Undercut Pixie

An undercut pixie hairstyle looks classy! Recent trends show that a pixie is popular among women belonging to various age groups. Apart from style, it is a low-maintenance hairstyle to get. If you ask for the right pixie cut it will glorify any hair texture. The thicker hair is fixed by removing the extra bulk while lifting the thin hair bringing volume to the overall cut. So it is a great way to settle your hair regardless of the category of your hair type. For an excitable appearance, an undercut pixie is a great idea to go with. Along with other virtues being versatile wins the race! Starting from lengths, colors, and sizes it can be paired in thousands of different combinations each being equally flattering. To have more insight into this haircut we have 20 awesome ideas to style your pixie cut, have a look.

Choose Copper Colored Hair

For a youthful and lively look a vivid copper tone with voluminous bangs is here. The hair with a longer cut makes it similar to a classic undercut pixie. Also, this will go well if you want a slight shift in your hairstyle without being too out of the box.

Red Brown Pixie for Thick Hair with Disconnected Undercut

Go For a Dramatic Undercut Pixie Cut

Create a vibe! A side-swept undercut pixie must be considered for adding a girly look edgier. In this way, you can channel the flip sides of your personality one being a feminist and the other being a free-bird. Attention to subtle detailing will make your cut shine more in a magical way.

Side Swept Undercut Pixie with Subtle Highlights

Rock Your Hairstyle

Want to get the spotlight all at once? If yes then go for getting a piecey pixie with an undercut that is nothing less than a fresh breeze for your hair. The major benefit of this style is that it makes your hair weightless giving you a signature look.

Dark Red Texured Pixie with Taper Fade

Set Your Blondes

To get a killer combination for your hair, ask for pairing a pixie with an undercut colored in blonde tones. It will leave everyone in awe giving you an unrealistically stunning feel. However, to keep your side-swept hair in place get your hands on the right products suggested by your stylist.

Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs and Dark Shaved Sides

Choose a Striking Contrast

Want to get a mind-blowing hair look? Get a super short undercut styled with a pixie bob. Not only it fixes the weight of a thick hair texture but also helps you to achieve a seamless look. Blonde highlights with shadow roots will enhance this style, taking the lead!

Long Undecut Pixie for Thick Hair

Opt For an Eye-catching Undercut Pixie Style

Looking for s style for fixing your thick mane? An ultra-short side undercut with super-long bangs is one such breathtaking style to choose from. The short layers above will help to remove extra bulk while adding movement to your hair.

Inverted Pixie Bob for Thick Hair with Shaved Side

Styling Undercut Pixie For a Newbie

Are you the one to go for a pixie with an undercut but are too afraid to get it done practically? Nothing to worry about! Get a mild cut for checking whether it is made for you or not. This can be done by asking for a longer undercut with a contrast to add definition to your overall look.

Undercut Blonde Bowl Cut with Black Roots

Go For a Faded Undercut

A refreshing and youthful style can be achieved with a faded undercut along with a shaved design on your nape area right below your long-cut pixie bob. It reflects nothing but awesomeness. Style it with s daring fade or keep it straight both will go well.

Pixie Bob with Hidden Undercut for Thick Hair

Get Spiked Edges

For an elegant look try an elaborate fade undercut, with spikey top alone side sharp lines. As it carries no bangs and layers so it is comparatively easy to maintain an undercut pixie that goes well with your thicker hair creating a statement look.

Short Spiky Pixie for Thick Hair

Perfection in Mess

A striking undercut combined with long messy layers can make you stand out. The slicing of layers is done in such a way as to reduce the weight of the extra hair. This makes the undercut to get blend with your baby’s hair making it classy.

Pixie with Long Layers on Top and Cropped Sides and Back

A Daring Look to Create

A nape undercut is especially for you if you want to contrast your blonde pixie with long side-swept bangs. Fascinating yet unique is what this hairstyle is called. Your whole hair area will be transformed significantly.

Long Platinum Blonde Pixie with Nape Undercut

Get a Ducktail Pixie Cut

An increased volume at the top of your hair is what a ducktail pixie cut is. This style makes your face grab all the attention creating a contemporary look for you. Pair it with a nape undercut to get a featured look.

Messy Wheat Blonde Pixie for Straight Hair

Wear Your Pixie Elegantly

For a feminist style undercut and equally flattering pixie hair, we have got a solution for you. An alluring combination of soft choppy layers at the top styled with perfectly styled see-through bangs is another name for elegance. On the other hand for an edgier note get an ultra-short undercut.

Pixie for Thick Hair with Skin Fade Undercut and Textured Fringe

A Flawless Transfiguration

A disconnected undercut is all you need to sort out your office look! Keeping the shade of the hair throughout this style will reflect a soft and settled look. This cut can go well if you are too lazy for styling your hair.

Textured Pixie with Undercut for Thick Brown Hair

Opt For a Dreamy Pink Hue

Pink to the rescue! The shades of pink are symbolized the girly approach. To radiate a feminist look, color your undercut pixie in the shade of pastel pink or lavender. Shadow roots and layers will help achieve depth and volume for your cut.

Pearl Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs and Shaved Disconnected Undercut

Endearing Contrast

If you are not sure about getting a pixie cut done on curly hair it is high time to get it done without thinking too much. It adds a cute pretty style to your personality. To glorify it more combine it with a daring undercut. To tame your unruly thick curls an undercut pixie with curtain bangs is a way perfect to go.

Undercut Pixie for Thick Wavy Hair

Platinum To Try

To get the best pick for your round-shaped face and thick hair ask for a note-worthy pixie cut with long side bangs and undercuts. The long layers will bring volume to the top of your hair, removing extra hair from the sides of your crown. This will result in a pretty elongated shape that will make you rock the style.

Pixie with Long Side Bangs and Shaved Undercut

Choose This For A Feminist Style

Pixies are known for adding a settled and delightful look while considering an undercut pixie sometimes required careful observation before getting it done. Now you don’t have to choose between low-maintenance undercut pixie and getting a perfect style for your age group. This can be done just by opting for the option to cut your undercut a bit longer and flaunt your look.

Neat Undercut Pixie for Women over 50 with Thick Hair

A Prominent Nape Area

There is always more space for styling the thicker hair with an appropriate undercut to get a soft and distinct look. To enhance your undercut pixie significantly a dark brown chocolate shade should be getting on a priority basis.

Messy Short Pixie with Curtain Bangs and Fade

Your Tribe is Your Vibe

Join a Faux Hawk Tribe by opting for an undercut pixie mullet. It can go almost on every other hair type including wavy or straight ones, that looks worthy of praise. You can go for this undercut pixie style to enhance your unique style.

Curly Pixie Mullet for Thick Hair

A pixie with an undercut is the best pick as it is low-maintenance and can significantly fix your thick-textured hair. Pairing it up with a suitable option looks extremely stunning. Whether going to your office or on an occasion, this style will collect compliments everywhere!


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