Contrasting with close-cuts The long pixie cut is characterized by an extra length that can be found all around the entire perimeter or only in certain areas, generally in front and at the top. While retaining the dramatic look of a cut that is short the long pixie cuts add more femininityand create a more flattering and softening frames around your face. We are here look into the long pixie style through examples of the most trending Insta occasions.

Choose a Style for Your Hair Type

When done properly Long pixie cuts can give every hair texture a glimmer by highlighting their natural beauty, while correcting any issues that you might have. Hair that is thick needs to be free of extra weight and textured in a vibrant way, and thin hair needs to be given depth and texture without losing any volume. Natural hair lovers can wear the look. “Wearing the cut of a cropped style with natural texture is always a great way to show the beauty of a woman,” says celebrity hairstylist salon owner and founder of the brand Ted Gibson to Cosmopolitan. No matter if your hair is wavy or straight there’s a style for your long hair within our photo gallery.

The side-parting of this pixie gives the roots, which makes the thick locks even larger, and they remain bouncy.

The fine locks have increased density at the front because of the long fringe which is also layered to give better volume and texture.

Hair that is thin won’t appear flat thanks to this elegant movement-enhancing hairstyle, and its wavy finish gives off a slouch and a contemporary look.

A long cut provides ample space for curls to spring and also allows you to tuck hair that is not so neat behind your ear when you need to.

This adorable streaked crop displays the stunning contrast of long straight tresses at the top and sharply cut temples.

Select the Best Cut for Your Face Type

While shorter crop lengths are ideal for highlighting face features, the long Pixie haircut adds length to your arsenal of tools to balance the bone’s structure. It gives you more opportunities to experiment with the shapes and textures such as parting and styling, hairstyles and colors to create the most appealing appearance based on your facial shape. Are you an oval face? “Avoid sharp angular cuts or tight curls as well as the thick fringe that make a shorter appearance for facial features,” stylists of the celebrity world Kristan Serafino Byrdie and suggests shorter cuts with a full-faced top. She also believes that crop tops that have wider and more full tops are ideal for diamond-shaped faces. Stay tuned for our suggestions on different face types.

Round faces appear crisper when they are surrounded by a multitude of angles, and layers add more volume the top.

Long faces require a little extra length on the sides and this Pixie cut gets the necessary width via side-swept locks and raised roots.

This gorgeous, icy blonde crop, with its shorter top pieces and layers of bangs that grow longer to the side makes the ideal frame for oval faces.

Side-swept bangs with elongated sides and pieces of the sides work well to highlight the gorgeous cheekbones of faces with heart-shaped shapes, and also create a divergence from the jawline.

The square-shaped face is softened by thin bangs that are wavy and layers. The mixture of long and short hair strands is a fantastic way of keeping a sleek look.

Get Rock Your Long Pixie with Bangs

If you absolutely dislike bangs, you could cut them off and opt for a cut that is capable of the keeping of these often gruelling parts of the front from your face. But, we’d advise you to look at things more positively as a fringe can be an excellent tool for beauty to bring your face into balance and can make your hair appear attractive. “Wearing the hair soft and side-swept can reduce the appearance of the square jawline and make a cut less threatening,” says Tim Rogers who is a hairstylist based in NYC and the hairstylist responsible for Adele as well as Kate Hudson’s hairstyles and hairstyles, according to Allure. You do not require a long fringe to get the desired effect however, you might appreciate it to create an eye-catching contrast or trendy Asymmetry. Here are some examples of how to incorporate bangs into long Pixie cuts.

This stunning cut is layered with sideswept bangs, which are farther towards the side to highlight the asymmetry and edginess.

Here’s a great example of straight hair that has been transformed into a hot , shaggy crop, with a side fringe with tons of texture.

This blonde silver ‘do has been elegantly layered on the back and on top to give a lot of depth, along with stylish and fashionable slices of tips.

Look at this amazing undercut that we could not miss! It spiced up the crop and aids in building volumes in the rear. Meanwhile, highlights add depth.

The black tapered hair is dense but not boring thanks to clever layering and razor-sharp fringe, which is that is then elongated for a contemporary appearance.

10 Best Long Pixie Ideas to Take on Board in 2022

“People believe that that you have hair short that you must always wear it in the same fashion. If you’re sporting long hair at the top […], it is possible to swish your hair back to the side, or split it down between, and take it back” according to modern hair stylist Anh Co Tran, who creates hairstyles for Emrata as well as Coco Rocha among other celebs and has been featured on Allure. Apart from altering the flow of your hair the long pixie style gives the ability to experiment with the hair’s texture. You can curl your hair to create chic beach waves or straighten them out to create the perfect sleek style Make sure you purchase a flat iron that is a smaller size to maximize your styling options. Let’s take a look at some of the most stylish styles to be inspired.

This gorgeous Pixie is polished and clean due to the distinct scenic lines in the front and the length of the bangs.

A raft of depth is created through deep roots the blonde layered shag is a touchable, vibrant and easy to maintain.

Short on top and long on the bottom? We love this combination that adds volume and texture but still leaves plenty of length to create a stylish fringe.

This stunningly disjointed and charmingly messy hairstyle is the epitomize of the bedhead style that we have all been enjoying recently.

Here’s a lovely picture of the pixie cut changing into a choppy, voluminous bob highlighted with some blonde highlights.

Choppy doesn’t mean always big – this soft, wispy crop with soft babylights and textured bits is the most convincing evidence.

This hairstyle is difficult to miss as it draws the eye in every single detail, beginning with its vibrant colors and ending with its extremely long bangs.

We’re awestruck by this frosty blonde cut the wispy fringe and stylishly textured strands.

Are you confident enough to rock this sexy look that features a striking cut with thick, chunky locks?

This dramatic hairstyle asymmetrical that combines an undercut layers, and long bangs, you’ll be the center of attention.

In a nutshell Long pixie hairstyles are the perfect middle ground between bobbed bobs and short pixies hairstyles. They provide the flexibility of styling and require little maintenance, yet making an impressive statement. Find your own inspiration for a fresh, exciting cut from our latest collection. Go for your signature style without hesitation. We’ll keep our fingers waiting for you.


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