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From Ash to Honey: The Ultimate Guide to Dark Blonde Hair Shades

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Are you in search of a new look? Have you thought about wearing a dark blonde hair? Dark blonde is among the most versatile hairstyles you can sport. It is a great look for any season and you can always switch it up and update it to suit your mood or season. There are many different shades we have discovered on this page for you to check out. Your stylist and you must decide the one that complements your skin tone the most. Another reason why dark blonde is an extremely popular hair color is because it is a great match for all hair types. You could have short, thin hair or super curly hair, and dark blonde will look stunning in both. Revamp your look by putting all-over coverage on, throw highlights, opt for an ombre, or even a chic balayage style since no matter what you wear, you do, you will appear flawless. Dark blonde hair is the most dark shade of blonde. The shades that are dark in blonde vary from a deep golden tones to a more cool shade of dark ash, which creates a versatile hair color that can be worn in any season and for a wide range of skin tones. The warmer blonde shade is ideal for spring and summer , while the cooler and neutral shades are ideal for winter and autumn. If you’re a woman who wants to switch hair colors and want to find blonde shades that are darker, it’s more manageable since there are more options to work with, in terms of various highlights and the combination of darker shades. Prior to your next hair salon appointment, take a look at these photos of the season’s most popular hair styles in darker blonde hair to get your for inspiration!

1. Dark Ash Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a blue denim jacket

The first hairstyle is a dark blonde style with ash blonde hues perfect throughout. She styled her hair long, with a few layers of face-framing to add. Make sure to split it in half to really get the feel of this image.

2. Sweet Dark Honey Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a black cape

Here’s a stunning hairstyle for women with the sweet, dark honey hue. The hairstyle is a long layer that is layered throughout, with short side bangs that are positioned in front. You can add waves or wear straight as a straight style because this honey-colored dark shade would be great in both ways.

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3. Dark Caramel Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a eyeglasses

Another way to style your hair would be to do it in a dark honey hue. Here, she’s made the base darker with honey-blonde highlights layered in uniformly. Add the beach and you’re going to look stunning.

4. Dark Autumn Blonde Hairstyle

a woman inside a salon wearing a black cape

If you’re looking for an fall blonde shade, then this hairstyle is ideal for you. This style was kept flowing and long, with loose waves sprinkled to.

5. Dark Mushroom Brown Hairstyle

a woman wearing a black cape

The color of mushrooms is one of the most popular colors to wear to your hair. It’s a beautiful mix of blonde and brown that leaves you feeling and looking gorgeous. You can add those messy waves or wear it straight for a sleeker look.

6. Dark Honey Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a gray longsleeve

This is a medium-length cut that has dark highlights that are layered all over. The stylist also added some layers of long lengths and layers that define her facial features. This is an ideal option to test when you’re looking for an elegant and subtle new style.

7. Dark Subtle Blonde Balayage

a woman wearing a white shirt

Two-toned hairstyles are very trendy at the moment. Here she is separating her hair down the middle, with one side being a little heavier than the others. Hairstyle is gorgeous and loose curls as she did in her photo above. You are now done.

9. Dark Brunette Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a black sleeveless top

If you’re seeking a more dark look, this style is ideal for you. In this hairstyle, she’s kept the majority of her hair dark chocolate brown, but with some dark blonde flecks sprinkled throughout. Highlights add the appearance of texture and adds more definition to your hair.

10. Dark Toned Ash Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a black cape

Here’s another shade of the fashionable hairstyle of ash-blonde. In the picture above, she chose dark ash-blondes and it could be a fantastic option during the fall and winter months, when you’re wearing more dark-colored clothing.

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