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50 Beautiful Blonde Highlights for Women in 2023

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There are some hairstyles that are timeless. Have you ever tried blonde highlights? Chances are you’ve done it probably done it at some point in your lifetime. Every year, there are constantly new styles and trends being developed. We’ve compiled 50 of the most popular hairstyles for women to experiment with. The greatest benefit of adding some the blonde color to your hair is it could change your entire look in a matter of minutes. You’ll need to find the perfect shade of blonde that compliments your hair’s natural. The following list of the top highlight shades for females can aid you in finding a color that isn’t too light or too dark, and is perfect for you! Highlights can be used at any season and will make you look and feel rejuvenated. Blonde highlights are a classic hairstyle that appears to be around for the long run. They’re a great method to brighten any shade of hair. They can be very dimensional and add add shine to your locks to give your hair a refreshing change. If you’re considering platinum blonde hair color but aren’t unclear of where to begin then you’re at the right spot! We’ve compiled the most fashionable and classic hues of platinum blonde that are worth your review. Be aware that although it’s an amazing color platinum hair requires some maintenance. Of course, it will depend on how you dye your hair. All-over platinum blonde will require frequent touch-ups however, other shades like highlights, ombres and balayage shades do not require as much care. Take a look at our top choices of platinum blonde colors and highlights that are blonde. Save your favorite ones so that you can pick those you like most!

1. Ash Blonde Highlights

a woman inside a salon

First , we have an ash blonde look. The stylists have added streaks of ash-blonde color to their long, brown locks. Then , they split the hair in the middle, and added chic beach waves. This look is stunning all through the year.

2. Icy Hairstyle

a woman wearing a black top

The next one is a more vibrant style. Here, she is sporting a gorgeous light blonde hairstyle with the icy blonde shade. The hair was kept with a darker ash-brown, and then included the cool blonde shade towards the bottom. It is so beautiful. Make sure you finish your look with a central part and waves to get the most benefit of this style.

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3. Dark Hair With Blonde Highlights

a woman wearing a black cape

Hair with blonde highlights and black hair are always a great idea. In this case, she wore her long hair cut off her shoulder and added a golden blonde shade throughout. She finished her look with stunning curls.

4. Money Piece Hairstyle

a woman wearing a gray longsleeve

The look of the money piece is a favorite among women of all different ages. It’s a style in which you add a more vibrant color to the front two areas of hair which frame the face. It can be achieved using any color, however generally, it’s lighter. Here , they used the blonde hue and it’s stunning.

5. Brown Hair Hairstyle

a woman wearing a eyeglasses

This haircut for females is an iconic style. Her hair is dark and brown , and thrown just the right quantity of highlights. You can add a couple of waves, and a middle part, and you’re completely set.

6. Chocolate Blonde Highlights

a woman wearing a white top

Hair with chocolate brown is gorgeous and is a popular color for females to dress during the winter and autumn. Include a few highlights of blonde, as they’ve been doing in the image above, and you’ll be awestruck by how beautiful you appear.

7. Summer Blonde Highlights

a woman wearing a white shirt

Next up is a light hairstyle to try. They kept her hair at her shoulders and added a stunning summer blonde hue. They’ve added gorgeous waves, and kept it with a an airy vibe.

8. Blended Blonde Highlights

a woman wearing a black top

The next style has a medium-length style, with a middle section and gorgeous beach waves. The hair’s base dark and natural and added so many highlights to let her hair shine bright.

9. Blonde Highlights on Short Hair

a woman wearing a black sleeveless shirt

The word “short and chic” is the most appropriate way to describe the new style. In this photo, she’s kept her hair at shoulder length, with brunette base. They added caramel highlights, and arranged in curls to create this stunning short hairstyle that has highlights.

10. Sandy Blonde Highlights with Waves

a woman wearing a printed sleeveless shirt

Sandy blonde is a gorgeous style that can be worn throughout the year, however it shines in the summer months. It has a long length and beautiful sandy blonde coloring that is included throughout. It is possible to wear this look with waves like they’ve been shown here, or wear straight for a more sleek look.

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