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30 Suave Ash Brown Hair Shades

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Smokey brown dusty brown, silver brown are a few synonyms for the hair color ash brown that has become popular all over the globe. Similar to its blonde counterpart the hair color ash brown wasn’t fashionable back then. In the course of time, its smoky appearance was popular with those who wanted to appear at a different angle. Ash brown is among the most versatile hair colorings. It doesn’t require a lot of bleaching because you don’t require your hair to be completely blonde. It’s the ideal transition from brunette to blonde shade. Additionally, ash brown adds an attractive shine to your hair, while also adding more depth.

Let’s move on to the moment everyone’s longing for. Without further delay Here are my top 30 suggestions for the top shades of brown ash hair.

30 Suave Ash Brown Hair Shades

1. Dusty Ash Brownx

Dusty Ash Brownx


The hair with ash-colored dust is similar to green tea in that it needs to be acclimatized to. To achieve this style get your hairdresser to suggest an ash brown balayage that is dusty. Balayage is the method used to color your hair by hand instead of using brush.

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2. Ash Brown Dimension

Ash Brown Dimension


Ash brown adds the appearance of texture and bulk in your locks. You can add some light brunette highlights for this style. Hairstyles should be arranged with waves to create a bouncy and full-bodied look.

3. Cappuccino Ash Brown Hair

Cappuccino Ash Brown Hair


The contrast between brunette and blonde is hot in the present. It could be due to the fact that pastel shades and dusty hues are popular with generation of millennials. Opt for a muddy brown, which fades to an edgy blonde shade to achieve this stunning hairstyle.

4. Glossy Dark Ash Brown

Glossy Dark Ash Brown


Hairstyles are something that women want to be shiny. The amount of shine you can add is ever excessive. If your hair is thin you can add some contrast to it by using the color of ash brown. Straightening it on top, and curling it on the bottom to spice it up.

5. Strawberry Ash Brown

Strawberry Ash Brown


Have you ever wore an outfit with neutral tones and then added a splash of red lipstick only to realize that you’ve gotten the ideal style? This strawberry-ash-brown blend is the hair version of this. A little strawberry blonde hair with ash brown is all you need to brighten your locks.

6. Warm-Toned Ash Brown Blend

Warm-Toned Ash Brown Blend


A brunette-to-blonde ombre does not have to be dull. You can add smokey ash blonde to change from brunette roots that are dark brown to blonde ends. This looks great for winter months. The warm tone goes well with yellow, orange and gold.

7. Deep Coffee Ash Brown

Deep Coffee Ash Brown


Have you ever awoken to the scent of coffee early in the early morning? It is always a great start for me to start my day. The deep coffee brown shade is reminiscent of this. It’s a nice complement to the more intense shades of brown hair.

8. Light Ash Brown

Light Ash Brown


If you’ve been sporting brown hair throughout your life and are looking to change to blonde you can start with this hair shade. This light shade of brown looks like a dark and dirty blonde shade that is among the most trendy blonde shades we’ve seen in recent times.

9. Golden Ash Brown

Golden Ash Brown


Gold – Love it or loathe it, it makes an impression that’s difficult to shake off. It’s no doubt that the golden hue paired with ash brown looks classy. It gives your hair a look that is lush and healthy.

10. Ash Brunette Dimension

Ash Brunette Dimension


We are aware of various shades of brown like medium brown, ash brown, light or dark. Also, don’t overlook strawberry brown and rose brown. The list could go on and on. Combining different shades of brown will add depth to your hair and help it appear thicker.

11. Classic Ash Brown

Classic Ash Brown


Hair with ash brown color is frequently described as mousy hair too. The ash-infused color creates an edgy appearance. The ideal smokey brown look is cool-toned. However, you can also add warm hues to to match your skin’s tone.

12. Dark Ash Brown

Dark Ash Brown


If your locks are as dark and deep like the murky waters of the ocean, don’t worry! Dark ash brown hair is incredibly mysterious. The addition of the ash color to dark brown hair will give your hair a more softer look and can, in turn, highlight your face’s shape and features.

13. Dark-To-Light Ash Ombre

Dark-To-Light Ash Ombre


Ombre has been the main hairstyle for a long time. No matter whether it’s freezing winter day or blistering warm summer time, it is possible that you will choose an ombre to improve your mood and make it a more pleasant. If you are looking for that perfect sun-kissed appearance to wear on your next vacation, you can try this Ash brown ombre. It’ll sparkle in the sunlight and turn heads!

14. Muddy Ash Brown

Muddy Ash Brown


The air is scented with petrichor , or the scent when it rains. This wonderful scent of marsh fills my heart with joy. Bring back memories with this earthy and nutty brown hair shade. This hair color is perfect for fall.

15. Ash Brown Balayage

Ash Brown Balayage


It’s a known fact that the styling of your hair with waves can make it appear fuller. Add this beautiful light ash brown mix and you’ll be an instant winner. It’s amazing to see what three different colors such as lighter brown, dark brown and dark brown do for your hair! Looks spectacular, doesn’t it?

16. Sun-Kissed Ash Brown Hair

Sun-Kissed Ash Brown Hair


Many of us make plans for our trips so that we can return with a natural tan and hair that has been sun-kissed to let people know we’ve spent time away. This light ash brown hair color makes for the perfect “I’ve-just-come-back-from-a-vacay-in-Fiji” hair look. The wave that it’s been styled in only add to the beauty.

17. Winter Blend

Winter Blend


Deadvlei is among the most beautiful places on earth. It is located in Namibia It is a place with dead brown trees that lie on sandy sands that are ashy. Although it sounds scary but it’s actually not it is anything but (google it to find out what I’m talking about). The combination of the dimensional brown trees and sandy sand that is ashy can create an amazing hair color combination. Try it!

18. Frosted Forest

Frosted Forest


Have you ever been in a forest in winter? It is possible to see the brown bark peeking through the snow. The wood itself has many shades. I’m sure that’s the reason behind this gorgeous blonde ash hair that is frosted. Stunning, isn’t it? The light blonde hue resembles sunlight’s shining rays. Perfect!

19. Champagne Ash Brown Balayage

Champagne Ash Brown Balayage


Champagne is a symbol of celebration, and Ash brown is a hair color worth celebrating! This beautiful combination of champagne and dark blonde, with hints of ash brown is stunning. It is particularly beautiful when combined with nude and gold makeup.

20. Pink Ash Brown

Pink Ash Brown


Pink pastel is the latest trend today. Every woman would love it on her hair. If you’re anything like me then you do not want a bright, vibrant pink. I prefer a soft pink that works perfectly with my brown locks. This image struck a chord with me. The pink is vibrant but the brown ash smokes it out.

21. Light Versus Dark

Light Versus Dark


In the fight between dark and light hair colors will always prevail. Take a look at this color combination which is light and dark brown blend in order to provide your hair with volume and texture. Dark roots accent the volume further as they make the face look more slim and long. The light locks provide an amazing contrast , and soften your face by focusing your eyes on your features.

22. Snow Glazed Ash Brown

Snow Glazed Ash Brown


A ash brown style accentuated by platinum blonde highlights is a great choice for winter. Highlights of platinum blonde help the brunette’s color shine and provide texture to the look. The light brown hairstyles add the appearance a warm look that works well in winter.

23. Ash Tones

Ash Tones


Ash toned hair is the best acceptable fade-out tones. They can add drama to your hair, with their smokey look. They look faded however they highlight your natural hair’s shade. If you’ve got a hair shade you’d like to experiment with but appears too vibrant, try adding an ash layer to it and you’ll love the smokey look of the color.

24. Deep Ash Brown

Deep Ash Brown


Ash brown hair isn’t an uninteresting shade. It’s interesting and can accent other colors such as the ginger brown shown here. Stunning!

25. Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage


If you’re a brunette, changing to blonde hair poses very risky. You must bleach your hair, which can cause damage to it. The bleaching process that is applied to hair’s roots can cause damage to your hair Follicles. A lot of women have suffered from hair loss due to it. Here’s a suggestion instead of going totally blonde, try an ombre of blonde that is done using the balayage method. This will keep the roots from damage. If you don’t want to bleach your roots simply apply ash to help fade the browning out.

26. Smokey Dimensions

Smokey Dimensions


The addition of ash blonde highlights to brown hair can boost the volume to your advantage. You are not only displaying your locks however, you’re giving your hair a more dimensional look that helps frame your face. The hair’s colors are contrasting, which enhances the tone of your skin and eyes shade.

27. Glossy Ash Brown

Glossy Ash Brown


Ash brunette hair can be intriguing without being imposing. It’s like the girl in school who’s buddies with everyone. She has best grades, is able to do nothing wrong and has her entire future planned. You aren’t happy with the things she does but you admire her for who she is. Hair with ash brown is dark and full of dimension, and it will make your hair appear luxurious and thick. The most appealing aspect is that it lets your hair gain more shine after applying foam or oil to it, giving you shiny locks.

28. Light Ash Brown Hair

Light Ash Brown Hair


If you’ve got light brown hair and would like to join in the pastel look that’s taking over the world, consider this hairstyle. Apply Ash to your light brown locks for an ashy, warm look. This faux pastel style is a subtle vintage rose brown look.

29. Mousy Brown Balayage

Mousy Brown Balayage


Grease, The Duff, She’s All That, Clueless, Miss Congeniality, Princess Diaries…the list of movies that include makeovers is endless. There is no doubt that women enjoy makingovers that are fun and enjoyable. A fresh look with this striking Ash brown balayage could be just what you need to transform into a brand new you.

30. Silver Ash Brown Hair

Silver Ash Brown Hair


Silver hair is among the most stylish hair shades. It’s metallic and cool-toned as well as being extremely glossy. Opt for a silver-ash brown shade if you wish to stay on top of fashion. This brown shade root gives the perfect depth and depth to this style.

Ash brown is an incredibly multi-faceted color that brings the people who love books and the mean girls and the elite. What do you think of this list of hair shades?

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