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35 Glamorous Ash Blonde and Silver Ombre Hairstyles

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Sterling as well as ash blonde ombre looks are fairly new to the style scene. They can make hair appear like it’s gilded, silver, and almost metallic. They possess a mysterious charm that is reminiscent of fairy tale characters from the myths that tell of Celts or the Norsemen. But stylists from all over world have been taken by this surge in popularity. How do these muted shades that cause women to dye their hair to look almost gray, end up being such popular fashions? There are twenty stunning photos below that will allow you understand how beautiful silver and ash will appear on your hair.

Ash Blonde and Silver Ombre Hairstyles

It’s always helpful to have options. There are those who love vibrant ombre styles, with the most unnatural hair color, and some prefer more refined shades of silver and ash blonde. Will the latter make you appear like a woman who is older? It’s not really the case if you are young and using makeup products, like a rich lipstick color, for example.

#1: Medium Choppy Cut With Ash Ombre

black to gray ombre

This is a different straight style however, this one has an unmistakably edgier look. This is due to the messy cut, which has layers of face framing that are long and long, as well as the bluntly cut ends. This is a very easy and effective way to draw attention to the lighter gray streaks toward the ends of the hair. Notice how the gradient begins with a dark brown. This look is definitely one that requires bleaching.

#2: Smooth Straight Brown-To-Silver Ombre Hair

silver ombre for straight hair

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In case the headline of this piece caused you to think that ash-ombre hair is just something that wild teens can do, maybe you should rethink your thoughts. In reality, this is among the most elegant looks we have on our list. The upper portion of hair appears to be a lighter hue and the tip color is a more cold Nordic blonde. Straight hairstyles help get a polished, cool appearance.

#3: Dark Roots And Ashy Blonde Strands

silver blonde ombre hair

There was some time that wasn’t too long ago, that women from all over the west world would shudder at the idea of letting their hair dyed get to the point that their naturally dark roots were visible. These days, women are proud of their roots that, however they don’t look like a hairstyle that’s grown out since the transition between two colors is covered with. We love both dark roots as well as the gorgeous blonde, with a subtle hint of silver!

#4: The Ice Princess Silver Ombre

dark to gray ombre

“Wow Who would think of dyeing the hair of a woman gray? !” Plenty of women actually. Particularly, those who realize how gorgeous silver ombre hair can appear. The model in this picture has chosen to pair it with a plethora of curls that give a touch of class to the overall look. Notice how subtle the shades shift into light to dark.

#5: Baby Blonde Ombre

brown to pale blonde ombre hair

Since Brigitte Bardot’s story and the legend of Lolita the look of a baby doll is now a classic. The girl here takes it seriously and sporting a light blonde ombre that’s perfect for a real California girl. It appears natural and natural looking, like if her hair had gotten lighter due to the many hours playing in the sunshine.

#6: Long Silver Ombre Hair

long brown to silver ombre hair

If you’ve put in an effort to make your hair and are happy to display it choose long silver hair that is ombre. It will look stunning especially if the hair’s longer than the mid-back and styled with waves.

#7: Back to Black Ombre Hair

sombre for long black hair

Women with black hair that is raven-colored may also apply the idea of an ash blonde hair to dark hair. Instead of choosing a dark blonde hair, you can shade the ends with shades similar to charcoal for the perfect balance of the dramatic and the subtle.

#8: Ash Blonde Ombre with Brown Balayage

brown and blonde balayage ombre

Let’s say you’ve decided to opt with ash blonde ombre hair, however, you would like to spice up the style. You can do so by introducing balayage into your ombre look. Chocolate brown highlights that are chunky and smoky with the black background peeking through create a striking style, however the ombre goes higher.

#9: Discrete Ash Blonde Ombre

brunette lob with ash brown ombre

Some women don’t prefer a striking ombre style particularly if they work in a workplace or are still in school. One great option is to opt for an extremely subtle ash blonde ombre hair style that is atop an elongated hair bob. There won’t be any complaints and still look stunning.

#10: Platinum Contrast Ombre Hair

black to ash blonde ombre for long hair

White silver hair with ombres is eye candy to the max. If you’d like to move from brunette to dark brown with your hair ombre, you can select an enthralling transition from mid-shafts to ends. Think about the platinum contrast hair when your locks are beautiful and long.

#11: Seamless Brown to Grey Ombre

medium straight brown hair with gray ombre

Another method by which you can wear ombre hair and not get weird look at work is to use a effortless fade to gentle grey tips. The secret to creating an authentic grey ombre is selecting the darker silver shade that appears to flow seamlessly from the dark base.

#12: Violet and Silver Balayage

gray and purple balayage hair

The Tumblr ladies are at the concept of mixing grey and purple for one look. Combine the two shades and mix the two to create a stylish look that is a pure delight to look at in the mirror each morning.

#13: Black to Grey Ombre Hair

gray balayage for long black bob

If you’ve got a love for achrome but don’t want to go all brown You can always explore black and silver hair ombre. Explore dark tones and determine which shades of grey work best to achieve your desired style.

14. Ash Blonde Ombre with Earth Tones

brown to ash blonde ombre

Earth tones that are natural look stunning in any time throughout the year. Distinct ash blonde ombre locks like they can be worn anywhere you want, at any time and in any manner you want which is the reason they’re attractive.

#15: Long Hair with silver Ombre Tips

silver balayage for brown hair

The general consensus is that one of the most effective methods to highlight your hair’s length is to give the tips a different hue. If you’re fortunate enough to have hair that flows all the way down your rear, it is possible to effortlessly shine by using charming silver hair tips.

#16: Casual Ash Blonde Ombre

brown to blonde ombre

Flaxen blonde ombres are always an option for ladies who prefer light hair colors however, they don’t want to turn out to be too flashy. A casual ash blonde ombre hair is another hairstyle that can be effortlessly sported in any situation and is worth an attempt.

#17: Black, Ash Brown and Silver Ombre

Black to silver ombre hair

You can get the best of both worlds making use of not just the ash blonde or ash brown and silver, but also using silver for your hair color. This hair color concept works best with a dark base. Let the tips naturally change through ash brown to silver.

#18: Ash Blonde Hair with silver accents

silver balayage for light brown hair

In lieu of creating a strong contrast between light and dark shades for your ombre you can opt for a more natural look by blending silver tones in ash blonde. Pick ash blonde as the base color and apply silver as a glow coat for the pieces you choose.

#19: Long Ash Blonde Ombre Hair

ash blonde ombre for long hair

One option for ladies who wish to put more emphasis on the ‘blonde’ part of brunette ombre hair to start with a gradual fade towards lighter shade near the top just a few inches from the root. If you decide to go with this hairstyle, ensure that the blonde hair blends into the rest of the hair naturally, flowing through dark brown before transitioning to blonde.

#20: Balayage Ombre Hair

brown hair with ash blonde balayage

You don’t need to create the ombre in half down your hair. As an alternative to a natural look you can mix the concept of balayage highlights and an ombre to get a gorgeous result.

#21: Golden Blonde and Ash Blonde Balayage

brown hair with golden and silver balayage

Slacky, classy and elegant It’s easy to discern why wearing Ash blonde hair is the trend this year. Dark hair that is long and long is a beautiful highlight when paired with silver and golden accents. Make loose locks and then let it flow over your back.

#22: Ombre Hair in Grey Shades

silver ombre for brunettes

Grey is a word that’s everywhere and not only because of the film. Silver-colored ombre hair is on the path and is set to become one of the most popular hair color trends for this season, so take a step forward and get grey!

#23: Platinum and Silver Highlights

ash blonde balayage hair

If you feel that platinum matches the skin color of yours, then you should certainly go into the higher levels with an elegant ombre or balayage style. You can opt for an ash-colored dark base and then add a few shiny platinum streaks. Women with long hair will love this look absolutely.

#24: Subtle Ash Blonde Ombre

ash brown ombre for dark brown hair

It is possible to give your hair that is ash blonde an extra flair by adjusting your silver level. Natural dark roots effortlessly blend into the ends of ash blonde with the cool toned medium brown. The result is stunning.

#25: Silver Ombre Tips

black shaggy hairstyle with silver ombre

There’s no need to expand your silver ombre in order to cover all of your hair. you can highlight just the areas. Women with dark hair will appreciate the way light grey ends compliment the dark brunette locks. all you require is a medium-long shag for the most effect.

#26: Long Ash Blonde Pixie With Dark Roots

long ash blonde pixie

Another myth about ombre hair worth disproving is that it works only when you have long flowing hairstyles that are wavy. This look completely debunks this common belief. This pixie that is grown-out looks modern with its asymmetrical cut and dark roots. In addition, the remainder of the hair is dyed with a striking ash blonde for an ultra-cool overall look.

#27: The Updated Rachel: Straight Layered Ombre Hair

long layered haircut with subtle ombre

Remember Jennifer Aniston’s signature layering hairstyle from Friends? The hairstyle is updated into the third millennium , but at the cost of the popular faded colors. Regarding haircuts the top layers frame the face of the model and the lighter blonde around the tips helps highlight her facial features.

#28: Dramatic Blonde To Brown

blonde to brown reverse ombre

Don’t be afraid to play it cautiously, though. This is a style that will be noticed by everyone with those vivid shades. Ash blonde could actually be the mathematical average of the two that is The bright, blonde color on top and the brown toffee on the bottom. Take note of how the hair has been bleached in order to create this appearance, and the way the chestnut shade was initially applied to the hair about halfway down the length.

#29: Dark To Light: Brown To Pale Blonde Ombre

brown to ash blonde ombre

The soft blonde tones that make this style seem natural and natural. They’re a similar to the light shades of sun-kissed hues that are often observed in hair of young children. As the gradient gets lighter towards the tips, hair curls into soft waves, making the look absolutely gorgeous.

#30: Very Dark To Very Light Ombre

black to ash blonde ombre hair

Medium length hair can be versatile, and the model in this picture shows it to the fullest. The ombre style is a striking distinction between her silver-ashen blonde hue and dark hair on the roots hair, is styled two-fold. It works equally well with our straight, wet style as it does in the an easy and wavy style!

#31: Ombre Pixie With Bangs

short ash blonde ombre hair

Here’s another look with a gradient to get you inspired. This is unique in its symmetry. The most ombre designs consist of two horizontal strips dyed with different tones or hues. This particular style has smaller diagonal lines. They could be called highlights, or use them to promote your own unique taste of dip dyeing!

#32: Layered Grown-Out Ombre Bob

gray ombre highlights for brown hair

Ash hair with ombre looks equally stunning on an (former) hairstyle as a. This is because it takes a normal look and adds a sparkle of edginess due to the gradient of color. The hair of the model is available in three different colors different colors, not just two. It’s extremely dark, nearly black near the roots and a hazel-like look towards the middle and faded blonde towards the tips.

#33: From Black To Silver – And All Wavy

black to gray ombre for black women

If you’ve ever had doubts about whether ombre styles can be a great fit with weave or mesh the look below will bring an end to your doubts. This African American model has opted for a dramatic transformation by having nearly 50% of her curls dyed with silver. The stunning color-contrast result is breathtaking not to mention stunning.

#34: Witchy-Wavy Black And Silver

long gray ombre hair

With such a stunning grey ombre look like this, you could be a descendent of an old tale of witchcraft and adventure. The loose curls highlight the gradient of color, which begins with black classic and gradually gets lighter until it’s almost colorless at the ends.

#35: The ‘Devil May Care’ Ash Brown Ombre

brown t blue-gray ombre

This is another style that consists of soft bohemian curls. If you look closely, you’ll see that the hairstyles of the model appear to be gleaming with a metallic hue. This is the perfect look for hippie chicks who are able to wear it with jeans and a t-shirt or with an oversized summer dress.

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