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30 Ideas of Peek a Boo Highlights for Any Hair Color

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There are a variety that are peekaboo highlights that you can explore. If you’re not interested in to go with a traditional hair shade but would like to experiment with something bright and bold, there are plenty of options to pick from. Be sure to take good care of your hair dyed with the right conditioners and shampoos to ensure the colors last as long as possible and enjoy your hair that is peekaboo! Peekaboo highlights are a way to hide hair dyed under the surface layer of hair. By incorporating them into your style, it creates a unique and distinctive style.

The dyed hair can be used with all kinds of hairstyles. It is now possible to get to work without feeling nervous if your hair dye is allowed at work. You can cover up the peekaboo hair and wear it when you wish – at occasions, dates, and other occasions that you’ve in your mind. Here are 30 peekaboo hair highlights images we’ve collected for your ideas.

1. Silver Peekaboo Hair. Make the most of your hair’s natural dark colour by adding some silver highlights. This hairstyle looks elegant and is fun, but not overwhelming.

Dark Hair with Silver Peekaboo Highlights

2. Blonde Peekaboo Highlights. These are the best highlights for women who don’t want to be adamant about a blonde hair shade. The blonde ribbons contribute to a bold style which can be styled in a straight or curly.

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Medium Wavy Hair with Peekaboo Highlights

3. Shags that have Peekaboo Highlights. The shaggy cut as well as the peek at a boo hair coloring for brunettes are a sexy combination. A few great highlights options for dark hair include platinum blonde, gray as well as pearl white.

Dark Shag with Platinum Peek a Boo Highlights

4. Lavender Peekaboo Highlights. Create a subtle contrast with your dark hair. Top the look with some curls and you’re ready to go!

Lavender Peekaboo Highlights for Dark Hair

5. Blonde Underlayer for Long Hair. Get yourself a new look that highlights blonde shades with dark hair. This hairstyle can be styled by adding a few waves to allow the bleached hair to stand out.

Dark Hair with Blonde Underlayer

6. Dark Peekaboo Hair in Blonde. The mid-length haircut that has layers of bangs and dispersed dark peekaboo highlights creates a sexy elegant style.

Black Peekaboo Highlights for Blonde Hair

7. The black Hair With blonde Highlights Underneath. Bleaching hair’s underside produces a low-maintenance hairstyle that’s creative and enjoyable. This is guaranteed to attract attention!

Black Hair with Underneath Bleaching

8. Lilac Peekaboo Highlights. Try to brighten your brunette locks with this bright shade. Lilac will give you a instant splash of color that will leave people glued to your hair.

Brunette Hair with Lilac Underlayer

9. Blue Peekaboo Hair. The ocean blue peekaboo style will make your platinum or gray hair. We’re feeling powerful Mermaid-like vibes!

Gray Hair with Blue Peekaboo Highlights

10. Teal Peekaboo Hair. Blue is a more wilder style to the typical hairstyle, and that’s just gorgeous! Make yourself the Sea Queen all through the year and you’ll be the center of attention.

Teal and Blue Peekaboo Highlights

11. Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair. The best highlights that work well with brown hair include those with high contrast hues like different shades of blonde. This mix adds some edge to your hairstyle.

Blonde Peekaboo Highlights for Lob

12. Pink Highlights Under Brown Hair. The pink peekaboo style is an excellent idea for those who want to experiment with your brunette hair. It’s a low-maintenance highlight option that alters only just a few hairs on the nape.

Pink Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair

13. Purple Peekaboo Highlights. Mix the purple peekaboo hair color with your natural hair color. Combine it with a long hairstyle to make a dramatic fashion statement.

Layered Haircut with Purple Peekaboo Highlights

14. Azure Blue Peekaboo Highlights. The combination of blue azure peekaboo highlights and blonde highlights with a darker background gives an unpretentious look that enhances the wavy hairstyle. The distinctive highlights create a mysterious attraction.

Blonde Hair with Blue Highlights

15. Half-Peekaboo Half-Money Piece Highlights. Make a chic and unique impression by highlighting highlights. The combination of a noticeable section of one-sided blonde hair and barely noticeable half-dyed hair on the other side gives an unusual look to the messy brunette hair of.

Messy Brunette with Dyed Hair Underneath

16. Colorful Peekaboo Highlights. Highlighting different colors in short hair is a fantastic method to stand out! This is a great idea for women who wish to be different from the rest.

Pastel Peekaboo Highlights for Short Hair

17. Blue-Purple Peekaboo Highlights. The unique peek-a-boo highlights that appear on dark hair can be fun and reveal your intriguing character. Explore the colors to the max!

Dark Hair with Blue and Purple Peek-a-Boo Highlights

18. Pink Peekaboo Highlights. Enjoy summer vibes no matter the time of year with this bright pink hair color that peeks through your blonde locks.

Blonde Bob with a Pink Underlayer

19. Rose Gold Peekaboo Highlights. A classy and sophisticated style that is perfect for wild events. The rose gold hue can be used to accent or complement your lipstick color to give your look a unique appearance.

Classy Brown Lob with Rose Gold Highlights

20. Rainbow Peek-a-Boo Hair Highlights. This peekaboo highlights for short hair are captivating and stylish. Include all the shades of the rainbow, and waves from the beach to refresh your hair’s style.

Short Rainbow Peek-a-Boo Hair

21. Chunky Silver Blonde Peekaboo Hair. These dazzling blonde highlights contrast beautifully with her brown hair that is textured and give a mystical feeling to her look. The money highlights make her skin glow well and add a fun look to her short cut.

Brown Hair with Silver Money Highlights

22. Punchy Plum Peekaboo. You can pick any peekaboo hair color and the result will be cool. The plum hue of the under-hair dye might not be the first choice of highlights to highlight black hair. These stunning plumb peekaboo highlights on black hair are a great way to put doubts at bay.

Plum Peekaboo Hair Color for Black Hair

23. Redhead With Silver Peekaboo Hair. The fiery and vibrant red hair with fascinating details of silver beneath layer hair colors… Wow! What an interesting mix! Silver highlights lend a gentle warmth to her warm undertones in her red locks. The combination of these two shades creates a youthful feeling, with a slick edge.

Red Hair with Silver Underlayer

24. Peacock Peekaboo Highlights. The hair dye that is used with different pastel shades makes the most imaginative peekaboo hair art. A peacock’s peekaboo highlights are visually appealing and showcase your creative side in a fun way. This is exactly what we need for, don’t you think?

Gray Hair with Pastel Under Hair Dye

25. Black Underlayer. Black is a fantastic peekaboo color option especially for hair with blonde. The underlayer can create a striking contrast with the light blonde hair in an unusual manner.

Blonde Hair with Black Peekaboo Color

26. Unicorn Peekaboo Hair. The perfect look with a vibrant color that is reminiscent of unicorns! This style could be suitable for any hair type as well as skin tone. We suggest a cut that is choppy to counterbalance the sweetness.

Choppy Bob with Unicorn Peekaboo Highlights

27. Rainbow Peekaboo Hair. Enjoy some joy while maintaining your stunning dark hair shade. Your stylist should incorporate highlights in the lower layers to be harmoniously blended with the base shade.

Rainbow Peekaboo Highlights for Black Hair

28. Blonde Underlayer Hair Color. The chunky, blonde peekaboo stripes are certainly appealing. The most attractive blonde highlights could be beneath brown hair. Highlights enhance the dimension and movement of this stunning curly hair.

Brown Hair with Blonde Underlayer

29. Peekaboo Highlights Hairstyles with Bangs. Highlights with Peekaboo can change any kind of hairstyle, from basic to adorable. Take a look at the sophisticated and highlight highlights with dimensional lines that are added to this shag that has bangs. Highlights can be placed anywhere and you’ll never be disappointed.

Brown Shag with Peekaboo Highlights

30. Pink-Purple-Blue Peekaboo Hair. Make sure you choose a bright sublayer of ombre with a beautiful gradient that creates the perfect mix of your favourite shades. This is sure to be a stunning one!

Peekaboo Underlayer with Ombre

There are a variety that are peekaboo highlights that you can explore. If you’re not interested in to go with a traditional hair shade but would like to experiment with something bright and bold, there are plenty of options to pick from. Make sure you take good care of your hair that has been dyed using the correct shampoos and conditioners that will make the colors last as long as possible and enjoy playing with your hair that is peekaboo!

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