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Are you thinking of adding some fun and unique shades into your hairstyle? Are you a lover of vibrant and distinctive hair dyes? Many women who like to experiment with their hair’s color will enjoy this article. We will be talking about a variety of adorable looks and the combination of black and blue that is hard to resist. Continue reading to find the perfect hairstyle in the comments below! Let’s face it – dark blue hair can be something different from the normal hair shade. Of course, given the current trends there’s not a single hue that is going to surprise you. If you can see how captivating the hue is and how many variations of it there are , you’ll surely fall over the color. In light of all this it is our opinion that if you do decide to give the color a go you should be aware of the little details regarding the subject. In addition, the fact that Ri-Ri as well as Katy Perry have already sported the shade is sure to inspire you to test the limits! If you’re considering going all-in and grabbing the blue-black hair color, then you’ve been to the right place. This is the definitive tutorial on blue-black hair: how to achieve it and create a pop, and how to add some edge to your look. This combination of colors makes for a elegant, stylish look however, it can get over the top quickly. You could opt for tonal treatments, spicing it up by adding some bright shades of blue, or opting for an all-over color. however, to ensure that you achieve great results , it’s essential to choose an appropriate tone. In this article, we’ll discuss the various options and methods that are available to help you select the perfect style you’re seeking.

Black & Blue Hair: FAQ

1. What Are Black & Blue Hair Looks?

A striking black and blue hairstyle is powerful and powerful. It’s a striking style that is perfect for young girls and women who like to look glam and attractive. If you’re looking for trendy and contemporary designs then you’ll like this look. It could be a mix of all kinds of highlights. You can take pleasure in it, but make sure it’s an elegant style that is unified well and is well-balanced.

2. Who Could Wear This Hairstyle?

Typically, this hair combination and color is preferred by young ladies and women who like to stay on top of fashions. If you’re a frequent user of TikTok and like to keep up with the latest trends present, you’re likely to love this style also. A majority of girls are able to recreate this look, but older women are advised to give this a warning. It isn’t easy when you want to dress in this look at work.

3. How To Achieve This Look?

The procedure itself isn’t difficult to follow provided you hire an excellent hair stylist. If you’re one who wants to keep their cut, know that this will not be difficult to attain. This is how it will appear:

  • Your stylist will use dry and clean hair.
  • They will add blue highlights over your hair color. It’s recommended that you have a dark hair base underneath.
  • If not, they’ll have to blend to form black roots. This will create your blue highlights
  • The color selection is the most challenging element, and it’ll take about 2 hours to achieve impeccable result.
  • After the color is set in place, they will wash it out.
  • Then, they’ll chop and style and cut your hair to your preferences.
  • Blot dry and put it up with the correct hairspray

4. Is This Look Hard To Maintain?

Maintaining this hair’s colour and style is very difficult to keep. It is essential to be able to endure the rigors of steel, and innovative ideas and ways of how to keep it in style on a regular basis. Be sure to purchase:

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  • A shampoo to color hair.
  • Deeply hydrating and conditioning conditioner that is nourishing
  • A round brush blue colored hair dye you’ll use to enhance the color every two to three mois on your own
  • Heat protecting spray

5. What Is The Typical Price For These Highlights?

Blue highlights that are atop your black hair may cost a lot to acquire however, it isn’t always easy to get. This is the reason why you have make the investment to keep your chosen cut and design. The majority of hair stylists will cost between $100 and $200 for this coloring, styling and haircutting idea. The final outcome and cost will vary depending on the length of your hair as well as thickness, in addition to the experience level of your hairstylist as well as their credibility.

15 Black & Blue Short Hair Ideas

1. Black And Blue Hair Dye

Black And Blue Hair Dye

How about this cool blue and black color combination? It’s arranged in such a way that girls will love it for their sexy night outs! Make sure to show off your beautiful bob as well as rock those highlights evening and daytime. Be sure to brush your hair out with a round brush in order to achieve this the volume and sexiness you want throughout the day.

2. Black And Blue Hair Color Look

Black And Blue Hair Color Look

If you love shorter styles and bob cuts, you’re going be a fan of this look. It’s feminine and flirty and is perfect for women who aren’t afraid of colors. It is a great choice when you’re in the market for an elegant curl. Choose more subtle blue accents and let your friends and the people around you that this blue shade is a good fit for you. The result is feminine but also perfect for everyday clothes, and even for work!

3. Short Black And Blue Hairstyles

Short Black And Blue Hairstyles

The bobs that are short-defined are ideal for ladies who appreciate low-key fashions and simple ideas for maintenance. If you’re looking to appear sleek and don’t have much time to spend on your appearance, you’re sure to love this hairstyle. Choose side-mounted highlights and take pleasure in this more hefty and more chunky version of highlights. If done correctly, these highlights will look great for everyday wear. outfit.

4. Mixing Black And Blue Hair Dye

Mixing Black And Blue Hair Dye

What do you think about giving it a shot with these half-and-half hairstyles that are colored? Many young ladies are in love with this look because it’s so strong unique, distinctive, and unique. If you’re searching for a fashion that others would never dare to put on then this style is you’re looking for! Black or blue split-colored styles make the most stylish of fashionistas. Get your hairstylist or stylist to offer you the evenly divided highlights, if looking for stunning styles that few people can wear regularly.

5. Super Short Black And Blue Hair


Shorter hairstyles and pixie cuts are adored and highly sought-after with women who appreciate simple and low-maintenance hairstyles. If you’re among them, make sure you know that you’re going to be wearing this style effortlessly in the summer months. Make your hair look more attractive with this vibrant blue and let your hair do the talking. If you’re able to dress in bold colors, you’ll love this shade for any kind of wear, night or daytime!

6. Wavy Look Black & Blue Hair


If you like the dark, black and dark roots but you do not want to flaunt the simple roots of yours, experiment with this look and enjoy the blue cut. If it’s done correctly and decorated with the correct highlights, the result will look like a Hollywood movie! Make use of a curling iron to create this kind of volume. Be sure to be in a good mood since similar blue and black highlights can be time-consuming.

7. Black And Blue Hair Ideas Light Color

Black And Blue Hair Ideas Light Color

If you love lighter blue or teal highlights, you could choose this style. It’s stunning and gorgeous and is perfect for women and girls who can wear more casual styles. Let your hair be a roaring display of in volume and excitement! Be sure to use the correct kind of brush to create this chic appearance for nighttime or mining look.

8. Straight & Silky Black And Blue Hair

Straight & Silky Black And Blue Hair

Highlights in part on top of your dark roots and darker hair will look gorgeous for all ages. If you’re not looking to maintain your hair in a high-maintenance style and are looking for something simple, this is the style for you. Display your blue vision and this stunning style for your straight hairstyle. It should scream class and sophistication!

9. Dark Black And Blue Hair Short Look

Dark Black And Blue Hair Short Look

Have you ever thought that you could apply your blue-colored highlights beneath your hair? This is a great illusion and style if you’re a lover of discreet and hidden spots. Be sure to have your hairstylist give you these under highlights in case you wish to conceal your highlights, and then show them your highlights. The style itself is ideal for those who are proud of their unique styles.

10. Wavy Bob Black & Brown Hair

Wavy Bob Black & Brown Hair

Do you like haircuts and lengths that blend seamlessly? Some hairstylists are able to create these exact suggestions. If you’re fond of subtle drama, you’ll be sure to enjoy this hairstyle. The result is workplace-friendly! If you’re able to put on and look glam, you’ll gravitate towards this look. Make sure you’re using an hydrating shampoo to keep the style.

11. Short Black Hair With Blue Highlights

Short Black Hair With Blue Highlights

Darker and dark highlights look stylish and retro. If you’re looking for an elongated hairstyle that’s clean and tidy take try. Make sure you curl your ends at the bottom of your hair, and you’ll be able to be able to achieve this look. You can show off the style and the precise side for those who appreciate the simplicity and elegance of their hairstyles.

12. Black Roots And Blue Hair Wavy Look

Black Roots And Blue Hair Wavy Look

Blend these stunning blue highlights with deep black or dark brown roots. The result will be a delight for any occasion, evening or daytime wear. Be in a good mood for the process of hair coloring. You’ll need to color your highlights and then re-try the style every two to three months. This is a fantastic hairstyle for women who want simple, easy-to-maintain styles that are simple to recreate.

13. Black And Blue Hairstyles Wavy Pattern

Black And Blue Hairstyles Wavy Pattern

Are you a person with dark roots? Are you someone who likes lighter colors and highlights the top the natural root? Try this combo! It takes about two hours to master this look. The result is flawless and ideal for young women who like more bright highlights and blue hues.

14. Light & Dramatic Blue & Black Hair

Light & Dramatic Blue & Black Hair

Curl your hair and enjoy this stunning appearance. The result is perfect for women who want a professional and office-friendly hairstyle. Your curls will shine with lots of hairspray! Apply the product slowly while letting your hair express it’s own. The final result will appear elegant and feminine.

15. Black And Blue Hair Half-Half Look

Black And Blue Hair Half-Half Look

Half-time hair-color ideas for half-hair will be perfect for those who like dramatic contrasts and harmony with your hair shade. The black side looks just as beautiful with your vibrant blue hair, don’t you think? Only certain hairstylists are skilled enough to create these stunning styles. Make sure you know what to wear and appreciate this concept for your wild celebrations and night-time attire. Hair can speak by itself, without having to put too much effort into it.

15 Black & Blue Long Hair Looks

1. Black & Blue Hairstyles With Curls

Black & Blue Hairstyles With Curls

If you’re fortunate enough to have long , healthy hair, you could test this look and showcase your beautiful shine and beauty. The majority of women can replicate this look or similar So why not experiment for yourself? Dark blue is a gorgeous color over the dark foundation. Combining these two colors, you can additionally, add lots of shine to make it look classy and appropriate for casual wear.

2. Long Ombre Black And Blue Hair

Long Ombre Black And Blue Hair

What do you think of this ombre style of beauty? It’s a popular choice for girls who prefer fashionable and trendy cuts. Ombre hairstyles are very popular for young ladies, are you among them that would like to sport the look? Make your ends look more vibrant by coloring your hair’s ends and delight in this range of colors. It’s not necessary to change your hair more often than 3 months to keep the appearance.

3. Black Hair With Blue Highlights At Front

Black Hair With Blue Highlights At Front

Do you want to wear one dramatic highlight that is over your dark roots? Many women prefer dark roots and chic blue highlights. Are you among those ladies? Pick a specific part of your hair that you want to highlight with this shine. Once you’ve done that you will appear elegant and fun with the irresistible look!

4. Half-Look Black & Blue Hair

Half-Look Black & Blue Hair

The blue and light teal highlights will look hot and beautiful on a lot of women. If you’re a fan of glamour and drama, you’ll be sure to be awed by this style. Hair can be tied in the back to create this look that is retro. You can use blue scrunchies, or hair tie in blue If you’re a lover of monochrome styles. Make your hair be noticed at any moment. You’ll be able to appreciate this look for night as well as daytime wear.

5. Black Roots With Long Blue Strands Look

Black Roots With Long Blue Strands Look

Straight hair is so simple to style, and looks stunning once you add those stylish highlights. It’s also healthy, and ideal for women who aren’t afraid of maintenance. Use the use of a lot of hairspray as well as oil for hair to achieve the amount of shine. The result is fashionable and is a must for ladies who know how to style the hair they want in this vibrant manner.

6. Black Hair With Chunky Blue Highlights

Black Hair With Chunk Blue Highlights

Are you someone with an interest in extensions? What about long, slender styles? Many women like this look because it’s striking and distinctive. If you’re in search of something different and fresh Give this look an attempt! The hair is quite difficult to keep. Add these fashionable bangs to make the look much more attractive. Be sure to be an affable person who is able to keep the style in place because it’s so difficult to maintain.

7. Wavy & Voluminous Black & Blue Hair

Wavy & Voluminous Black & Blue Hair

Do you have curly hair? Are you a lover of natural curls? If so, this pair is for you! It’s powerful and chic, ideal for women in their 20s. You can add a little curling cream to create this style. Make sure you’re ready for a fashion-forward look because this is beautiful and distinctive.

8. Elegant Curls Black & Blue Hair

Elegant Curls Black & Blue Hair

If you have hair that is shiny and long You’ll love this look. It’s stylish and inspired by the latest Hollywood glamorous looks that are perfect for teens or younger women. The end of your hair to get this style. If done correctly and properly it will appear distinct and fierce from other hairstyles. It is recommended to have your hair cut every six weeks to maintain your good health.

9. Long Straight Silky Hair With Blue Highlights

Long Straight Silky Hair With Blue Highlights

Hair that is longer and light, soft highlights are beautiful, don’t you think? It’s a great style if you’re fond of stylish looks and style. Make sure your hairstylist is able to achieve similar styles and placements. This black and blue look is perfect for women who are younger. Be sure to are patient and willing to go through the process. The color will take about 2 hours to adjust, so give yourself a make sure you are aware before you go to your hairstylist.

10. Hollywood Waves Black And Blue Hair

Hollywood Waves Black And Blue Hair

Do you have a naturally brunette who has curly and curly hair? If yes, then how do your hair be sexier more to get this style. They look classy and are perfect for women who are able to make their hair look themselves in such a elegant style. Apply these dark blue highlights to the ombre style on your hair’s ends. When properly put in place the look is suitable for all ages and genders of women who are able to create this stunning strong look.

11. Black Purple And Blue Hair Look

Black Purple And Blue Hair Look

Do you love the deep blue hue? The dark blue highlights look stylish and flirty. The result is unique and is perfect for someone who enjoys subdued highlights. The process of coloring will last about two hours. Be sure to book an individual you are comfortable with prior to starting the coloring process. Enjoy your hair for years to follow!

12. Black Roots With Blue & Purple Highlights

Black Roots With Blue & Purple Highlights

Dark blue highlights and violet highlights are hot this season! If you’re a fan of dramatic and lots of volume, you’ll enjoy this look. Utilize a curling iron in order to get this type of sexy and retro curls at the end. Be sure you’re in a good mood before embarking on this hair-making journey.

13. Voluminous Look Black Hair With Blue Highlights


In case your hair color is rather dark, you could experiment with these highlights. They’ll look pretty and sexy when done in the correct way. Select these subtle shades of dark blue and flaunt them regardless of the moment in the morning. If you’re a lover of lavish looks, you’ll be enthralled by this unique placement.

14. Long Black And Blue Hair Extensions


Hair with dark colors and highlights look stylish and trendy. If you’re a lover of dark roots and blue highlights, you’ll be able to appreciate this style change. Be sure to get them trimmed every 6-8 weeks to keep this style. Choose soft waves or waves at the beach to highlight their elegance and chic style.

15. Black & Blue Smooth Hair Look

Black & Blue Smooth Hair Look

And lastly, but certainly not least do you have the option of trying this cut and highlight positioning. Darker roots and a dark base will let your highlights appear more prominent every time, and who would not like to be able to do that? This style can take about 1-2 hours at a salon with longer hair. The result is ideal for working women as they can put it into this delicate braid to highlight the shine and elegance.

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