Bob hairstyles are elegant, chic and easy and can look great on women of any age. However, there are many choices. What do you choose which one is the right one for you? Let’s take a glance at some middle length haircuts for bobs. A medium length bob with bangs is simpler to manage and will give you the perfect casual style. Layered bob hairstyles are great with straight, straight,, and curly hair. They’re perfect for angular and round faces. Angled Bob cut straight in the back and styled with layers of angular hair in the front is the perfect option for round faces. The asymmetrical medium-length bob is cut slightly longer on one side, and shorter on the other. They are perfect among the latest hairstyles for bobs. In our collection of hairstyles that are medium in length you’ll find a variety of bobs that are trending. Pick the most attractive one to try it out.

#1: Textured Wavy Mid-Length Cut


This stunning bob is made up of adorable flicks perfectly chopped, smoothed and expertly toned. A soft wavy bob with long necks and an angled back pieces gives an universally flattering look with an amazing wash-and-wear-quality.

#2: Chic Granny Bob


For many years women have a tendency to cover their gray hair, mainly due to obvious reasons. However, nowadays, the trendy granny shade is the latest black. Look at how gorgeous the silver shade is! The bob cut is fashionable and attractive with its highlights of silver shades.

#3: Choppy Brown Blonde Balayage Bob


The soft and smooth brown blonde balayage hairstyle is proof that you don’t have to be bold to stand out. The loose braids in this feminine bob cut are like a soft breeze that is gently sweeping across your face. The lowlights and highlights create a striking casual, easy-going fashion.

#4: Tapered Auburn Bob


The auburn bob haircut that is tapered is elegant, stylish and feminine. This type of medium bob haircut with an angled silhouette is perfect for fine, medium-textured hair. The deep monochromatic colors and the cut with a voluminous root make this a fashionable cut.

#5: Messy Glam Bob


The messy bob haircut with a mid-length is a popular choice for women of all different ages. The big crimped curls can be seen throughout this stylish haircut, which is more modern as opposed to the 80s. The bangs at the front add a little softer to the otherwise hard-to-control cut. The light blonde shade matches your cool skin tones.

#6: Wavy Asymmetrical Bob


If you’ve got hair that is wavy this means that you are naturally moving and have texture. The wavy asymmetrical bob cut is a fantastic way to show off your curls. You can achieve this chic look when you dry your hair by the airflow flowing down from the roots until the ends.

#7 Tousled Bob and Bangs


The cute bob style with bangs has plenty of body and bounce. If you’ve got curly hair that is fine the sex bob hairstyle is the perfect choice for you. The dark hair with the ash blonde balayage create an extremely attractive style for you. In addition, this hairstyle is extremely low-maintenance.

#8: Long Blonde Bob


The long, blonde-textured Bob hairstyle always looks stylish effortlessly cool and chic. The layers of choppy hair, combined with the blonde balayage hair hue and the delicate waves give an elegant look that is but at ease.

#9: A New Cut that is Bold in Color


The sleek bob cut looks fresh and stylish. The subtle rosy shade enhanced with a natural caramel tone is evidently displayed on her straight strands , and as consequently, emphasises the dramatic nature of the haircut. It is possible to play around with different shades without going overboard.

#10: Medium Choppy Bob


The medium choppy bob style is a perfect example of a properly-placed texture. The hair’s choppy ends are accentuated by some mousse as well as the layers that are on the other side of the hair are slightly teasing. This is a clever technique to get this chic and glamorous style.

#11: Subtle Rainbow Bob


Classic and natural, this hairstyle that is never boring. The attractive, subtle rainbow hue adds a great texture to this bob cut. The bob is also hassle free and effortless to fashion and wear day in and day out day. Make sure to layer on some additional layers If you’re looking for a flirty look.

#12: Wavy Shoulder Length Bob


This shoulder length style with waves could gain volume. The loose waves can be created by using a barrel-sized curling iron, which highlights the highlights of your hair and frame your face. The loose bangs give the hairstyle a touch of elegance.

#13: Straight Shoulder Length Tips


Straight shoulder length bob is elegant because it looks stylish with fringe. While keeping the classic cut hairstyle, the long bangs give more dimension to straight hair. The shades melt effortlessly, bringing dimension to straight bobs.

#14: Curly Mid-Length Hairdo


This curly haircut with a mid-length is a chic hairstyle that’s ideal for formal events. However, it’s also great for everyday wear due to its casual style. The bouncy and defined curls are a great addition to this medium-length haircut and showcase the flirty brown highlights.

#15 Brown Bob with Bangs


Brown bobs with bangs look elegant and stylish. This hairstyle is an excellent choice to soften a broad forehead or a round face. Choose blunt, straight-across bangs that recall childhood or an elegant, multi-length side fringe. They’ll make you appear younger.

#16 Layered Bob With Highlights


The layer bob is angled towards the front so that it brushes only the chin line, which beautifully frames your face. With the longer ends as well as the highlights the chin length hairstyle looks elegant and beautiful. The layers are an obvious reason behind this hairstyle’s popularity.

#17: A-Line Bob Haircut


The A-line bob haircut creates an asymmetrical appearance by cutting hair on one side shorter. The person who wears this hairstyle certainly looks beautiful and younger. It is possible to pull off with any hair texture, however women with fine hair may be able to rock the uneven style a bit better.

#18: Concave Haircut for Curly Hair


Curls and waves work best when stacked bob cuts. If you have hair that is thick is recommended to select the length that is above your collar. The concave hairstyle is awe-inspiring – volume and shape, texture, length and shade.

#19: Purple Side Part Hairstyle


The stacked bob hairstyle is always elegant however this purple side-part bob cut is chic. Create a side-part and then style the hair to the opposite side and then backwards using a blow-dryer. The gorgeous plum red balayage with dark brown hair will give an amazing and stunning look.

#20: Mid-Length Angled Bob


In the case of medium hairstyles for bobs, a variety of variations pop into our heads but the mid-length, hairstyle with an angled angle is an absolute favorite. The neck length haircut begins from a higher front, and then taper towards the back, creating an elongated shape.

#21 inverted Blonde Bob with a Messy Finish

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

This adorable inverted blonde bob with a messy end channels west coast vibes. The smooth waves are flawlessly smoothed. The bright blonde hue melts effortlessly with the platinum hue which makes this hair perfect to enjoy the summer sun by the beach.

22: Pretty Brown Bob with highlights that are sun-kissed

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

This gorgeous brown bob appears natural and lively when enhanced with subtle light-colored highlights. If you’ve been slicing away your balayage and are now ready to change things up It’s simple to get this hairstyle that is blonde. Take off the bleached ends Give your hair an opportunity to stop dyeing and encourage healthier hair.

#23: Crisply Cut Blonde Bob

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

This cleanly haircut blonde curl is a reliable hairstyle that is guaranteed to never be out of style. The platinum highlights pop up the bob’s blunt shape for a modern look. It’s elegant, classic and comfortable to wear day in and day out with no maintenance.

#24: Shaved Back Bob

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

This shaved back bob has a unassuming nape cuts hidden beneath the hair’s top layer. The thinly layered bob the cut makes your hair look gorgeous and light and allows you to maintain your locks order. It’s also a great choice for women who are looking to trim their hair.

25: Blonde Balayage Bob With Soft Layers

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

Bob haircuts are a fantastic way to showcase the balance. With subtle shades in blonde. This sleek and straight Bob haircut is the perfect example of a simple hairstyle. In addition, the soft layers increase the dimension of your style.

#26 Messy Brunette Bob with Caramel Balayage

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

The messy brunette bob haircut is enhanced with caramel Balayage. The highlights lighten the dark hair strands and give the cut some texture. While the loose curls enhance the nape-length bob , and give the perfect fun and flirty look you’ve been looking for.

#27: Choppy Inverted Bronde Bob

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

If you’re struggling to decide between brunette and blonde, try experimenting with a different color called brode. The messy layers, paired with stacking backs make the bronde look unique. This choppy bob inverted by a bronde transforms class and sass into one.

#28 Bob: The Classic Bob With Full Straight Bangs

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

The classic bob haircut with its long straight fringe is as elegant as it is chic. Furthermore, the full bangs add volume the straight tresses , and keeps this timeless bob cut looking modern.

#29: Dimensional Blonde Balayage Lob

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

This beautiful dimensional blonde balayage can be easily adapted to make an iconic cut exclusive to you. The cut is inverted and the high-contrast Balyage creates visual interest in your hair, and the adorable design allows your hair to move.

#30 Feminine rosewood Bob along with Caramel Balayage

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

This pretty rosewood bob with caramel balayage provides feminine vibes while being stylish. The delicate rosy hue is accented through the subtle caramel tone. Without being too strong or loud, feel free to experiment with all shades from the rainbow.

#31: V-Cut and Razored Blonde Bob

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

This adorable V-cut middle-length blonde bob is better when the edges are tucked out. The cut ends are razored to give volume and texture to any straight hair. Apply hairspray to it to ensure it stays large throughout the day.

#32: Textured Medium Hairstyle

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

This shoulder length, textured hairstyle is an expert’s work. The front bangs and the fringes to both sides perfectly frame her gorgeous face. The dark auburn color of her hair was brightened by the light, sandy shade that creating a sophisticated and elegant style.

#33: Discreet Brown Bob for Fine Hair

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

A subtle brown bob is a great option for hair with fine. The colors melt together seamlessly, giving dimension to the blunt and straight bob. The babylights softly lighten the brunette tone and amp up the impact factor of the style.

#34: Voluminous Layers and Dark Roots

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

Are you looking to make an impact? Explore a palette with high contrast. The stark contrast between platinum tips and dark roots give this medium-bob haircut an enticing look. The texture layers add depth to the style and further enhance the sexy appeal.

#35 Shaggy Bob with Bangs Point-Cut

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

A shaggy bob that has layers and pointed-cut bangs is the latest fashion for women with natural straight hair. When you’ve got curly hair straightening bangs can be difficult. Additionally the pin straight hair tends to be smooth and smooth. The shaggy bob can give hair body, with textured layers.

#36″Classy Angled” Bob With Choppy Ends

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

Balayage when paired with lowlights creates the chic medium angled hairstyle with plenty of depth. The multidimensional look gives your locks the volume and fullness you’ve been craving. The choppy ends and layers add more body.

#37: Classic Bob for Thin Hair

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

The classic medium-layered hairstyle is a great option for those with thin hair. The subtle layers that are concentrated on the ends gives your hair’s thinness more body. Hair that is thin is ideal for shorter cuts as it gives the hair the appearance that appears more full and lively, without overstating the loss of hair.

#38: Cropped Shoulder Length Cut

38 Beautiful And Easy Medium Bob Hairstyles

The shoulder length bob that is cropped cut is among the most popular haircuts in the world in the present because it’s length enough to be able to experiment with various styles, yet still retaining the comfort of shorter hair. It is suitable for thin and fine locks. If you’re a low maintenance lady who desires an elegant cut that reflects a variety of styles, opt for an asymmetrical shoulder cut.


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