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36 Alluring Lob Haircuts To Shine

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If, for any reason, you’re not sure what a lob haircut actually is it’s time to discover. All women around the globe are a fan of hairstyles. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Long bobs are referred to as “lob “lob” which is among the most well-known hairstyles for bobs out there. The art of keeping a long bob neat isn’t as simple as a shorter one, however the effect it creates is much more appealing. There are a-line, regular or even stackable lobs there. It is essential to think about the type of face prior to deciding on the best lob. People with long faces may prefer not to wear the a-line lobs. Those with square and round faces must choose these. The process of choosing a lob isn’t easy, and that’s why having a variety of choices to choose from is a great option.

The Most Stylish Lob Haircuts for Women

If you’ve made the decision to try a lob-style hairstyle you’ll be amazed by the range of styles available. The majority of them are associated with length and the color. Before making an informed decision, it’s crucial to think about your face’s shape and hair style. Hairy girls can enjoy bobs with a great angle as they look amazing when paired with straight locks. Ladies with curly hair are advised to avoid lobs that have a line and stick to normal forms. For a face that is oval, try making your lob as long that you possibly can. However, if your face is long, the front portion of your lob must be longer in comparison to the reverse. It’s always fun to experiment. Therefore, take a look through these amazing 40 options to make the decision of a lob more simple.

1. A lob angle with an additional side piece

Angled lob with a side part haircut for women

If you’ve got straight hair then this beautiful long lob that has a side part is a good option. Check out the entire length of this hair lob. The ends fall across the chest. The hairstyle should be shaved backwards to make the style more efficient.

2. Bright and red


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Whatever hairstyle you decide to go with, be sure to pay plenty of attention to the color of your hair. If the color you have isn’t too vibrant you might want to consider coloring it red. Red shades do an amazing job at brightening up your style and can be great for creating an image shift.

3. Very long lob of a-line


Longness of the lob could differ. Women who are very long lobs, which extend approximately 10 inches below your cheeks. It’s important to keep in mind that the longer your hairstyle and the longer it is, the more attention it’ll require. Particularly if you enjoy keeping your hair clean.

4. Wavy lob

 Wavy lob hairstyle for girl

If you’re a hairdresser with waves, you could nevertheless have a stunning lob. But, it is best to forget about angled and a-line Bobs as such lines won’t be noticeable because of the waves. You can make a normal bob with the same length and make sure to keep it tidy.

5. Curly lob

nice Curly lob hairstyle

If you’re tired of the straight and simple hairstyle, try curling your hair to make it more attractive. The use of soft curls is an excellent way to change your look. But, keep in mind that curls could transform hair into normal bob, as your hair appears shorter.

6. Blond waves


Blond and Wavy regular lob hairstyles look amazing with a side swept on top. In case your hair has thin ends and require some volume, sweeping across the top of your head will give you the complete transformation. You’ll need a shampoo to maintain the look as it is.

7. Layered lob

Layered lob hairstyle for women

If you have long straight hair, you’ll appreciate a long lob with layers. Create it whatever length you want however, remember that it’ll need some styling. Be prepared for the challenges that hairstyles can pose. The outcome will be remarkable.

8. Lob with sideswept bangs


If you’re a longer face and would like a lob look into adding bangs. Bangs can be great at giving your face the appearance of being oval and give your hairstyle some zing. You can side sweep your long hair and cover the ends with the side hair strands.

9. Asymmetrical lob

Asymmetrical lob hairsyle for women

If you’re a lover of stylish asymmetrical cuts, then this lob is the one for you. Cut one side of the hair longer than the opposite, and you’ll really make a striking statement. You must wear this lob every day to allow your asymmetry defined.

10. Windblown lob


If you love the windblown style, a normal hairstyle is the one ideal for you. Create your hair to the same length , and allow it to fall down your shoulders. Side sweep the hair’s highest strands in order to add an impressive volume with no effort. This hairstyle is perfect for hair that is sexy and slushy tossing.

11. Highlighted lob

Highlighted lob

You can make your lob more attractive by creating intelligent highlights. If you want to boost your appearance choose colors such as the red and blond. If you’re not prepared to make dramatic changes, choose an option that is a bit lighter than the natural hue.

12. Curled closes

SANTA MONICA, CA - APRIL 10: Actress Nikki Reed arrives at the 3rd Annual Coach Evening To Benefit Children's Defense Fund at Bad Robot on April 10, 2013 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Add some variety to your hair by curling the ends. This style will appear distinct if you are able to maintain it in a neat manner throughout the daytime. The top is shaved using a hair gel to define curly or wavy ends.

13. Ombre

beautiful Ombre hairstyle

Ombres are extremely popular today and look particularly good with hair lobs. Your hair stylist should pick the appropriate shade for your Ombre. You can choose from conservative to extreme. Lob lets you dye more than half your hair’s length.

14. Straight and elegant


If you’re looking to impress make an impression, alter your hairstyle drastically. Black women with curly hair look stunning when they shave their hair is straightened. The ends should be flipped to create a an additional impression.

15. Angled lob

Angled lob haircut your favorite

Angled lobs can be easy to style, but are difficult to keep. A haircut that is angled requires a skilled stylist to appear neat. Otherwise the angles are likely to disappear. The longer you keep making your bob, the more sharp the edges will appear and the more obvious they’ll be.

16. Messy bob


If you have wavy and long hair, it’s very difficult to keep it looking elegant. Why not try messy lob hairstyles? The hair is cut to at the same length, except for the frontal strands which are cut shorter. There is no need for styling for this. Simply throw your hair in the air and move!

17. Hidden bangs


Hide bangs behind the frontal hair strands of the hairline is a good idea. First , the fringe is stylish and also the face shape appears more oval for women with large faces. The hidden bangs add that spark that every hairstyle requires to be unique.

18. Large waves

 Large waves hairstyle for girl

Straight lob haircuts appear elegant and make a great addition to the office. But what can you wear for special events? Curl them! Big curls can make any cut appear impressive and make you stand out from the crowd.

19. Long bangs


The addition of long bangs on your lob is a fantastic idea. Bring them up to at your eye and the hairstyle you have be unique. You can opt for short and blunt bangs. In either case the lob you choose will be stunning.

20. Voluminous lob

Voluminous lob hairstyle you like

If you’re looking to stand out and make heads turn at you, try a an oversized Bob. This style is created by soaring the top of your hair using the help of a hair dryer, and then applying it with a hair product to keep the hair tidy.

21. Multicolored lob


If you are looking for a unique hairstyle for your lob, think about making an ombre bob. It is necessary dye various parts of the hair using different shades. After that, you can sweep the hair and move it to another side to display the difference in color.

22. Asymmetrical lobes with awavy curvature

Wavy asymmetrical lob hair style

If you’ve got wavy hair and you want to get it straight, you can make a striking hairstyle that is asymmetrical. Women must not overlook the amazing way that asymmetry in hairstyles can make them appear. Cut the ends so that they are and not bent.

23. Long and Wavy

Long and wavy hairstyle

Lobs come in different sizes. You can create a long lob that appears incredible. Hair can be however long you like. If your hair is curly then make the frontal locks shorter than the back. This will keep your hair neat.

24. Straight and elegant


A great way to show off your hairstyle is to keep it neat and straight. The most attractive hairstyles for angle are on straight hair. The lob may require some care and regular brushing. However, the results will attract attention to your work.

25. Uncoordinated and messy

Messy and asymmetrical haircut for women

The asymmetrical and messy hair lobs like the ones you see in the image aren’t fashionable, but they do make a nice assertion. If you’re not afraid of the messiness the asymmetrical strands allow you to look and feel amazing.

26. Simple and long


The simple lob cut will look great on girls who don’t want something that is too striking. This haircut is perfect for all women. The hairstyle needs some maintenance to keep it neat and elegant.

27. Lob style

 Lob styling hairstyle

How to style your straight lob can be difficult. What can you make to style it and tidy with minimal effort? Make a simple hairstyle by connecting the side strands of your lob to the back using an elastic strap. This is an easy solution for girls who have the time constraint.

28. Romantic lob


If you’re trying to get a the romantic and dreamy look, don’t try too far with how you style your hair. Keep your hair straight and windswept. You can braid an strand of side hair to the other side to give some flavor to your hair.

29. Stylish lob

Stylish lob hairstyle for girl

There’s nothing you have to accomplish to create a basic hairstyle look fashionable. Simply curl your hair, then lock it in place by using hair gel. The sleek 1920’s style will be an ideal idea for special occasions or as a daily hairstyle for women with curly hair.

30. Long angles


When your hair’s length is longer there is plenty of imagination. You can create really sharp , long angles that aid you in creating a distinctive hairstyle. Before you begin making angles, you should consider the amount of time to style them regularly.

31. Neat lob

 Neat lob hairstyle for women

This is an excellent idea for women who have fine hair. Because lifting hair to increase volume is generally impossible, simply sweeping certain strands backwards could accomplish the task. It may appear as the volume has been reduced due to the strands are located situated in the back.

32. Pink lob


The ability to add a splash of color to hairstyles can be enjoyable. It’s the easiest method to stand out. Think about light pink, blue or green dyes. You’ll be amazed by how a tiny amount of color can totally alter your appearance.

33. Wispy is over

Wispy ends hairstyle you like

If you have fine hair you could consider cutting hair’s ends hair wispy. This will give you an elegant hairstyle that does not look boring. The wispy hairstyle adds a bit of weight and elegance to your look. Don’t be scared to try this technique.

34. Teased lob

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 07: Kim Kardashian arrives at the Roc Nation Pre-GRAMMY Brunch on February 7, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

One of the simplest methods in order to create a lob cut thick is to tease your hair. Another method is the traditional top side comb-over. Don’t be afraid of making your hair messy. Messy and windy hairstyles are trendy.

35. Color play

hairstyle for nice girl

Learning how to utilize hair coloring is essential for creating an impressive and distinctive hairstyle. You can dye your hair at all strange locations. It is possible to dye the roots and the tips lighter shades to give your hair a real shine.

36. Curly bangs


You’re used hair that is wispy and sharp, however a curly fringe can be difficult to locate? This is an excellent reason to opt for curly or wavy bangs. Your hairstyle is sure to be among the most distinctive ones out there. Take advantage of this chic lob however long you like.

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