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41 Flattering Short Hairstyles for Long Faces in 2024

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Picture of a fun and sassy short hair for long faces

#1: Fun & Sassy

The goal of achieving a more oval, natural appearance is the objective of all face shapes, and the goal here is to make a longer face appear larger. Take a look at the following short hairstyles for long faces which are flattering and perfect for long faces. What would you say about this style? I love this style because it’s fun and sassy. It is possible to experiment with various styles. This particular client is growing out her hair from an elongated pixie cut. This just shows that growing hair can be an enjoyable experience as well as an opportunity to experiment with styles you might not normally preferred. I like that she arrived with a smug face and a defeat with a mullet on her back, but ended up leave feeling super satisfied and eager to keep growing it longer and not give up. Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about it? This hairstyle is perfect for people who are growing out their hair as it gives the top layer of hair the chance to grow to the length at the perimeter. Additionally, it’s a simple style if your hair is straight. Simply a simple power dry and a little wax for giving it a structure and direction is all you need. The length may not be as thrilling for thicker hair unless you are familiar with style their hair daily.

Picture of carefree short hairstyle for long faces

#2: Care Free

What would you say about this style? This style is so easy to wear. The bangs add an element of fun to the savageness of the hair. Do you have any advice for those who is considering this? The length of the bob is quite short as it frames her jawline We didn’t want to create a heavy look or cover the entire forehead. The light bang that creates the brow with a triangle keeps the face looking long. Be aware that having an intense bang with this length of hair may cause some faces to appear round!

Picture of a textured inverted bob short hairstyle for long faces

#3: Classic Textured Inverted Bob

What would you say about the look? This haircut is known as an inverted, textured short hairstyle. It’s a classic cut that I re-styled to look edgy by removing the weight and texturing. I like this cut due to its versatility. It can be worn in a variety of different ways to showcase your individual style. Do you have any advice for those thinking about it? This cut is perfect for straight and wavy hair styles. It is recommended to make use of a large round brush to blow it out the hair, and then apply an iron flat to smooth the hair’s ends. If you’re not keen to draw attention to the jawline, this cut won’t be suitable ideal for you. You can ask your stylist to make your inversion drop one inch lower than the jawline.

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Picture of a short triangular bob hairstyle for long faces

#4: Triangular Bob

What do you think of the look? It’s a triangular bob (slight angle inward) with very little layering and lots of texture to create a slack appearance. The thing I love about this design is the effortless messy look and the low maintenance and work required to attain it, and the ability to transform into something that is suitable for a variety of different lifestyles and the ages. Do you have any advice for those who is considering this? I believe that many people are hesitant to request the bob, as it can refer to a myriad of different things. For those who want to have something similar you should ask your stylist for the suitability of your hairstyle, based on whether you’re seeking something more similar, more angled or having greater weight positioned towards the back. These small differences can allow hairstyles to fit any face shape and head designs. The majority of the layered look is due to styling and textures cut into it, not many actual layers. If you have hair that is fine with a thin texture, less layering will give you more of a fuller appearance. For hair that is thicker you will require a smooth undercut as well as various methods of texturing are needed to create those chunky pieces at the ends. The majority of the times, I choose not to employ texturizing shears. Regular shears offer more flexibility to the texture, and also help to avoid over-texturizing. The great thing about this beachy, tousled design is the fact that it can be done relatively quickly and easily using many different tools. You can curl with the wand, curling iron as well as a flat iron. It’s a process that takes patience and an excellent texture spray. I am a fan of Unite Texturiza or AG High and Dry. A combination of shaking the waves while using products not only makes the look more comfortable but makes it last longer.

Picture of sleek yet edgy short hairstyle for long faces

#5: Sleek Yet Edgy

How would you describe this style? This is the ideal classic bob with sharp edges and sharp angles. It keeps the style sleek but also gives it a hint of edge. My favorite part about the bob is that it is timeless and an essential fashion item. The wearer instantly exudes confidence and elegance. Are there any tips for anyone who is thinking of this look? For this style I applied Kevin Murphy’s Body.Builder to damp hair, and then applied the product from the roots all the way to the end. This adds a touch of root lift, while making sure your hair’s shaft and edges stay smooth. I used a blow-dryer with small to medium-sized brush, starting from the nape and then continued by moving small sections upwards. For the final touch I spritzed the hair with a small amount like Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom.Hair to give it a weightless look and motion. The bob is a versatile hairstyle that is pleasing on many hair types and facial forms. It’s especially a big change for hair with fine texture, creating the illusion of being twice full. A bob is a beautiful choice for curly women, but it is essential to take into consideration how much spring present in curly hair so that you can ensure the correct length. Everyone looks gorgeous with the long lob. The lob cuts are extremely flexible and the extra length can be a benefit for those who require the option of putting the hair in a different direction. The possibilities of this cut are unlimited because there are a myriad of minor adjustments that could be made to allow each client to get her perfect cut!

Picture of an industrial and edgy short hairstyle for long faces

#6: Industrial and Edgy

What do you think of this look? I would describe this style as stylish and modern. It’s inspired by rust and steel. We were unsure of how we’d end up looking realistic when it came to color removal. We went with lavender and peach tones for this rustic smokey look! Any advice for anyone thinking about it? We used a hair styling cream applied to damp hair to give it some body and hold. This cut is perfect for thicker hair or fine hair that has natural curl. This model is more of an oval or round-shaped face which is able to rock the pixie cut effortlessly. She is a busy person and we wanted something that she can style easily and with only use minimal product. After blow drying the hair smooth and smooth, we applied the spray to protect against heat and added curls creating them with medium-hold putty to create an amazing natural texture. It was a breeze and we were to go!

41 Flattering Short Hairstyles for Long Faces in 2024

#7: Chic French-inspired Bob

What would you say about this haircut? I love this hairstyle due to its versatility. Based on the style you want to achieve the hairstyle can be styled in a elegant French-inspired bob in a way that looks smooth or textured. It’s a very low-maintenance cut that is suitable for any shape of face. Do you have any advice for those who is considering this cut? Don’t be afraid of playing with the products! This cut is suited to any hair texture that means you’ll be in a position to work with all kinds of products for finishing. My client has a lot of hair. I utilized my razor to cut off the weight and created a shattering Bob, rather than the stacked or layered hairstyle. This allows for a lots of fluid movement. I wouldn’t suggest this method for those who has hair that is thinner or finer since it will reduce the required density needed that is required for cutting this way.

Picture of a versatile bob a short hairstyle for long faces

#8: Versatile Bob

What would you say about this style? It is my opinion to describe the style as a versatile bob , and that’s what I like about it! It is versatile. It is possible to wear it smooth and sleek or add texture by using the addition of a curl or spray. This fringe could be cut off to the side to create more of a side-bang or straight across the middle for more of a 70s-inspired look. There are already four styles with one cut. Fun right? Do you have any advice for those who are considering this look? If someone is considering this style, I’d be sure that they’re willing to do the styling. A shorter haircut is the most popular option. think it is easier to style, but based on the hair of the individual isn’t always true.After you’ve gone to bed, your hair is all around the place, and applying a heat protector and smoothing it with the help of a blow-dryer is a great way to create a style. As I said before Dry texture spray is great to give it movement and body. Dry shampoo is also great! I can’t stress enough how great dry shampoo can be for short hair! The fact that you don’t have the hassle of washing your hair all day can cut down the time you spend on your hair down and we are all in love with the fact that it’s so easy to wash your hair.

Versatile Undercut Pixie hairstyle

#9: Versatile Undercut Pixie

What would you say about the look? The hairstyle is multi-faceted pixie cut with an edgy blonde hue. It’s easy to style forward and down, up or roughed up or curly. The longer slanted fringe provides beautiful contours for an extended face, and is the focus on her face. The shape, texture and shade complement her complexion and character. Do you have any advice for those thinking about it? This is an excellent option for those who want to sport a pixie cut with the feminine and soft appearance. It’s a style that can be made more attractive by using a bit of product or a style. This look is also great for those who are transitioning to longer hair after a compact Pixie. This style can be used with any hair texture. Products like an volumizer, texturing spray dry shampoo, shine drops are necessary for the final result. This type of hairstyle requires regular visits to the salon every between five and six weeks.

Badass Blonde hairstyle

#10: Badass Blonde

What would you say about the look? I would say this is a badass blonde, simply because that’s the style she’s sporting in this photo. I’ve been doing the hair of this girl for a long time and we’ve been all over the place with it. My favorite part about this style would be the variety of style for her. Due to the length of the top, we can dress in a straight and slender way, up and back with a bold look, and even edgy with curly texture. Do you have any advice for those who is considering this? I believe it’s an excellent style for a person who is a product lover or an artistic persona. It’s easy to style it in the morning, and you could usually manage several days without shampoo. The only drawback is that you need to style and blow dry it in order to achieve the best style. Because it’s so short and easy to do, it will only take fifteen to twenty minutes during your morning hair days! It’s definitely a style that is fun for those who want something different on everyday life and aren’t afraid of the smell of a small product!

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