, therefore make sure you wash your blonde strawberry hair with purple shampoo to shine it up.

Warm strawberry blonde hair color

#18: Warm Strawberry Blonde

A light, warm strawberry blonde color can make hair appear healthier. The warm blonde color looks natural for women who have a neutral complexion , and perhaps green eyes! For regular maintenance, Davines Alchemic Silver Shampoo is an excellent product to apply. It eliminates the brassy tones of the blonde hues such as this.

Strawberry Peach Blonde Highlights with Dark Roots

19: Dark Blonde Hair with Highlights of Strawberry

The dark blonde color with the strawberry accents gives an ethereal gold tone that exudes a girly vibe. This hairstyle is great for women with a fun personality and a sophisticated style. The strawberry hairstyle with waves of beach is a great option. The entire look has a modern look.

Auburn to Strawberry Blonde Ombre Balayage

#20: Sweet Auburn Strawberry Blonde

The lovely auburn strawberry blonde hairstyle on long tresses is a hot hairstyle! The volume of the ginger hair is amazing and adds lots of texture to the wavy hairstyle. Hair with a strawberry blond like this requires an oil or shine spray to boost the shine. It will look gorgeous under the sunshine!

Golden Honey Strawberry Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

#21: Natural Golden Strawberry Blonde Hue

A natural golden strawberry blonde shade gives warmth and more rich tones. The most appealing thing about it is the fact that it will flatter all skin types. Another benefit of this hair color is that it’s a cash-strapped look. It’s not just brightening the face, but also adds a hair a romantic look also!

Vibrant Pink and Strawberry Blonde for Curly Hair

22: Cool Pink Strawberry Blonde with Champagne Highlights

A fresh strawberry blonde that has champagne highlights that is romantic and feminine! The mix with shades and the platinum-like finish and the long length cut make for a romantic and romantic hairstyle. It’s great with thin and fine locks that make the strawberry blonde hair that has highlights beautiful.

Dark Red to Fiery Strawberry Blonde Ombre

#23: Yummy Red Strawberry Blonde With Dark Roots

The gorgeous red strawberry blonde with dark hair gives off a stylish, lived-in style! This hair shade is best suited to lighter skin tones. This hair color is ideal for women who are naturally brunettes. It has darker roots which makes it easy to maintain.

Vibrant Pink and Strawberry Blonde for Curly Hair

#24: Vibrant Pink and Strawberry Blonde for Curly Hair

What the vibrant pink and strawberry blonde curls can offer is the “fun glamour girl” style. The curls aid in the color and provide that texture and movement. These tresses can get dry more quickly than other types of hair. Therefore, a moisturizer will be ideal as it gives shine.

Long Strawberry Blonde Hair

#25: Rich Strawberry Blonde with Copper Tones

A mix of vibrant strawberry blonde and copper tones creates an interesting shade that accentuates the delicate skin. It’s a bold color that almost all women are able to pull off regardless of the age or how old they may be. This shade is a great match for a haircut that has layers. The layers will add depth, certain.

Lovely Pastel Strawberry Blonde Color

#26: Lovely Pastel Strawberry Blonde Color

A beautiful pastel strawberry blonde shade such as this is a delicate pinkish hue, and works well with fine hair! When you jazz up your locks by letting them wave, the volume is brought to life. If you’re naturally dark hair but wish to achieve this look request shadow roots. They are essential to hair that is low maintenance.

Bright Light Strawberry Blonde for Pale Skin

#27: Light Strawberry Blonde Shade

The light strawberry blonde hair can bring an extremely feminine feel. The fact that the roots are a more dark creates a lovely melting effect. The blonde and brown hair color is stunning on long hair. They give volume, movement and texture to ensure that your hair won’t appear dull.

Stunning Brunette Hair with Strawberry Blonde Balayage

#28 Stunning Brunette hair that comes with Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Gorgeous brunette hair with strawberry blonde, balayage offers with depth and dimension. It’s ideal for thick tresses because the mix of shades can help break up the thickness. If you’re a brunette and want to experiment with hair that is blonde the first time this is an excellent option since it provides more vibrant ends with low maintenance.

Light Strawberry Rose Gold Blonde

#29: Subtle Strawberry Blonde Tint

A subtle strawberry blonde shade has a cool hue that is perfect for women who have fair skin. The strawberry-dyed hair is an appearance that isn’t overly intense, but it is eye-catching. What’s nice about this shade is that it can be worn in any situation if paired with the correct hairstyle.

Lovely Pastel Strawberry Blonde Color

#30: Tasty Medium Strawberry Blonde Tones

The delicious medium strawberry blonde hues on tresses produce a stunning golden look. The hue is bright enough to lighten the face area. the face. It is a simple and a go-to style for busy women when straight. However, this style can also be an elegant, glamorous style when you’re wavy for parties.

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