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50 Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

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For brunettes, selecting the right hair color should not be difficult. These wine-tinted shades ranging from maroons to cherry red-infused burgundies appear stunning when paired with darker bases. But blondes shouldn’t be shy about selecting the right color of hair to wear this autumn. Burgundy hair can enhance your appearance and provide you with a feeling of confidence. If you’re considering changing your hair, but you can’t choose which shade to experiment with the next time, instead of conventional hues , go for one of the juicy hair colors like burgundy. The main question that comes up regarding hair with burgundy is: maroon or burgundy What’s the difference? Burgundy is more purple-colored in it, whereas maroon is a red-colored undertone. The lovers of purple will love this list of hairstyles for burgundy and may even go to the Salon after you read! Burgundy is among the most stylish and flexible shades available. It is a bit quirky however, it can also be extremely feminine and sensual. Because of the mysterious hint of purple and red wine it is a great color for women who love to experiment with new styles. Burgundy is the shade to go for if you’re looking to appear similar to Cheryl Cole or Rihanna and give your hair a modern style. The greatest aspect about burgundy is it is available in a range of shades. If you’re brunette or blonde it blends into your hair’s normal color to create a stunning shade. It’s good to know that coloring your hair with burgundy is very easy, regardless of the color of your hair. We’ve collected a range of different hues to assist you pick the most suitable shade for your needs. Take a look below.

1. Burgundy Hair Color

burgundy hair color on long hair

A deep red velvet shade that will look great with long dark hair. Be ready for the fall season with a warm, deep hair shade.

2. Long Layered Burgundy

dark burgundy balayage

What could you do to freshen up your appearance? What about a fresh long-haired layered style and paired with the red wine hue of the color burgundy?

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3. Burgundy Box Braids

box braids in burgundy

Box braids have experienced increasing popularity in recent years. But, wearing this hairstyle even if it involves adding burgundy extensions an exciting step. However, the cool and sexy tone is well worth the risk.

4. Deep Burgundy Hair

rich red burgundy hair color

Here’s a hue of burgundy that looks great on any hair type hair styles, hairstyles, as well as skin tone. If it’s a consistent hair shade or used in highlights the stunning effect is certain.

5. Wavy Burgundy Hair

medium burgundy hair

A vibrant burgundy balayage, with bouncy waves is an ideal option for the modern woman. Make sure you look your best for the autumn with this gorgeous burgundy look!

6. Long Burgundy Waves

burgundy balayage on long hair

With just a hint of auburn, this burgundy balayage executed with a dark brown base. Beautiful mix of hues highlighted by auburn hint.

7. Dark Plum-Inspired Burgundy Color

violet burgundy hair color

Similar to a plum-colored hair color, this hair shade is definitely a fashion standout. If you have porcelain-white skin , or with a medium or even middle skin tones, this shade is for you!

8. Burgundy Crown Braid

burgundy hair braided updo

This warm burgundy-colored hair shade is perfect and extremely pleasing for medium to dark skin tones. Hairstyles can be put in a braided crown for an even more stylish style.

9. Burgundy Hair Lowlights

warm burgundy balayage

Well-textured, sleek straight hair is stunning when paired with the dark cherry color. Darker burgundy lowlights help the texture appear more natural and the lighter shades pop.

10. Burgundy Brown Hair Color

reddish brown burgundy hair color

There’s hardly a better way to display your brown and reddish hair than to create perfect curls that accompany it!

11. Long Burgundy Hair

long wavy burgundy hair

Straight hair comes with its advantages in showing your new burgundy hair. But, cascading waves produce an amazing visual effect as well.

12. Box Braids with Twist

burgundy box braids

These braids with four strands with a toned-down color of burgundy look stunning. If you’re one of the gorgeous who braid their locks in box braids to create to protect themselves, then you can add this stylish note to your style.

13. Burgundy Plum Hair Color

plum burgundy hair color

The color spectrum for burgundy is extremely broad. But, all hair hues in this chart are derived from the fall-specific colors. autumn. A delightful plum overtone is the perfect way to greet the colder months in fashion.

14. Burgundy Blonde Ombre

burgundy blonde ombre

If you think that burgundy was too intense of a shade of hair to blend with other color, reconsider! This edgy ombre blends minty green, burgundy and an ash-colored copper shade to create an amazing ombre.

15. Dark Burgundy Half Updo

dark violet burgundy hair halfdo

A gorgeous line of ringlets in a dark burgundy color. This stylish half-do will be a hit at your next event to get a stunning look!

16. Burgundy Red Hair Color

red burgundy hair

Even if you have thin hair, dying it with an intense burgundy hue like this one can visually add more volume. While at the same time it will make the texture stand out due to the bright hue.

17. Burgundy Lob

lob haircut on burgundy hair

We have already discussed that the colors of the chart of burgundy colors are appropriate for any hairstyle. The pictures of a lob cut with the burgundy hair color are the proof!

18. Burgundy Pixie Cut

pixie haircut on burgundy hair

This is a sexy style that’s not for those who aren’t confident. A pixie style with sharp undercuts and a cut-off pattern is stunning when paired with the rich plum color.

19. Stacked Bobs featuring Burgundy Hair Color

stacked bob haircut on burgundy hair

We like the toned-down color of burgundy in this hairstyle that is stacked. This hair has a reddish brown shade in formal or more conservative settings.

20. Red Burgundy Hair Makeover

auburn burgundy hair color

If you’re in need of a new look opt for the fiery red-burgundy hue like the foxy woman here. Its vitality and warmth provide an energy boost to ward off the chill of autumn.

21. Layered Burgundy Hair

rich dark burgundy hair

Make your hair look gorgeous with this vibrant burgundy-crimson color to create a the most glamorous look. With the proper hairstyles for straight hair, you’ll shine in just five minutes each day.

22. Burgundy Purple Hair Color

curly burgundy hair

The backdrop of white as well as its dark tone of skin, the deep purple color looks like a dream! It’s definitely worth trying if your one of the naturally curly ladies that are out there.

23. Dark Burgundy Balayage

burgundy balayage on wavy hair

Although not quite maroon, but not too far from that violet edge of hair. This burgundy hairstyle is a stunner. Style your hair in flowing waves for a captivating style.

24. Blonde Burgundy Hair Color

burgundy balayage on blonde hair

We’ve got you covered! Blondes can wear shades of burgundy just as brunettes and redheads. If it’s just the burgundy highlights that you’re looking for right now we’ll see you returning to see more of it!

25. Burgundy Hair Color Dye

wine burgundy hair color

If this cool long angled hairstyle needed an extra cool factor the hair’s burgundy color hits the perfect spot. The warm and inviting color can soften rough edgy style.

26. Burgundy Blonde Ombre

blonde burgundy ombre

Starting with a brown-based base, and then transforming into the warm blonde hue This reverse ombre gives an additional punch of color with the tips that are burgundy.

27. Burgundy Hair Colors

burgundy colors for hair

Here are four examples that show the depth of Burgundy. With these vibrant color choices, it’s difficult to select only one hair color in burgundy.

28. Dark Plum Burgundy Hair

plum burgundy hair

We love the flowing waves of dark brunette hair in plum. The hairstyles are inspiring and fun!

29. Wavy Burgundy Hair

burgundy hair in waves

Layered hairstyles for curly hair is a great match for the color of burgundy. Particularly, if your natural hair color is a gorgeous color of dark brown.

30. Glossy Glam Burgundy Hair

balayage burgundy highlights

Another glossy glam hair color idea that uses burgundy hues in a dramatic , yet chic Balayage. Hair strands are beautiful.

31. Burgundy Hair Color on Lob

lob haircut on red burgundy hair

This deep burgundy color that is similar to red wine looks gorgeous on smooth straight hair. The lob haircut with sharp bangs is also an amazing look!

32. Deep Burgundy Bob

purple burgundy hair color on bob

Color your bob hairstyle in this captivating striking hair shade. This color is great for darker and lighter skin tone.

33. Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

burgundy hair colors

If the chart from before was missing some burgundy shades now you can! Pick the perfect hair shade in burgundy to complete your hot fall style.

34. Long Brown Burgundy Hair

brown burgundy hair

The reddish brown hues of burgundy are perfect for fair skin and green or blue eyes. The shade appears natural, particularly when you’re naturally brunette.

35. Purple Burgundy Hair

purple burgundy hair

Get your groove on and give you hair the possibility to show off in this bold burgundy hair that is soaring towards a vibrant purple. It’s stunning on medium-length hair, too just as we can tell.

36. Burgundy Wine Hair Color

rich wine burgundy hair color

This is among the deepest wine-inspired burgundy shades. It’s reminiscent of mulled wine at Christmas , this color can brighten your cold autumnal days.

37. Burgundy Balayage on Dark Hair

burgundy balayage

Hairy, slender tresses were adorned in dark burgundy to create this elegant, subtle Balayage effect on short hair. As always, the rich shades of burgundy are highlighted by the beautifully styled curls.

38. Burgundy Balayage on Light Brown Hair

light burgundy balayage

Mix two warm hair shades such as the golden brown hair color and the reddish brown to create an enthralling but soft style this fall.

39. Burgundy Black Hair Color

dark burgundy hair color

We enjoy the natural change of black towards a faint hint dark burgundy that is achieved by making use of this gentle balance.

40. Burgundy Violet Hair

violet burgundy hair shade

For those stylish women with the ability to experiment with hair color This violet shade of burgundy should be tried!

41. Light Burgundy Balayage on Blonde Hair

blonde burgundy balayage

Natural hair and a stunning display of burgundy-colored hair from top to tip is the ideal option for this stunning style.

42. Red Burgundy Hair Color

red burgundy hair

Add a touch of color to the natural brunette hair color by adding the deep red-burgundy tone for a gorgeous soft note and a little glamour.

43. Rainbow Hair with Burgundy Highlights

rainbow hair

If you’re drawn by this hairstyle with a playful vibe, be aware that it’s hair with rainbow colors and that highlights are the most popular hairstyle. Include a few highlights in burgundy in your color choices to experience one of the most popular fall hair shades!

44. Burgundy Highlights on Blonde Hair

burgundy highlights on short blonde hair

If you’re not sure on the burgundy shades that will complement your natural blonde hair, you can try some highlights in burgundy. They are a great match for blonde tones.

45. Purple Burgundy Hair

violet burgundy balayage

It could be that it creates the captivating color scheme. But, a burgundy-tinted, purple shade is an eye-catching style choice that can attract attention.

46. Burgundy Pixie Cut

pixie haircut on burgundy hair

This is a different short hairstyle that is perfectly complemented by warm burgundy-colored hair which softens the sharp edge. As as if this cool and stylish style of pixie cut using an undercut required additional glam!

47. Burgundy Balayage

burgundy balayage highlights

Here’s an example an balayage which brings together several burgundy shades. You can try it when you’re unable to decide which color to go with this autumn.

48. Dark Burgundy Brown Hair Color

outgrown pixie cut on auburn hair

For a natural and chic style, mix burgundy and brown. Both hair shades are considered autumn fashion must-haves. Therefore, you can’t be wrong!

49. Straight Burgundy Hair

burgundy straight hair

Straighten your hair and achieve this smooth and sleek style quickly. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to show off the dark burgundy color in the full glory.

50. Light Burgundy Ombre

burgundy ombre

The auburn-burgundy hue of hair applied mid-length to the ends is the punch of color that natural hair needs for a refreshing appearance. Take a look that is feminine and soft for yourself if the full burgundy hue isn’t your style.

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