Short Layered Pixie Cut

Short bowl cut

Instagram @hollygirldoeshair

A cute short bowl pixie that gives a modern hipster vibe.

Bob Haircut

Bob haircut

Instagram @chloenbrown

Chloe has one of the most iconic pixie looks for this year with the layers, deep side part, grey color and shaved sides.

Shaved Undercut

Shaved undercut

Instagram @sandra_sinh

Shaved sides is a hot trend this year.

Short & Shaggy

Short and Shaggy

Instagram @sarah_louwho

If you have naturally wavy hair and find yourself asking “should I get a pixie cut?” – this is your answer. Pixie haircuts are a hot item for women who can pull off these charming styles.

Perfect Pixie Cut for Black Women

A perfect cut for black women

Instagram @kali_atartistry

This is a gorgeous example of a pixie cut for black hair.

Edgy Cut for Thin Hair

Edgy cut for thin hair

Instagram @leahfittsbeautydesign

If you have long hair and are in the process of growing out a pixie cut, then this is a great look to start with as you work your way down. Also, check out this comprehensive guide from xojane.

Vibrant Burnt Orange – Red Pixie

Vibrant burnt orange

Instagram @emilie_does_hair

A perfect example for round faces.

Cute Pixie Haircut for a Round Face

Cute cut for a round face

Instagram @haley_marshall

Another beautiful example for a round face and tan skin.

Edgy Cut for A Little Girl

Edgy cut for a little girl

Instagram @hair_by_ashb

Little girl no more with this rocking edgy pixie cut with long side-swept bangs. Add a pop of your favorite fashion color for a funky outcome! Pixie haircuts are adorable on little girls because their facial features are dainty at that age.

The Cutest Way to Style a Pixie Cut

The Cutest Way to Style a Pixie Cut

Instagram @gbhdesign

Q&A with style creator, Giorgio

Hairstylist in Italy

How would you describe this look?

It is a very short cut with smooth shave on the side and nape. In the upper part is a modern bowl with long and short hair.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It’s not a cut for everyone. It is recommended to those with a thin face, and a young and dynamic girl.


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