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30 Pixie Bob Haircuts for 2024

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A pixie bob haircut is an amalgamation of a bob as well as a Pixie that has shorter, graduated hair in the back, and longer hair at the top and in the front. This style is a modern method of transitioning between long and short hair and reverse the process. Elegant and modern the haircut is suitable for both thick and fine hair, and can be adapted to fit any facial shape. It doesn’t matter if you want to change your current haircut or are considering thinking about cutting it shorter at first, we’ll hope that you are enjoying browsing through this selection of different shapes of hairstyles for pixie bobs. Pixie bob haircuts are more flexible than the classic one because the longer hairstyle has less styling restrictions and are also much less trouble-prone than a traditional hairstyle since a pixie’s maximum is usually around the length of the chin. A pixie bob haircut is ideal for casual wear since it lets you manage your hair in the blink of an eye. It creates an elegant style that is suitable for office, parties and everyday-friendly. A further benefit is the fact that having a pixie bob can simplify women who live in humid and hot climate. A pixie bob is able to easily adapt both the image of a rebellious woman and also to a chic woman’s dress. Emilia Clarke, Jessica Alba, Mia Farrow, Shailene Woodley, Scarlett Johansson and even Audrey Hepburn – lots of famous women have tested and tried different hairstyles for pixie bobs. Now it’s your turn to try! Take a look at the latest ideas for pixie bobs we’ve collected to share with you on this page. You can test it out!

#1: Stacked Pixie Bob Cut

Ideal for hot summer days This layered pixie bob with the shorter hairstyle looks elegant and feminine. Lots of texture and soft , swooping bangs makes it easy to keep and style.

Asymmetric Pixie Bob with Wispy Bangs

#2: Silver Blonde Defined Pixie Bob Cut

This sleek and full-bodied Pixie is an excellent choice for those who want an elegant look. Apply some mousse and blow dry your hair with the use of a round brush. You can then apply a texturizing paste to give it definition.

Metallic White Long Pixie with Full Bangs

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#3: Long Pixie Bob Haircut

Textured layers, side-swept bangs, and a short faded back all add up to make this style an exemplary style of a Pixie bob. It’s true, it’s not going to take much effort to create it.

Tousles Pixie Bob Haircut

#4: Choppy Pixie Cut with Silver Highlights

We’re in love of this messy-looking pixie made with plenty of lilac chunks with silver highlights. Apply a texturizing paste to recreate this effortlessly twirled appearance.

Full Pixie Bob with Gray Highlights on Dark Base

#5: Inverted Pixie Bob

Blonde hair is the perfect way to display the form and texture of a bob that is short. For example, this classic silver haircut with a the back of the hair stacked and short and long sides.

Silver Pixie Bob with Textured Layers

#6: Razored Chin Length Pixie Bob Hairstyle

The perfect cut The Bob pixie cut is practical and visually pleasing. The feathered edges as well as the symmetrical undercut gives it that distinctive individual look.

Stacked Pixie Bob with Swooping Bangs and Side Undercut

7: Long Pixie Bob with an Modern Twist

We love this fresh version of the 90s with the short bob style. It is perfect for those who have a rounded face since the cheekbone grazing lengths it out at the center, creating a more wide and round appearance.

Chin Glazing Pixie Bob for Straight Hair

8: Angled Pixie Bob with Bangs that frame the face

If you’re a fan for hairstyles that are edgy and you love the classic pixie haircut with layers of bangs. Although this isn’t an easy to maintain style but it’s worthwhile to keep it.

Short Bob with Layered Bangs for Thick Hair

#9: Rose Gold Choppy Pixie Bob

If you have thin hair and are struggling to create volume, then just above the cut at the chin is the best choice. Long enough to not feel naked, this trendy hairstyle will make even thin hair look more full.

Rose Gold Pixie Bob Parted in the Middle

#10 Pixie Bob Cut hair with Choppy Layers

The pixie and bob combination is the perfect haircut for people who love having a fresh style each day. Hair should frame your face to create an bob style or tie your sides in behind your ears, and wear the pixie style.

Mullet Pixie Bob with Baby Bangs

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