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45+ Beautiful Medium Bob Haircuts

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Medium bob haircuts have become very popular in 2024, and they have even a name – we now refer to them as mobs. This sultry haircut features a design that is universally attractive. Shoulder-length bobs come with many advantages and come with a range of styles. It is therefore not surprising that a lot of women love these cuts that make headlines.

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob #mediumbob #mediumbobhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircuts

Medium bob haircuts don’t need any attention; their popularity is proof enough. In all likelihood, the majority of celebrities wouldn’t stick to hairstyles like this without reason. Bobs are very useful. Ellen Pompeo, for example wears a mid-length Asymmetrical bob right now. As she has a the type of hair that is fine that is always in need of some extra volume. Instead of endless hours of volumizing she chose simple, beautiful haircut. The over-weighted silhouettes let the natural volume stick on her throughout the day.

Straight Bob With Blunt Bangs

Straight Bob With Blunt Bangs #mediumbob #mediumbobhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircuts

For her face to have an edgy look, Julie Ann Emery cut her hair into an elongated bob and completed the look with short bangs. The look may seem easy at first glance. In reality it’s this simplicity that makes the look of the actress so youthful and fresh. Bangs are able to make you look younger. In the case of straight bobs is there anything more classic than the pure classics?

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Straight Bob With Long Center Parted Bangs

Straight Bob With Long Center Parted Bangs #mediumbob #mediumbobhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircuts

This look by Violante Placido will provide you with a new method to get the most benefit by combining your bob with bangs. The bangs are now long and layers, which allow the fringe to blend seamlessly with the hair’s rest. In the end, straight bobs of the past get the perfect volumetric twist at the front. This alters the typical appearance that the cut is known for. Additionally, this style adds an interesting frame!

Middle-Parted Wavy Bob

Middle Parted Wavy Bob #mediumbob #mediumbobhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircuts

Everyone knows Jennifer Love Hewitt not only because of her amazing acting talents but also for the gorgeous style she wears her hair. She has a stunningly attractive face that is why it requires a specific hairstyle to look her most attractive. Layers and middle-parts are the most sought-after tools of an actress, and she’s now using the most powerful weapon – medium bob. When it’s wavy, it makes people scream.

Side Parted Wavy Bob

Side Parted Wavy Bob #mediumbob #mediumbobhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircuts

Kristen Stewart is one of the few actresses of her age who would rather wear shorter lengths than any other thing. However, there’s something she just can’t resist. Naturally, we’re talking about the Bob. The star loves the way the length of her hair is relaxed and allows her to experiment with texture and parted hair. Here, she offers a fresh and modern take on medium bob haircuts. She shows the hair with wet, slicked-back waves that are parted at the side.

Slicked Back Straight Bob

Slicked Back Straight Bob #mediumbob #mediumbobhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircuts

Alice Eve’s hair is amorphous thing like the seasons. Today she is able to rock an elongated mane full of waves. Tomorrow she camera is in the air with straight hair. These experiments help women to find their new hairstyles. Here’s what we’ve observed about her since seeing this straight bob. The actress has a diamond-shaped face design that works perfectly with straight bobs that are slicked and curving at the ends. For the top the bob adds depth to the face, while balancing out the features of her face.

Bob With Hollywood Waves

Bob With Hollywood Waves #mediumbob #mediumbobhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircuts

If you want to constantly being in the spotlight as frequently like Paris Hilton does, don’t forget to save this hairstyle to your favorite hairstyles. Although the standard style of Hollywood waves has longer hair length, there is nothing that can keep the starlet from having from incorporating some of the Merilyn-inspired looks. Additionally, shorter waves are distinctive and, therefore, flattering for square-faced women, and this hairstyle is the most flattering.

Faux Bob

Faux Bob #mediumbob #mediumbobhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircuts

Do not worry, female celebrities aren’t the only ones who struggle with their hairstyles. In the event that Emily Blunt wasn’t sure if she’s cut her hair down to medium length, but desired to look like the look of a bob, she wouldn’t abandon the idea. Through the use of pins that you can fold your hair inwards , and make a fake hairstyle that resembles a bob. The style was so soft and feminine that it would not be surprising was she later visited her stylist the following day.

Messy Layered Bob

Messy Layered Bob #mediumbob #mediumbobhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircuts

Carrie Underwood with medium length hair. Wow! What a surprise! Even though the popular singer likes to show off her incredibly large, long hair but she isn’t confined to just playing. It’s obvious that this messy, layered hairstyle is a hit. The tiny layers give plenty of volume and movement , and the messy look enhances the look.

Middle Parted Straight Bob

Middle Parted Straight Bob #mediumbob #mediumbobhaircuts #haircuts #bobhaircuts

The gorgeous locks Dua Lipa seem like something of art. No matter the length, colour, or her style, she appears unforgettable. In the realm of classics, she is simply a master. It’s easy to rock straight bobs and then bringing it in the middle. There’s nothing as beautiful as the appeal of simplicity created by the appearance. In fact, this style of separation can frame faces with round faces.

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