Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Hair that is thick offers a wide range of options for styling, however it is also difficult to control. In terms of the most effective short hairstyles for thick hair textures, layers, and undercutting can reduce the bulk and create a light look with plenty of movement. We’ve collected 35 of our top short haircuts that make your hair look trendy, light and not weighed down.

1. Polished Tapered Pixie

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

This short pixie style comes in many lengths that aid in removing the bulk, making it a fantastic option for ladies who have thick hair. Long hair pieces left on upper part of your head makes the style feminine and tapering down to shorter lengths on the sides and back allow the hairstyle to be crafted to create a stunning, polished appearance.

2. Textured Boy Cut

Choppy Tomboy Cut

Cut many shapes and textures in this pixie cut makes your long hair not appear unnatural or uninteresting.

3. Asymmetrical Bob With Bangs

short asymmetrical bob with bangs

These bangs are set quite in the back of the head, which results in some hair being cut off from the rest of the Asymmetrical bob cut. This kind of bang can deprive those with thin hair of their needed volume However, if you’ve got hair that’s thick, they can to make your hairstyle more manageable.

4. Bold Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut Pixie with Longer Hair on Crown

It’s not necessary for thick locks to sport this sexy buzz cut however, the hours of trying to manage rough hair can eventually prompt you to blow the whole thing off. This bold cut is enjoying the spotlight, however it can also assist to tone and brighten your face.

5. Short Bob With Undercut

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

The ear-length, short bob with a high, high-cut undercut is among Scarlett Johansson’s greatest appearances. The cut is a way to eliminate hair that makes shorter hairstyles appear unkempt and messy just weeks after every cut. If you’re searching for an undercut cut that’s more easy to develop, keeping longer hair on top may assist in concealing the smaller pieces when they reach their awkward phase.

6.Angular Side Shave With Hard Part

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

The shaving of nearly half your head in a short buzz is an efficient and elegant method to manage hair that is thick, and the inclusion of a hard section gives an additional level of seriousness to this masculine haircut.

7. Edgy Undercut Pixie

Edgy Textured Pixie #undercutpixie #pixiehaircut #undercut #haircuts

Take inspiration from Katy Perry’s bold new hairstyle if you’re in search of an entirely new haircut that can shed a lot of fat from your head. People with round faces will find this cut especially attractive, since the sides that are shaved close to the edges and the wavy hair on the top will help increase the length and reduce the size of the face.

8. Shaped Natural Curls

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Make use of exact cutting methods to make texture and shape that will make your dense natural curls much easier to manage without resorting chemicals or heat styling.

9. Swept Back Undercut

Platinum Swept-Back Undercut #shorthaircut #pixiehair

The short hairstyle that is sported to the side off the face could make a more masculine appearance in comparison to the look when hair is placed over the face. In combination with undercutting the sides and back this cut is great for bold, striking women with thick hair.

10. Textured Stacked Bob

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Stacked layers on the back and with textured ends all over make this bob the ideal short hairstyle for women who wish to appear attractive and feminine.

11. Feminine Fade

Short Hairstyles for Women: Feminine Pixie

If you’re in search of short, slender cuts but are concerned about the appearance of your face when you cut it and a faded style, this could be the best option. The contrast between the longer curls on the top and tightly shaving sides will instantly lift and make your face appear slimmer which makes this a great cut for women with round faces.

12. French Bob With Side Bangs

Glamorous ear-length French bob

The french bob is a timeless cut for women who want to appear elegantly chic. A long side-swept hairstyle helps keep these sides haircut from appearing too bulky and also have the added benefit that they frame your face while making a heart-shaped face look more balanced.

13. Fauxhawk Pixie

Pastel Pink And Brown Pixie Fauxhawk

In between super-feminine pixies, which are straight and sexier hairstyles that are slicked back This fauxhawk pixie serves the most fun, stylish and stylish option to show off the thickest hair you have.

14. Razor Bob With Bangs

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Utilizing a technique of cutting with a razor will remove the weight of your hair, while generating plenty of movement with shorter cuts. By blending bangs to a similar style of razored texture, this bob cut appears to be awe-inspiringly light.

15. Short Tapered Pixie

Tapered Pixie With Long Piecey Bangs

Extremely short as well as tapered. This pixie style is a bold and feminine choice for those who wants to dramatically lessen the amount of hair that is thick to cut.

16. Thick Waves Bob

Short Angled Bob Cut with Textured Waves for Thick Hair

A bob cut short with texture layers lets you enhance your hair’s thickness and natural waves , without making a round, helmet-like cut.

17. Undercut Asymmetrical Bob

Super Textured Undercut Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob haircut employs various techniques to reduce the hair’s thickness. Hair layers that are concentrated in behind of your hair assist to increase the volume at the top of the head. Meanwhile, an undercut eliminates excessive hair from the beneath.

18. Military Cut

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

A different and radical approach to the bold buzz cut This military-inspired style is edgy and eye-catching and offers a little more hair than a short buzz cut across the entire.

19. Asymmetrical Stacked Bob

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

The layers that are stacked in the rear of this cut will be left to the coarse side, revealing more of the raw look than sleek stacked bobs that are popular with professional women. The longer pieces in front add an artful symmetry that allows you to play around with curly or waves.

20. Shaggy Pixie

Stacked Shaggy Pixie Bob

Shaggy layers provide just the right amount of retro glam and make this pixie cut lightweight and lively.

21. Sleek Swoop With Side Shave

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

The hair that is longer on top of this trendy haircut is cut with many textures, creating an attractive swoop on hair that is thick. The rest of the haircut cuts hair short by shaving the sides and back which means you don’t need to fret about how to style these sections of hair.

22. Undercut Pixie Bob

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Pixie on The back with a bob on the front. This short cut can help control hair that is thick by cutting it with a close-cropped undercut. This cut isn’t short enough that it exposes scalp hair, making it an ideal option for women with short hair who wish to cut down on their hair’s thickness without wearing an overly edgy cut.

23. Textured Layers Lob

Pink Textured Lob with Layers and Bangs

Simple and soft The layers in this lob that is textured may vary based on the thickness of your hair.

24. Angled Bang Pixie

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

The angled bangs of this pixie add more detail which can lessen an appearance bigger forehead and the rest of the hairstyle is simple and short.

25. Undercut A-Line Bob

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

This bob has an A-line cut with an undercut that’s well-hidden that makes an elegantly-shaped look feasible for ladies with thicker hair. It also adds an edgy aspect when you decide to style your hair up.

26. Sophisticated Undercut Pixie

Long pixie with undercut

This short cut combines the sweet look and polished look of the pixie, with some cutting at the sides, which keeps the style looking fresh and stylish even on the most thick heads of hair.

27. Peekaboo Shave Bob

Short Textured Cut With Peekaboo Highlights In Bangs

This side shave peekaboo style is a slick and stylish style that is best suited to more thicker hairstyles with more hair left. Make this cut longer in case you’re looking for an undercut that is light and easy to style.

28. Choppy Texture Bob

textured short choppy bob for thick hair

This texture that is choppy can make a fine-haired bob go flat, yet it offers an elegantly brushed style for those with hair that is thicker.

29. Blunt Bob Undercut

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Blunt bobs are usually advised for women with shorter hair as they can increase the volume of your hair. If you like the look of a blunt bob however your hair is more thick the undercut nape could help a blunt cut work to your hair’s texture.

30. Fairy Pixie

Stacked pixie with long side bangs

Hair that is longer and longer on the ear help give an airy look to this haircut while straight cut napes provide contrast and makes the trimming of thick hair faster and more convenient.

31. Half Shaved Bob

32 Modern Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

This half-shaved bob is an edgy and bold hairstyle that looks best on ladies with thick hair and plenty of volume.

32. Undercut A-Line Lob

A-line Lob For Thick Hair

A subtle cut on the nape will help keep hair in the rear of this hairline looking fresh and lively.


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