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35 Cute Long Haircuts for Women to Try in 2024

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The beauty of long hairstyles is their capacity to soften the sharp edges and balance facial proportions and look more feminine and fresh. If you’ve grown your hair and are looking for new trendy long hairstyles take a look at our inspirational photos of long-haired women.

Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Each Hair Type

You can certainly get your hair to look amazing regardless of its length. Long hair provides the best opportunity to have fun with style, color, and even texture. If you’re motivated to grow your hair take it on and the more you do, it’s not difficult. “If you use a great shampoo and conditioner, do less heat styling, and have regular haircuts that are sympathetic to your hair texture/type/density, you’ll basically have the hair of your dreams,” says Matthew Tharp, the Art Director of The Lounge Soho based in London. We agree with him completely. Another part of the truth is that not all of haircuts you prefer are wash-and-go. This is due to the incorrect cutting method that’s not suitable with your hair’s texture. Let’s find the most attractive styles for every type of hair and determine the easiest to maintain ones.

Long Layered Haircut For Wavy Hair

Slice at the edges of your curly hair. If you do this you’ll get more modern and soft appearance.

U-Cut For Straight Hair

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You can get rid of the flatness of your hair by adding some highlights to highlight your straight lines. Select the V-shape or U-shape cut, and then layer the ends.

Long Haircut For Thick Hair

Hair that is thick doesn’t like being cut short. Keep it under your shoulders, apply quality products for your hair and relax with easy styling.

Long Piece-Y Haircut For Thin Hair

For a win against your hair’s thinness, try an easy piece of cut, instead of layers and layers.

Layered Haircut For Long Fine Hair

Contrastingly fine hair is a great match with layers. If you’re looking to rock a stunning style Ask your stylist for an layered haircut that includes an extended side bang.

Chasing the Shape: Pick Your Best Long Hairstyle by Face Type

The other thing to be aware of when considering long hairstyles for women is your facial shape. You may be able to identify the most gorgeous cutting-edge style but should it not fit you face shape, it may cause you to lose your hopes. So, avoid chasing the latest trends – instead, choose a look that fits your face form instead.

Do you not know how to figure out the facial shape? “Try snapping a picture of yourself in front of the camera while wearing your hair pulled back. You can then trace the face’s exterior and note which facial shape it is most like,” suggests beauty and fashion coordinator for e-commerce Taylah Brewer on her blog post on The Trend Spotter. “Alternatively take a look at your face by paying attention to how wide your eyebrows as well as cheekbones and jawline and also the distance of your face your forehead to the chin to determine the proportions. If you do this you’ll be able to determine which form you are most compatible with,” she adds.

Long Haircut With Layers For Round Faces

The most attractive hairstyles that flatter women with round faces are ones which frame and define the face. If you’re in love with layers, go for long hairstyles, starting at the jawline.

Long Layered Hairstyle For An Oval Face

The ladies with an oval face are fortunate. And the ideal long hairstyle for them is to be curled or waved.

Flipped Out Hairstyle For Heart-Shaped Faces

For a balanced look with a heart-shaped face choose hairstyles that add weight on the lower portion of your face. This includes the flipped-out hairstyles with layers of your jawline and lower.

Feathered Cut For A Long Face

A long face is an excellent combination with a clean cut that is feathered. Bangs can also be the best companions with this collection.

Long Wavy Hairstyle For Square Faces

Women with a square face must choose a cut which softens the jawline. Choose side-parted hairstyles that have flowing waves, focusing attention on your eyes as well as the top part of your face, away from the jawline.

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