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39 Best Short Pixie Cut Hairstyles 2023 – Cute Pixie Haircuts for Women

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Are you contemplating the perfect pixie cut to suit any situation, mood and style? Pixie hairstyles are always proving to be trendy and there are tons of adorable pixie styles that you can pick from. If you’re tired of your hair being long and would like to cut it short to create a unique hairstyle Pixies are an excellent choice since it’s both fashionable and versatile. There are a lot of cute short haircuts that are perfect for those who are contemplating the perfect look for their daily life. The short hairstyle is easy to maintain throughout the year and is perfect for people who want to feel comfortable and in style at the same time. Pixie hairstyles are trendy elegant, feminine, and stylish. We’ve compiled an assortment of our best pixie haircut styles for the most memorable 2023. For a step up in step, try adding some vibrant subdued balayage, subtle undertones, or neon streaks. Make sure you try a striking new hairstyle next year!

Short Pixie Cut

Classic Pixie Cut

Classic Pixie Cut #pixiecut #haircuts #shortpixie #blondehair

This classic hairstyle is timeless. It is a continuation of the principal traits of the crop this cut is a short cut both on the sides and the back and a slight length on the top. Additionally, these cuts go good with bangs. The greatest thing about it is that it’s simplicity can give you a plethora of styling options so that it will work for any occasion. It’s also perfect with natural and dramatic hair shades. The silver blonde appears amazing with this classy design.

Chic Textured Short Pixie

Chic Textured Short Pixie #pixiecut #haircuts #shortpixie #blondehair

Textured cuts aren’t suitable for all. If you’d like everyone to take a an understanding of what you’re here for, this is precisely what you’re looking for. A textured, spicy colored ice-blonde pixie is an edgy and bold woman. The textured pixie, or the hair cut with a choppy texture could be styled many ways due to thin layers of hair that add the volume and depth. You can style your hair by slicing it back to give it a clean look or style the cut with side-swept bangs to give it a feminine look. The edges of the hair look spiky or angled. You can also give an extra lift by sweeping them backwards to create the desired style.

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Daring Shaggy Short Cut

Daring Shaggy Short Cut #pixiecut #haircuts #shortpixie #brownhair

When you were watching Shaggy while chasing after Scooby Doo’s food and toys, who would have imagined that a totally different version of his hairstyle would be extremely popular with women? Shaggy hair with angled layers and long bangs that sweep across your face are an excellent short pixie especially for ladies who have a large face. This haircut should be cut naturally for an elegant, effortless style. A shaggy, pixie-style haircut should not be suitable for people who are hesitant. It requires a lot of determination to go for something as bold like this chocolate-colored shaggy style. The undercuts also make things more interesting. Are you willing to test it?

Asymmetrical Short Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical Pixie

The asymmetrical cut of pixies looks very sassy and playful. Additionally, if you mix the look with a fringe , and then sweep it in the opposite direction and you’ll get an entirely different look than the one you have seen in the past Isn’t that amazing? Furthermore, the stunning side-swept look is just the beginning. With the beauty of symmetry, it is perfect for people with a more round face. For hues, don’t hesitate to try out your favourite shades! If you’re looking to give your home an edge, go for the vibrant hue of this stunning purple.

Punky & Spiky Pixie

Spiky Pixie

It’s true, there are punk pixie cut designs which can show your rebellious spirit and display your girlish side. This is a enjoyable look for those who have more of a daring look. You can try some subtle streaks like this stunning blue and purple combo to unleash your punk rocker side.

Pixie Cut For Curly Hair

Shaggy Pixie With Baby Lights #wavypixie #curlypixie #shaggypixie

A pixie cut is an excellent option to consider when searching for a shorter hairstyle that will suit long, wavy hair. The texture of wavy hair appears amazing in this cut since the volume already exists. Make sure to ask your hairdresser to make the hair layers in the back less tidier and use the spray for texturizing to add the bounce of your front portion of your pixie curly cut. Babylights, similar to those in the picture can also be stylish.

Short Edgy Pixie With Undercut

Short Edgy Pixie With Undercut #pixiecut #haircuts #shortpixie #blondehair #undercut

There is no way that pixie cut shaving sides that can go bad! They define the longer edge the cut which puts your cut’s edgy style to the center of attention. Fashionable women know how they must make their haircut unique. They have to put their ideas in motion. Choose short cuts, then make it more interesting by cutting it with a bold undercut and then style the top in the way that makes it stand out. Voila! Your hairstyle is perfect Just like the best photos of pixie hairstyles.

Soft Textured Pixie Cut

Short Textured Pixie Cut #pixiecut #haircuts #shortpixie #blondehair

The minimalist model of the crop with textured texture is likely to be the most cute pixie cuts we can think of. This cut is very simple, but, it is extremely refined and well-groomed. The soft texture on top of the head creates the pixie cut with bangs appear more softer and airier and leaves plenty of room for fringe style.

Very Short & Spiky Pixie

Very Short Spiky Pixie #pixiecut #haircuts #shortpixie #blondehair

Women who believe that short pixie hairstyles will cover your feminine side, get to know the super-short and sharp pixie that’ll inspire you to reconsider your opinion! It’s true that nothing will be able to tamper with your feminine side and this simple but attractive idea proves it. Cuts like this can be stunningly finished any look, while keeping your face looking beautiful and giving your makeup the chance to make an impact.

Very Short Side Parted Pixie

Very Short Side Parted Pixie #pixiecut #haircuts #shortpixie #blondehair

Sometimes , a small tweak can make a huge impact on your style. Beauty lies in the details Remember? Make sure you remember to separate! If you’re completely comfortable with your facial shape, then you can try this easy blonde cut pixie. Of obviously, the color choice is yours to make However, to truly make your appearance more confident and to enhance your looks this idea of a side-parted cut is an absolute must-try.

Short Pixie With Long Layered Bang

Blonde Pixie with Long Layered Bang

“Ooh the lala!” is all we can think of when we look at this pixie styled that has long bangs. Any room you enter is a big statement with this style that is perfect not only for blonde hair as in the picture as well as for other color of hair. The close-shaved sides and back, along with the bouncey layers at the top make this style easy to keep and style.

Short Straight Pixie Hairstyle With Asymmetrical Bangs

Short Straight Pixie Hairstyle With Asymmetrical Bangs #pixiecut #haircuts #shortpixie #blondehair

Don’t forget that the bangs-styled pixie can be whatever you want you want it to. If you’re looking to frame your face or cover your slender forehead it is possible to design your pixie to focus to meet your individual desires.

Asymmetrical silhouettes are most beautiful, but not every pixie need to be symmetrical: you can let it be as you like with your bangs. Try playing with textures? You can wear your pixie straight, and then finish the look with asymmetrical bangs. P.S. this is a great idea for women with large foreheads.

Wavy Pixie Hairstyle With Layered Bangs

Wavy Pixie Hairstyle With Layered Bangs #pixiecut #haircuts #shortpixie #blondehair

Are you looking to make your short hair appear vibrant and full of life? Layers are waiting to help. Texturizing your hair lightly on the ends and a slight layering can bring a magical look to your hair especially if you concentrate on your bangs. To fully appreciate the potential of this cut, move your hair in a wave to let the cut show you the different!

Straight Short Pixie With Side Bangs

Straight Short Pixie With Side Bangs #pixiecut #haircuts #shortpixie #blondehair

There’s a second thing you should be aware of about bangs. They shouldn’t cover your forehead or be positioned on side to frame the cheeks. It is possible to make them an integral part of your hair to give your hair a more hefty appearance. Pixie cuts are intended to enhance the appearance of a person: take a look at this picture. This side-swept, short fringe that melts into the top adds a sense of volume to the hair.

Volumizing Short Layered Pixie With Long Bangs

Volumizing Short Layered Pixie With Long Bangs #pixiecut #haircuts #shortpixie #blondehair

Here’s an example of pixie cuts with bangs, which are designed for women with hair that is thin. It’s not necessary to tell you how challenging hairstyles with weak, fragile locks can be. All you need to do is keep your hair full and voluminous. To prevent your hair from being flat Ask your stylist for an layered pixie that has longer side bangs.

Long Pixie

Long Pixie With Thin Fringe

Long Pixie With Thin Fringe #pixiecut #haircuts #longpixie #brunettehair

Aren’t you ready to make drastic modifications? There are a variety of longer variations of the Pixie Cut. They’re obviously still shorter, but they’ve more length to play with, and that’s a good thing, too. The long pixie with bangs is a great way to hit the ear region and has a full crown. With this cut the sensation of fullness will be present.

Volumetric Long Layered Pixie

Volumetric Long Layered Pixie #pixiecut #haircuts #longpixie #blondehair

The layered cut can be the perfect solution for those with hair that is thinner than what you’d prefer to have it. The more layers, the greater volume. Aren’t you imagining something you’ve always wanted to see? When we see this hairstyle, we can’t imagine that this woman was once a victim of thin hair issues. Are you able to imagine?

Long Pixie Bob With Side Swept Bang

Long Pixie Bob With Side Swept Bang #pixiecut #haircuts #longpixie #blondehair

If you’re in search of an ear-length Pixie cut that can bring out your gorgeous facial characteristics, then we know what you want. A pixie bob that is ear-length and with a sweeping motion is the perfect option! A large crown, an sleek silhouette, and sophisticated overall style What could you want more?

A Tapered Long Pixie that has an Elongated Fringe

Tapered Pixie with an Elongated Fringe

Do you want something that’s versatile and attractive all in one go? You’re in the right place! This cut is perfect for hair that is thicker and is ideal for those who want casual hairstyle that’s easy to maintain but still super stylish.

Be aware that the primary thing to take into consideration is whether the pixie looks pleasing to your facial features. If your face is oval, then congratulations! People with a face that is oval are likely to have the best luck face shapes: they are able to wear virtually any hairstyle even a pixie which allows them to experiment with their hairstyles any way.

It is possible to add more hair to your pixie. Ask your stylist to add haircut a wild texture to create an attractive and balanced look.

Layered Choppy Pixie

Choppy Pixie

Looks like choppy haircuts have no bounds and there are many ways to get a relaxed style that is totally me-free! This cut is great for people with loose hair. With the finely chopped layers, it creates a great volume. To add even more profitable, subtle highlights aid in adding texture and also.

Shaggy & Layered Pixie

Shaggy Asymmetrical Pixie

What about some layers that are short and staggered that add body and texture to your hair that is thin? If you’ve got hair that is thin and wavy then you’re aware that thin locks are likely to develop a personality of their own. Fortunately, this gorgeous cut could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

It is important to note that such Pixies are typically worn by women who have a square face. Their textured texture is able to be a good balance to the jawline’s strength and give the desired definition.

Retro-Inspired Long Pixie Cut

Wedge Pixie

At first glance, this cut that is fun with its wider sides and top gives an incredible amount of volume. However, once you take an inspection you’ll see that the cut is an homage to the cult Dorothy Hamill do of the 1970s. This style combines an old-fashioned look, but that is modernized and is an excellent opportunity to play with different styles!

Long Wispy Pixie that has a In-depth Side Fringe

Long Wispy Pixie with a Fringe

People who prefer easy, casual styles should not be able to pass up this cute messy cut. Request longer layers on the front and a slender side, and you’ll look as if you’ve just stepped across the ocean in this casual, sexy style!

Curly Long Pixie With Shaved Side

Curly Pixie With Shaved Side

Hair that is naturally curly shouldn’t be afraid of this style. Your ringlets can create some buzz with the shaved cut, which can also frame your face. Side shaved with a layer of under curly hair with loose curls on the front are impressive and chic in the same way. You can have the one side or both tapered. Additionally, this style is extremely easy to keep.

Long Straight Pixie With Side Undercut

Long Straight Pixie With Side Undercut #pixiecut #haircuts #longpixie #blondehair

Do you know what the different hairstyles for pixie bobs are? It’s true that they don’t all look like a huge well-groomed chevelure that has a perfect, round, and elegant silhouette. You can make it look more modern! Cut the sides and add an undercut look to your cut. Then, make your hair straight so that you can create a perfect finish.

Chic Undercut Line Design

Chic Undercut

Do you feel like your inner rebel has taken over you over? Let it shine by putting on this sassy hairstyle! It’s fun to play with thanks to its splayed layers as well as shaved streaks which add an element of bold glamor. The style has a few advantages, but this time, it’s for people with oval faces.

If you have long faces They should be cautious when selecting an afro, as the cut could emphasize your face’s length. To maintain the balance, think about dividing your cut at one side.

Long Shaggy Pixie

Long Shaggy Pixie #pixiecut #haircuts #longpixie #blondehair

There’s nothing better than cut-offs for hair with thin hair than shags and it’s true! The sharp edges of shaggy cut could transform even the most weak locks to a gorgeous elegant Chevelure. For a sexy look like the one in the picture Ask your stylist to trim the ends in such a way that they become voluminous and then stick in a stylish way.

Wavy Long Asymmetrical Pixie

Wavy Long Asymmetrical Pixie #pixiecut #haircuts #longpixie #blondehair

The most striking and full-bodied pixie you could think of! It’s just that just a few whirls of your curling wand can elevate any haircut to a new dimension. To make your pixie cut hairstyles appear stunning Give it a waves.

Inspiring Pixie Color Ideas To Try

We should not overlook that not just scissors can assist us to achieve an abundant hair full in life with natural movements. Coloring techniques are also a part of.

Two-Toned Pixie With Soft Balayage

Two-Toned Pixie #pixie #pixiecut #messyhair #longpixie

This look with two shades is extremely fashionable at the moment. If you’re looking to reduce the intensity to make it appear more professional, try subtle balayage effects. If you’re looking for a bolder look, choose more intense shades.

Fireball Layered Pixie

Fireball Layered Pixie

This is the result of a layer cut in a pixie length and a hair color that catches the attention of everyone. The choice of such layers is a good idea for women looking to cut their pixie to create long hair. Layers’ length are maintained symmetrical, and the appropriate hues of orange and red are used to make the layers stand out more.

Deep Brown Pixie

Brown Pixie with Long Bang

Brown hair that has naturally red undertones could be more noticeable if you mix the cut long bangs and shorter sides. Simply get the front portion of hair cut in a length that is below your eye level and trim a portion of hair just above your ears in one direction. The rest of your hair cut short in a classic pixie cut. The hairstyle can be styled to suit various styles.

Layered Grey Balayage

Layered Grey Balayage

A long side part is amazing with short, layered hairstyles like this. The length begins to reduce when we go from the front to the back . This is ideal for styling by separating the sides. Your eyes will be glowing against the hint of the gray balayage take a look!

Pink Punky Pixie

Pink Punky Pixie

The pink pixie cut is taking over the world of short, cut pixie hairstyles that are choppy. This color can be a fantastic option to style the shorter layers of your hair. This may appear to be an overly bold choice however the pink hair is delicate and softens your appearance while also enhancing your features. Allow your hairstylist to create the length of your hair an even gradient that goes from being short on the bottom, to longer on top.

Cool-Tone Rainbow For Pixie

Cold Rainbow

Why not choose this vibrant cool-toned rainbow next time you decide to dye your hair? A long pixie with thin hair is able to stand out by choosing the right mix of shades. Layers that are subtle can give some bulk to your locks. To add some edge and precision, apply some undercuts to the Pixie.

Sweet & Deep Cherry Tones

Sweet Cherry

If you are looking for a bold shade for your hair, but aren’t confident enough to do a full red go for this stunning shade of burgundy instead. It is a perfect blend between deep red and pink that look elegant with dark hair without making the pixie cut using straight bangs appear gaudy. Make sure the layers are cut in an acicular fashion to give an extra volume in the side part of your head.

Copper Short Layers

Copper Short Layers

A bold color for hair isn’t for everyone! If you’re looking to break beyond your comfort zone without stepping out too much the copper color for your pixie cut is an excellent alternative. Keep the layers long, which will transform the cut into the long pixie cut, with bangs. Make the hair messy for a night out with your friends or in the side-swept style to work. This is a win-win scenario with this color and style!

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