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50 Balayage Hair Colors & Tips for Getting Balayage Highlights

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The colors of Balayage hair are timeless and flawless. Do not let anyone ever claim that they aren’t. Although balayage technically refers to an artistic technique using hand paint to create it, for the moment it is a strong correlation with a specific method of dispersing color across hair. Balayage is a quick and easy to maintain hair color that appears elegant, stylish and effortless. Hair colors that are balayage have the ability to add an intense dimension and depth hairstyles, and appear amazing when combined by soft curly curls. The stunning look and the ease of maintaining are the primary reasons the balayage hairstyles are a great option. This article will guide the reader through all you should be aware of if you’re considering changing your shades of balayage hair, such as the definition of balayage (and what it’s not) and how to achieve the perfect balayage highlights and the best way to ensure you look amazing for a long time regardless of the hairstyle you’re considering starting with. When you’re working in the bleaching process, you are at possibility of not getting your hair out with the perfect shade. The green and brassy hair types are the most common result of bleaching hair even when handled by skilled experts. The colors of balayage hair can appear too odd and unnatural. Look for a hair dyer with many years of experience in with balayaging hair so that the final results are flawless. Allergies to hair dyes are all too frequent. Test your patch by applying a tiny quantity of the mixed color on only a small part on your face, where there is a small amount of a tint or rash isn’t excessively problematic. If there’s no allergic reaction then you are able to proceed and use the color. Balayage is a color option that can look stunning or ugly dependent on the style. Hairstyles with waves and curls typically ideal when paired with balayage highlights as pin straight hair looks great with a stunning and thought-provoking Balyage.

How to Balayage Dark Hair

Balayage hairstyles are great for people with dark hairas they soften and lighten the hair without having to apply enormous quantities of bleach. If you’re considering balayaging with dark locks, be sure you take it slow beginning with a blonde color that isn’t too powerful. Choose lighter brown or darker blonde for the first time you apply balayage highlights, but you are able to increase the lightness later. Because you’re beginning in dark locks, using a little bit of bleach is inevitable However, you can add different colors, such as pastels, reds, greys or even wild mermaid hues.

How to Balayage Blonde Hair

People with blonde hair can choose from a variety of options to how to rock the balayage hair color. The most straightforward option is adding a brighter shade to your blonde locks. Just add balayage streaks in lighter platinum or blonde, to create the most shining and high-dimensional blonde bombshell. If you’re hoping to achieve a classic style of balayage, using darker hair and thinner streaks as well as tips you can get the look of balayage by coloring your roots with in a darker shade. Although this isn’t a good idea, it does defeat the reason for hairstyles with balayage (i.e. low maintenance and natural roots) but the result is so awesome that we can understand why you may want this. In addition, those who have blonde hair may also attempt a reverse balayage, that is, applying the traditional balayage coloring methods, however with darker shades. Because hair naturally is light and thin, darkening the tips will be minimally damaging and the result is very unique, adding some mystery to blonde hair. The final way to get the best appearance of natural hair making use of ultra trendy and natural hair colors. Both semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes are available and if you’ve been tempted to experiment with something outside of the ordinary hairstyles, balayage is the perfect way to play. The metallic and pastel dyes work well in balayage hair particularly for blonde hair.

Caring For and Maintaining Balayage Hair Colors

Isn’t it the purpose of balayage to not need a lot of maintenance? Although bi-monthly visits to the salon aren’t required, there are certain steps you could do to keep the color of your balayage shining and fresh and keep other hair sparkling healthy. Make sure to reduce the frequency it is necessary to wash your hair. In excess washing could cause your hair to dull or fade away from your beautiful highlights from balayage. After you dye your hair, make sure to keep at least a whole day (waiting three days is the best) until you wash your hair. If you haven’t yet, you should make the change to a shampoo that is sulfate-free.

How Much Does a Salon Balayage Cost? How Long Do Balayage Hair Colors Last?

Prices can vary greatly from salon to salon but you should be able to pay a minimum of $100 for a balayaging service. It’s possible to negotiate some kind of maintenance plan with your stylist, which can cut costs. It’s hard to determine the way your hair will react to the balayage hair color changes as time passes, and it is dependent on the kind of color you were starting with. Once your hair has been bleached, it won’t become darker, and this will depend on how fast the hair is growing out and if you wanted your highlights from balayage to stay at a particular shade. Averaging three months is enough between touches-ups. Are you looking forward to that stunning Balayage style? There are tons of images of various balayage highlights that you can attempt!

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Balayage Hair Color Ideas

1. Extreme Balayage Ombre

This version of the balayage hair color is a bit heavy-handed. The ends are dyed in a cool blonde shade and the blend of natural dark roots and highlights begin very high on the scalp. This creates an appearance that requires more care, but is extremely impressive.

Balayage Hair Trend: Balayage Hair Colors & Balayage Highlights: Balayage Ombre

2. Coppery Blonde Balayage Bob

This is an excellent twist on balayage highlights for those who prefers a lot heat in their hair. Dark brown roots merge into a gold-colored copper that is cool to the tips, creating hair that is full of lots of dimension and warmth.

Balayage Hair Trend: Balayage Hair Colors & Balayage Highlights: Coppery Blonde Balayage

3. Slate Blonde Balayage

Another extreme balayage hair color which is ideal for people with naturally light hair who want to add a icy high-fashion twist into their appearance. Dark blonde hair with lots of bleach and a metallic look create a look suitable for the slate queen.

Balayage Hair Trend: Balayage Hair Colors & Balayage Highlights: Slate Blonde Balayage

4. Platinum Crisp Balayage

This is yet another instance of balayage highlights that are natural blondes by Hair & Harlow, this one with a lot of curls that are platinum. It is interesting to note that a hint the natural blonde is working it’s way to the edges.

Balayage Hair Trend: Balayage Hair Colors & Balayage Highlights: Platinum Crisp Balayage

5. Classic Cool Ombre Balayage

This is the classic balayage color that works on almost everyone. The lower half that is the color of your hair will be dyed in a golden sombre. The hand-painted technique of balayage ensuring an even shift from highlights to roots.

Balayage Hair Trend: Balayage Hair Colors & Balayage Highlights: Cool Ombre Balayage

6. Caramel Balayage

This delicious balayage taste like a caramel-flavored latte with espresso-like roots that are naturally warm by the balayage’s reddish blonde highlights.

Balayage Hair Trend: Balayage Hair Colors & Balayage Highlights: Caramel Balayage

7. Multi Metal Balayage

Balayage hairstyles can be a fantastic option for sporting metallic hair colors since they let you keep your hair healthy and natural while being a fashion statement with that shimmering metallic look. This photo is an exampleof this, using an amalgamation of pure titanium, and a hint with blonde highlights.

Balayage Hair Trend: Balayage Hair Colors & Balayage Highlights: Multi Metal Balayage

8. Dark Chocolate and Blonde Balayage Lob

The balayage tradition is broken as a few gold blonde streaks extend all through to the roots. When the long bob stretches out a little, it’ll appear like an old-fashioned balayage with the ombre’d ends.

Balayage Hair Trend: Balayage Hair Colors & Balayage Highlights: Dark Chocolate and Blonde Balayage

9. Bombshell Blonde Balayage

This particular style of balayage is more akin to of the hand-painting technique as the blonde hair covers nearly all the hair. It leaves the hair’s roots in a naturally chocolate brown.

Balayage Hair Trend: Balayage Hair Colors & Balayage Highlights: Blonde Balayage

10. Rose Gold Balayage

Hair colors for balayage don’t have the appearance of natural. In this style, sparkling hues of gold blend with blonde hair to show the best qualities of balayage the most: volume, texture and depth.

Balayage Hair Trend: Balayage Hair Colors & Balayage Highlights: Rose Gold Balayage

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