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70 Balayage Highlights Ideas for Every Hair Color

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Balayage highlights are the quick route to a fresh gorgeous hair shade. This timeless hair coloring method has grown to become the hairstyle of choice for every woman. You can choose a subtle natural, natural-looking hair shade and that sun-kissed style or want to try different hair coloring highlights from balayage are the perfect way for getting started. Hair stylists all over all over the world are embracing the trend, and hair salons receive more requests for highlights balayage. Find inspiration for your hair here , with these stunning images of highlights from balayage for brunettes, blondes or redheads.

1. Balayage Highlights in Red and Black

red and black balayage highlights

Fall is already enjoying all rights. Why not take advantage of the fall-inspired balayage highlights with stunning rich shades of dark black, and red with burgundy?

2. Subtle Blonde Balayage

blonde balayage highlights

This kind of balayage is ideal for refreshing your hair’s natural color when you’re blonde. The carefully arranged chaos of curls frames your face and gives it more luster because of the lighter hues of blonde.

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3. Chunky Red Highlights

red highlights on dark hair

Let your hair’s roots shine through If you’re a natural brunette. You can add a splash of red highlights to create an elegant and glamorous look.

4. Brown hair with Balayage Highlights

brown balayage highlights

An easy method to give texture and volume long brown hair is to add these tasty caramel highlights. They are natural and blend into the hair since the color is just a little lighter than the natural hair’s shade.

5. Light Brown Highlights on Brown Hair

light brown hair and brown balayage

The golden rule to natural-looking balayage results is to choose shades of hair that are in the same spectrum that are not much lighter or darker than your natural hair color. This is a gorgeous photo of hair that is light brown accented with a gold brown close to blonde.

6. Brown Highlighted Hair

red brown balayage hair

If hand painting is used in the technique of balayage coloring The results can be amazing as. Mix chocolate and brown to create this elegant, chic appearance.

7. Blonde Balayage Highlights

caramel highlights

Blonde hair color shades can create brown hair colors that really sparkle. Find this sun-kissed style that is flattering for all.

8. Short Hair Blonde Balayage

blonde balayage highlights on medium hair

What’s more romantic than a stylish short haircut for women? One that has a beautiful balayage with auburn and blonde highlights.

9. Stunning Green Blue Balayage

wavy green balayage highlights on long hair

Dark hair that flows through a spiral of curls is perfect for blue and green highlights. Smooth transitions, the tips shine in these unique and stunning hues.

10. Balayage Highlighting in Blonde Shades

blonde balayage on long hair

If your hair natural blonde, then the most effective method to enhance your hair’s hue is to use highlights. Try experimenting with blonde shades to create the perfect style.

11. Chunky Chocolate Highlights

chocolate balayage on brown hair

Treat yourself and your hair with these tasty chocolaty brown highlights. If you’re naturally brunette, these two look perfectly.

12. A natural Balayage mixed with Blonde and light Brown

long hair with balayage highlights

This is a beautiful touch of sophistication created by this balayage of chestnut hair.

13. Balayage Highlights Blonde Volume

light brown hair with blonde balayage highlights

Are you getting ready to attend an some important occasion? Do you just need to look and feel your most attractive at all times? This look is stunning created by brown and blonde Balayage highlights that are accentuated by a long cut lob.

14. Pastel Highlights on Short Hair

pastel balayage highlights on short hair

Here’s the proof. The proof that highlights from balayage can be used on hair with shorter lengths too. Additionally, it’s an interesting Balyage with pink and pastel blue highlights over silver, nearly white hair.

15. Golden Blonde Balayage

blonde balayage on long hair

Give a lovely warm feel to your hairstyle using this honey hues-inspired balayage highlights.

16. Balayage Blonde Highlights

blonde balayage on long hair

Hair with blonde highlights and subtle copper for cold autumn days? Yes, please. We are in love with the texture and warmth of this hairstyle for women.

17. Brunette Balayage for Long Hair

brown balayage for brunettes

Straight dark hair looks gorgeous. If you want to add some spice to your appearance, try hair that is layered and big highlights of caramel and dark brown that will make you hair the center of the evening.

18. Silver Blonde Balayage Highlights

blonde balayage on short hair

Only for the brave ladies out there, this daring style features silver blonde highlights with silver hair made of ash. It’s a smooth transition, but the end result is breathtaking.

19. Mermaid Balayage Highlights Technique

girl with mermaid hair

This hairstyle isn’t one for those who aren’t confident. We wouldn’t suggest the DIY way of doing it. With these gorgeous hair color options it’s unfortunate to not be able to get the right balance.

20. Short Hair Blonde Balayage

blonde balayage on short hair

Begin with this adorable hairstyle that is asymmetrical and with loose waves. Bring in some colour with baby blonde hues. Your beautiful elegant, feminine hairstyle is set to be admired.

21. Purple Highlights on Dark Hair

purple balayage for brunettes

The subtle purple highlights of dark curly hair add just the right amount of color to create a fresh and vibrant style.

22. Balayage Highlights on Dark Hair

copper balayage on brown hair

We cannot stress this enough. Brunette as well as dark hair go amazingly perfectly with the intense caramel highlights, which soften darker shades.

23. Rusty Shades Balayage Hair

red hair balayage

Another hairstyle you should try this autumn. A balayage with a chunky look in shades of red make a fashion statement for the fall season.

24. Copper Highlights on Long Hair

long hair copper balayage

This is an elegant style that is able to take you from work to a night out with friends or an evening out to a cocktail celebration. Hair colors in copper as well as being the most popular choice for fashion are elegant and fun.

25. Balayage Highlights Brunette

brunette hair with burgundy highlights

The fiery red and deep brunette hair shades meet in a balayage that is designed to create an edgy and powerful style.

26. Autumn Color Balayage Lights

red balayage on short hair

Red shades inspired by wine are an essential if you’re thinking of changing your look with balayage highlights for the season of fall.

27. Blue Balayage Highlights

blue highlights on black hair

Do you want to test something new? Try a variety of hair colors when thinking about Balayage. The pastel shades, like green blue, or purple are the most popular colors of the season.

28. Balayage Highlights and Ombre in Blue

pastel blue balayage highlights on blonde hair

To show that cool shades like blue don’t only belong to brunettes, here’s the perfect illustration that shows baby blue balayage the long hair of blondes.

29. Pastel Pink Balayage

pink balayage on straight hair

A feminine and soft look that is complemented by beautiful pastel shades. No matter if your hair is curly or straight Try it out. The stunning array of colors flatters any skin tone.

30. Silver Blue Balayage

blue balayage highlights

Ash hair with subtle blue and silver highlights from balayage. Are you able to think of any reason why this gorgeous hairstyle shouldn’t be yours for the rest of the year?

31. Balayage Highlights on Dark Hair

blue balayage highlights on dark hair

The intense colors of these hairstyles look like they were designed to be Asian dark hair. This trendy look is among our top balayage highlights ideas.

32. Rainbow Hair Balayage

rainbow hair

If you’re unable to make your mind on some or two shades for your highlights, try this trendy trend that’s called hair with rainbows. It’s a new kind of balayage, and definitely worth a shot.

33. Short Bob Natural Balayage

balayage on bob haircut

Short hairstyles are often boring. But, with a pop of color and volume with highlights from balayage it is unlikely to take that risk.

34. Green Balayage Highlights on Black Hair

green balayage on dark hair

Coloring your hair all over with the intense color of your hair could be too for you. Try experimenting with highlights to get a sense of how you feel about the shade.

35. Natural Brown Hair Balayage

brown balayage for brunettes

Give instant luminosity and texture your brown hair by obtaining highlights for balayage in only a couple of shades lighter.

36. Layered Hair Balayage Highlights

brown balayage on layered hair

You’ll be heading towards the perfect hairstyle when you add some flair to the layered hairstyle by adding a touch of colour everywhere.

37. Balayage Highlights Short Hair

short hair rainbow balayage

A perfect, smooth bob cut on black hair , enhanced by subtle balayage highlights of complementary colors that can be worn by anyone.

38. Long Hair Purple Balayage

purple balayage on long hair

Pink, purple, blue and a touch of blonde to add a touch of highlighting are the most popular colors of summer. However, the fashion seems to shift to fall.

39. Mermaid Rainbow Hair Highlights

short mermaid hair

Rainbow hair, also known as mermaid hair are different kinds of balayage with unusual shades. Make use of pastels or strong shades for an edgy look with the softest stroke.

40. Balayage Ombre Highlights

burgundy purple balayage

A balayage may follow the length of hair, or it can be applied mid-length to create a natural transition. In the latter scenario it could look like the look of ombre. However it’s not applied in blocks, but in highlights.

41. Pixie Cut Balayage

caramel balayage on pixie haircut

Pixie cuts, even the cool ones make great highlights of balayage. A little color added to the edges of the fringe layers is stunning.

42. Braided Pastel Balayage Hair

silver auburn balayage hair

The hairstyle appears straight from an old fairytale. If you’re ready to go for a cool alteration This is a wonderful idea.

43. Brunette Balayage Highlights

copper highlights for brunettes

Change the deep brunette hues with beautiful highlights from balayage, in dark blonde and copper shades.

44. Chocolate Balayage Highlights

balayage in chocolate brown shades

Another example of blonde hair balayage that has soft transition between caramel and chocolate hair color shades.

45. Medium Hair Balayage

caramel highlights on brown hair

The hair coloring technique balayage is a universally applicable technique. It is possible to make a difference when you choose subtle changes brought on by the hairstyles.

46. Red Brown Balayage Hair

red balayage highlights on long brown hair

A different shade that complements brown hair can be found in a soft warm red. Mix the two to create an amazing fall style.

47. Caramel Balayage Highlights

caramel highlights on brown hair

The dark brown color of your hair with caramel highlights with a few swaths.

48. Rosewood Balayage Hair

pink balayage highlights

Rosewood is a variant of rose blonde, suited to darker hair. It has intense red hues. this shade is perfect for brunettes seeking beautiful balance.

49. Different Balayage Highlights

caramel and purple highlights

This hairstyle is that women who want to challenge the norms. It’s nevertheless elegant to wear in more traditional settings.

50. Caramel Chocolate Balayage Highlights

caramel highlights on short hair

Here’s a great suggestion to highlight the texture and quality of your brand new layers of bob hair. Include delicious chocolate and caramel highlights to instantly add shine.

51. Dark Cherry Highlights

red balayage highlights

Colors that are toned down such as this cherry-infused red make the perfect feminine style this season.

52. Long Copper Hair

copper balayage highlights

Get a sunray in your hair by showcasing stunning copper highlights in balayage on dark brunette hair. The hair color is shimmery and perfect for women who are fashion-conscious.

53. Balayage Highlights for Dark Hair

brown hair balayage

The dramatic highlights of chocolate caramel hues applied to naturally dark hair make a statement. The hair is styled in waves to create the most stunning effect.

54. Short Dark Balayage Hair

 dark hair balayage highlights

A way to add instant volume to hair that is thinly layered can be to braid your hair in waves. A lighter shade that is applied to big highlights can be helpful.

55. Dark Copper Balayage Highlights

copper balayage

Dark copper highlights and auburn are perfect for women who have fair to middle skin shades. Additionally, they’re flattering regardless of whether you’re naturally brunette or blonde.

56. Balayage Hair Highlights

fiery red balayage

When we first laid our eyes on a fiery color Balayage was time ago. With a few minor adjustments the trendy hairstyle is going to be around forever.

57. Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

subtle blonde balayage highlights

Create that beautiful sun-kissed look by carefully applying blonde locks, which naturally become lighter during the summer months.

58. Auburn Balayage Highlights

auburn balayage for brown hair

A lovely look that has stunning feminine notes created through the use of delicate auburn hair coloring shades.

59. Dark Balayage Highlights

dark balayage highlights on dark hair

Although summer may be gone, that’s still not an excuse to not have a gorgeous sun-kissed hairstyle with brown hair.

60. Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair

dark caramel balayage highlights

You’ll be ready for work with this subtle balayage that uses only a touch of caramel hair to create your natural brunette hair shade shine.

61. Layered Balayage Hair

layered hair with brown balayage

This hairstyle is one of our favorite styles. Starting with the fringe,, to the beautifully defined waves and the delicate shades of brown, everything looks amazing.

62. Brown Shades Balayage Hair

brown balayage for brown hair

The hair colors of brown are perfect for creating unique and natural-looking hairstyles because of their ability to be versatile.

63. Balayage Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

brown hair balayage

We enjoy this cascade of curly locks that are highlighted by gorgeous brown hair color. Let the beauty shine through your hair with a gentle natural Balayage.

64. Natural Brown Balayage Hair

brown balayage highlights

Balyage highlights that frame the face are essential for beautiful long hair such as this. The gradual change between hair’s colors softens the appearance and adds a delicate touch.

65. Pastel Pink Balayage for Long Hair

pink balayage highlights

Make a splash with a balayage that is unique in pastel shades. This could require bleaching. If you’re naturally blonde, you’ll look gorgeous with these hair color options.

66. Brown Balayage Highlights

ash brown hair balayage

The dark brown lowlights as well as nougat highlights highlight this brown hair balayage to be a must try. It’s just too adorable to pass up the chance.

67. Dirty Blonde Highlights

dirty blonde balayage highlights

This hairstyle with a slick edge is highly suggested because of its versatility. It’s appropriate for casual or more formal occasions and is stylish.

68. Chocolate Hair Balayage

brown balayage for brunettes

Can you say ‘yummy’? These flowing chocolate rivers are simply delicious.

69. Different Balayage Highlights

rose blonde highlights on brown hair

The hint of red. A hint blonde, and a hint of brown. What else can you want of a well-balanced Balayage to dark hair?

70. Honey Blonde Highlights Balayage

blonde balayage highlights

Hair with a light brown color and soft blonde highlights go together with ease. They not only enhance your hairstyle they also add volume.

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