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15 Stunning Ways to Get The Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color Trend

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Dark Ash blonde hair has a dark shade of blonde, with the addition of grey for cool and dark undertones. It’s trendy with the ladies and is the ideal hair shade for every mood and any season! Choose this shade to lighten your brunette locks, but without the platinum look. If you don’t, go for this hair color in case you’re a blonde girl who prefers a darker shade. Highlights, ombre and shadow roots–there are many ways to add this shade to your hair. Select the option that will give you a more dimensional look to match your skin tone. Make sure to inform your colorist of what you would like it to appear, says hairstylist and the owner of Hare Studio, Effie Lei. It is crucial to avoid getting “too bright yellow” as well as “too grey” shade. The more ashy tone is reflected as a darker toned look, while the blonder aspect makes it appear lighter. Professional colorists, such as Lei take into consideration the strength of your hair. If it appears damaged or is in a different shade there is a chance that you will not achieve the desired style after just one appointment. Be patient and Lei assures you that you will achieve it eventually. Learn from the greats like Amanda Seyfried, Cara Delevigne as well as Elizabeth Olsen. It took work and time, however these women have done it perfectly! If they are able to rock this style with grace and style, you should be able to, too! With time the blonde hair shade can turn brassy and warm and brassy, which is why Lei recommends using Milbon’s blue hair shampoo. “You must neutralize the orange-based pigment…to keep your shade of ash.” He says “I suggest this because it doesn’t dry your hair as some other products.” It’s time to experiment with new hair styles and colors. Let’s get into this stunning trend. Get inspired by these images of stunning dark blonde hair ideas!

Dimensional Grey and Dark Ash Blonde Hair

#1: Dimensional Grey and Dark Ash Blonde

The beauty of dark grey and grey blonde with shadow roots will make you awestruck. It gives a subtle look by blending softer and lighter shade. This makes it a fantastic combination for mid-length wave-like hair.

Stunning Silver Ash Blonde Hair Color

#2: Stunning Silver Ash Blonde

Consider silver-ash blonde to get an amazing darker blonde. Ask a stylist if the hair is light enough to give an ashy look since it isn’t suitable for all people.

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Gorgeous Ash Blonde with Dark Roots on Short Hair

3. Gorgeous Ash Blonde who has Dark Roots on short Hair

A combination that has dark roots with ash blonde short hair is low maintenance. It’s already captivating and complements your natural beauty. Fringe and waves when paired together with shoulder-length cuts show off the blonde balayage more effectively.

Subtle Blonde Hair with Dark Ash Blonde Highlights

#4 Subtle Blonde Hair, that has Dark Ash Blonde Highlights

This is a blonde hair that has darker ash-colored highlights that give a dimension that is subtle yet stunning. Add some flair by using a shadow root permitting your natural locks to grow without damaging the hair. It’s perfect to wear it straight, and then on an angled cut.

Smokey Brown to Dark Ash Blonde Ombre

#5: Smokey Brown to Dark Ash Blonde

Begin with your dark roots and then let your hair fade into dark ash blonde hair shade. The result is an ombre that’s smokey that is perfect to eliminate brassy ends. The long layers of your hair noticeable by adding waves from the beach.

Flattering Dark Ash on Light Blonde Hair

#6: Flattering Dark Ash on Light Blonde Hair

Dark ash that is flat on blonde hair that is light and dark roots are the way to create an ash-like dark tone. It will complement your hair color and creates a 3D illusion. If you’ve got long beautiful locks, don’t worry about how to pull off this style but make sure you make it look natural with delicate waves.

Ash Blonde On Dark Blonde Hair

#7: Natural-Looking Dark Ash Blonde

Nothing is more beautiful than the look of a casual and easy-going style and shade. While it’s a great choice for all cuts This natural, dark ash blonde color is stunning with long hair, curly locks. Shadow roots make it easy to maintain and easy to let the natural hair color of yours grow out.

Stunning Dark Ashy Blonde on Bleached Hair

#8: Stunning Dark Ashy Blonde on Bleached Hair

Gorgeous on bleached hair, blonde balayage is a great choice using a root smudge as well as beach waves. The movement of these hairstyles is gorgeous, and creates the illusion of ashy-toned hair. In the process of growing your long, curly hair will never get boring thanks to this style.

Traces of Dark Ash Blonde Ideal for Brown Hair

#9: Traces of Dark Ash Blonde Ideal for Brown Hair

A few subtle traces of dark blondes are perfect for brown hair. They are great at of adding a touch of spice to your entire appearance. When you have the sweet and bubbly appearance it will look gorgeous for any haircut you’ve ever had.

Dynamic Dark Brown Hair with Ash Blonde

#10 Dynamic Dark Brown Hair with Ash Blonde

If you have long and fine hair Try this style and color try. The effect of melting color and the soft waves produce an elegant movement that is paired with long locks. The dark brown hair paired with ash blonde hair will grab the attention of everyone.

Beautiful Dark Ash Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

#11: Beautiful Dark Ash Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

Due to the volume of curls and streaks lighter shade These dark tresses appear stunning. Dark highlights of ash blonde on black hair, as done with Balyage, sparkle in the light. You can add layers to your hair to give it more movement and vitality the locks.

Stunning Dark Ash Blonde on Straight Hair

#12: Stunning Dark Ash Blonde on Straight Hair

The appearance from dark brown ash in the straight hair of yours gives your hair more dimension and depth to create a striking appearance. With a root shadow as well as gentle color melting set to let the world know that your hair is awe-inspiring.

Lovely Ashy Dark Blonde on Dark Hair

#13: Lovely Ashy Dark Blonde on Dark Hair

What your long, thick hair and black locks require is some glam. A dark blonde balayage that has babylights comes beautiful when paired with dark hair. The length and waves frame your face and the color will compliment the medium skin tone.

Classic Black to Dark Ash Blonde Ombre

#14: Classic Black to Dark Ash Blonde Ombre

A dark to black blonde ombre is a genuine thing, and you have to test it! Do you think these shades will blend perfectly? The wave-like movement is stunning, particularly on a thick and long hair. To maintain this colour I suggest you apply hair treatments in conjunction by using shampoo for hair that is purple. Try to stay away of hair dyes sold in stores. If your hair is more authentic appears when you get to your salon for hair and the more natural your hair, the better the results will be.

Curly Medium Hairstyle with Curly Bangs

#15: Statement-Making Curly Dark Ash Blonde

In the world of blondes, it’s possible to make a stylish dark ash blonde color and make an impact! There’s nothing more appealing than a lengthy hairstyle with distinct kinks, and a fashionable shade.

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