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35 Vivid Ideas for Black Ombre Hair

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Black ombre is stylish and attractive. It’s not for everyone however. Who are black ombres for then? If you have strikingly contrasted appearance and a natural dark hair shade You can experiment with black fades to reds, browns and even blondes. Long hair is the best option for ombre because this method of coloring requires length for an authentic fade, especially in the case of a dramatic fade like the majority of dip dyes that are black. Explore the various creative styles in dark-colored ombre hair, and be inspired for your next trip at the hair salon.

The Unlimited Possibilities of Black Ombre Hair

If you have natural blonde hair, you are able to go just several shades lighter when you the ombre. This way, you get dramatic changes in colors however only if you opt for an ombre reversed or darken the roots prior to. With black and dark brown hair, you are able to change it to any color you want that you like, including unnatural pastel shades and bright, bold hues. In addition, your ombre for dark hair can last for months and you don’t need to worry about roots growing just like with a solid shade that’s not the natural hair color. Take a look at these ombre options for brunettes and pick the shades and patterns that you love the most.

#1: A Dark Ombre and Caramel Shades

brown ombre highlights for black hair

Ombre hair color for black hair can create the appearance of hair that has been sun-kissed. This hair color is ideal if you wish to brighten your hair’s natural color. It’s a an ombre-like dark look which is healthy and shiny.

#2: Copper for Dramatic Shine and Natural Beauty

long dark brown bob with copper ombre highlights

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Copper tones can be a fantastic option for dark hair with ombre. In combination with darker shades of black and brown copper tones can provide an impressive shine to your hair.

3: Subtle Dark Ombre that won’t create drama

black to chocolate brown ombre

If you are looking for a more natural style, an ombre that is subtle from black to brown ombre can mimic the natural appearance with lighter edges and dark roots.

#4 Black To Brown Ombre with Sun-Kissed Tips

black to brown ombre hair

Long hair is dramatic enough It is best to keep things simple by changing from black to brown by subtle color shifts. Some natural shades can make a big difference to make your hair appear gorgeous and maintaining its health.

#5: Going Gray Ends

black to gray medium-length ombre hair

Gray hair is a huge commitment. Make it less noticeable while creating a bold style using black hair with shades of gray on the ends. The ends are getting the blueish hue to contrast with the rich gray hue that is used in the middle.

#6: Black and Tan Ombre

Black To Blonde Ombre Hair

Ombre hairstyles are known as being influenced by the sun and the look of a goddess But what if prefer a style with a bit more edge? This grungy goth look provides what you want from both worlds hair: platinum and black.

#7: Sleek Fuchsia Ombre for Black Hair

Burgundy Ombre For Black Hair

A very gorgeous ways for girls who has black hair to wear the style is to opt for a vibrant burgundy hairdo (or red if it’s your style). If you’ve got cool-toned skin, you’ll likely be most attractive with red-colored purples however, if you have an edgy skin tone then you can try an ombre that’s real red or has some orange.

#8: Subtle Copper Ombre for Dark Hair

Brown Balayage For Black Hair

Here’s a wonderful alternative for women who wants an elegant ombre with copper. Any shade between warm brown and caramel looks amazing when paired with dark hair. If you’re unable to decide on which shade you want you’d like to apply to your ends take a look at photos on your smartphone against your clothes in your closet and see which ones match your outfit most.

#9: Dark Ombre with Sandy Hues

Black Hair With Light Brown Ombre

If you want an ombre look that is trendy Ask the stylist for a tone down your blonde ends by adding a sandy caramel hue. If you take away the brassy and gold hues, you’ll be left with the look that’s attractive for dark hair and fair skin. Women with darker skin tones are able to experiment with gold brown shades.

#10: Brown and Red Ombre

Dark Brown Hair With Burgundy Dip Dye

This adorable look is simple and easy. We are in love with how the white t-shirt will make the red ends sparkle. Think about what you’ll wear to complete your ombre style. The use of light or bright colors to make an ombre that is dark stand out significantly better.

#11: Beautiful Light Brown Ombre

Black To Caramel Ombre

If you’re in search of dark ombre hair that’s elegant and pliable it is time to be able to master creating imperfect waves. For a test make large sections of hair in a barrel curling iron, starting at the mid-shaft. Then , brush the curls using a broad tooth comb (and use a light amount of hairspray).

#12: Blue-Tipped Black Ombre

Black Hair With Dark Blue Ends

If you want dark-colored hair that’s totally distinctive, think outside your blonde-box. Sure, blonde ombres are stunning, but if it isn’t your style, look at a less dramatic but still interesting choice. The deep blue of midnight is a great combination to shine black hair, with a multi-dimensional appearance.

#13: Golden Ends for Dark Hair

Black To Golden Brown Ombre

The way light catches the waves of the golden ombre shows of the fact that metallic tones (think steel gray, copper or gold brown) is a great choice by itself. But metallics shine when they are paired with black. This combination adds a special touch! To keep your hair looking glossy and smooth, apply regular hot oil treatments.

#14: Cool Toned Blonde Ombre on Dark Hair

Ash Blonde Balayage Ombre

Shades of Ash Blonde are trendy at the moment. So, if you’re blessed with cool-toned skin, you should consider it! Have your stylist make your hair appear slightly higher than the normal ombre to create a modern appearance. If you’re looking to experiment with the cool-toned look but have a warm-toned skin request a shade that is that falls in the neutral zone.

#15: Black to Red Curls

Pastel Pink Dip Dye For Black Hair

The pink-colored tint of this red is gorgeous. Red is a classic for brunettes wanting to test highlights. But is there anything different is Ombre? Yes! Black and red don’t only create a gorgeous ombre, the combination also serves as an edgy fashion statement.

#16: Smoky Dark Ombre

Ash Black Ombre Hair

The trend of gray hair is intriguing. On one hand, it appears to be universally flattering. On the otherhand, it could be damaging to hair with dark. If you’re looking to experiment with an smoky color without bleaching your hair to the point of a tiara first, go for dark hair ombres that has charcoal-colored ends. Your hair will be grateful for it.

17: Black Hair with Light Brown Ends

Light Brown Ombre For Black Hair

This is a popular choice for dark-to-light ombres, or at the very least as classic an ombre hairstyle could be. A dark base with long flowing caramel ends are the essence of ombre. If you want to master the style be sure your curls begin at the same point when the color shifts.

#18: Gorgeous Ombre Curls

Bronde Ombre For Black Hair

Curls for days! The hair that’s blonde and black never looked as beautiful. What makes this style distinctive is the fact that there is virtually no transition in color. Instead, the hair moves in a straight line from black the bronde. In order to blend it with the lighter shade, the darker color appears in thin streaks that gradually get wider.

19: Dark Ombre Hair with Bangs

Medium Brunette Ombre Hairstyle

The dark ombre isn’t overly delicate and isn’t too bright, which makes it the perfect option to make your new style to be noticed but not stand out from a distance. Bangs are a rare option for long ombre hair. However with medium lengths, bangs can create an adorable and trendy style.

#20: Sunset Red Ombre on Dark Hair

Long Black To Red Ombre Hair

The gorgeous hue is almost impossible to distinguish! It’s lighter and more warm than burgundy, however it’s not exactly red and definitely isn’t pink. Whatever you describe it the faded wine hue is stunning when paired by dark locks. It’s sophisticated stylish, elegant and extremely modern.

#21: Bright Red Ombre

Black To Red Ombre Hair

This vibrant shade creates an amazing ombre style. When you’re wearing dark hair deep or bright reds look best while women with light hair should opt for lighter shades that fade.

#22: Washed out Ombre for Black Hair

Black To Washed Pink Ombre

An ombre of blonde and black provides the same advantages of blonde, namely it is easy to include colors to the newly light ends. If you’re interested in trying the ombre trend and are looking for something unique and edgy opt for the pastel style with an ombre.

#23 Black Hair with Blonde Waves

Black To Blonde Curly Ombre Hair

This beautiful style is ideal for women who have naturally curly hair or waves. To achieve this look all you need to do is apply the diffuser on your damp hair. Consider adding a curl-defining cream before blow drying. After your hair has dried, spray the hair with salt spray to create the beachy waves appearance.

#24: Subtle Black to Brown Ombre

Chocolate Brown Ombre Hair

If you want an ombre with a dark brown hue that doesn’t totally alter the shade of your hair Choose a dark chocolate ombre that has subtle caramel highlights. With a warm-toned treatment the ombre’s ends make a statement and shine more clearly, but nevertheless in a subtle, elegant manner.

#25: Perfect Ombre for Black Curls

Blonde Ombre For Natural Hair

The most striking kinds of ombres is the afro-ombre that looks best with a light shade. is starting at the roots but not completely. The golden locks of these display your stylish style everywhere you go.

#26: Smooth Black to Blonde Ombre

black to light brown long straight ombre hair

For a variety of natural shades and shades, a blonde to black ombre is a great choice. This is a great look for people with long hair. With the right length, you can create a transition gradual and smooth across many different shades. You can go from dark brown, lighter brown and light until you get your tips blonde.

#27: Burgundy Ombre for Controlled Color

burgundy ombre for medium length black hair

A burgundy-colored ombre is an elegant and fun way to take the black ombre hair up a level. When paired with a dark base it’s not a particularly vibrant shade of red, but it’s a great option for autumn.

#28: Black and Purple Ombre

purple ombre for dark brown hair

Avoid pastels and try a dark and purple ombre. For hair with long lengths, doing only the ends can create some impact.

#29: Black and Gray Ombre

ash blonde balayage for black hair

The ombre of gray and black is a less pronounced style than all gray style. Keep away from the natural look of aging by adding gray toward the ends. A hint of purple in combination with gray keep the look interesting and youthful.

#30: Burgundy Ombre for a Touch of Fun

burgundy dip dye for dark brown hair

If you’re looking to add only a hint of flirtatious choose an ombre in burgundy that covers the bleached ends previously. Black hair is more striking when it has this appealing colour accent.

#31: Black and Dark Blonde for a Naturally Sunny Style

dark brown bob with blonde balayage

Black and blonde tend to be located at opposite ends of the spectrum of colors however when they are paired with an ombre twist they work well together to create a look that’s delicate and soft, not indecisive.

#32: Black and Blonde Ombre for a Sexy Style

black to blonde curly ombre hair

The most sought-after style of celebs The black-and-blonde ombre can be a great method to test the waters before going all blonde (if you’re willing to commit.)

#33: Bold Blue Hues

black hair with electric blue ombre highlights

This blue ombre isn’t one for shy types. Use blue against a backdrop of black to create a dramatic style that won’t leave you singing blues.

#34: Black to Bluish Gray Ombre

black to gray ombre hair

It provides the softness you’d like to feel. There’s nothing old-fashioned in this blue-tinged gray on black hair. It resembles a sophisticated paintbrush. the blue tinge in the grey creates a look more distinctive and youthful, and looks more sophisticated than the typical grey shade.

#35: Black and Emerald Green Hair

black to green ombre bob

Instead of going for a full-on look in a green hue or a black ombre style, a hairstyle with green shades can create a stunning impact that will make people question whether or not they’re seeing this common color on your locks.

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