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31 Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas for Every Skin Tone

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Auburn is a kind of red hair which comes in a range of shades that range from dark reddish brown to reddish ginger. Auburn hues vary from dark to medium and can be a mix of light and dark red and brown hues which is like the Titian color for hair. Auburn is a warm red hue that is flattering for all shades of the eyes and skin and is an ideal color for women looking to explore a different subtle hair coloring. Before you go to your the next appointment for hair dye, look through this list of auburn hair color ideas for some ideas for hair colors!

natural auburn hair color

#1: Natural Auburn

The beauty of hair dyes is that you can transform yourself into naturally auburn-colored hair. Colors that are copper-tawny that are suitable for you are accessible in the marketplace for you to experiment with.

Chestnut Auburn Hair Color

#2: Chestnut Auburn

A auburn shade that is deep can make you want to grow your hair long! This hair is stunning with any hairstyle you experiment with your hair.

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Natural Auburn Balayage

#3: Natural Auburn Balayage

Make your hair feel more comfortable and brighten your appearance with authentic auburn hair balayage. Balayage is more natural looking and will add life to your locks with minimal effort. The warm shades of copper and bronze make your hair appear extremely shiny and luxurious.

rich auburn hair color for long hair

#4: Rich Auburn

This intensely rich deep dark auburn hair color idea can make a huge difference to thick, long hair with a textured texture. The orange-colored burnt sienna and orange undertones will dramatically enhance even the tiniest of hairstyles.

Hints of Mahogany and Auburn Tones

#5: Hints of Mahogany and Auburn Tones

Auburn with hint of mahogany and auburn is the perfect fall look! Auburn is easy to maintain and , if you are wearing cooler shades it looks great with olive skin or pink tones.

Black auburn hair for women over 50

#6: Flattering Auburn for Women Over 50

Try a flattering shade auburn hair if you’re older than 50. It’s often a way for women to look younger while similar to the natural hair shade.

Subtle auburn for women over 60

7. Subtle Auburn is for females older than 60

If you’re older than 60, opt for a less pronounced auburn to avoid its warming effects on skin tone. Auburn hair is gorgeous and has vibrant tones that lighten the skin. However, as we age , we tend to lose the youthful look to our color. By injecting your hair with these auburn-like tones will create a glowing appearance for the skin.

Reddish-brown Auburn

#8: Reddish-Brown Auburn

A reddish-brown-auburn is one of the warmest shades. It’s also an ideal starting the first time you’re considering the redhead style. A deep, auburn-colored hue is a great match with long waves, blends with pale skin tones the most.

brown auburn on medium-length hair

#9: Brown Auburn on Medium-Length Hair

A warm auburn tone that has a mix of golden and medium brown honey highlights that enhance people with warm tones. Combine it with flirty light waves and side-swept bangs to give the perfect glam!

red brown auburn hair

#10: Red Brown Auburn

The most efficient way to turn into natural brunettes is to sport a variety of auburn red hair dyes such as this. Absolutely gorgeous for any length or fashion, this stunning auburn shade is also a great match for lighter shade to dark.

Auburn Highlights on Dark Hair

#11: Auburn Highlights on Dark Hair

If you’re looking to preserve your natural brunette hair but make your hair look more interesting while doing it add some auburn streaks that will enhance your hair’s natural shade and make it appear bright and lively!

Purple and Auburn Red Balayage

#12: Purple and Auburn Red Balayage

Look at this stunning combination of red hues! A vibrant triple melt that includes some copper, red, and purple, to create an auburn-red Balayage.

Auburn Hair With Highlights

#13: Auburn Hair With Highlights

Choose a fiery auburn and copper highlights on your naturally dark brunette hair to get an amazing reddish-brown color. For more volume, cut the hair in mid-length into long layers and then pair the hair with waves to highlight the volume of this red-orange hair!

Auburn Ombre with Hints of Red Brown Color

#14″Auburn” Ombre with hints of red Brown Color

Red auburn-inspired, autumnal ombre hair color that blends into warm blonde tones. This stunning shade is what happens when you mix highlights in auburn and blonde and add highlights to dark locks to lighten the hair.

dark auburn bob hairstyle

#15: Dark Auburn Bob

Dark auburn hair color with highlights creates a dimensional look. It is particularly good with the bob cut.

Auburn Highlights on Brown Hair

#16: Auburn Highlights on Brown Hair

Long dark brown hair with auburn highlights adds a lot of the richness.

Light auburn color for women over 70

#17 Color: A light Auburn Color for women over 70

A light auburn shade is perfect for women who are over 70 since it flatters fair or warmer complexion. Auburn is widely recognized as the hair color of fall. If you like it look at other fall hair color options for women older than 70.

Burgundy auburn hair for older women

#18: Burgundy Auburn Hair for Older Women

Hair with a deep auburn color is ideal for women of a certain age with a fun cool, fun, and stylish short bob that is cut to match. For styling, you can use curly cream or other texturing products to achieve a smooth look as well as a smoothing cream to achieve an elegant, sleek style.

Auburn and Blonde Hair Color

#19: Auburn and Blonde

A blonde and auburn hair color is referred to as “autumn caramel.” It’s a mix of 3 warm tones that mix from a soft auburn brown in the middle to a soft beige towards the ends, with some the hint of copper. It’s the perfect mix of brunette, blonde as well as natural red. This is an excellent color for someone who is seeking to tone her hair to something more warm and low-maintenance. Make an appointment every 6 weeks to get a glossy treatment to refresh your auburn hair dye , and keep your tones looking as fresh as you can.

Deep Auburn Hair Color

#20: Deep Auburn

Bangs with long hair and a rich auburn red shade create an ideal combination for the most stylish hairstyle. This hair with a deep auburn color will complement the warm and neutral skin tone.

Auburn Hair with Caramel Highlights

21st: Auburn with Caramel Highlights

Auburn hair with highlights of caramel work nicely with an bent hair lob. This bob and auburn locks are an ideal style for women of all faces of all shape. There are many lengths to play with, but make sure to work on the collarbone. Anything that is above might cause a tendency to turn.

Light Auburn balayage

#22: Light Auburn Balayage

You can try a balayage with high-depth copper and auburn. If you’re considering it choose to go for it, make sure you have a dark brown base color that balances the warmness from the copper middle-lengths as well as ends. If you’re naturally a redhead, choose this hair color due to its vibrancy and soft waves. If you’re thinking of an auburn balayage, you need to to follow some guidelines to ensure an intense color that lasts longer. The first one is that you should be able to stay for 2days between washes. Reds are known to fade more quickly than neutral colors. prolonging washes can help increase the vibrancy of your color. The other tip is cooling your water while washing and using a conditioner and color-protecting shampoo such as that of the Kerastase Reflection line.

Beachy Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights

23rd issue: Beachy Auburn with Blonde Highlights

A natural light auburn shade blends nicely and highlights blonde. It’s a bright balanced balayage that is textured and smooth. There’s a distinct dimension between low and high lights as well as the “worn-in” roots with this kind of hair texture. It’s like an ethereal summer’s glow. To style, you can use an ocean texture cream to give the texture of a piece. A touch of browning on your collarbone can help to complement the sun-kissed blonde tones.

Auburn Hair with Golden Blonde Balayage Highlights

24th: Auburn with Golden Blonde Balayage Highlights

This mix of golden blonde and auburn Balyage highlights. With the “V” form balayage technique the hair was kept away from the roots in order to have a lower-maintenance “rooty” look.” There’s plenty of texture in the hair after mixing two different colors together in combination with the base color. The auburn hair with blonde highlights is perfect for someone who wants to play around with red tones, but who doesn’t want to commit to the lengthy maintenance required for a red hair shade.

Auburn on curly hair

#25: Auburn on Curly Hair

If you’re looking for something different, you can try with a fiery shade of auburn and make a statement with any hairstyle that you can wear with those gorgeous natural curls! This auburn hue is more attractive and vibrant for skin tones with warm hues. It is essential to get a thorough discussion with your stylist in order to be sure that this is the perfect shade of auburn hair color for you.

Auburn on curly hair

#26: Auburn Highlights on Brunette Hair

Auburn highlights on brunettes create an auburn hue which makes the hair appear thicker when worn with waves. Certain red tones work well with pinky skin tones. But, the deep auburn shades are flattering olive-toned skin best! To find the shade that is right for you best, put an swatch on your face and then compare the various reds with the skin color. If a more intense shade appears most appealing to you, then get your auburn hair today!

Auburn Brown Hair Color

#27: Auburn Brown

A brunette hair color is more dimensional and warm on women who have naturally darker tones. There’s a seamless mix between the different levels of lightness and the tones bring the hair together to create an overall seamless look with lots of dimension. The darker auburn shade can be used on any type of hair.

Auburn colors look best when paired when worn with medium to dark brown and black hair. It’s best when it’s neutral, olive as well as darker tones of the skin. Beware of it if you’ve got red undertones.

Medium to Dark Auburn Hair Color

#28: Medium to Dark Auburn

Soft auburn shades are within the family of red-brown and is characterized by chocolate tones within it. It’s not a blazing red, but it has warm undertones, with the hint of red and copper that shine through the highlights. The red tones are more likely to fade more quickly than other colors which is why you should begin with a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner like the L’Oreal Professional fessionnel Vitamino color line. Make sure to use salon-quality products. This helps to preserve the color and the quality the hair.

dark auburn hair color

#29: Medium Auburn

The hair in this auburn shade is rich and coppery, with just the right amount of gold money pieces. Add some sparkle to your long hair with this huge middle auburn hair color.

Light Auburn Hair Color

#30: Light Auburn

The light auburn hair color on sleek long locks gives it an edge that is brimming with depth. Color-safe, salon-quality shampoo and conditioners are required for maintaining the hue. There are a few tinted shampoos that have red hues that are suitable for use. Be sure that they don’t alter the auburn tone to the red of a cherry. If you’re considering this color, take images to the stylist of the look you’re trying to achieve.

auburn on short hair

#31: Auburn on Short Hair

This stunning deep auburn on short hair is ideal for bold people.

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