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45 Gorgeous Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles For Every Face Shape

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1. Mid Length Shag Style

Modern Shag on Mid-Length Hair

The shaggy hairstyle employs two different layers in order to give a look that’s fun, young and perfect for removing the weight of longer hairstyles. Long hairstyles sweep across the forehead using an elongated side part creating volume on the side of the face. This style is pleasing on women with longer faces.

2. Half Moon Bangs

Lip-Length Hair With Half-Moon Bangs

Taylor Swift’s half moon-shaped bangs make an impressive sweep across her forehead that adds a sense of elegance to her mid-length hairstyle.

3. Long Bangs With Curls

Long Shaggy Natural Curls with Bangs

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Straight, long bangs are an ideal contrast in texture from the loose curls that make up the other hairstyles, and also do a great job of framing your face while minimizing the forehead.

4. Blunt Bob With Bangs

Short soft Blunt Bob with Wispy Bangs

This largely blunt bob has a bit of texture that allows it to be worn even with a more thicker amount of hair. Long bangs highlight hair’s natural thickness , and blend seamlessly with the hairstyle, making it an extremely fashionable ways to style side-swept bangs.

5. Soft Long Bangs

Soft Blown-Out Long Hair with Wispy Bangs

These side bangs of medium length give the appearance and shape of a shorter fringe . They do this by moving it down to blend into facial framing layer. If you’re interested in trying an uncomplicated fringe with your long hair Side swept bangs make the perfect starting set.

6. Textured Bangs

Thick Curtain Bangs for Long Textured Hair

Style your mid-length cut with these flawlessly tangled bangs. Texture creates enough shape so that they do not need to be sloppy cut at the beginning of the day, and they’re just the right length to give you a dramatic look and angles on your face, without becoming hard to style on a regular day basis.

7. Slightly Parted Side Bangs

45 Gorgeous Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles For Every Face Shape

The wavy fringe lies between the two which makes it a fashionable, but distinctive fashion. The brow-grazing length is great to highlight your eyes, particularly when there’s a contrast between your eye and hair hues.

8. Long And Elegant

Cute Braids and Bubble Ponytail for Long Hair picture 1

Long hairstyles can make your hair appear elegant and stylish even when tied back in a ponytail. A little hair that is left untied to either side of the face can help create an aesthetically pleasing look, while soft highlights are more able to be played with through these long and soft hair strands.

9. Perfect Piecey Bangs

45 Gorgeous Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles For Every Face Shape

Reese Witherspoon’s signature, side-swept bangs have inspired women to attempt the look for a long time. And the best part is, this swathe of hair is all-around attractive. Reese’s side-swept hairstyle works great when worn with heart-shaped, oval or long-faced faces and flatters face shapes that are rounder, provided that the rest of the hair is around the collarbone or longer.

10. Sleek Bob

Long Bob For Sleek Hair

Long, side-swept bangs complement the sleek, blunt look that is the rest of this hairstyle to create a style that is elegant and not intimidating.

11. Casual Side Sweep

Sweeping Side Bang

The bangs that are barely visible offer the face-pleasing advantages of having a bit in fringe. They do not need much styling effort. If you’re in search of a set of bangs that are easy to maintain and can be used to complete virtually any style try this fringe test.

12. Texture Bangs Pixie

Textured Pixie Bob with Bangs and Sideburns

Long textured hairstyles make amazing angles Ginnifer Goodwin’s hairstyle shows just how attractive a hairstyle with a shorter length can look on women with round faces.

13. Short Choppy Bangs

Short choppy hair with bangs

This is a far cry from the normal side-swept bangs, this short shave is a bold option that reveals your face and places an incredible emphasis upon your eyes. People with oval faces are best suited to this look, and typically the shorter your hair is and the longer they are, the harder it will take to style them in the right place.

14. Deep Side Part

45 Gorgeous Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles For Every Face Shape

A very deep side part that allows Ciara’s lengthy bangs to sweep dramatically across the forehead. One of the best aspects of having longer bangs is that you can add facial framing colors like the gold blonde highlights.

15. Short Bangs Pixie

Very Short Pixie with Long Bangs

A beautiful fringe is essential to keep your hairstyle looking beautiful. The short bangs have a lot of texture and frame your face while not hiding your beautiful eyebrows.

16. Long Layer Bangs

Subtle Layers with Long Curtain Bangs

Side-swept bangs that are long enough to make a face-framing layer in this swishy mid-length cut. The cutting across the sides of the face makes this look make the face appear larger and slimmer. This makes it the perfect choice for women who prefer their hairstyle to appear like a contouring without makeup.

17. Thick Bangs Bob

Blonde Stacked Bob With Bangs For Thick Hair

You can add some texture and shaggy style to your bob haircut with this super-thick side-swept fringe. This hairstyle is a versatile one that can be split in different places to create a variety of styles, and is an excellent choice if you’re trying to increase the length of your hair or maintain the length for the in the long run.

18. Long Feathered Bangs

Long Straight Hair with Feathered Bangs

Jennifer Aniston’s famed golden honey-colored mane has featured various styles of bangs. However, she prefers the most attractive and easy to maintain side sweep. These long bangs sport exactly the perfect amount of feathered to appear soft and feminine, without appearing too old-fashioned.

19. Short Chic Side Sweep

Short Curly Cut with Sweeping Side Bangs

We love how fun an untidy side-swept fringe appears when paired with a messy, loose hairstyle. This glamorous style creates the perfect frame for playing with big lashes and a heavy, winged eyeliner.

20. Short Choppy Bangs

straight short choppy bob with bangs hairstyle

The wispy texture of the short fringe creates an extremely unique look which you’ll fully commit to when the scissors begin cutting. If you’re unsure about cutting your hair short, we suggest beginning with a side-swept style that is just above the eyebrows, and allowing you to cut your bangs as you become more comfortable.

21. Thick Side Sweep

Straight Bob With Sweeping Side Bangs

Side-swept hairstyles appear distinct from other longer hairstyles. However, this long fringe blends seamlessly into the hair’s upper layer. If you’re seeking bangs that won’t appear out of place when you put it in a chic low-profile style then this is the right side-swept fringe for you.

22. Demure Pixie

Layered Long Pixie Cut With Side Swept Bangs #pixiecut #haircuts

With a gentle sweep of her face, Michelle Williams’ pixie hairstyle is a step above the modern trend. If you’re looking for a classic , timeless style to wear side-swept hair the short hairstyle will change your life.

23. French Bob With Side Bangs

Short French Bob with Layers and Wispy Bangs

A chin-length bob can appear a bit sexy in the event that it is cut at the exact length throughout however this deep-divided side sweep does an excellent job of softening the appearance without removing its stylish, French feel.

24. Super Short Side Bangs

Side Bangs for Short, Thick Hair

The sleekly swept sideways These bangs are a great illustration the best way to style a shorter fringe in a manner that’s not as daringly chic as the more chunky micro-bangs that are in our collection.

25. Textured Bob With Bangs

short textured stacked bob with side bangs

Sometimes the best part of hairstyles is one that effortlessly blends in with the rest of your look instead of glaring at you. With a trendy hairstyle with a textured texture, these low-key side-swept bangs frame the eyes of Emma Stone without taking over the entire show.

26. Short Thick Bangs

Cute Short Haircut with Side Long Bangs - Thick Hairstyles

The hair is short, thick and just enough rough, these bangs prove that side-swept hair doesn’t have to be boring.

27. Soft Side Bangs Bob

Medium length Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

The thicker bangs are ideal for making dramatic shapes but when you don’t have a amount of hair they could make all the hairstyles appear unnatural. This bob is a soft style which can easily blend to the remainder of your hairstyle. This makes it an ideal low-maintenance option for women with medium to fine hair that is textured.

28. Retro Bump With Bangs

Retro Inspired With Side Bangs

This half-up haircut has a retro vibe due to sweetly side-swept bangs, and a ton of volume that is pumped up in the back.

29. Parted Bangs Updo

Try These Parted Bangs Right Now picture 3

With bangs that are a bit slightly off-center, this style makes use of the best elements of both side-swept as well as curtain-style bangs, to benefit. The result is beautiful angles across the face to draw attention to the eyes. However, bangs with this style will be much more manageable than those that sweep across the face, originating from an extended side part.

30. See Through Side Sweep

Middle Length Hair with Soft Wispy Fringe

These subtle side bangs appear amazing when combined with a delicately layered mid-length hairstyle. Because they are created from a very small section of hair They can be easily concealed in all of the hair if you wish.

31. The chubby bangs are flipped and have a chiffon

Straight Texture Bangs

The first hairstyle we’ve seen has a blonde that is platinum that has dark blonde highlights and dark roots. The hairstyle has flipped ends and a loose bang which creates an ethereal appearance. The makeup is soft and gives a an appearance of youth.

32. Layered side-swept bang Tucked hair

Long Layered Side-Swept Bangs

Then we’ll look at this gorgeous hairstyle that is red with a layered side-swept bang. This style has a lovely accent with the hair hidden behind the ears. Make sure your makeup is simple by using an eyeliner that is bold and slender jewellery.

33. Half up, half down, with side-swept bangs

long blonde pixie with side-swept bangs

This is a fun half up , half down look. As you can see , this is a fantastic red carpet style, but it is also amazing with your favorite jeans and a T-shirt. Since the hair is elegant and polished, the pompadour gives an extra dimension and texture.

34. Messy bun, sideswept bang

Super Simple Messy Bun for Long Hair

The next one is a comfy and basic fashion. It’s a messy, but adorable everyday hairstyle. The look is finished off by a long or short hairstyle and wispy locks. We are in love with that coral lips and also how they stands out against the chunky gray scarf.

35. Long, wavy hair with pompadour

45 Gorgeous Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles For Every Face Shape

A little frizz is never a bad thing for anyone. We’re loving this easy wavy half-up style. The bangs effortlessly flow into the hair for seamless appearance. Highlights really highlight the natural skin highlights.

36. A messy ponytail with side bang

Side Messy Ponytail #hairstylesforthinhair #hairstyles #thinhair #hairtype #ponytail

How adorable is this the low ponytail on the side? The way the crown is teasing is really amusement to the style. The side bang provides some texture thanks to its light waves on the ends. The trend of neon lips is extremely popular, so the neon lip earns our highest rating.

37. Neck length bang , with side-swept bang

45 Gorgeous Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles For Every Face Shape

We are in love with this cut that is shoulder length with a side-swept bang. This is the perfect look for those who want to be short , but not too short. The platinum blonde color with brown undertones definitely gives us beach-babe-style vibes.

38. Alluring waves, with sideswept bang

Alluring vintage waves with wispy bangs

Khloe Kardashian is famous for her long hair. The chocolate color really complements her skin tone and draws out her green eyes. Make use of rollers to create the weightless curls. The side bang is a great way with framing the face, so it isn’t lost in the lush curls.

39. Chic bob with side-swept bangs

Choppy Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Here’s our very own Ms. Taraji the queen of Bobs sporting this basic executive bob, with the side-swept bob. With this big red lip, she’s offering us a flirty and professional style. If you’re in search of an office look that is sexy, this is the look ideal for you.

40. Middle bun with thick sideswept bangs

High Knot Bun Wedding Hairstyle With Massive Golden Hair Clips

Taylor swift America’s sweetheart rocking this gorgeous classic hairstyle. Taylor looks gorgeous with this gorgeous coral hairstyle that makes her blue eyes. To keep the look timeless she paired it up with delicate diamonds.

41. Long spiral curls that have bangs with swept sides

Short Bangs with Long Hair and Curls

Megan great wears this super long curly look that is layered. This jet black style will take two years off of your. It is a great choice to pair with fun and striking eye designs like the ones you can will see here. Being jet black allows you to experiment with a variety of colors.

42. Short curls that have feathered sides and bangs

Short Hairstyle with Long Fringe and Curls

Are you not a fan of the curly and long style as the one before you? Try this shorter and curly style. With curly locks, this style features an ethereal side-swept bang. To make it look more elegant, put it on with smokey eyes and to keep it simple, wear neutral eyeshadows and your most lustrous lipstick.

43. 90’s tapered cut, with side-mounted mushroom bang

tapered afro haircut zendaya3

Do you want to channel a 90s style? Meagan Good is rocking this beautiful haircut of a tapered mushrooms. We love the curly bang that gives this haircut its shape. We love the way she paired it with an eye-catching red lip and asymmetrical earrings. This look is ideal for women with heart-shaped face.

44. Side bang

An asymmetrical bob with side bangs

If you’re the type of woman who is looking for a touch of edge, then you’re in the right place. This cut is an shaved side dyed in purple with an ash cut above the ears. With this look, you can still wear a ponytail or bun. Try out vampy hairstyles.

45. Rihanna rocker styled with asymmetrical bang

Rihanna Long Pixie With Undercut

Okay Rihanna reigns supreme in creativity. She looks stunning in everything she does. We love the honey brown swept mohawk. If you’re looking for an edgy look, give this style a go. Are you a makeup lover? Check out her bold and eye-catching makeup, too.

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