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50 Best Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas

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Do you need a hairstyle that’s not too dark but also isn’t too dark? You’re probably searching for a dark, dirty blonde hair style Then! We have compiled 50 of the top styles for dirty blonde hair that are suitable for all hair types. This is a timeless style that women have been sporting for a long time. If you’re lucky enough to naturally have this color then you’re fortunate. There are many methods to bring dirty blonde color to your look. We will show you how to do it with full heads, dimensional styles, basic highlights, two-toned hairstyles, and many additional options! If you’re thinking about wearing an unruly blonde hairstyle, this is the ideal starting point. If you’re trying to improve your hair’s color the dirty blonde hairstyle is an excellent option. It’s dark shade of blonde with lighter brown undertones. It is easily modified to your preferences such as highlights, lowlights, or exploring different coloring techniques such as Balayage and ombre. Dirty blonde is being talked about on social media, and is among of the top shades of the year due to its flexibility. Add depth and depth by adding highlights of dirty blonde or show off your playful side by sporting the pink ombre or purple tips. Continue reading to be inspired and find the ideal color of dark blonde that will fit your personality and complexion. Begin your transformation into a messy blonde by using one of the amazing ideas we compiled in this list of creative hairstyles!

1. Full Head Dirty Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a black cape

This is a stunning full head of dirty blonde that has stunning curls that we added to an initial look. The hair was kept extra long, with a long middle section, which is gorgeous. The lighter shade of our dirty blondes would look great in the summer months.

2. Dirty Dimensional Blonde

a woman wearing a black shirt

Dimensional blonde is a great choice for women with dark hair since it evenly distributes shades of dark and light tones in your hair. The hair was kept in a middle length here and it’s so beautiful.

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3. Blended Dirty Blonde

50 Best Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas

The next option is to style your dirty blonde hair in lighter tones. In the image above, she’s wearing it long and wavy, and it looks great. If you decide to try this style in the summer, you could be in love with it and keep it for the rest of the year.

4. Dirty Blonde with Center Part

50 Best Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas

Center partings are to be trendy for 2022. Here, she is sporting her hair cut short in the middle with beautiful beach waves thrown in. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that will make you feel sun-kissed and gorgeous.

5. Natural Waves

a woman inside a salon

One of the most effective methods in order to create a hair appear more natural is to keep your hair’s roots dark, and then add color with simple highlights.

6. Shaggy Hair

a woman wearing a black facemask

Shaggy hairstyles have returned of the 70s and they are more stylish than ever. Here’s her hair split right down the middle and has curtains of bangs along the sides. Make sure you curly your bangs like they are in the image above.

7. Sandy Dirty Blonde

a woman wearing a gray shirt

If you’re looking to go on a beach vacation the sandy blonde hair color is ideal for you. In the image above, she’s cut her hair straight across the shoulders and added beautiful waves that look like beach. This cut and color could be stunning on women of all ages.

8. Rooted Dirty Blonde

a woman with necklace wearing a white top

This gorgeous look has a middle section and plenty of waves incorporated. There are hints of blonde and brown which blend beautifully to create a gorgeous dirty blonde look.

9. Balayage

a woman wearing a black shirt

Balayage is always recommended whenever you’re thinking about adding some color to your look. In this case, she’s kept the hair in a long length and cut it into an V-shape toward the lower part. The stylist has styled her new hair color in a uniform way with waves all over.

10. Dirty Blonde Hair with Money Piece

a woman wearing a pink blouse

The next hairstyle is stunning and that is perfect for women who have long locks. Here, she’s parted her hair into two sections with a an attractive blonde money piece , and beautiful curls that frame her face perfectly.

11. Soft Highlights

a woman wearing a white shirt

Here’s a darker side of the hair we featured. It’s an elegant and dark hairstyle that is shoulder length and straight. This style can be worn by putting it on either the side or middle part as both styles look stunning.

12. Wavy Dirty Blonde

a woman wearing a black cape

When you’ve added the color of your hair One of the most well-known methods for styling it is by using beautiful waves, like they’ve styled in the image above. Make sure it’s light and bright and you’ll love the new look.

13. Summer Blonde Dimensional Balayage

a woman wearing a eyeglasses

Summer blonde has a more vibrant shade that winter hair. In the image above, she has the summer blonde hair up and parted at the mid-point. She kept her roots dark to create a more natural-looking look.

14. Dirty Blonde With Dark Roots

a woman wearing a white sexy top

The next one is this stunning hairstyle that has dark roots and a dirty blonde color. The hair was split right down the middle and put it up in big waves. The roots were kept natural and dark here and it looks stunning.

15. Sunkissed Style

a woman wearing a mustard longsleeve

The sun-kissed locks are stunning and extremely popular with women of all different ages. In the picture above, she is sporting her long hair styled in frizzy curly hair and bright highlights to create a stunning results.

16. Two-Toned Dirty Blonde

a woman wearing a gold necklace

This style with two shades is among the most effective ways to bring color to your hair. The hair was kept to about shoulder length, and added such beautiful light blonde. The style was finished with loose curls and it’s stunning.

17. Sexy Dirty Blonde Waves

a woman wearing a lilac shirt

Here’s another instance of how to style your long hair with a gorgeous dirty blonde hue and gorgeous waves added. The hairstyle was styled using a v-cut to the bottom and it was stunning.

18. It’s Summer! Dirty Blonde With Waves

a woman wearing a brown blouse

The most well-known occasions to sport our hair color of choice is in the summertime. In this style the model has her hair that is cut to her shoulders. She keep the top part dark and gradually fades to lighter blonde. The hair is styled with loose waves and you’re done.

19. Root Melt

a woman wearing a brown crop top

This is a great root melt design that is an excellent option to add color to your look. Root melts are one of the styles which adds color to your roots and provides an organic and transitional color. You can add these beach waves to make this look complete and you’re done.

20. Long and Framing Hair

a woman wearing a dark blue blouse

Here’s a more natural blonde hair shade that women love to wear during autumn and winter months. The hairstyle is longer and has added a side parting to make her look more complete. It can be worn curly, straight or in a pony, because no matter how you style it, you’ll enjoy the way you appear.

21. A Dirty Blonde With Inverted Bob

a woman wearing a gray shirt

Inverted bobs are fashionable. In this inverted hairstyle designed for females, the stylist cut her back to a shorter length and gradually grew longer toward the face. The roots were kept dark, and then added the lovely dirty blonde shade all over the hair, which looks stunning.

22. Dirty Golden Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a black printed shirt

The golden, dirty blonde is stunning with the dark brown base. She has managed to keep the hair looking fresh by wearing long wavy locks. Include a little hairspray your hair to remain good throughout the day.

23. Mid-Length Hair

a woman wearing a black printed cape

Next up is a look that women can wear to appear bright and blonde. In this hairstyle, she parted her hair across the middle and kept the roots dark. She she added a lovely light blonde color throughout other hair. You can wear it straight or with a little curl and you’ll enjoy your new look.

24. Touch of Pink Hair

a woman wearing a white sleeveless shirt

A peekaboo hair strand is always an excellent idea. In this messy, blond style for women, she’s left the hair in one color, with a the addition of pink in the front. The model is sporting her new hairstyle messy and it looks stunning.

25. Framing Dirty Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a necklace

This particular style is amazing on women with hair that is thin. The stylist has added a lot of hair layers with only the thinnest ones covering the face. It’s messy, like she did here. You’ll enjoy the haircut that is a medium-length blonde suitable for women.

26. Beige Dirty Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a black hooded jacket

Another approach to take on the color wheel is to experiment with this beige shade. Here , she’s maintained it long, and then added loose , long waves. It’s stunning.

27. A Long Dirty Blonde with Framing Hair

a woman wearing a stripe longsleeve

Next , a long and dirty blonde hairstyle that has the middle section and several layers of hair framing the face. It appears as if she’s added the lighter shade of a cashmere piece to make the face-frame layers pop even more.

28. Voluminous Dirty Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a black cape

Dirty blonde is available in different shades. Here, she wears hers in dark shades. The hair is split in the middle, and then added loose waves. It is stunning.

29. Dirty Creamy Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a surgical facemask

A smoky dirty blonde is always an ideal choice. This is hers with a dark, dark-colored base with a more bright section in the front. This style can be worn with a fresh, pretty hairstyle that has curls or wear it straight to give it a chic look.

30. Dirty Blonde for Shoulder Length Hair

a woman wearing a white longsleeve

Here’s dark, dirty blonde. The model has kept her long and shoulder-length here, but has added a hefty highlight and a chic middle. This is a shoulder length hairstyle which looks stunning for women of any different ages.

31. Dark Roots with Dirty Honey Highlights

a woman wearing a black shirt

This gorgeous hairstyle features dirty honey highlights and dark roots. Dark roots have numerous advantages. It ensures that your hair is healthyand also helps you save time between appointments for your hair.

32. Dirty Blonde with Sandy Highlights

a woman wearing a black cape

The sandy blonde highlights and the dirty ones are always a perfect match. In the image above, she is sporting her hair with a long length that’s messy and wavy and looks stunning.

33. Face Framing Dirty Blonde Balayage

a woman wearing a white blazer

Layers of facial framing cut to different lengths to frame the face. They assist in making your face appear more slimmer. Here, she’s added layers, but kept it simple, with an attractive balance of blonde tones and it’s perfect.

34. Dirty Blonde for Lob Haircut

a woman wearing a dark blue blouse

Lob haircuts are among the most well-known options for women to wear their hair short. Here is her gorgeous long lob, with bangs, and light blonde tone.

35. Natural and Sunkissed Hair

a woman wearing a black longsleeve

The pretty girl has natural , beautiful blonde hair that is sunkissed. This time she kept it delicate and light all the way around to give an incredibly beautiful appearance. You can wear it curly, straight or put it on depending on the way you dress this style you’ll be in love with it.

36. Dirty Honey Blonde with Shadow Roots

a woman wearing a black printed shirt

Hair that is short always has the classic look. This is an elongated look, with beautiful blonde hair, which is turned out around the edges. This is a stunning style that will make any woman happy to wear.

37. Bright Sunny Blonde

a woman wearing a black shirt

This hairstyle next to her is a gorgeous long hairstyle that could work well for summer. The hairstyle is messy and long with dark rootsthat look amazing.

38. Dirty Brunette Blonde

a woman wearing a black longsleeve croptop

Here’s a warm-toned, dirty blonde hairstyle for ladies. The stylist has added all the beautiful shades of blonde and brown and styled them in even waves. Make sure you style your hair with lots of hairsprays in order to keep it looking fresh throughout the throughout the day.

39. Dirty Blonde Hair with Side Part

a woman wearing a black shirt

This is a gorgeous blonde hairstyle with hints of brown all over. She’s added beautiful curls and an additional side part to complete the stunning style.

40. Ash Dirty Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a green longsleeve top

Ash-blonde is one the most sought-after hair colors for 2023. In the picture above, she’s kept her hair curly and wavy with beautiful ash-blonde hair and an upper part.

41. Messy Dirty Balayage Blonde

a woman wearing a black longsleeve

You can always opt for the messy and dirty haircut to create a dark look. Here , she’s left it messy and dark hair, which looks amazing. It would look great when you have shorter hair.

42. Dirty Blonde for Straight Hair

a woman wearing a gray shirt

The next hairstyle is a straight, long hairstyle that has a dirty brunette shade. She also parted her hair at the middle and made the roots dark to create an amazing and elegant style.

43. Dirty Blonde Hair for Thin Hair

a woman wearing a blue blouse

Women with hair that is thin recognize how difficult it could get to locate the perfect hairstyle However, don’t look any further as we’ve found the perfect look. Here’s her beautiful short hair, with a beautiful blonde highlights and gorgeous waves.

44. Textured Hair

a woman wearing a gold necklace

Next up is this textured , dirty blonde hairstyle with layers that frame your face and waves. To get the best out of this cut, part your hair in the middle and apply the anti-frizz products.

45. Icy Dirty White Blonde Hair

a woman wearing a gray off shoulder top

Here’s a beautiful and icy hairstyle that has blonde-white shades. This is how she styled it with loose waves and it’s gorgeous. The hair she has is thin but this hairstyle would be just as beautiful with hair that is thicker.

46. Dirty Blonde with Golden Tones

a woman wearing a blue sleeveless shirt

Goldy blonde shades blend beautifully with darker brown hair. Here, she’s wearing her long hair , with curly hair and dark roots. Wear it long or keep it shorter because in either case you’ll love the new look.

47. Wispy Hair

a woman inside a salon

Here’s a beautiful messy, wispy hairstyle that has side bangs as well as the long sharp cut. She’s kept it basic here and it’s gorgeous.

48. Dirty Blonde with Lowlights

a woman wearing a black facemask

Here’s a different dark hairstyle, this time with dirty blonde hair with lowlights that are evenly incorporated. The model is wearing an upper part of her hair that is long and beautiful curly hair which frame her face. This is a great hair color and hairstyle to wear in winter.

49. Sandstorm Blonde

a woman wearing a black cape

This hairstyle is fun and has an sandstorm color. The hairstyle has been given a uniform hair curls and color throughout for a gorgeous hairstyle.

50. Dark Dirty Blonde

a woman wearing a necklace

The last but not least of all is this gorgeous short and sassy haircut. The model is sporting dark brown hair, with lighter blonde highlights that are incorporated. To achieve a look similar to this, you’ll have to put side bangs on and cut them just below the underside of the chin.


If you’ve been through this far you probably come across a brand new hair color that is dirty blonde to test. Have you ever worn dirty blonde hair before? Are you planning to go with your hair darker or do you prefer lighter blonde? Let us know in the comments section!

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