Why is everyone so crazy about the balayage hair technique? There are plenty of other coloring methods, but balayage has been hot and happening for almost a decade now with no slightest signs of its wilting. Let’s discuss (and observe) what balayage can offer for a fashionista depending on her hair type, length, and current color.

Balayage Inspiration by Hair Length

While many girls think that the balayage is all about making your hair multicolored, there is much more to this technique. Since it implies hand painting, a colorist is free to place color touches and streaks wherever it is required to highlight your bone structure, complement your cut, show off your complexion, or add something lacking in your hair texture. Sure, this freedom allows for better customization, and we are going to see how it works in the real world.

Balayage for Short Cuts

With long hair, it’s all simple and clear, since colorists have plenty of space to blend in shades and undertones for creating any desired effect. Short hair is much trickier to paint and achieve the required dimension as the canvas is not that extensive. However, this is quite doable if a colorist knows the ropes. “With a bob, the balayage highlights — blonde or warm brown — should be blended carefully with the root tone, otherwise the whole head of hair is going to look single-process,” says Linda de Zeeuw, master stylist and colorist at NYC’s salon of award-winning Rob Peetoom, to Refinery29. What’s sauce for the goose is the sauce for the gander, so focusing on natural-looking roots works fine for other short cuts as well.

Here is a sweet bob that needs no other bells and whistles apart from a seamless color transition from the initially brown base to sandy blonde.

via @hairbykatlin

Caramel highlights work great to emphasize piece-y texture on dark heads and add them a bit of shine through tiny lighter streaks.

via @shmoakin_hair

If you don’t feel like a blonde, go for a red balayage to get an eye-catching mix of red wine and copper hues and to dramatize your sassy asymmetric cut.

via @parinica_cristina

Even if your cut is very short, there is still some room for creativity with colors – it’s a great idea to dye the longer tresses on the top for a vibrant contrast.

via @curlfactor

The balayage does wonders on naturally curly hair, giving it a fresher and airier look while retaining an authentic feel.

Tips on Balayage for Medium Length

Mid-length hair allows more freedom in choosing the effects you want to get through painting your hair. Remember, there are different types of balayage to please ladies of all hair types and tastes. You can ask for mid-lighting that will reveal an amazing variety of hues going from the middle of your hair length to the very tips. Or you may prefer traditional highlights starting right from the roots and adding just a bit of dimension. Money pieces around the face and sun-kissed blinks throughout the perimeter are also among your options – look through our photo tips and choose something to fit your hair goals.

via @hairbykatlin

There is no reason to change your color scheme drastically when you want to add a little depth to your dark hair – just go 1-2 tones lighter.

via @meltedbymish

For a brighter, yet still unforced effect, supplement your brown locks with teasy lights – this collar-bone bob boasts some really nice ones.

via @prettylittleombre

We adore this crisp hairstyle featuring both a spectacular color lift to platinum blonde and artistic highlights to soften the transition.

via @stephanie_stylist

The recipe for upgrading your average shoulder length style is simple – blend in a couple of lighter tones to get dimension galore.

via @petermenezes

What a relaxed feel this nice straight lob has! Note how highlights work here to frame and illuminate the face.

Balayage Trends for Long Hair

When you have a long mane, you are kind of tempted to choose a striking color transition since the length allows displaying the vibrancy of colors. However, you have another trendy option – looking more natural and boasting low maintenance (the latter is a great advantage for long-haired girls). “Lived-In Color creates a look that has a natural regrowth with no noticeable grow outline, since the darker regrowth blends into the lighter hair with no stopping or starting point,” says one of today’s most requested colorists Johnny Ramirez, who works with celebs like Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr, to Glamour. Take heed of his advice, but if you still want your locks to look more scenic, here is our balayage hair color selection to fit every taste.

via @igorkhonin

Want a mermaid effect for your long locks? Ask for slicing on the bottom and don’t forget about platinum blonde streaks around the face.

via @stephengarrison

While a piece-y texture gives a modern bed-head touch to the long bob, a seamless mix of bronde hues keeps it fresh and vibrant.

via @chrisweberhair

We just cannot take our eyes off this ginger palette showing how sophisticated, deep, and beautiful long red hair can be.

via @guy_tang

Mushroom brown has been trending over past seasons, and we can understand why – it opens floodgates to the world of amazing cool-toned shades for dark-haired girls.

via @kellynaso

It’s natural for a brunette to want some highlights throughout her hair to add a bit of warmth and depth while avoiding dullness.

Balayage Styles by Hair Type

Well, we know that balayage can make straight hair look crisper, as well as it has the power to deliver depth to thin and fine tresses. But what about kinky and coarse manes? Are there any limitations depending on your hair type? “Balayage works on all textures, and in some ways, curly hair is easier because you can pick out each curl you want to apply colour to. The pre-lightener (bleach) or colour choice is dependent on the finished look you want to achieve, not the texture,” says international colorist Jack Howard, who styled Gillian Anderson and Andie MacDowell among other stars, to Elle. You may have no confidence in the expert’s words, but you have to believe your eyes.

via @erblinxerxa_studiovolume

Layering is great for straight strands to make them pop, but there is a chance to enhance the effect by blending in some creamy hues.

via @curlpop

The bouncy coils spiced up with ashy tones is a wonderful balayage inspo for curly locks when you want to combine depth with dimension.

via @zimmermanhair

Thin tresses cannot do without added depth, and both highlights and lowlights can be suitable depending on your current color scheme and preferences.

via @ayanahairdesign

These wavy locks are painted just as little as it is required to get a subtle sun-kissed effect to the tips while retaining its authentic warm tones.

via @chelscaruso

You cannot go wrong with highlights for fine strands no matter how short your cut is. They will brighten up your hair and give it more volume for sure.

Balayage Options for Brown Hair

If you are one of those brown-haired girls who suffer from a shortage of ideas for the next visit to a salon, we are glad to offer a couple of hot trends. You can opt for a kind of bronde with a mix of brown and blonde in equal proportions to get a streaked, yet smoothed look. Or you can ask your colorist about lifting your brown just a bit and toning it with mahogany for a rich chocolate color palette. Yes, you are not doomed to blonde highlights, and auburn or copper shades may be a nice choice as well. Keep scrolling to spot more ideas for making your brown pop.

via @colorsbyjaime

This dark balayage incorporates warm light tones through tiny stitches just to illuminate the natural color from the inside.

via @cris_cobucci

You can opt for a light palette, especially when your hair is long enough to show off the entire color transition with all its diversity of shades.

via @singi.vo

A brown base works fine with platinum blonde, so, if you prefer a cool color scheme, take the plunge.

The yummy caramel tone is just the job for brown-haired girls to bring in shine and emphasize the hair texture.

via @chrisweberhair

Those who prefer rocking their hairstyles without bangs should definitely consider highlights around the face to give it a spotlight.


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